The Haunted
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The Haunted

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They have the beginnings of a perfect family. A husband, a wife, a baby on the way.

But something will stop them from being happy as they move into their new house: the power of the undead that roam the halls of their home.

The demons that have come to claim them. The darkness that seeks to destroy them.

The haunted.
Kindle Edition, 239 pages
Published 2012 by CreateSpace
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Paul Genesse
The Haunted by Michaelbrent Collings is the creepiest book I’ve read in years. The writing is excellent and this short novel (273 pages, $4.99 eBook, $9.99 paperback) builds, and builds to a truly terrifying climax that takes up the last 170 pages. Pregnant Sarah and her husband, Cap move in to a remote old house surrounded by a sinister forest, and the haunting begins. Little things go on at first and the quiet opening made me wonder if this was going to be like the other haunted house books th...more
Trev Twinem
Now lets get one thing straight I do love horror and I am always searching out good new unique well written horror..and what's not to like about it! You are alone at home late at night, a little spooky music in the background,low lighting (essential) hot drink, feet elevated (comfort)...lets start reading. The Haunted has a familiar theme (not necessarily bad)young family...Sarah and Cap and the unborn baby...move into an old house which they happened to buy at just the right, once in a lifetime...more
3 1/2 stars. Extra credit for great ideas.

The story line, (view spoiler)was very good. However there were none of what I look for in a haunted house story. The creeping dread, the slow build of suspense, the point where we move from thinking things are a bit odd to knowing that forces are at work, the reveal of a history that created the haunting. The haunting in this book slammed into you right away, kept escalating, and I spent most...more
A haunted house story unlike many of the usual run-of-the-mill variety. After the main introduction of the primary characters, you are immediately thrust into the nightmare that their lives have become. In part, this reminded me of the Ammityville Horror--not because it was similar in plot, because it's not--simply because of the feeling of dread I got when reading that one, was the same way I felt when reading THE HAUNTED. You may find yourself temporarily looking over your shoulder, making sur...more
May 18, 2012 Charlene rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Anyone who likes a haunted house story.
This book is a fantastic haunted house story!

A couple is moving in to their new house. They're expecting a baby together and have finally found a home that they can afford. They are happy to be starting this new chapter in their lives.
Then all hell breaks loose!

Mr. Collings does a great job of keeping up the tension throughout the story. The characters were likeable, but mysterious. Both the husband and the wife keep mentioning "The Before" and it kept me reading, hoping to find out what that...more
Nathan Shumate
What's most important about a haunted house story isn't the clever way in which the author tries to make the scenario different from previous haunted house stories (and after Shirley Jackson and Richard Matheson, any such attempts are easily seen as the gimmicks they are). What's most important is simply this: Is it scary? The answer for THE HAUNTED is, "Hell, yes." Place a husband and pregnant wife who love each other in a secluded house possessed by a crapload of spooks, and suddenly the reade...more
first let me just say, i absolutely hated this book's COVER ART. honest to god. it nearly made me not want to read it, just being real. its corny looking. like someone made that shit on their computer in photoshop. even the font is off-putting. ACK. but alas i refused to go by the cover (yes, yes, i know) and was SO glad i read on. all i have to say is HOLY SHIT what a scary book. the pace is break-neck, the characters are unforgettable and the ghostly shenanigans begin IMMEDIATELY. no waiting a...more

I love haunted house stories but I couldn't even get through this one. What I love about ghost stories is the build up, the development of a good story, and subtle beginnings to paranormal happenings. I felt this book forgot to tell a story and just went from the start for one encounter after the other with no breaks. To me this weakens what should be a creepy haunting.
Joanne Moyer
The Haunted is a really good really creepy take on a haunted house story that will have you jumping at every odd noise in your house ...
Hal Bodner
I just put down "The Haunted" after reading the final page and had to stop and just breathe for a few minutes. Michaelbrent Collings' work has that sort of impact on a reader.

On the surface, the novel tells the story of a young couple expecting their first child as they move into a new house which, they soon discover, is haunted. On the first day of their arrival, there are some slight annoyances brought about by objects that won't stay put and doors which refuse to remain closed. But the middl...more
Gina Ibarra
I am not a picky horror reader. One look at my bookshelf will tell you that I love reading crap, and I am not at all hesitant to give it high ratings. That said, I gave Michaelbrent Collings' The Haunted two stars. Normally I wouldn't even bother rating something I didn't like. As a rule I try to avoid giving bad reviews at all. The Haunted was terrible in a frustrating way that really made it stand out from the rest of the books called The Haunted or The Haunting that Amazon keeps suggesting (a...more
Mar 05, 2014 Mary rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: e-book
Let me start out with, for some reason ghost stories scare me more than anything. Having read Michaelbrent Collings book Strangers and loving it, I thought I would check out something else by this author as well as indulge my love of ghost stories, so I dove into The Haunted next.

This book was well written, creepy and scared the crap out of me. I normally like to read in bed at night before I go to sleep. But I would be so creeped out that I would switch the light back on in order to fall aslee...more
David Watson
On top of a hill in a forest surrounded by tall trees that look like green soldiers was a beautiful old house with a dark past. A long gravel driveway leads to the house and occasionally people drove down the highway to admire the home's beautiful architecture. They didn't stay long though because the house had a sinister feel to it and the people in town were afraid of it. The house had a for sale sign in front of it for a long time but one day the sign came down and a young couple expecting a...more
Jul 11, 2013 Jennifer rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Horror and Thriller Fans
I was in the mood for a book that would REALLY scare me, and after several duds, I came across this book. Wow am I impressed. I not only received the scare I was looking for, but also a mind-bending ending that I never saw coming. The action starts very early on in the book, and once the action starts, it's non-stop and hard to put the book down. I recommend setting aside a decent chunk of time before you start reading this to avoid a very late night.

Aside from this book scaring the $##% out of...more
I read this one for a book club.

Well, I love a haunted house story, but this one just didn't work for me.

In terms of character development, there was nothing really there to make Sarah and Cap seem real enough for me to become invested in them and care at all about their fates. Thus, it was difficult for me to feel engaged while they were being haunted. I just hated their idyllic marriage and the fact that they didn't have any noticeable personality flaws or any tension between them. Obviously,...more
Wow. Well I've rated this book 4 stars, but that's not to say I really liked it. That's not even to say I think it was really well written. It was more that it really had quite a profound effect on me.

The Haunted starts out at an ambling pace; a few creepy things happen here and there, before the scares start to escalate, in the form of horrifying nightmares and uncomfortable feelings. A young couple, soon to be parents, move into the house at the top of the hill. The house that nobody goes to,...more
Aug 11, 2013 Karen rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Haunted House lovers
Shelves: horror, ghost-stories
I would give this a solid 4.5 rating. Though the opening lines are familiar, this just makes it feel like a story I might enjoy. I would have just expected something a bit more original. I have always liked haunted house mysteries because they can be the creepiest.

The story has a slow build as you meet the characters, though there are only two, as most of the action takes place within the walls of the house. This house has been vacant for a long time, only occupied for short periods of time by p...more
You know those days where you're looking for something creepy and gruesome and a little twisted? This book would work. It's dark and dangerous. It makes the dark places in the corner of your house look a little sinister. It screams at you and it keeps you on your toes.

Sarah and Cap's story seems straightforward on the surface but the more you read, the more you begin to wonder. Sarah's hints at something dark that happened in her past give even the smallest of incidents a sheen of terror. Cap -...more
Heidi Tighe
Part of what made this book so unique was that it terrified me without horrifying me. It's rare to find a supernatural thriller that scares you in delicious supernatural ways without appalling you with human brutality (about which there is nothing deliciously thrilling at all).

When picking up a self-published book, there's always a danger that it will not be a good story or that it will be a good story but in need of a solid story and/or mechanical edit. That was not the case with this book. It...more
Cap and Sarah are moving into their new home, a large old house which has been vacant (but not empty...) for a long time. Everything is perfect - they are even expecting their first baby - but as soon as they begin unpacking, strange things start happening, and they swiftly come to realise that they got more than they bargained for in buying the house...

The premise initially intrigued me as I like haunted house stories, and I had also been promised an ‘unexpected’ twist at the end. Plus, the cov...more
Joe D.
I really like haunted house stories, books and movies. This one was okay. The first half seemed really forced. I didn't like the part before the priest showed up but after he did, it got really good. I think the author spent more time trying to describe the fear the characters felt more than the events that actually caused the fear. There was one memorable funny moment (although I'm not sure it was intentional), where the ghosts couldn't get into the room so they phoned the house and tried spook...more
Karlene Browning
I'm giving this 4 stars based on style of writing for the genre. Horror is not my thing and it's a rare horror book that gets a lot of stars from me.

As a rule, I DO NOT read ghost stories. They freak me out. I had to read this one to judge it for a contest. It was eerie, freaky scarey, and I couldn't read every single word of it. I skimmed. And skipped the really spooky parts. And the thought of it makes me shudder.

And normally, I wouldn't say anything about it here because it's just not my cup...more
This book started off okay.

The author really didnt give much history to this house with small exception of the leather bound book that was found in the attic by Cap and Sarah..other than that, thats it.

Think of movie " The Others", " Sixth Sense" ............. and thats basically what this book is about, as if the author wrote this book after seeing these 2 movies.

Soon as I saw in which direction the book was going.. it was all I could do to not just set this book aside unfinished.
But, I fin...more
I love haunted house novels! In this one, a young couple (plus unborn baby) move into an isolated old house in the woods. You just know what's going to happen next! This one was different from others I've read in that after only a very short build up the horrific events were literally non-stop, told in real-time over a few hours; there was no time to breathe! And this is no mild haunting - there's a whole cast of gruesome spectres and evil hooded demons intent on doing major harm to the couple w...more
D.J. Butler
Cap and Sarah have moved into an old house in the woods and are unpacking. Their story begins as a straightforward haunted house tale, with things seen out of the corner of the characters' eyes, strange sounds, devices that turn themselves on and off without help, etc. Then it gets freaky, visceral and dark. Father Michael says the house won't let them go. Is he right? And what does he mean? I won't give away any of the twists, but I will tell you that you'll be seeing a grotesque and Dickensian...more
I read this book about two months ago and still remember it vividly. The book starts with this young couple that are about to have a baby and are moving into their new home. Of course, it doesn't take long before everything starts to go south. The book is fast-paced and the scares don't stop. Be prepared to feel fear from what you're reading and also pity for that poor young couple. The premise was excellent, the scares horrific, and the ending...that was one hell of a twist! I can truly say tha...more
I absolutely loved THE HAUNTED. I sat down the other morning and read the entire book in one day.
the house was a creepy place that even the town it sat on the edge of, didn't like it. when a young couple moves it, from the start they had some unexplainable happenings. the book, for me, got creepier and creepier as the story went along. then the ending did a complete twist that made me yell at it.
I might be putting this one into my "read again" pile.
Savanna Seaman
This book was perfect for reading while I was at the gym: made me run faster. The book kept me intrigued and freaked out from beginning to end. FINALLY, a supernatural horror novel where the main characters aren't complete idiots and completely unlikeable. I felt terror and real sympathy for them. I kept wanting to help. I really like ghost stories and this one has an excellent twist. Not only that, but it was beautifully written. Thank you Michaelbrent!
I did not like this book at first. The action is very repetitive and not scary at all. However, the last quarter of the book made up for all the other shortcomings. It is worth a read just for that. It is more than just a surprise ending, it is extremely creative and makes some of the things that happen earlier more important. If you start it stick with it. The book does not get scary though.
Jun 29, 2012 Cerulean rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Yes
Shelves: kindle
First I have to agree with The cover is very generic for such a good book, and I almost didn't get it because of this. This author and his vivid descriptions draws you in and yes it can be very scary at times, I didn't want to get out of bed to get water in the dark. A clever story and scary. I am interested in his next book.
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Michaelbrent Collings is a #1 bestselling novelist and screenwriter. He has written numerous bestsellers, including Darkbound, Apparition, The Haunted, The Loon, Rising Fears, and the bestselling YA fantasy series The Billy Saga, beginning with Billy: Messenger of Powers.

He hopes someday to develop superpowers, or, if that is out of the question, then at least to get a cool robot arm.

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