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Missing 411: Western United States and Canada
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Missing 411: Western United States and Canada

4.26 of 5 stars 4.26  ·  rating details  ·  131 ratings  ·  30 reviews
Missing-411 is the first comprehensive book about people who have disappeared in the wilds of North America. It's understood that people routinely get lost, some want to disappear but this story is about the unusual. Nobody has ever studied the archives for similarities, traits and geographical clusters of missing people, until now.

A tip from a national park ranger led to
Paperback, First Edition, 367 pages
Published March 1st 2012 by CreateSpace (first published March 1st 2011)
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This book was not what I expected. David Paulides recorded many cases I had never heard of, some of them going back a century or more. Some of those people are not listed with law enforcement or on missing persons databases anywhere. Many of his stories were remarkably creepy and made me want to never go anywhere near a national park again. I mean, I’ve gone on hiking trips in national parks in both the U.S. and Canada and nothing terrible happened, but...dang.

What was creepy about the book was
Adam Rodgers
Caution: Don't read while camping.

This book was super interesting, but also really spooky. It's a collection of case files of people, mostly children, that suddenly go missing around National Parks and the deep wilderness. Not an easy book to read since the cases are about actual people, but at least some of them end up finding the children alive and well. The mysteries in the cases are tough to wrap your head around, but it is interesting that many of them have similar circumstances.
This book chronicles unexplained disappearances of North Americans, many of them in national parks, that the author believes can be explained by sasquatch abduction and sasquatch murder. He doesn't ever say outright that sasquatch are responsible for these disappearances, but given that his book is sold by the North American Bigfoot Search, it doesn't take an ex lawman like Paulides to put two and two together.

Full disclosure: I'm convinced that sasquatch are a real phenomenon, an extant, unreco
Fascinating read! The author is an ex-cop who became an investigative journalist. In this book he documents people who have disappeared mysteriously in the Western United States and Canada. The National Park Service refused to give him lists of missing people in their parks stating that they didn't keep records of missing people. They say they rely on the memories of their employees. Really? Hard to believe. They are either incompetent or they want to cover up the amount of people missing in the ...more
Why did I have to read this book it totally creeped me out! If David Paulides wanted me stay out of the woods he succeeded!!
Moonelf Frassers
amazing haunting and impossible to put down read this in a matter of hours!!
this was a very interesting book about cases of people who go missing in our national parks. The National Park Service (NPS) is often very hush-hush about wanting the public to know about some of these missing cases, but why? The thing that made this book so interesting were the similarities between many of the cases - very strange similarities to say the least. It definitely makes me look at the woods a little differently now. I'm interested in reading his Eastern US book next.
I've been wanting to read this book ever since I heard an interview with the author on the radio show Coast to Coast. Having just finished it, I can say that I got more chills out of this book than I did from H.P. Lovecraft stories. Whether you want to take the suspicious circumstances of the disappearances described as supernatural, accidental or malign, it definitely gives you incentive to be vigilant when out in the back country.
You need to hear the author on Coast to Coast to get the back story on the book. It makes for a more interesting read.

I have lived by a few of the clusters locations so that also helped in understanding the book.
Either the National Park Service is genuinely inept and doesn't keep a list of the hundreds of people who go missing in our nation's parks and therefore has no information to cross-reference when human skulls turn up or they know about all of the disappearances and strange deaths and refuse to do anything about them. Neither scenario gives a person a good feeling about what is going on in this country. In any other law enforcement basic and logical protocols are followed as well that basic and l ...more
Read this book before going into the wild...
This was a fascinating read. I cannot believe how many people have disappeared and were never found. The author believes that there is something suspicious going on with almost all of these cases. He definitely has some good points about some of these cases. However, there are some cases that are unusual but not impossible for where the people were found. The author states many times that some of the people were experienced hikers or hunters and how could they possibly have ended up in a dangero ...more
Lindsay Mockenhaupt
This book is quite ridiculous.

Paulides opens the book by stating that everything in it is factual but constantly intersperses his opinions and queries throughout the pages. Apparently he has 20 years of experience in law enforcement but doesn't understand that a person in advanced stages of hypothermia will strip off layers of clothing and otherwise act in ways that are irrational to their situation. He constantly questions why missing or dead people have taken off their clothing or made decisi
A very enjoyable read from David Paulides! I received an autographed copy from my mom for my birthday last year (go Mom!), and I couldn't put the thing down. I was intrigued by the cases Paulides had outlined, which ranged in fear factor from "well, that's unfortunate" to "okay, I think reading that just made me loose my bowels." We are confronted with many cases of varying nature, but most unnerving are the cases (that's right people, MULTIPLE, not just one)of children aged 2-4 years going miss ...more
I have no place to begin. Paulides does get a little repetitive in some of his wording (particularly when the missing is a child that is found up a mountain and miles from home). It is a fascinating read and makes you think twice about going it alone in wilderness, let alone places where these "clusters" are.

Some of these tales makes your skin crawl, so I am not going to give anything away. Engaging reading.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
More baffling, highly strange incidents of missing people. Certainly some are 'misadventure/natural environment/ getting lost is not so hard to do in the remote spots; however, other cases simply defy explanation, particularly the children and the distance they travel.
Excellent documentation of an enormous number of cases.
There are far too many cases where people vanish into thin air around our country. Some of them have eerie circumstances so similar that you can't help but wonder if there is a connection. Is it one big criminal conpspiracy stretched out over decades? Or is it several different causes to these disappearances that will someday be revealed? You be the judge.
John Scott
You'll never NEVER EVER looks at the national parks or the outdoors in the same way.
Something strange is definitely afoot.
Call it Sasquatch or call it evil, there is something out there that is having its way with us and killing us.
Jorge A.
Incredible, until I read this book, I didn't realize how many individuals go missing or disappear each year! Makes you wonder what is going on. Read it!
Michael Stockinger
This is a great book. Every case is very interesting and strange. I'm now worried about my upcoming backpacking trips as my imagination is going to run wild.
Indrid Cold
the latest MISSING 411 - continues and expands the previous volumes - not to be missed.
In Missing 411, the author documents hundreds of cases where people have disappeared in or around national parks. Often, despite extensive search and rescue efforts, nothing is ever found. Those who are found are often missing shoes and clothing. These individuals are frequently unable to explain what happened to them. Occasionally, searchers will find puzzling remains. There are many similarities in the disappearances. This book is both fascinating and creepy. The author seems to believe many o ...more
Candice Mclauchlan
While I agree that the National Parks Service should be keeping records of the people that go missing in their parks (there's way too many not to be kept track of!), I feel that the author spent way too much time trying to lead me in a direction of believing.
Had the cases been stated factually instead of a kind of "but how could that be?" phrasing I'd be more inclined to be worried about these cases becoming way too common.
Also, as a Canadian, I feel that the Canadian section lacked a lot of pr
A must read!!!
I couldn't put this book down.
I am shocked, stunned,and saddened by the vast and growing amount of people -especially children - that are missing in our National Parks. These series of books will go far to increase the public's awareness of a situation that, until now, has been hidden from view.
Wow! Talk about creepy! I had to reserve reading of the book for the mornings, because I just couldn't do it before bedtime. It's incredibly researched and the accounts are succinct and to the point. These mysterious disappearances are truly baffling. Halfway through the book I already knew I wanted to get the other books in the series. I'm looking forward to reading the next one. Great read that really makes you think.
Really interesting and spooky. Bizarre stories.
This book and those in the series will be an eye-opener for many people.
These are must read!!
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