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The Assault
Brian Falkner
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The Assault (Recon Team Angel #1)

3.76 of 5 stars 3.76  ·  rating details  ·  202 ratings  ·  38 reviews
It's 2030, and humanity is losing the war against alien invaders. A Band of Brothers meets Ender's Game in this sci-fi military thriller.

A team of six has been chosen . . .

. . . to infiltrate the enemy's headquarters in the heart of the Australian Outback. The six teens have been modified to look like aliens. They have spent years mastering alien culture so that they can t
ebook, 304 pages
Published September 25th 2012 by Random House Books for Young Readers (first published November 1st 2011)
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The book I read was The Assault by: Brian Falkner. This book takes place in a post-alien invasion world were earth was invaded and what’s left has taken refuge in the Americas. They have heavily fortified the Americas to try to hold out versus the superior alien technology until they can create a battle plan to drive the aliens off the planet for good. The book takes place in the perspective of the 4th recon team, or “Angel”. They are a Special Forces unit created to take kids and train them to ...more
Matthew Collins
This was a very good book. I give out 5 stars a lot (I'm just really good at knowing whether I will like a book or not before I start it), and it sounds silly, but I even started looking for reasons to drop a star, but even if I felt there were faults, they got lost somewhere in my interest and investment of the story and I had to stick with a 5 out of 5 stars. Especially for a YA book, I felt the way he organized the military terms and proceedure was done really well. The story itself is very i ...more
It was a good book with action and excitement. Great for COD and Halo lovers. Also a good book for science fiction lovers.
Set in 2030, the story follow a group of six military teenagers who have been specifically trained for this mission: to infiltrate the base of the alien race, the Bzadians, who have taken over most of the world. However, the mission becomes a lot more dangerous once the team leader learns that there is a traitor within the group. Now, he must get his team through this mission all while trying to find out who between is the traitor to the human race.

All the characters are interesting. Many of the
William Bentrim
The Assault by Brian Falkner
Earth is invaded, the invaders are as biologically as close to us as chimpanzees and they are winning our planet. A team of teenage commandos infiltrate their most secure facility and wreak havoc.
My first reaction to the age of the commandos was tainted by the reality of child soldiers in the African conflicts. After I scrubbed that image from my mind I was able to focus on the story.
The story line is fine. The political logic regarding the arrival of the aliens see
Ms. Yingling
In the future (shortly before I can retire in 2038), the Earth has been taken over by aliens from Bzadia. It started with a plea from a small group to be allowed to take refuge in uninhabited areas of Australia, but before long they were attacking that area of the world and moving slowly and inexorably through Europe. Only the US has remained free, and the military there assembled a small team of teenagers who were modified to look like Bzadians and trained in their customs and language, as well ...more
Kathy Martin
This science fiction war story was filled with action. A group of six young people have been trained to infiltrate the headquarters of the alien invaders who said they were coming to seek refuge from their dying planet but who now want to take over the whole Earth. This is the story of how they managed to get into the fortress and what they found when they got there.

The leader of the group is sixteen-year-old Lieutenant Ryan Chisnall. The other group members are his Sergeant Holly Brogan, Specia
Sarah (Head Stuck In A Book)
Review from my blog:

I actually gave this book 3.5/5
The story starts off in 2030 most of the world excluding New Zealand And America (which are now called free territories) have been taken over by aliens called Bzadian's.
They came claiming peace but instead plotted to take over the world and wipe out all of humanity, Australia is their base of operations in particular Uluru in the Northern Territory.
Six soldiers from around the world have been trained to imitate
In the year 2030 an alien race has invaded earth and is trying to take it for themselves. Recon Team Angel, a squad of young soldiers and spy's, are forced to infiltrate enemy facilities and find information to help end the war between humanity and the Bzadians (the aliens). When slipping behind enemy lines Recon Team Angel will discover things that they never could imagine possible.

Recon Team Angel Deserves a 5/5 star rating because although it does not have the most original story-line it is w
Cole Ellwein

My reason for choosing this book was that it sounded interesting. Well turns out the book is based in Australia. The war with the aliens is going on and has been a stalemate for years so it is external conflict. Chiznall is dynamic from the begging to the end. He was strong, caring, good actor, and observant. "Brogan!" Chisnall tried to keep the relief out of his voice. "Are you okay?"(Falkner 196). The theme was basically I think impossible is nothing. One connection to the book is they are abo
Bethany Miller
2.5 stars

Earth has been invaded by the Bzadians, an Alien species who wants to exterminate humanity and claim the planet for their own. Recon Team Angel, made up of six teens who have been physically modified to look like Bzadians, has a special mission to infiltrate Uluru Military Base, assist in an attack, and investigate what is going on in this highly secret location. At the outset, only the team’s leader Lieutenant Chisnall knows the full extent of the plan, and the mission has just
Booktalk for middle school:
I am sure you have seen pictures, or even know someone, who is covered with tattoos.

But have you ever seen pictures of those people who have had their tongue surgically split in two, so it is forked like a snake’s?

How about the people who have had implants put in their heads, to make it look like they had horns?

What if you HAD to do that, for your job? Would you still do it?

What if your job was to save the world from an alien invasion?

That is the mission that Recon An
Nick Welch
The story of angel team 1 one is very realistic. Unlike most books that have war violence and weapons and then explain nothing about them, this book has a large glossary that explains every military term used. This book also has a great and original plot. The only thing that was wrong with the book is that the ending is a bit confusing but besides that the book has no errors at all. I personally that Brian Falkner has made a book that everyone will like.
Kurtis Chan
I thought that this book was really interesting and how a turn of events can decide a life or death situation. From the beginning where someone tried to kill the leader of the Recon Team, Chisnall to infiltrating the alien base to end the war, it was a turn of events that nobody expected. Chisnall thought that everything went the way it was supposed to. But Chisnall thought wrong. He ended up almost getting caught by the enemy until he and his crew changed costumes. They also thought they had en ...more
It started out pretty well but just went downhill from there. I had already guessed the end and the traitor by the fifth chapter. It was predictable.
Cassidy Washburn
I KNEW IT! I knew who the traitor was! BOOYAH!

I really enjoyed the whole story line of this book. Just the thought of teenagers taking on some badass aliens was epic! Definitely make sure to read the Glossary of all the phrases used in the book because it really helped.

Some great aspects of the book were
1.) The characters were very likeable
2.) It keeps you guessing on who the traitor is (I knew who it was almost right away :P)
3.) The phrases and statements between characters were HILARIOUS! e
Cindy Leyva
it was okay. Not the most original plot, but a very factual string of events.
Elite group of teens in the military, dedicated to fighting the aliens who had overtaken earth. This elite unit undergoes intense training and even physical surgery to appear like the aliens in order to go on covert ops missions behind alien enemy lines. Someone within the unit may be siding with the aliens. What shocking experiment are the aliens attempting to keep secret? The secret is shocking! Great storyline, characters simple, the mission not simple.
Billy p
The Assault, by Brian Falkner hooked me in right away. It took place in the year 2030 and Earth had been attacked by an alien race and The United States was the last area still under human control, which forced these six teenage soldiers called recon team Angel to disguise themselves as the enemy, the Bzadians. I enjoyed the action packed book and would recommend it to any individual who is interested in futuristic war and lots of action.
Book Bazaar
I wasn't sure that I would like this to begin with as the military jargon made me think it might be a bit too "boy" for me but 2 chapters in that hesitation was forgotten. I have enjoyed all of Falkner's recent novels - wonderful to have sci fi and action adventures for teens and this one, with Australia being occupied by an alien force, was tension filled and exciting. Perfect for boys, and girls, who want an action packed read.
Wanli Cheng
This book is really interesting for kids, and also teenagers. In the book, it talked about several exciting missions the team angel do. Also, the book describe the missions really emotionally, made me felt like I am at the scene, saw the mission going on by my own. This book is using a different language, to make the story more interesting. It's a really good book.
Murray Johnson
A futuristic war novel for YAs. Set in the future where an alien race of Bzadians have colonized the earth and want to wipe out all humans. A group of six teens are sent on a recon mission to find out what the Bzadians are doing inside a giant rock in the Australian Outback, butone of the six is a sabatour. A fast paced book with plenty of thrills.
An entertaining SF book pitting a group of teenage soldiers against alien invaders in the heart of the Outback in Australia. Aliens have taken over most of the planet, with the exception of North and South America. They have based their headquarters in the center of Australia.
Despite the annoying framing device that "this really happened" (which I HATE HATE HATE no matter who uses it), this was an exciting action-adventure set in a future Earth overrun by aliens. It can stand alone but the premise is interesting enough to support a series.
An alien war in the classic science fiction tradition: the human race is striking back in to the heart of the enemy's homeland, but the only humans who can pull it off are an elite squad of teenaged soldiers, and the alien homeland is right here on Earth.
Page-turner that reads like military fiction more than science fiction. The entire book is about one mission and the action moves quickly. More character development would have been nice... but maybe the author's saving that for the next book.
Short action packed story that probably could be made into a successful movie. But as a book it's way too lightweight for my taste. Probably I'm too old for the story. I think maybe teenage guys that like Call of Duty would love it.
Not really my style of book - definitely aimed at a slightly younger (and genetically different) audience, but the storyline was pretty tight and certainly fast-paced.
Good to recommend for teenage boys.
Even though I predicted the traitor, I could not predict the *reason*. Loved the twists throughout and hope there's a bk 2. Great for scifi action fans and fans of Michael Carroll's quantum prophecy series.
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