Katerina's Wish
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Katerina's Wish

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  203 ratings  ·  65 reviews
In this moving debut, an immigrant girl discovers that hard work and determination can make dreams come true.

Katerina has a dream. It’s her papa’s dream, too. Her family came to America to buy their own farm. But a year later, Papa is still working in the dangerous coal mine. Each day, the farm seems farther away.
Then Katerina is reminded of the carp th...more
Hardcover, 246 pages
Published August 28th 2012 by Margaret K. McElderry Books
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Es un poco extraño que de los 380 amigos que tengo en Goodreads ninguno de ellos conozca este libro. Pero oye, tampoco os perdéis nada del otro mundo.

La historia trata sobre Katerina y su familia que viajan a América para encontrar mejores oportunidades en la vida. Katerina quiere formar una granja con su familia y hará todo lo posible para conseguirla.

Es un libro infantil y un tanto aburrido aunque los personajes han sido molestos muy molestos.

Empezando por la protagonista Katerina. O sea, est...more
The saddest thing about this book is that it ended. I started out planning to 'savor' it and read it a little at a time. However, that did not happen. Once the action started, I just could not put it down. The characters drew me in and kept me interested. The story line was well done, showing that the author put much thought into development as well as obvious research on the project overall.

The hope is, there will be a sequel! The story starts off slowly (but don't confuse that with boredom!) a...more
Cynthia Levinson
An exquisite debut novel that manages to encompass all of America and its dreams in Katerina, a thoughtful, clever, hard-working and honorable thirteen-year-old living in a coal miners camp in 1900.
L.B. Schulman
I really liked this book. The setting in colorado's mining country was unique, and I enjoyed zooming in on the fascinating culture of this time. Katerina was such an unusual character. She was spunky, determined, but very grounded. I really enjoy it when I read about characters that have many different sides. The whole time I was reading, I was scared by Katerina's mother's influence on her. It seemed like at any time that Katerina would succumb to the pragmatic philosophy of so many people arou...more
Thirteen-year-old Czech Katerina hates living in the Colorado mining town where her family tries to eke out a living. Her dearest wish is to return home while her father longs for a farm of his own rather than the dangerous mining job he has taken in order to provide for the family. But Katerina decides to do what she can to help her father's wish come true. (After hearing a folktale about a magical carp that granted three wishes, she happened to see a carp in a nearby stream.) Good luck seems t...more
This had such promise: a Czech immigrant family in the Colorado minefields, living in what is clearly a company town, struggles to survive the clash between their dreams of a better life in America and the reality of what they've found, intermixed with classic fairy/folk tales that highlight and illustrate their situation (which is, when you think about it, what fairy/folk tales were supposed to do!). Where this falls apart is the lack of realization about what their situation really is. If farm...more
Nov 19, 2012 Wendy rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Wendy by: Laura Resau
A sweet, well-written story with a great sense of place. I liked this book best in the first third or so, when it seemed more like magical realism woven into a commonplace historical fiction plot, with plenty of Czech ethnic details and stories; the details of the mining community and the family's real-life struggles were less interesting to me. Katerina's growth during the book is both significant and realistic-seeming, and the romance is sweet without being dumb; I thought the author did a gre...more
Quite simply, I adored this book. It reminded me of the very best historical fiction I read as a kid, in that I didn't feel like I was learning a history lesson at all--I just felt totally immersed in the world of the story and invested in the fate of the main character's family as forces beyond their control threatened to crush them.

With skeptical-yet-hopeful Katerina, the author creates a wonderful character to guide us through life in a turn-of-the-century coal camp. She concocts various sche...more
The cover of Katerina's Wish by Jeannie Mobley bears study before cracking open its pages because many inferences can be made from its careful construction.(See the small insert above.)The story is about a young girl not from this era, based upon her apron-fronted dress and books. She must be making a wish as she is looking off and blowing dandy lion seeds (much as one would pluck off daisy petals. The setting must be pastoral as she is sitting on a fence near a flower-surrounded pond or river w...more
Hey, I liked this book. Took me about 50 pages to get into it, but then I left my snorting and facepalming behind and just let it take me.

First of all, knowing a family who's Czech, it totally interested me that this girl's family moved from the area that is now the Czech Republic! Of course, that was all we ever heard about it--nothing much culture-wise was talked about--but it was interesting nonetheless.

And speaking of the characters, I liked them! They were each unique in their own way and...more
A beautiful story of determination, community and big dreams. Katerina, whose family immigrates to the U.S. from Bohemia around 1900, uses wits, hard work and determination in her quest to help her family escape from the drudgery (and danger) of living in a coal-mine town. This charming story includes folktales, a twisting plot and romance. Katerina is a strong female character who I fell in love with.
Sharon Lawler
Historical fiction based in the Colorado mining camps, and focused on immigrants who left their homeland in the hope that they would have a better life in the US. Great use of folktales to enhance the story, especially the carp and three wishes. Reminded me of a softer, easier version of The Jungle, and the story is relevant today. This is the author's first novel.
Sarah Schantz
This book is a balancing act between whimsy and harsh reality, between dreaming big and the oppression of hard-core poverty; this balancing act is further represented by Katerina's parents, and their seemingly conflicting views concerning the act of dreaming and the act of not-dreaming--a relationship further mirrored by Katerina, herself, and her beau, Marek. Papa brought his family to America to follow the pursuit of the American dream, and because of this--because it is a major theme in the b...more
My 9-year-old daughter and I loved this middle grade historical fiction novel by local author Jeannie Mobley. The storyline had us turning the pages, and I loved that Lucy was learning about mining and farming in southern Colorado in the early 1900s.
Mobley does a great job bringing to life the late 19th century mining Colorado immigrant story. She gets the lives, desires, hopes and realities right. The story reminds me of Sinclair Lewis' the Jungle. Unlike the jungle, however Katerina's Wish is much tamer and more appropriate for the young reader for which it is aimed. Having said that, Mobley careful crafting of the story still describes the abusive system which many immigrants lived and died within. Yet, unlike, Sinclair Lewis' Characters...more
Taryn Pierson
Katerina and her family came to America from Bohemia to find a better life. It is now 1901, and Trina's father is working in a coal mine in Colorado instead of farming his own land as he hoped. Trina and her two younger sisters help their mother with the laundry she takes in to earn extra money, but there is never anything left over to save up to buy land. None of Trina's father's dreams have come true in America—life is hard and doesn't show any signs of getting better. Most days Trina wishes t...more
Ms. Yingling
Life in a Colorado mining town in the early 1900s is rough for Katerina's Bohemian immigrant family. They never seem to be able to save enough money to buy a farm, and everyone is unhappy about how hard life is. Katerina makes a wish for a farm, but it is her hard work that brings the family closer to making this happen. She starts a garden, raises chickens, and makes a deal with a merchant in a nearby town to undercut the company store and turn a profit. When an accident in the mine affects man...more
From August 2012 School Library Journal:
Gr 4-7:�Katerina's father's dreams of a better life brought the family of five from Bohemia to America, but now, in the spring of 1901, instead of the prosperous farm he envisioned, they are in a coal-mining camp in southern Colorado, and his wages are barely enough to eke out a living. Katerina, 13, is a pragmatist like her mother, but when she sees a carp in the creek, she is reminded of the folktale her grandmother told her in which a fish granted an ol...more
Kristi Betts
Katerina's Wish is a wonderful coming of age book about a young Bohemian girl and her family who have come to the United States in the early 1900s. They make their way to a southern Colorado coal mining town and live in a home owned by the mining company. The family is part of a community of other immigrants, also working for the mining company. The three sisters, Trina, Aneshka and Holena, attended school during the fall helping them to learn English. Their mother relied on her daughters to ass...more
Katerina's Wish by Jeannie Mobley is an excellent book that captures the setting and emotions of the characters with pristine clarity.

While the book takes its time with the set-up, once the plot begins moving, it moves. It is a sweet story in the beginning about a family trying to adjust to life after immigrating to America from Bohemia. All of the pertinent characters are introduced early and prove to be likable.

There is a lot to like about this book, and at this point in time, I can't think o...more
Katerina and her family are barely making a go of their new life in America. Papa is a coal miner and this is back-breaking, dangerous work that doesn't seem to bring in enough money. Katerina and her mother and sisters take in laundry to help out. When the girls see a giant carp in the stream one day, they decide he is going to bring them luck, fed as they are on the old stories and mythologies of their homeland, Bohemia. Whether the carp is lucky or not, Katerina begins to realize she can chan...more
I did like this historical fiction possible WAW nominee. Katerina is a hard working 13 year old living with her family in a coal mining camp. They moved there from Europe to buy a farm, but have not been able to save enough to buy it. Katrina sees a fish in a quiet pond and thinks it might be lucky like in the native fairy tale she remembers. So her sisters each make a wish and they both come true so Katerina makes the third wish that the family finally gets their farm. Then since Katerina can't...more
Libby Ames
Katerina and her family dream of their own farm in America, but dreams are sometimes slow to come. After a year, Trina’s Papa is still mining coal in dangerous conditions. The extra washing Trina and her sisters take in barely pays for food at the overpriced local store. With layoffs from the mine threatened in the future, dreams feel impossibly foolish.

In spite of the harsh odds, Trina uses her sharp head for business to save money where she can. She plants a garden and tries to raise chickens...more
Magic and reality mingle in this beautiful middle-grade novel by debut author Jeannie Mobley. Perfect for teachers and librarians to add to the Colorado curriculum, but really should be part of any family's library alongside Laura Ingalls Wilder's stories of the West. Main character Katerina (Trina) is smart but not sassy, plucky but not pert. Her family's situation is grim but not unbearable, and they bear it well, with patience, love, fortitude, and hope but never Pollyanna-ish, foolish optimi...more
Loved this book. It had my favorite elements... historical fiction, with a touch of magic. We meet Katerina as a discouraged young 13 year old immigrant whose family is working in a Colorado coal mine. Then a hint of magic and the power of storytelling flood her with hope. The push and pull of possibility, reality, disappointment, and rekindled hope kept me turning the pages and wishing that I could keep reading all day. The romance seemed believable for it's time, and I felt that Mark was going...more
Katerina's family has immigrated from Bohemia with a dream of buying a farm.
Unfortunatly the only work her father can find is as a miner in a Colorado coal mine. One day Katerina happens upon a "Magic Fish" in a secluded pond- will the families three wishes work, can her family finally get a farm?
This is a great story about a family working together thru the hardships of coming to a new country, learning a new language and customs, and trying so hard to make extra money to buy a farm.
Valerie Wohlschlegel
This is a wonderful YA book. A period piece that is very readable and enjoyable. My students will enjoy this book.
Esther Bradley-detally
I've started reading YA books because I am teaching some enchanting YA girls at the moment. That and the fact that Jeannie Mobley and I are on a mutual writer's group was a catalyst to checking this book out of library.

It is enchanting, sturdily and whimsically told, light seamless prose filled with substance, unexpected tales, and just about perfect in my estimation.

Don't want to suggest plot or anything but it is a warm and gently humored book, all the while the reader experiences a clutch in...more
Darby Karchut
Accurate, well-researched historical fiction? Check. Set in Colorado? Check. Beautifully written with multifaceted characters? Check. Katerina's Wish is an award-winning book about a young immigrant girl who manages to hold on to her dreams. I read this book this past summer after meeting author Jeannie Mobley at a local author event in Denver, and was blown away by the opening sentence. Not only is this a perfect book to help teach the story of the lives of early immigrants to new state of Colo...more
Though no longer a juvenile reader, I loved this book and will probably end up buying it to read to my daughter when she is older. I loved how it wove in old European fairy tails in a way to teach morals/lessons to the heroin. I also loved the great message the author shares about the power of working toward our dreams and never giving up. She told the story in such an interesting way that I had trouble not putting the book down. Highly recommend this book for all ages--although the main charact...more
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