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Gift (Crown's Spies #3)

4.16 of 5 stars 4.16  ·  rating details  ·  11,346 ratings  ·  272 reviews
A Simon & Schuster eBook
Published November 29th 2011 by Simon & Schuster Australia (first published 1991)
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Kristen (Peddler of Smut)
4 "fun-filled" stars!

I've LOVED listening to this series. The Gift is another charming and delightful book by the very talented Julie Garwood. I can't seem to get enough of this author and that says it all.
What can I say about Julie Garwood that I haven't said yet? I just love her writing. I know she's "formulaic" in her characterization of her H/h, but I happen to like her "formula". If it isn't broken, why fix it? :)

The St. Jameses and the Winchesters have been enemies since the middle age, but King George decides to put a stop to their warring by ordering a marriage between Nathan, the young Marquess of St. James, and Sara, the even younger daughter of the Earl of Winchester. Obviously, the gro
This book is awful. I have read Garwood before and thoroughly enjoyed the tale, but this one has such cardboard characters in search of a plot that I'm surprised I managed to finish plowing through it. Truly terrible and from an author I've enjoyed prior to this.
Sara, the female lead(can't even call this one a heroine) was married at the age of four to the then fourteen year old Nathan in order to settle a centuries old feud between their families. When this story begins it's years later and Nat
Andrea Hussey
Julia Garwood has the distinct talent of creating the most unlikeable and annoying female characters on the planet. This girl got on my nerves so much I wanted to scream.

Charmingly innocent? Seriously? That’s what you’re going to call Sara?

Amazingly stupid, astoundingly aggravating, or unbelievably naïve are more apt terms.

The naiveté was supposed to be charming and funny, I’m sure, but it’s not. It’s absolutely the farthest thing from charming and funny as you can possibly get. After they hav
Lelyana Taufik
Pernah denger kan quotes yang bilang kalo kelemahan perempuan itu biasa nya di pakai jadi kekuatannya. Nah kekuatan dari kelemahan itulah yang dimiliki Sara hingga Nathan a.k.a Pagan sang ( mantan )bajak laut yang paling di takuti di laut jadi klepek2 sama Sara yang paling doyan berurai air mata, suka ngatur, sok berwibawa dan polos banget....

Mereka di nikahkan saat Nathan dari keluarga St.James berusia 14 tahun dan Lady Sara dari keluiarga musuh nya saat berusia 4 tahun...oleh Raja George yg s
Sara reaches a level of charming stupidity that can only be matched by a slow puppy. The kind that falls over a lot, barks at its reflection, and runs into glass doors. Adorable, but childish and annoying. She also cries at least once a chapter. Seriously.

Nathan's amusing, pirate-y, commanding, and can't understand love (shocking).

It made for an entertaining, exasperating, and cliched story. If you can handle a truly dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks heroine, enjoy a slightly slapstick/absurd humor, and lo
I think my decision to re-read Garwood's historicals starting with the ones I've only read once was not my best idea ever.

I first read this when I was about 18 (the heroine's age) and many years later all I really remembered was not liking Sara as much as I'd liked Jade and Christina. Unfortunately, I now have a clear idea of why that was my only memory: Sara is a sugary mess. She's talked about like she's the cutest, most artlessly charming thing ever, but the way she acts ... I mean the level
This was my favourite Julie Garwood book. I remember I was working in a secondhand bookstore, (best job of my life!) I was reading this while waiting for customers to cash out, and I was laughing so hard that when a customer actually did come to me, I could not stop, I actually got really scared that I could not. I had to duck behind the counter while trying to stop laughing with my bewildered customer looking for me. I did manage to control myself eventually and I was afraid to continue reading ...more
4.5 stars
Another very enjoyable read by Ms. Garwood. I loved The Gift! Even though this is a series, I read this one first, out of order, and was okay with that; I didn't get lost but will definitely read the others soon. Our heroine, Sara, and the hero, Nathan, were married very young but have been separated for over ten years - the families are arch enemies and there's a lot of hatred and lies that threaten the peace for these two. Sara is another beautiful, spunky, adorable Jule Garwood heroi
Nayyab Khan
fabulous read
Julie Garwood’s crown spies never disappoints.. it’s a beautiful story with such charming characters. Nathan known to have been deprived of a single romantic bone is married to a girl who lives in clouds of romance and daydreams .. Their differences makes their relationship utmost magical . TO Most of the lot Sara must seem to be childlike or quite naive yet i feel her character to be very strong, And highly spirited we rarely see anyone who is proud of who they are, she doesn’t wai
Now, I know most of you must have liked this Julie Garwood installation, and I could understand the attraction, but if you're going to compare it to her other works, it fails in comparison, and also because of comparision.

Nathan, the hero of the piece, sounds just like every other character in her novels. If I asked you, a Garwood reader, to guess the major elements of his personality, would you not have it down to science? Honestly? He's arrogant, rude, domineering, curt, and stern.

And the ego
Garwood, Julie - 2nd in series

A child bride, Sara Winchester had grown into a winsome beauty, joyfully anticipating the day when her husband, Nathan, Marquess of St. James, would return to claim her at last. Charmingly innocent, she dismissed the ancient feud that divided her and Nathan's families...and she was totally unaware of his past exploits as the notorious pirate, Pagan. The man who now stood before her was perplexing, arrogant and powerfully handsome...a warrior-gentleman w
This novel COMPLETELY pulled me in from the first paragraph. I don't know what it is about it, but it's amazing. From the intro to the ending line it was a gem. This book had me cracking up. I love the strong character of Sarah and the in denial Nathan. Perfectly suited, and perfectly hilarious. Hopefully we see them in future books of hers in the series. I'm looking into it. The supporting characters were just as good. Not too much in depth, but you knew who they were just the same. A very easy ...more
Aug 16, 2008 Jackie rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Garwood Fans, Romantics
This was a fun, fast read like most of Garwood's earlier novels. The heroine, Sara Winchester was comedic, innocent, and charming. Although I admit her crying and whining was a bit grating after awhile, hence the three stars. Nathan St. James was loveable, handsome, stubborn, and oh-so-yummy. There wasn't a whole of drama, but there were some really funny moments as Sara got use to ship life and Nathan got use to the fact that he can love. Overall, this was a good read.
Ivy Deluca
Sara and Nathan are married at the behest of the loony King (who was trying to end the feud between their families) when they were four and fourteen, respectively. Nathan finally goes to collect his bride and hijinks (and romance) ensue.

The Good
-Sentimental: This is the first Garwood I ever read and I fell in love with Sara and Nathan, so they’ll always hold a special place in my heart.
-Best first line: “It was only a matter of time before the wedding guests killed one another.”
-Screwball comedy
I read this book last in the series (I know so weird right?) and now that I have completed it, I can say that this series is one of my faves! I started with Book 1 (Lyon's Lady - another favorite!) then I jumped right next to Book 4 (Castles) then Book 2 (Guardian Angel) and lastly this one, The Gift. I absolutely had a ball reading all these books. The stories are rich with humor and vividly romantic. This book is about Nathan and Sarah who are pledged to each other since Nathan was 14 and Sara ...more
Hmmmmmmm, ani neviem, čo mám k tejto knihe napísať... Na jednej strane som si veľmi potrebovala pri niečom oddýchnuť, čo táto kniha aj slpnila, no na druhej strane ma proste sklamala... Kniha mala obrovský potenciál, ktorý však nebol naplnený.
V prvom rade - anotácia na obálke knihy nemá nič spoločné s príbehom (možno až na prvú vetu). Po jej prečítaní som čakala relatívne akčný príbeh, s dobre napísanými hrdinami, ktorí nám ukážu romantiku, o akej sa tak často v sladkých románoch nedočítame. (Pr
This book was definitely one of my favorite JG books. It was different than most romance novels too, which made it so much better.

Sara: she was married when she was only 4 years old and has grown up to be a perfect wife. The only problem is that to be a perfect wife you have to live in a house, not on a ship (it’s called a ship, not a boat)! She grew up being shunned by her family because she was married to a St. James man.

Nathan: A tough sea man. He has problems expressing his feelings to Sara
Esther Fanny
Trully Hillarious.......!

bisa bayangin ga Hero yg garang ( terkesan selalu mau nerkam org yg nyenggol ), angkuh, arogan, hobby teriak/bentak org ketemu dgn heroine yg lembut tp berkemauan keras, keras kepala, penyayang n hobby nangis.... akan jadi apa ceritanya ?

jujur...di 3 bab pertama... bnr2 nguras Emosi Jiwa #sighhhh#... ga tega ma Sara yg selalu dibentak nathan. secara heroine nya uda dgn setia nunggu suaminya ( meski perjaanjian kerajaan yg konyol )selama 14thn.

aq pun mendesah tiap x natha
More of my book reviews at

The couple in this story, Sara and Nathan, are such a cute pair! Nathan is the strong and silent type. He married Sara when he was 14 and she was 4. It was a marriage sanctioned by the king with the hopes of Nathan’s family (the St. James) and Sara’s family (the Winchesters) to resolve their conflicts. After the marriage, they are reunited when Sara is 18. It took Sara’s fierce loyalty and naive innocent ways to finally break down Na
Pada bab-bab awal membaca novel ini, memberikan kesan novel yang lucu, menyenangkan n menggemaskan, khususnya ketika membaca percakapan kedua tokoh utama.

Namuuuuuun..... semakin ketengah bab kok lama2 sang heroine jadi berkesan menyebalkan bukan jadi menggemaskan ketika membaca bab2 awal. Heroine (Sara) sangat jauh berbeda dari heroine2 didua buku sebelumnya dari novel crown's spies ini. Didua buku sebelumnya heroine diceritakan memiliki sifat yang mandiri dan dapat disejajarkan dengan para hero
Okay - read these out of order. This FOLLOWS Guardian Angel. (Oops.) But can still follow this story just fine, even though I now know the ending of Guardian Angel. Rats! Sara and Nathan were married as children (she was 4) by a mad king with a naive plan for peace between their two warring families. Sara has spirit, but has no idea of life aboard ship. When Nathan arrives to claim his bride, he "kidnaps" her and takes her aboard his ship. A series of misadventures (okay, a series of disasters b ...more
Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog)
This book is a typical Julie Garwood novel, and I mean that in a good sense. Although by now I pretty much know the "formula" if you will, I do love it.

The book was very funny, I was laughing like a loon to myself on many occasions and now receive some very puzzled looks from collegues at work. The list of endearments part had me laughing out loud. The love story was also quite adorable and although I didn't like that Sara that much, she could be quite charming and funny.

So if you like the othe
I love Nathan and Sara's story. Maybe cause he's not the typically handsome hero nor she the most beautiful. The way Garwood wove the story, they were perfect for each other. I think her parasol's are hilarious. i love that she makes him crazy and changed him for the better. I've read this 3 times or more and i know in another few months i'l pick up this book and read it again. And ps i find it refreshing to have the love story on the ship and not always in a London party or whever young ladies ...more
Third book in a regency series, we’d met Nathan in Caine and Jade’s story from Guardian Angel. It’s time for Nathan to go kidnap his bride—the baggage he’s got to accept in order to get the king’s gift of gold. He needs the money to grow his shipping business.

In an attempt to stop a long standing feud between the Winchester and St James families, King George came up with a contract, forcing four year-old Sara Winchester to marry fourteen year-old Nathan St James. They’ll be awarded a valuable st
Kay Naughty Book Snitch
This book was been on my to read list and then off again over and over. I saw it was at the library in Kindle format and thought, what the heck.

It starts when the hero was fourteen and the heroine was four. The King forced these two children into marriage because he was crazy and was sick of the two families fighting. Kind of like a milder Hatfields and McCoys type of feud. Nathan, the hero, is a Scot and the heroine, Sarah, is English. Her father signed the marriage contract for her since at he
It's always a pleasure picking up a Julie Harwood historical romance. She always takes me to my "happy" place...

This is the story of Sara (the innocent) and Nathan (the Viking). They come from feuding families, the Winchesters and the St. James. Nathan and Sara had an arranged marriage when Sara was 4 and Nathan 14. Its 14 years later and Nathan was ready to collect his bride.

I really liked Sara. She was so innocent, naive and always tried to see the good in everyone. And the opinion of others r
Regency romance with sex. #3 in the Crown's Spies series.

Well, this is a typical JG romance. Nathan is the tough as nails, but marshmallow inside hero. Sara is the dim, but lovable heroine. When I say dim I mean DIM! The girl's dumber than a bag of hair. Of course, since this is a JG, she's also rather endearing, even if she is a drama queen, so I tried not to hold it against her. She's drop dead beautiful, as are all JG heroines.

I do have some beefs with this story. I realize this was a 199
I picked this up to reread and couldn't make it all the way through. After about 2/3rds I gave up. I did read all the way through when it was first published. I always considered JG's books light and fairly amusing but I've also always felt that she just tries too hard. In this one the plot petered out and this time I couldn't get over the no one could be that dumbness of the heroine.
i had wanted to read a pirate-type romance and this one was well-reviewed. i don't like pirate romance, or boat romance. i had such a hard time getting through this book. normally i can't put them down. the heroine was SO naive, her chatter irritated me and was not endearing. the hero just grunted, so also not endearing. this was not my type of set up.
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With more than 35 million books in print and 26 NEW YORK TIMES bestsellers, Julie Garwood has earned a position among America's favorite fiction writers.

Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, Ms. Garwood attributes much of her success to growing up in a large family of Irish heritage. "The Irish are great storytellers who relish getting all of the details and nuances of every situation. Add in the fa
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"Well, what?"
"Damn it, Nathan, tell me what you think."
"About what?"
"Lady Sara," Colin persisted. "What do you think of her?"
"The truth, Colin?"
His friend gave a quick nod.
Nathan's smile was slow, easy. "She'll fit through the window.”
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