Ceaseless (Existence Trilogy, #3)
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Ceaseless (Existence Trilogy #3)

4.22 of 5 stars 4.22  ·  rating details  ·  18,040 ratings  ·  1,222 reviews
Can he make her fall in love with him… again?

When Pagan Moore proved worthy of Death’s devotion, he was given the gift of getting to keep her.

But Dank was never promised that Pagan would keep him.

When a soul is created, so is its mate. In every lifetime those souls find each other. They complete the other’s destiny. It’s time for Pagan’s soul to choose if she truly wants...more
ebook, 195 pages
Published September 18th 2012 (first published September 17th 2012)
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Teresa Mary Rose
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Ceaseless was an emotional rollercoaster and one that I loved. It was by far my favorite in this series and I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it. Also Pepe is on the cover so let us all take a moment to appreciate his lovely appearance. Any book with Pepe on it immediately draws my attention.

If I am being completely honest (which I always endeavor to be with my reviews) I was very leery going into Ceaseless. After reading the summary I was al...more
Stacia (out of inspiration)
Some implied face-palming may be present in this review.

...and here we come full circle, back to the rating that I gave for the first book - a hesitant 2.5 stars. I had high hopes for Ceaseless, especially after being pleasantly surprised by the second book and the extra PoV after book 2.

When I picked this up, I was hoping for a fun night with some sexual brain candy. While I did manage to get a helping of brain candy, it didn't make up for the rest of the story.

*Very mild spoilers ahead, but t...more
Seriously NOT looking forward to this book.

What do you call it when a series is totally lame, and tedious to read, yet you still want to see how the story turns out, even though you can't stand the characters?

I must come up with a term to describe this phenomenon.

Update: Interesting way to reinvent the love story, I'll give her that. Romantic tension is always a crowd pleaser.

But besides that, this book is JUST LIKE every other college set story lately. (Seriously, they're all exactly the same.)...more

This was awful. The story line was fucking ridiculous - Pagan's memories of Dank are erased by some sort of deity bitch (she literally came out of nowhere, why bother introducing a character properly when it's so much easier not to eh?). Pagan's memories were taken away so she could have a fair chance of getting together with her soulmate, Jay. The fact that Jay and Pagan already dated for 3 years, broke up and moved on didn't even seem to cross the deity bitch's mind. Anyway Dank is nat...more
May 04, 2012 Sally marked it as to-read
He defied Heaven to keep her, he defeated evil to save her, but if her soul wants another... will he be able to let her go? Da faq? After all he did, she goes and falls in love with some other guy? Jeez, whattabitch, i would of just left her to die mate, you went to all that trouble to have her and now she wants someone else. Booooo you wh0re, now i don't even feel like starting the second book to read about his futile efforts.
Seriously need to read this! Abbi Glines is soo good at cliff hangers I'll be dying of anticipation until the new one comes out! Buuut I am nervous about her falling out of love with Dank and falling in love with Jay, call me crazy but I want her to stay with Dank! In the first book they said there was a way, I'll be terribly sad if they dont end up together!
Abbiiiiiiii!! I just love this woman! The Existence Trilogy has been one of my favorites since I first came across this series almost a year ago, with Dank and Pagan being two of my most-loved characters. I was anxiously awaiting this final book in the series to finally see them get their happy ending after all the torment and heartbreak, and WOW did Abbi Glines deliver!

I didn't read any of the teasers or blurbs for Ceaseless because I wanted to go in blind not knowing what the plot would be abo...more
Sophia T. (♥ Dimitri Belikov)
“I’m sick of the mopey shit. It is getting old. You can’t mope for the rest of eternity. Especially when you didn’t even fight for her. You drop the bomb on her that you end human life and then you expect her to accept you with open arms. This ain’t a damn soap opera.” -Gee

I was totally right!!!!!

I so knew what was going to happen.I was 100% sure.I knew that no matter what,no matter who she was with,Death would make sure his love,Pagan,remained happy.

It's Tuesday and although I finished Ceaseles...more
Jul 03, 2012 Hannah added it
WHAT. THE. HELL. I swear if Dank and Pagan don't end up together I'm gonna go crazy. I mean come on if a person/thing/death is willing to go to hell for you, and if your willing to never come back to earth for that person/thing/death you should end up with that person/thing/death! I feel like I'm gonna cry and punch something at the same time! Ceaseless better be good Abbi Glines...or else!
(kidding I'm not a for real physco you can chill) That is like my only complaint I am in love with the Exi...more
Jun 27, 2012 Magicmeida marked it as to-read
NO, ABBI GLINES! NO! You can NOT turn into one of those authors who writes about people who love each other, but one of them gives up for "The other one's happiness"!!!!*points finger dramatically* I FORBID YOU! I can tell that Dank and Pagan Belong together and I haven't even read any of the books!YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO THEM!!!!
Fantastic series. First paranormal books i have ever read and can now say i may be just that little bit addicted! WOW, Abbi is an amazing author
3.75 stars or 4...I can't decide. It was good, better than good but I think I was hoping for a little more. Don't get me wrong, I read it very quickly and it kept me interested but it just seemed anti-climactic in some way. It ended the way I wanted it to end so really I can't put my finger on it. I almost feel like this wasn't the final book in the series but maybe I have just become accustomed to epic epilogues.

What I did love is the Abbi Glines signature touch. I really LOVE the way Abbi Glin...more
✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿
I don't know how to express just how happy I am about this series so I thought I could just divide my fangirlyness and write 'em all a letter.


Dear Ceaseless,

Thank you! You did not disappoint. You surpassed all of my expectations (and I expected A LOT). You made my day!!! I will never forget this series because of you! Yes you! You're my favorite book among the three, of course.



Dear Dank,

Hi! I'm a big fan! I am sooooo amazed by the things
“You know that the soul has a mate. If her soul is to exist for an eternity then the soul must choose you over the mate created as its other half.”

“The soul has seen too much. She knows more than a soul should know. She can’t keep her memories. The choice will be an unfair one if she does.”

“If you want her, Dankmar, then you have to win her heart from the soul made to be her mate. Only then will it be possible for you to keep her for eternity.
must pass this test.” - The Deity

“Trust me, Da...more
Kayla at MyBookMuse
Kinda disappointed. What I loved about this series, especially the last book was the crazy adventures that Pagen, Dank and Gee got themselves into. But this book felt so rushed and tided up in a nice little bow. I mean I love stories with happy endings, especially when the author gives them a reprieve on the action, but I felt really underwhelmed reading this.
Whoa! What a way to finish off the series. I love this book and love how it all turned out. I really didn't know what to expect when I started reading it, but I can tell you that I was not disappointed at all. In fact, I wanted more and am saddened that this series has ended.

The story basically picks up a few days after Predestined, and Dank has to win Pagan all over again. You see, the Deity's have erased her memory, and it is up to Pagan to make the choice of whether she wants to be with Dank...more
Note:May contain some spoilers!


OMG!Omg!Ceaseless is here..OMG!!

I LOVE the cover..i think i love all the three covers...they hold a mystery to be unfolded..but this one was best!

I have been waiting for Ceaseless for such long time that i didn't waste time and read the whole book in one sitting...and it was totally worth loosing my study time for a few hours.

It was all what i thought it would be and much much more..there were twists and turns i didn't expected..but they were pleasant nonetheless.
Well...I felt this book was a filler. You step from the first two books which have action, angst and drama to this one. I'm a touch disappointed in all honesty. Not to mention, the spelling errors as well as formatting had way more in this book. Was it a rush to production or editing? I believe so.

My major dislikes of this book was that as the reader you weren't given a clear picture of why her memory was gone. You had to wait for far too long for a explanation rather than one insinuated. It was...more
possibly a 3.5 review.

There may be a few spoilers ahead so don't read if you don;t want to know what happens near the end.

I think this suffered from the curse of the sequel and even though i loved the first and second books this fell short for me. Don't get me wrong, i still liked reading it but part of me felt like the whole thing with Jay was a bit pointless. It was a book where Dank was trying to win over Pagan...something which normally would have happened in the first book. The ending was...more
Jun 13, 2012 BiancaL marked it as to-read
Oh god I'm actually afraid to read this when it comes out and not only ecause I was an emotional reck reading PREDESTINED... But because sometimes writers loose there touch when they hit a certain amount of books, I feel sometimes they need to leave some stories untold but then again I want more Dank and Pagen moments so yeh I'm just going to shut up and like start a calendar countdown till CEASELESS comes out because what I am interested in is how Abbi Glines is going to wrap Wyatts new story a...more
NOOO. Please! Can't we just leave it at graduation? Who cares about Jay!? If Dank and Pagan break up, or if she hurts him, I'm not going to make it. I'm really actually terrified to read this one. Can't we have gotten a book about her on being on the path to immortality like was hinted at the end of the first book? Wouldn't that have been better and a lot less emotionally damaging? Jeez. I'm have a very bittersweet attitude towards this book. I want more of the story but if Pagan gets with Jay.....more
Jacqueline's Reads
4 Dank lovin’ stars


It only took me over two years, but yes, I am done and I have to say, I really enjoyed Ceaseless.

There will be spoilers from the previous books.

So Pagan lost her memory. Dank has to get Pagan to love him again and choose him or Pagan will never regain her memory!

I loved the plot. To have Dank so torn up and pursuing Pagan was a treat to read. Ceseless wasn’t over the top, there wasn’t a lot of action, drama, but there was plenty of heart...more
Elle (Ligia)
It’s over! I think I’m sad that this series is over already. I first read Existence on May of this year, it’s been only four months and it’s over.

It’s the first series I’ve completed in a long time. If I look back I think it’s the first series I complete since Twilight, which is saying a lot (wait, there was also Fifty Shades, but I’d rather forget about that one). I’ve started lots and lots of series since then, but this is the only one I’ve had the courage to actually finish.

I think it’s safe...more
Greta Gonsen
Al fin terminé esta trilogía! Y seguramente ustedes se preguntarán... "¿por qué esta tipa sigue leyendo estos libros si no le gustan?". La verdad es que siempre he tenido esa rara obsesión por terminar libros o sagas, aún cuando no me gusten, no me agrada dejar las cosas a medias y no me siento capaz de criticar una historia sino la conozco a profundidad. Ya se imaginarán que no traigo buenas noticias...
Bueno, pues me entusiasmé un poco con leer este libro por Leif, que es el único personaje sal...more
Reem Hardan
Is it even possible for me not to love a book by Abbi Glines?!
Uuuugh how I missed Dank!!1 This one was a pure torment, a new kind of torture!!!
I loved it!!! I'm actually sad that it ended, the book, the Trilogy, that's it no more Dank ? *sobs*!!!!
I'm editing my review because I wrote the first one in a hurry, and my emotions were all over the floor, so now I have it all organized (It is in my head)and here we go:
When I read Existence (yes I must mention the first two) I didn't know what...more
Sarah (Sare)
The final chapter of the Existence Series was by far my favorite of the three! I absolutely loved the way the trilogy ended and the stroyline. The book was so much better in the alternating POV's between Pagan and Dank.


The book starts off in a huge story twister. Everything that has happened between Pagan and Dank in the past has been stripped from Pagan's memory by the Deity. In order for her and Dank to be truly together they want her to have a norma...more
Sep 23, 2012 Heather rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: pnr
I'd like to preface by saying that I love Abbi Glines! I think that you can count on having a fun read when you pick up one of her books. Ceaseless was no different. It was a fun ride.
I have been crushing on Dank Walker this whole series (As we all have) and was thrilled by the beefed up Steaminess of Dank and Pagan's relationship. Shirt off? Yes, please! However, I just finished and am left feeling slightly shocked and disappointed. I seriously read this book in two sittings feeling like I was...more
Amy (Foxy)
Well, Sarah (Sare), was right. I did end up seeing Leif for his true colors. She got to yell- TOLD YOU SO!!!!!! at me. :) It took book 3 for me to see it. Ugh.

Existence (Existence Trilogy, #1) by Abbi Glines Predestined (Existence Trilogy, #2) by Abbi Glines Ceaseless (Existence Trilogy, #3) by Abbi Glines
Cliffhangers. Series complete.
OMG.....Abbi Glines is a GENIUS. I LOVED this book. I thought it was a wonderful final book to this series. I didn't want this book to end because then that meant this series was over....it is bittersweet, because of course I wanted to know how Dank and Pagan's story ended but now that means their story has ended...sad:( I was captivated throughout the whole book. I didn't want to put it down. I loved the paranormal aspect of this series because it was unlike any other I have read.

Fabulous job...more
Oh, sweet baby Jesus, why did I read book 3? I knew no good would come from it. The storyline made no sense. These humans' brains should be scrambled eggs from all of the mind tripping the gods have done with them!

The trilogy ends as expected. I kept waiting for this epic battle between Dank & Jay. I never had the chance to like him, so why. would Pagan? Cheating frat boy or hot rock star? Don't even get me started with the sex. It was so out of place and unnecessarily graphic. I suppose ev...more
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Since publishing her first novel Breathe in May of 2011, Abbi has also released The New York Times bestselling Seabreeze Series which includes Breathe, Because of Low, While It Lasts, Just For Now and Sometimes It Last, The Existence Trilogy that includes the USA Today Bestseller Ceaseless. New York Times and USA TODAY bestsellers The Vincent Boys and The Vincent Brothers. Last but not least her m...more
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“I knew then that I had never understood what humans called love. But if that was anything close to the power you held over me, then no wonder they searched for it so passionately."
I reached out and pulled him into bed with me. "You're going to be late."
"Why ?"
"Because after hearing that I can't let you leave until I've had my fill. Get naked, Dankmar.”
“What if she never remembers?"

"Then you better make her fall in love with you, again."

"How did I do it the first time?"

"You let her in.”
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