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The Dead Sea Deception (Leo Tillman & Heather Kennedy, #1)
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The Dead Sea Deception (Leo Tillman & Heather Kennedy #1)

3.56 of 5 stars 3.56  ·  rating details  ·  433 ratings  ·  60 reviews
Hidden in the Dead Sea scrolls - the secret of how Christ really died.

As ex-mercenary Leo Tillman and ambitious cop Heather Kennedy investigate a series of baffling deaths, the trail leads them to the Dead Sea Scrolls - and the deadly gospel hidden within them. But soon Tillman and Kennedy are running for their lives from a band of sinister assassins who weep tears of bloo
Paperback, 410 pages
Published 2011 by Sphere
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Aug 31, 2013 Emily rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Emily by: panost
Βιβλίο που παρέχει ισορροπημένες δόσεις αγωνίας και κρατά το ενδιαφέρον αμείωτο, παρά τον όγκο του.
Καταρχήν το δίδυμο των ηρώων, η Χέδερ Κέννεντυ και ο Λίο Τίλμαν αποδεικνύοντυαι συμπαθείς και προδιαθέτουν θετικά τον αναγνώστη. Ο Λίο κερδίζει τη μεγαλύτερη πίτα των συναισθημάτων συμπάθειας λόγω του βασανισμένου παρελθόντος του αλλά και της πίστης του στην αγάπη του, η οποία είναι υπεύθυνη για τον αγώνα του. Ποια γυναίκα δε θα ήθελε έναν τέτοιον άντρα δίπλα της;
Η Χέδερ από την άλλη, κουβαλάει κα
Just a collection of stereotypes and cliches, improbably marshalled to postulate a preposterous, unsubstantiable myth. Not even a 'good read'.
It took me a while to read it, but boy was it worth it. Someone complained in one of their reviews - I can't remember who, and can't be that bothered to check - that he was frustrated that for most of the story you never knew what the big 'lie' about Jesus' death was. I on the other hand, believe that this book was perfectly done throughout.

The plot line... well, it may seem incredulous, but at the same time Blake - who might be a pseudo-name for Billingham (I heard a rumour on the net) - manag
Catnip (Antonija)
First thing I saw while I was at the library was the cover. It was saying: pick me uuup pick meeee uuupppp and I did just that. When I read the description at the back, I was expecting a mediocre book with some action to kill my free time.
How wrong was I....
This book was gripping. I held on to it whenever I could (I had to study, ugh right? xD)
It all started with a plane crash and I was immediately hooked. Then you're in London with sgt Kennedy and you forget all about the plane crash and sher
Phil Jones
A secret cult, a new gospel, trained assassins, a cop in trouble, and an ex soldier searching for answers are a staple of books like this.

That said it is fast paced, full of the odd surprise and a thoroughly enjoyable read.

It has nothing new and is a typical genre piece in a well worn genre.

But I enjoyed reading it and was interested in the characters.

Well worth a few hours of your time.
Such a shame about the ending of this book - bit of a damp squib. The premise of the book is quite intriguing and a variation on the other recent 'alternate biblical history' books I have read and indeed the book goes along at a good pace - not the best written but entertaining enough. Then the ending IMO is totally fudged. Without giving too much away - too many people knew what happened for it to be kept quiet and so the ending was a disappointment. But ok for a holiday read.
Μια ενδιαφέρουσα πλοκή με ένα μάλλον συνηθισμένο θέμα. Μια θρησκευτική σέκτα από την μία μεριά και δύο Βρετανοί τόσο διαφορετικοί ο ένας από τον άλλο στην άλλη μεριά. Μια σειρά από περίεργα ατυχήματα άσχετα μεταξύ τους αποδεικνύονται όχι ατυχήματα και όχι άσχετα. Η νεαρή αστυνομικός Χεδερ Κεννεντι συναντά τον περίεργο Λίο Τίλμαν, που κινείται περισσότερο εκτός νόμου και οι δύο τους ενώνουν τις δυνάμεις τους για να αντιμετωπίσουν τον άγνωστο κοινό παράγοντα των "ατυχημάτων". Το δίδυμο έχει ωραία ...more
Πάνος Τουρλής
Τι κοινό έχει η πτήση 124 που καταρρίφθηκε στην Αριζόνα των ΗΠΑ με τη σωρεία δολοφονιών επιστημόνων στην Αγγλία και τον πρώην μισθοφόρο Λίο Τίλμαν; Ποιοι κρύβονται πίσω από τις δολοφονίες; Σε τι θα βοηθήσει η φιλόδοξη αστυνομικός Χήδερ Κένεντι το μισθοφόρο Τίλμαν; Μήπως ένας επιβάτης της πτήσης ήταν ο στόχος; Ποιος όμως και κυρίως γιατί; Ανατροπές, εκπλήξεις, αγωνία, πυροβολισμοί, δολοφονίες κι όλα αυτά στο όνομα της Βίβλου.

Σε γενικές γραμμές και χωρίς spoilers η ουσία του βιβλίου είναι η εξής:

Bought this one because I read pretty good reviews and I kind of like that subject, it's usually a good read for the daily subway trip to and from work. For some reason, however, this book just didn't get to me. I was intrigued at first, I liked the opener with the gruesome plane crash (although it's actually nothing one should "like") but as it went on and on about the policewoman being harassed by her colleagues for whatever reason... I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and stopped somewhere ...more
Ceren Ünlü
Gereksizler listesine bir kitap daha...
Μπορεί να μην είναι ο νέος 'Κώδικας Ντα Βίντσι', να περιέχει αρκετά κλισέ και να είναι μεγάλο σε όγκο, ωστόστο η δράση είναι καταιγιστική, οι περιγραφές είναι λεπτομερείς αλλά καθόλου κουραστικές, οι ήρωες ιδιαίτεροι και ενδιαφέροντες, υπάρχουν αρκετές ανατροπές, και γενικά είναι ένα βιβλίο που απέχει κατά πολύ από το μέσο όρο των βιβλίων του είδους που δεν ξεφεύγουν από τη μετριότητα. Το συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα σε όσους λατρεύουν τα συνομοσιολογικά θρίλερ! Να δούμε τι θα λέει και η συνέχειά του πο ...more
Graeme Stokes
Completed, finished, exhausted... all 552 pages!!! Certainly I would not want to spoil the story for those yet to read, however I will say to those that still look for the lies and deception that the death of Christ is a lie... Please read the book again, as all your questions will be answered. This is most certainly a book you can read again. Yet why did not I award the book 5 stars, you can't get five, after all no one is perfect. Leo Tillman becomes a mercenary after his wife and three childr ...more
There is absolutely no way that this book was written by anyone who lives in or who was born in Britain. It all reads like an American thriller. I had to keep checking to make sure that the bits I was reading were set in England (a portion of the book is set in America) because the author had British characters saying 'goddamn' and using words like 'kindergarten' and the police infrastructure was all wrong, there was obviously minimal research done there (although at least normal police officers ...more
Apr 04, 2013 Anna rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Anna by: Mike carey
Shelves: thriller
I had been forewarned not to expect too much from this, and to be be honest after the prologue I nearly put it down. The first few pages are rather full of cliches and stereotypes, and the gender reversal of names (Gayl and Kennedy) was just plain annoying. However, once the mystery/crime started to unfold I was pleasantly surprised. The basic plot-line is a cold case murder investigation that leads into something much more complicated. The narrative was well paced with an appropriate number of ...more
Végy egy férfit és egy nőt, tedd kettejüket a történet főhőseivé. A férfi legyen magányos, lélekben traumás, családjáért küzdő oroszlán. A nő is legyen sérülékeny – legalábbis szociológiai szempontból. Lehetne, mondjuk, egy súlyos mulasztásos terhet cipelő, képességeivel enyhén meghasonlott rendőrnő és leszbikus egyidejűleg. Sződd úgy a történet fonalát, hogy a két főhőst a sors rendelje egymás mellé, a sorszerűség pedig öltse egy világméretű, következésképpen szörnyen titkos összeesküvés alakjá ...more
Paul Hartman
Although there's a lot of suspense and some interesting characters, I kept wondering, "when is the cover claim going to be fulfilled?" At the top of the front cover (and on the spine) it says, "Everything we know about the death of Christ ... is a lie." [Ellipses in original] Did the story explore that? Yes, in a paragraph or two in a chapter or two. And yes, that drove the rest of the story. But since I bought the book because I wondered about that claim, I felt like a "bait and switch" victim. ...more
An ex-cop joins forces with a mercenary to trace the killer(s) of a series of people. The mercenary believe they are the same people who kidnapped his wife and three children 13 years ago. The trail leads them to a new slant on a lost gospel called The Rotgut, translated by one of the murder victims, and purporting to be the truth behind the death of Jesus. Tied in to an air crash in Arizona and an abandoned suburb of Mexico City they are followed by strange pale-skinned assassins who seem to be ...more
Željko Erceg
Još jedna knjiga s markicom "stil Dana Browna", izvrsno i čitko pisana, bez prevelike filozofije, s interesantnim zapletom, i konstantnim akcijskim ritmom. Nema tu prevelikih životnih filozofija, no dobro ćete se zabaviti, kao da gledate akcijski film. Preporučujem, a ja odoh potražiti još štogod od istog pisca ;)
The "blurb" on the cover does not do it any favours. Anyone expecting something like the Da Vinci code will be disappointed. It starts off like a good standard crime thriller and only halfway through do you start getting the idea there is something more unusual going on. Good characters, interesting plot written to keep you turning pages. Nothing like the author's other books (written under a different name) but just as good entertainment.
David Callaghan
A great commute read - the better the story the quicker the journey goes - with this book I got home in no time ! Albeit a bit far fetched I found it an enjoyable read - easy to pick up when I left off. Will certainly be checking out the 2nd in the series in the future.
Very much along the lines of the Da Vinci Code. Secret messages in ancient biblical texts. A few murders, the bad guys always on the trail... But I liked it. It was a long book and at times a little confusing to keep it all straight. I haven't read a story line quite like this yet, but this isn't my usual genre either.
This book is brain candy. The story is of course implausible, but so are all these religious conspiracy thrillers. But this one is very intelligently written. The characters are memorable, the action tight, and in the end you are sorry it is over.
Livro bom e empolgante. Deixou a desejar no final. Poderia ter mais detalhes.
Conspiracy followers will find an interesting and plausible read. Lots of action, well done descriptions combine to make a good read.
Marie Godley
Fast paced action book, plenty of mayhem but not overly graphic or technical.
Walt Xavier
Mais um Dan Brown cover, razoavel!
Wendy Denham
Not the best read I have had but other people might enjoy it more than I did.
Dec 14, 2013 Iona rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: No one
Such a promising title but failed to live up to to it. The plot was predictable, the writing style was evasive not he actual substance and the story events became increasingly ridiculous. I would have put this book in the recycle unfinished had it not been for going on holiday in the morning and not wanting to start another.
Less interesting than the divinci code, which at least had some substance and triggered curiosity and less well written.
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