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Marked by Moonlight
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Marked by Moonlight (Moon Chasers #1)

3.59 of 5 stars 3.59  ·  rating details  ·  948 ratings  ·  78 reviews
Seemingly overnight, Claire Morgan has transformed: the normally mousy school-teacher is now bold, and her behavior is truly wild. Her eyes gleam silver. Suddenly she's a self-confident femme fatale with a libido that just won't quit. After an impulsive makeover, she's even...dare she say it? Is Claire going insane?

Then brutally handsome stranger Gideon March tells
Paperback, 368 pages
Published April 6th 2012 by Gallery Books (first published December 26th 2007)
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And another one bites the dust. I'm surprised I saw this mentioned so much in Goodreads groups. There were some interesting points in Marked by Moonlight: Claire's moments as schoolteacher, a troubled student's disappearance and the tiny glimpse of werewolf society, but Sharie Kohler did not develop any of this as realistically or at least as richly as I would have liked.

Instead of developing the hero, Kohler just kept repeating ad nauseum the same trifling, 10-second story like a press stateme
4 stars – Paranormal Romance

Great start to a steamy series about lycans and lycan hunters. I loved the sexy lycan hunter Gideon! The chemistry and sexual tension between the hero and heroine is palpable and the romance is scorching hot. There are a lot of werewolf series in the paranormal romance genre, but the Moon Chasers series definitely stands out. I’m looking forward to future books in the series and more books from this author.
Laura the Highland Hussy
This book is about a teacher who gets bit by a lycan (werewolf) and has until the next full moon before she turns. If she kills at that full moon she is damned. Soulless. Vampire? No wait, this is a werewolf book, just a different take on it, but using the stereotypical Hollywood aspect. Soulless slavering beasts who kill indiscriminately.

The lycan hunter Gideon owes his life to the organization. He hunts and kills with a vengeance. His motivation? Vengeance. A lycan bit his ma, turned her wolf
I loved this book. I flew through it. The story flowed seamlessly. I connected with all the characters immediately and each time I would say, "I'll just finish this chapter ...", I had to keep reading to find out what happened next. Loved the relationship with Claire & Gideon and the hope they had for "curing" her. I also liked how his feelings for Claire opened his mind to the possibilities of helping, instead of just killing lycans in the future. I'm anxious to get started on book 2, Kiss ...more
Absolutely horrifying. And not in a good way. There you have it.

Besides the style, which was shiver-inducing, the whole reading experience was a terrible exercise in eye-rolling and snorting at the ridiculousness of it all.

Lycans are supposed to be lycans. Once infected, there's no turning back. That's the lore. You can't change the lore. Apparently Ms. Kohler didn't get the memo. At least she kept the silver bullets.

The heroine was an absolute disaster and her disbelief as just what was going o
Lisa (A Life Bound By Books)
For me, this was a new series that I found not all too long ago. I picked up the first and the third book... couldn't find the second which the author was amazing and sent a copy so I could read the whole series. The first book didn't disappoint me at all; it was a great beginning with an interesting take on Lycans and their hunters.

There was suspense, romance; danger and I mean come-on - Werewolves! Kohler does have a twist to her werewolves, or as they are called throughout this one, Lycan's
Kari Chapman
This book was flat for me from the very beginning. The male lead was annoying and spent too much time with his inner conflicts to bother explaining anything. For example - at a quarter into the book we know he feels it's possible to cure the female lead, but we have no clue how. After all - if that were possible, wouldn't the organization he was with spend more time trying to do that?

And our female lead spent the first quarter of the book lost, confused and just kind of putzing around. Now, bei
Jane Stewart
The basic story was ok. The best parts were the timid teacher turning into the angry aggressor.

Claire is a mousy, timid school teacher. She lets people walk all over her because she doesn’t like confrontation. One evening she is bitten by a lycan (werewolf). Her eyes turn silver. She won’t turn into a wolf until the next full moon. Meanwhile, she begins feeling strength, hunger and anger. There are a couple of great scenes as she shows her anger and threatens her abusive father and a
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Sep 15, 2012 Plaama rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Не знам... Some crazy dog person...
Ами... Да помислим... Откъде да започна. О, знам. Аз - блахахах (истеричен смях). Не. Сериозно? Поглеждам корицата - блахахахаха (още истеричен смях). Защо? Ами да речем, че просто това беше реакцията ми за почти всеки ред, който прочитах, горе-долу от трета глава на книгата до края. И не. Всъщност нямаше нищо чак толкова смешно, освен абсурдите, които се редяха един след друг. Сериозно? Да. Напълно съм сериозна.

Преди време, любопитството ми да прочета още нещо на Sophie Jordan / Sharie Kohler,
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This novel is centered around Claire Morgan, a young, shy, and unassuming schoolteacher in Los Angeles who survives an attack by a beast whose bite has made her a potential Lycan.

Gideon March, a werewolf hunter, is Claire's savior. The night that Claire was attacked by the four-legged beast that bit her, Gideon had been stalking the creature, which he swiftly killed following its attack on Claire. Claire collapses from shock. And in that moment, Gideon was transfixed by the serene look on her f
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I can't believe I'm going to say this....but I didn't really care for this book. Its a sad thing, mostly because Sharie is really Sophie Jordan. I loved every book I have read by her, so generally I would read the books she writes under Sharie. However, I was disappointed. I didn't really like the book. I couldn't get sucked into it and just couldn't finish it.
this was a little different take on weres. in this book they turn completely feral once they experience their first change and commit murder. of course that attracted an entire group of hunters to take care of the problem.

while this story was ok it certainly brought to the forefront that i like my preternaturals not being the bad guys. the ending of the story seemed to be leading to a place where a lycan could show the hunters that they can in fact live without murdering. this opens up the poss
Jennifer Schaper
4.5 stars

Synopsis: Claire, a concerned teacher, follows her troubled student into an alley. He turns into a lycan and attacks her. She doesn’t realize it is her student. She thinks she’s being attacked by a dog. She’s saved by a mysterious man.

This man (Gideon) comes to her home with the intent of killing her before she can turn into a lycan. He can’t bring himself to do it. Instead, he tries to help her by telling her what she is and how it can be prevented.

Claire refuses to believe Gideon, des
Ashley Jackson
Thee book started off believable but then it was just all about the sex. I understand that being a lycan would lead to primitive urges, but is there absolutely any human sense left? Barely being able to restrain yourself from jumping the bones of the guy who has just told you several times that he will kill you, does not seem in the least bit believable to me. I would have liked it more if that part had been toned down a bit. I will read the rest of the series but it probably won't be a re-read.
i don't usually go for the paranormal romance genre, but if there were more books like marked by moonlight around, then you can have my money. i read this a long time ago, and i just loved it in its simplicity. we had a perfect pacing of claire and gideon's relationship. it wasn't exactly insta-lust. far from it. their connection was sort of kept in the background while their priority was to try to put up with one another and undo claire's curse before getting to know each other. they had a miss ...more
Lynde Shaw
I have no idea where I saw this book, because no one I know has ever heard of it, but it intrigued me enough that I requested it through an inter library loan. And I'm happy I got this recommendation. This was a fantastic book. Claire gets infected by a Lycan and suddenly turns from mousy creature to this sexual femme fatale. Enter Gideon, Lycan Hunter, who sees something in Claire and he can't bring himself to destroy her. Thus begins their battle to find the alpha over the one who infected her ...more
Interesting plot, but not terribly great writing. The word "singeing" was used to describe the guy's hands like 4 or 5 times. We get it. His hands are hot.
Paranormal Romance
Under the abusive hand of her drunk father, the heroine has spent her life as a mousy, quiet woman with no self confidence or desire to be noticed. One, night, while trying to do a good deed and help on her students when he's been missing from school, she's attacked and bitten by what she thinks is a rabid dog. She flees and thinks nothing of it. But it was no dog, and now she's being hunter. The hero has been slaying werewolves for more than 15 years, driven but the desire to revenge his parent ...more
☂ ℬrandi
One evening while visiting the home of a student, school teacher Claire Morgan is attacked and bitten by a lycan (werewolf). Lycan hunter, Gideon March witnesses the attack and reluctant to kill the blameless women, he follows her home. He explains to Claire that during the next full moon she will shift into a lycan and be unable to fight the need to feed on human blood. Claire thinks Gideon is crazy, gorgeous and a bit stalkery but definitely crazy. Gideon keeps appearing and claiming all these ...more
5++ Stars Paranormal Romance

Marked by Moonlight by Sharie Kohler was a book I stumbled across during the time when I first discovered the exciting world of e-books. Back then I used to read about one book per day, maybe even more than that and tended to forget the book soon afterwards though some stories linger in my mind as worthy of a revisit sometime later. Not being much of a fan of paranormal romance, even then I remember that I had immensely connected with this story. When I realized tha
I was excited to read this book because I have heard a lot of good things about the series, but overall it was a little bit of a letdown. The summary looked like something that would be right up my alley and I went in excited, but I never really connected with the two main characters. It had all the elements there, but for whatever reason I did not click with Claire and Gideon. It was also a little strange to see the Lycans (which are sorta like werewolves) being the ultimate enemy and not reall ...more

Ugh werewolf books, when did you become so sexy? I have no clue how I came across this one. Was it free on Amazon? Was it cheap on Amazon? Did I just wanna lick the guy on the cover? Well, no, I know it wasn't the last one. I think this was an amazon freebie, which normally makes me wary. I've been burned by too many freebies, which could be why this just sat on my Kindle for several months and I would look at the cover, and then go to another book instead. I guess it finely wore on me and I dec
Vina Raintree
hmmm.... Gideon ini Lycan Hunter yang dulu pas masih kecil ibunya kena infeksi lycan sehingga membunuh ayahnya dan hampir membunuh dia dan adiknya juga pas bulan purnama.

terus ndak sengaja dia nyelamatin Claire, guru bahasa inggris yang diserang Lycan yang ternyata muridnya sendiri dan sempat menginfeksi Claire juga,.
terjadilah perubahan-perubahan signifikan pada claire, bola mata nya jadi silver, sifatnya agresif,meledak-ledak, in heat--istilahnya (hahaha), kuat, dll..

entah kenapa ya gideon ini
On one night, mousy teacher Claire Morgan is attacked by what she thinks as an ordinary big dog. But Gordon March, an agent from NODEAL (National Organization for Defense against Evolving and Ancient Lycanthropes), knows better. The dog is actually a lycan and now that Claire is infected, she is cursed to transform to lycan in the next full moon and feed on human. Except if the Alpha of the lycan that infects can be killed before the full transformation, and only that way can save Claire's soul ...more
Hmm. I haven't been reading PNR (or anything, really) for a while, and this was my first "getting back into it" book.

Overall, I think I liked it a lot, although there were some editing things that bugged me (mainly words repeated in adjacent paragraphs or even adjacent sentences). It read a bit more like an Urban Fantasy novel to me except in the last chapter where the tone suddenly became totally Romance. Which was a little strange. The ending also felt like the author was trying to tie things
Chantelle Larson
Actual Rating: 3.5 stars.
This book was a new interestng twist in the paranormal, told from the interchanging perspectives of both leads it straddled the line of adoring romance and thrill packed suspense.
I loved the deep play up of supporting actually got to get to know themunlike in so many other romance books. I fell in love with our heroine Claire. Near the end I wasn't sure how the story was going to go, and was continually suprised throughout much of it.
This was an unre
Once Upon
1st Book of the Series Moon Chasers makes a promising beginning to this series. You’ll find romance, thrills, sexiness and the eternal love that conquers evil. The main characters spark with the chemistry that flows between them all through the story. Claire, a mousy teacher is infected by a bite from the same student she had vowed to help, finds that Gideon, the lycan hunter will be her only help to keep her humanity. He belongs to a secret society that’s only purpose for existence for the last ...more
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Sophie Jordan

Sharie Kohler took her adolescent dreaming one step further and penned her first story in the back of her high school Spanish class. This passion led her to pursue a degree in English and History. After several years teaching, Sharie decided it was time to pursue her long-held dream of writing.

She believes her decision to write paranormal romances stems from her long-sustai
More about Sharie Kohler...

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