Blood Winter (Horngate Witches, #4)
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Blood Winter (Horngate Witches #4)

3.95 of 5 stars 3.95  ·  rating details  ·  644 ratings  ·  72 reviews

Max always does her job, no matter how brutal and bloody. That’s how it’s been ever since she was enslaved by a witch, turned into a supernatural warrior, and assigned to protect the coven of Horngate. But her job just got harder....

Waves of wild magic have returned much of the world to a time when fairy tales were real and danger...more
Mass Market Paperback, 388 pages
Published December 26th 2012 by Pocket Books
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✽ Sharon is an emotional book junkie ✽
"NEW GAME. SAME RULES. SHE FIGHTS. THEY DIE." I stole the first line from the blurb because that just about sums it up. Max is definitely one kick@ss chick but the trouble is that she's been this way for so long, she doesn't really know how to open herself up for love.


I LOVE Max and Alexander and to be quite honest with you, I could care less about all the other stuff. Finally, this book brings all the emotional drama ~somewhat~ to the forefront. They still have to fight the bad guys after all....more
Anna (Bobs Her Hair)

I'm disappointed. (tears) Suffering years of torture and conditioning, this did not feel like the ending Max was destined to have. Blood Winter was hard for me to get through. The pacing was uneven with overly descriptive narrative. The relationship issues between Max and Alexander, with all the repetitive internal angst sessions, wore on my nerves. I'm not sure how it was suppose contribute to the development, as their issues had been addressed in previous books. The secondary characters see...more
Lynsey   • The Demon Librarian
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Five action-packed stars!

The Horngate Witches series is set in a post magical apocalyptic America and features badass sword-wielding, not quite human, warriors, mildly sociopathic witches, not very angelic angels, and all manner of other weird mythological creatures and beasties. With a splash of romance enough to make me grin like a weirdo, worldbuilding that knocks my socks off, and action by the bucket load, you can see why thi...more
Douglas Meeks
Blood Winter (Horngate Witches, #4)Blood Winter by Diana Pharaoh Francis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Ages ago, the Guardians of the Earth created an army of creatures—faeries, banshee, chimeras, oni, lamia, kelpies, angels…the Uncanny and Divine things that populate myth and legends that most humans suppose never really existed. It was an army meant to contain the human population, to keep them from overrunning the earth…hungry parasites taking more than the host can provide.

The army failed. The Guardians were too benevolent
Love love love love love loved love love love LOVE this!!!!!!!!!

It seems forever to be waiting for this book and I am sad that this is the last book of the series.

I mean..


I guess it is really goodbye .
At least Blood Winter did not disappoint.

What I really like about this book will be the non-stop action, the frustrating mystery of that "Hand of God", the complicated romance, the witty exchanges among the characters and of course, Max.
Max is the heroine that I know she has my back and I c...more
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Well, let’s go ahead and rip the band-aid off quickly… Blood Winter is the fourth and final novel in the Horngate Witches series. At least if the series had to end, it ended with a bang. This novel was non-stop action, battles, romantic angst, loss, love, and triumph.

If you aren’t familiar with the Horngate Witches series, it is pretty unique in the world of urban fantasy. The setting is a post-magical-apocalypse America, the Midwest t...more
A cloying red dust clings to skin and is found scattered everywhere within the covenstead and seems to be the connecting evidence as new horrors arise. The Grims and Spike follow a magical event and leaves Horngate behind. A fanatic has formed a riotous following and is spreading mayhem to those who fail to follow his faith. Max and Alexander are emotionally crippled by their love and pain of loss. There's no down time to take in everything that's happened. There's no rest to shut out the world,...more
This is the 4th and (sniff, sniff) final book in the Horngate Witches dark urban fantasy series. I'm heartbroken. It took me a month to work up to reading this book because I just didn't want the series to be over. I love this series! I can't get over how WRONG it is to end with this book. There are so many under-utilized characters in the series that should have been developed and woven into more of the story. Scooter, Spike, and the Grims, for example. And the sunblades - all of them. Not to m...more
I really loved this series and the previous three books were fantastic so I was excited for the next book ... which is according to some the last book.

It was a very good book but unfortunately it did not hold what the others promised. It was a very good book regarding the story but in my opinion it felt more like there should be a next book because there are so many open strands left.

there are some spoilers in the next part - so if you haven't read the book yet, you should not read on.

the relati...more
This book had a lot of plot holes. I do not understand how it got published as it was. There's a lot less polish with this book than the first in the series, and the characters are getting harder and harder to like. Too much stupidity to live syndrome started popping up in this series, and I absolutely hate that. A lot of this book feels like filler, where the ultimate place the story ends up is not that much farther from where the story began. The ending was rushed, the conflicts between severa...more
Casey Evans
There are two parts of this, my thoughts on the series and those on this particular book. This is a good series, it could have been a great series. That it's not, I put a lot of blame on the editor for. There are a lot of loose ends and a double pile of logical inconsistencies that keep this from being a great series, which is something a good editor should have caught. The author takes some of the blame too, but it is harder to see it when it's your baby. It is somewhat frustrating because the...more
3 1/2 stars.

Blood Winter is the latest and final (according to author’s interview) book in the Horngate Witches series, centering on Max and her covenstead ,Horngate. The book takes place 4-5 weeks after Max survived a challenge against the Korvads in Chadaré, and arrives safely home to Horngate following the completion of Scooter’s request. Things in Missoula are getting worst and worst with food shortage, and people scrounging for whatever they can find. With the Magic in the air already creat...more
Barb Lie
Blood Winter is a fabulous book by Diana Pharaoh Francis. It was filled with exciting action, and the characters Francis has created are wonderful. You can't help but like them and root for them. Very well done. Full review will follow at time of release.
Not as good as previous installment, it seemed to drag. I am kind of sick of the on/off on/off crap going on with the Alexander and Max as well.
Berls (Fantasy is More Fun)
My Initial Reaction…
I continue to devour this series, my only disappointment being that there this was the last book in the series.The story is far from over IMHO and I won’t lie, I’m VERY upset that it’s over! In all seriousness, I think this may be the main reason I can’t give Blood Winter 5 stars – it’s not a satisfactory ending to a series, as much as I loved every minute of it.

The Story…
In Blood Winter Max, Alexander, Kyle, Tory, and Carrie are preparing to go into town to see how the towns...more
I have to say that this was another great addition to the Horngate Witch series. I'm also heartbroken to hear the rumor that this may be the last one. NO! I'm hoping that it is only a rumor since this book didn't feel like an end of the series type of book. It's not a cliffie book. It is complete, but threads left open with one of them I really need a resolution. NEEDS! Nope, not an ending at all... *sigh*


Within this book we are dealing with what seems like a zealot witch with a lot of...more
BLOOD WINTER is the fourth book in the Horngate Witches series. This is a series you will want to start at the beginning with.

Max the female heroine has come a long way from the hate filled distant Shadowblade we first met in BITER NIGHT. Max has stepped up to the plate for the members of her team and for the Horngate community and continues to put them first even though she might not make it out of a situation. As for Max and Alexander's relationship. As in previous books there is a lot of up's...more
Khalia Hades
I love this series! I mean I love it!! It is a must read as soon as it gets into my greedy little paws! That being said, this book just did not "pop" for me. I was peeved that Max acted like an immature child about her relationship with Alexander; I get it, she has trust issues and has shut herself off from getting too close to someone. I also get that she does it without even realizing it because of said issues. I get it, I do. However, the Max I have grown to love is brave and smart and resour...more
Bethany C
I've been sitting here vacillating over whether to give this 4 or 5 stars. On the 5 star side this a fantastically original and well-written series. But for some reason I was just a little less into this book than I was the previous 3. I think part of that was because most of it was non-stop fighting/action scenes, and no matter how well-written fight scenes are I always go into skip ahead mode during them. That's probably weird for someone that reads almost nothing but urban fantasy, but there...more
I believe this is the last book of the series. Thank goodness because I was having a hard time grasping who is what since I read these books far apart. However, I also feel sad that it has ended. I love Max. She is one wicked badass. She needs all the TLC people are willing to give her.

The story continues to be over the top crazy. Not to crazy that you can't understand what the hell is happening. Just right... If there is such a thing.

I just love the dialogue of this series.
"You must love blue b...more
More 5 than 4 stars; 4.5 stars

At first I wasn't sure about the series, as it wasn't what I was expecting. While it's does have some dialog issues that get a little tired I will say with each installment I have grown to really love the series. The characters are complex and interesting and the author is willing to take risks and sacrifice characters to move along the story line and create realistic consequences for the world she has built for them.

When I read the blurb for this book I was a litt...more
AHHHHHHHHH THIS BOOK!!!!!! I finished it (obviously...) and GOD...I needed that ending...any who's...I really liked it, and at the same time, I didn't. I did not like the way certain elements played out, but I liked the book overall. I thought it was a good way to end the series. What I didn't like was that the other three books felt more cohesive, more part of the whole than this one did, this felt much different. I think back to the beginning of the series and I just can't wrap my head around...more
This review is a bit late, since Diana Pharoah Francis was kind enough to ship the book from the States. It was well worth the wait. This is the latest book in the Horngate series, and while it stands reasonably alone, I though think you will get more out of it if you have read the first three books beforehand.

The world was believable in the way it described the new normal. Both for Horngate, and how the Sunspears and the Shadowblades need for calories strained their limits. I admired the ingeni...more
Eric Townsend
This book. I can’t even describe how many times I almost quit on it. Truly the only reason I didn’t was because I received it from the amazing people over at Arcycling. It just didn’t feel right to DNF it, no matter how much I wanted to at times. So I slogged through and have made it through to the other side. The funny thing is, Blood Winter isn’t a bad book. I wouldn’t even be surprised if quite a few bloggy friends of mine into fantasy would read it and like it. It just wasn’t for me. Let me...more
Rebecca Smith
I am just sorry to see the series end! I can only hope that the reason Dianah left some loose ends is so she visit Hornegate again - maybe in a off shoot or short story. On the other hand, out of the four books this is my least favorite and can't pin a reason to it only it's a little harder to follow than the rest. Having said that, this is by far my favorite series in the paranormal genre, which is my favorite genre. Diana brings her unique world alive with her in depth characters and makes bri...more
Dr susan
What a fantastic birthday present! ....So, I delayed reading Blood Winter for a month, because the anticipation was like my birthday, Christmas and a favorite series book release all rolled into a big, sparkly ball of happiness. I adore Max and the world of Horngate, and I finally caved. I reread Shadow City, and started Blood Winter. Today, halfway through the book , a Goodreads friend tells me Winter is the last Horngate book. Immediately, I crawled whimpering into a corner, and hit the author...more
Francis Nti-frimpong
People are hoarding everything. They are banding together, many flocking to the congregation of Sterling Savage, a fire-and-brimstone preacher. A charismatic cult leader who claims to be the Hand of God, he’s determined to create a human utopia and destroy all magic, starting with witches.

Unbeknownst to him, the “divine” voice he’s been hearing isn’t God but a demon that feeds on hate, death, and destruction. Savage is the perfect puppet for the demon’s ambitions. Max and her people at Horngate...more
Notes: I read the eARC of the book and quotes will need to be checked against the finished version.
My Synopsis:
"The Lord of Heaven and Earth bids us not suffer a witch to live," the man declared in a singsong cadence. "We must not suffer evil in our midst, or we will become evil; we will defile our Lord's name by our very existence. We must do His work, no matter the cost. He sacrificed His only son for us; we must be willing to sacrifice no less for Him!"

Someone claiming to be the right hand o...more
Stephanie Collins
This one will be the hardest to review as I don't want to give anything away to followers of the series. We get a ton of questions answered along with seeing some major changes in the characters we know and love.

Max is back and is still reeling from things that happened in Shadow City. She and Alex are spending time together in the bedroom but things just don't seem to be moving forward from anything other than a sexual standpoint. Max still has a ton of issues and she just hasn't let him in yet...more
Star (The Bibliophilic Book Blog)
Since the wild magic has returned and all manner of creatures have sprung up, Max at the Horngate Covenstead face challenges from numerous fronts. Everyone is starving, with food and water supplies dwindling and now a new cult has sprung up. The leader is a charismatic man who promises his followers protection and survival, while turning them all against magical creatures and especially witches. Max must face the fury head on, as always, but will it cost her too much this time??

I’ve read this se...more
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I was raised on a cattle ranch in Northern California (outside a town called Lincoln which is now part of an enormous sprawl). I taught myself to ride a horse at the age of six, as no one had the time to teach me—they were all busy learning how to irrigate, how to cajole an angry bull into another field, how to pull a calf… Afraid of heights, and absolutely sure I was going to die, I managed to sc...more
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