Stjarna Strindbergs
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Stjarna Strindbergs

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Í gömlum námugöngum í sænsku Dölunum finnst lík sem heldur á krossi. Í ljós kemur að krossinn tengist týndri stjörnu. Gripirnir tveir eru lykill að best varðveitta leyndarmáli veraldar.

Þegar gripirnir koma fram í dagsljósið eftir að hafa verið faldir í heila öld getur eltingarleikurinn hafist. Sagnfræðingurinn Don Titelman er bæði veiðimaður og bráð í þeirri æsispennandi...more
Published 2011 (first published 2010)
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May 08, 2012 Jillyn rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: maybe crime fans?
Shelves: first-reads
I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.

Normally, this isn't my kind of genre. But the description for this giveaway boasted "Lisbeth Salander meets Robert Langdon!" A fan of the Millennium trilogy, as well as Angels & Demons, I decided to give this a shot. Instead, I was reminded why I steer away.

The writing is far from smooth. It switches between characters & plot lines like crazy, & I found it hard to follow. This is in addition to a far-fetched plot & characters th...more
Bob Milne
I'm not sure I've ever had such an aggravating experience in reading a book. What I had was an electronic review copy with the editor's notes in the margins. Interesting, sure, but that meant an already unwieldy format (DRM protected PDF) was almost useless on my Sony. The text was too small to read at normal size, and once you zoomed in . . . not only did the lines break in awkward places (as PDFs tend to do), but the editor's notes merged into the body of the text, making for some really confu...more
The year was 1897. Nils Strindberg traveled with several companions. Their balloon crashed in the North Pole during the Andree Expedition. What they left behind to this day still has people searching.

Erik Hall was checking out pictures of other mine explorers. One that had Erik's attention was of two women who went cave diving near where Erik lives. Erik decided to go explore the cave for himself. He finds more than he bargained for with a dead body. The body is holding an ankh.

Don Titelman is a...more
Michael Wilkerson
Jul 25, 2012 Michael Wilkerson rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: No one!
I couldn't put this book down because I wanted to finish it and get it over with. It's very rare indeed that I don't finish a book but I can't justify the time I spent reading this one. The characters are less than realistic, the plot was convoluted and not in a twisty, mystery way. There were so many things that were just out of synch with my thought processes. After I slogged through this book to the end I had hoped that something worth while would have happened, but no. Even the ending left t...more
I found this book mediocre. The story was quite interesting, but the characters surrounding Don Titelman did not feel "alive" to me - the lawyer, in particular, just came off as very arrogant to me.

This book, it must be said, is not at all unique - in the last years there have been several "suspense/crime" novels that touches the world war II - and the nazism in particular. Why it is such a popular subject, I don't know - but this was far from the first story I've read that works in Himmlers' oc...more
Ronald Roseborough
I don't remember having this much fun reading an adventure story since first devouring the stories of Jules Verne. This is what an adventure story should be. It is loaded with action, exotic locals, deliciously evil villains, and a not too heroic, slightly neurotic, unsympathetic character who holds the parts of the story together. More specifically, he is holding the secret to Strindberg's Star, an otherworldly talisman shaped like an ankh surrounded by a star. This object of legend and desire...more
I liked the historical aspects of this book the most. I was a little worried when the description mentioned Nazis, because they are overused when it comes to stories with secret artifacts, but I thought Wallentin used them cleverly in her story. I liked the multiple voices as the story goes back and forth through time. The story of the ankh and star is revealed at a nice pace and that is what kept me reading this book. The history of the ankh and star, from their discovery to present day, I foun...more
I have to say that I was hoping that this book was going to be more Nordic Noir than it was. To be honest, I almost felt the writing style of this author was almost Americanized compared to other Scandanavian authors I have read. There were aspects to it that I felt like I could have been reading a Vince Flynn novel with historical aspects thrown in. It was good but coming from its' country of origin, I know I expected more. And the book did start of incredibly strong, but then it kind of tapere...more
The first half of this book seemed pretty confusing to me. It also dragged (for about the first 200 pages), but I plowed through and was glad I did. The second half is very fast paced and I found it hard to put down. I had a hard time identifying with some of the main characters (Don, Eva, and Elena) and the plot seemed pretty far fetched. Would like to see more by this author in the future. This was a Goodreads giveaway, but is also one I would probably have bought after reading the synopsis o...more
I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.

I couldn't even finish this book. My girlfriend warned me about it, & she was right. Like her, I was drawn to this book because the description compares it to Robert Langdon & Lisbeth Salander. I am a fan of both, but this book is neither. It has a jumpy plot, uninteresting characters, & mediocre writing.

Maybe if you're more into crime than I am you'd like it. But for me, this is a pass.
I won this book as a giveaway through Goodreads.
Strindberg's Star was mildly entertaining. It had some pretty decent action and mystery, but the main character was too odd to carry the story. I kept thinking that someone else was going to step forward as the main character, but unfortunately, it never happened.
Harpa Dis
engin stjarna frá mér.
[Posted on futuresfading. This review is of an advance reader copy won from Goodreads.]

Strindberg's Star by Jan Wallentin features two mythical objects and tells of the lengths a secret society will go to in order to seize ownership of them.

Amateur diver Erik Hall finds one of the artifacts in a abandoned mine shaft. Lost for a century, the ankh has resurfaced and immediately draws the attention of the shady organization that has been looking for it. Erik quickly falls victim to those who seek t...more
Rikke Andrup Jensen
Det har virkelig været en fornøjelse at blive inviteret ind i Jan Wallentins velskrevet krimi. Allerede i første kapitel af bogen befandt jeg mig med tilbageholdt åndedrag, slugte side efter side - ivrig efter mere. Jeg blev grebet af fortællingen, som er skrevet i et behageligt og letfordøjeligt sprog. Jan Wallentin bringer os langt tilbage i historien, åbner op for en verden i krig og giver os et indblik i gamle broderskabers ubarmhjertelige kræfter og vilje. Et højt spændingsniveau fra start...more
This is a Swedish book translated into English. It takes place in Europe as the main characters travel around in search of the truth.


Ok, so our main character, Don, is arrested for the murder of a diver who found a body while diving in a mine. The body is perfectly preserved by some trick of the mine, so it's super old, and appears to be the victim of either an accident or a suicide. So, there's no crime there. The diver, however, took a few things from the cave where he found the body, go...more
Kristin Lundgren
This is a slightly unusual entry into the DaVinci Code type thriller that I call artifact thrillers. It's about the story of a man who found pieces of an ancient device, buried in the sands in a city lost in the desert in Southern Russia/Mongolia. When the star shaped it is placed within the ankh shaped cross, they come together to form a celestial map to something. What that is, and how it is found then and again now, is the exciting part. It's a race against time, and several competing interes...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
"Strindbergs Stern" von Jan Wallentin erzählt die Geschichte zweier mystischer bzw. schon magischer Objekte – Kreuz und Stern.
Erik Hall findet das Kreuz während seiner Tauchexpedition am Grund eines Bergwerkstollens neben einer Leiche. In dem kleinen Ort in Schweden ist das natürlich eine Sensation, die auch schnell die Medien auf den Plan ruft.
Einige Tage später wird Erik Hall tot aufgefunden. Erschlagen mit einer Flasche. Vom Kreuz fehlt jede Spur.
Einige Tage später wird Don Titelman von der...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Stephanie  from Books Paradise
Erik Hall ist Hobbytaucher und findet in einer verlassenen und gefluteten Mine nahe Falun ein altes Kreuz. Es scheint aus irgendeiner Art Metall zu sein, ist aber ungewöhnlich leicht und mit unbekannten Schriftzeichen überzogen. Er versucht das Interesse bei dem Geschichtsprofessor und Experten für altnordische Mythologie Don Titleman zu wecken. Als Titleman Hall aufsucht, findet er ihn Tod auf und von dem Kreuz fehlt jegliche Spur. Nur Wenige kennen das Geheimnis um das Kreuz und wissen, dass n...more
Bei einer Tauchtour in einem längst vergessenen Bergwerk macht Erik Hall einen unglaublichen Fund: Eine Leiche hält ein ungewöhnliches Kreuz aus unbekannten Material in ihren Armen. Der Taucher entwedet das Kreuz und benachrichtig die Polizei. Natürlich bekommt die Presse davon Wind und plötzlich scheinen sich alle für den seltsamen Fund zu interessieren. Nur einer nicht – Don Titelman. Erik Hall versucht vergeblich sich mit dem Professor für Geschichte und Symbolik in Verbindung zu setzen. Als...more
Nov 28, 2012 Alan rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Atlanteans, and people looking for a more intelligent, morose Dan Brown
Recommended to Alan by: A message channeled from an ancient Atlantean
Shades of ancient astronauts...

An unlikeable loner descends into a flooded, abandoned copper mine in Sweden, hoping to out-dive his rivals, the Dyke Divers, and gain a moment of online fame. When he does, he comes face to face with a disturbingly well-preserved corpse, holding a mysterious artifact—an ankh, incised with undecipherable runes and made of a material Unknown to Modern Science. This discovery (or, more accurately, rediscovery) leads to the involvement of reluctant hero Don Titelman,...more
I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.

Similar in voice to Dan Brown, this novel is about a symbologist who is accused of murder and must go on the run across Europe from the police and a secret society to solve an ancient mystery in order to free himself. The similarities stop there, though.

Don, is a drug-addicted, Jewish professor. Once a doctor he was kicked out for abusing self-prescribed drugs and attacking a group of neo-Nazis. After a perverted diver finds an ancient artifact in a mine s...more
Don't do it! I think something was lost in translation. When the book first started, it describes Don, the main ctharacter, as withered with grayish cheeks, and then it turns out he's in his mid-40s. What? None of the characters are really likeable. Except Hex. I'd like to read more with her as a main character. But written by another author. The whole interesting ankh part never really gets explained to my satisfaction about where it came from. And I love origin stories. (view spoiler)...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This took me a while to finish. It started off pretty good, making you inquisitive as to what the hell is going on, and then...I reached a point where I could put the book down and took MONTHS to get back to. I gritted my teeth and decided to finish it because I don't like leaving books left unread (except for War & Peace, that damn thing). Surprisingly, I remembered everything and was able to pick right back up where I left off, some 40% through the book and finished it in the last couple o...more
Erin Cataldi
LOOOOVED it! I've been reading like a billion romances lately and this was an AWESOME break from that. Picture Indiana Jones? Pretty awesome right? Well this book is just like "The Lost Ark" so definitely give this a try!! There are un-explainable and highly sought after objects that Don, a history scholar must find and figure out the power of. Little does he know that these objects have a big history in the arctic (19th century), Sweden, and in Nazi Germany (I told you this was like Indiana Jon...more
If you are waiting for a new Dan Brown book, read this book while you are waiting. A cave diver in Sweden discovers a well-preserved body holding an ankh. The diver is murdered before you can say conspiracy theory. A history professor with a specialty in arcane mythologies discovers the body and is conveniently kidnapped by the Swedish Security Police and sent to Germany to meet with a very secret organization who has been searching for this ankh and it's accompanying star since they disappeared...more
Lauren Smith
I really loathe having to review books like this. It’s not because it’s bad – this is hardly one of the worst books I’ve read. But even when a book is bad I don’t normally have a problem describing it and explaining how I felt about it and why. Strindberg’s Star however, is both dull and complicated, making it hard to pay attention long enough to scrabble together the information for a decent plot summary, nevermind a thorough articulation of my feelings about the book. I’d like to just give you...more
K Larsson
Nej, detta var inte bra! Innehållet är alldeles för spretigt. Det är lite om nazismen, lite asatro, lite svensk historia (Strindberg & Vitön).. Osv.
Störst problem har jag med karaktärerna. Man får aldrig veta vad någon av dem tänker egentligen. De gör helt ologiska grejer och man får aldrig veta varför, vad driver dem?

Har läst 2/3 men ger upp nu.
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Jan Wallentin is a Swedish journalist and author who previously worked for SVT (Sweden's national television broadcaster).

His debut novel, Strindbergs stjärna, was published in October of 2010. Even before its Swedish publication date the foreign rights to the book had been sold in 12 countries.
More about Jan Wallentin...

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