Legacy of Kings (The Magister Trilogy, #3)
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Legacy of Kings (The Magister Trilogy #3)

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"C.S. Friedman makes fantastic things-and frightening things-seem very real." -New York Times bestselling author Tad Williams.

The young peasant woman Kamala has proven strong and determined enough to claim the most powerful Magister sorcery for herself-but now the Magisters hunt her for killing one of their own. Her only hope of survival lies in the northern Protectorates...more
Paperback, 512 pages
Published September 4th 2012 by DAW (first published September 6th 2011)
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Legacy of Kings is the final book in C.S. Friedman’s Magister trilogy. Legacy picks up immediately following the events in “Wings of Wrath”. King Salvatore is building his army to make a final stand against the Souleaters all the while trying to come to grips with his lyr blood and how that will affect his faith. Queen Gwenifar is racing against time to train as a guardian and decipher the series of events after her sacrifice on the Throne of Tears in order to unite the lyr bloodline in her son’...more
In C.S. Friedman's Legacy of Kings, the conclusion to her Magister Trilogy, the Souleaters have become such a major threat that former enemies are considering becoming allies to end it. Can Salvator reconcile his Penitent faith with the people and powers he might have to work with to save the world from the Souleaters? (Also, is it possible the Souleaters are part of God's plan and he shouldn't get in their way?) Can the Magisters set aside their selfishness and all-consuming urge to protect the...more
A very weak ending to a trilogy that held such promise. I really enjoyed the first book when I read it over 4 years ago. However this book seemed to sideline characters I felt were central in favour of sex-as-redemption. Both aware of the difficulties that women face in patriarchal societies, while falling prey to the typical tropes of the genre. Rather than breaking new ground, this is same old same old in the fantasy stakes.
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As I turn over the last page of the epilogue, I am taken over by a complete and utter sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. When was the last time I picked up a book so enticing that I absolutely could not put it down? When was the last I was so mesmerized by a story that it felt like I was there and witnessing the events myself? I can't remember while basking in the warm after-glow of the pure awesomeness of this piece of writing.

The third of the trilogy really tied up the loose ends. It answer...more
This is the third book of a trilogy but I didn't get the impression that I'd missed out on much so either Friedman is the master of stand-alone but linked books which is possible not having read any other stuff by her, or we didn't need the previous two books. Basically this is what happens when the dragons of Pern and their riders go bad and start sucking life force out of humans in order to survive, and the plot wasn't helped much by the fact that the dragonriders were actually more sympatheti...more
c2011: Look away now! Not sure what is wrong with me but i found this book - boring in places!! I know - sacrilege!! I thoroughly enjoyed the first two in the series and was really looking forward to the conclusion. I found the whole Magister secret thing a bit overplayed and extended. And the more that I thought that it was boring the more guilty I was feeling. If I enjoyed the first 2 how could I not like this one?! Anyway, so it was for me. The final wrap up was a bit unsatisfying for me as w...more
Excellent book with some very novel creatures, Souleaters. Very good characterisation with Magister Colivar heading up a strong cats. Kamala is a great introduction and breaks all the rules. Lots of intrigue and plots. it's a complete story in a novel with enough remaining for a follow up tale. Good in depth history behind the tale. Good read!
Ahhhh, this series had so much potential...

I really enjoyed the first in the series, mostly because of the anti-heroes and moral dilemmas. I thought it was an interesting look at power and what some people are doing for power.

The second book was not great but not bad, just kinda somewhere in the middle.

This last one, sadly, ended being a bit disappointing. The "surprise" was not much of a surprise and the build up to the reveal felt too drawn out and, honestly, it just got annoying. Then the en...more
I like C.S. Friedman and have enjoyed most of her books. But the Magister Trilogy was kind of disappointing. In this third book, even the editing seemed to get lazy, with almost whole sentences being repeated with half a page of each other. Rewrites of passages seem to have been poorly done.
In addition to that though, it seems like somewhere along the way this series lost direction. The story was told, but there weren't any interesting plot turns, or even particularly interesting character growt...more
Miki Garrison
I had actually avoided this one for awhile, because after loving the first book, and moderately enjoying the second, I'd seen too many reviews which suggested that this last book in the trilogy would be another step suckwards. But it was on the "good new reads" shelf as I walked by at the library, so I grabbed it - and so very, very glad that I did. It was the kind of compelling read that begged me to skip a night out on the town, I just had to finish the book. Satisfying all the way thru to the...more
It's hard to give this book four stars but I feel it deserves more than three. The plot is great and the characters interesting. On the other hand I often found myself frustrated with the pace of the book, wanting it just to be over with. And about that time something interesting would happen and I would be hooked again.
Not as good as most of her other ending works, but still surprisingly satisfying. More thorough review pending a sleep on it.
Anna Marie
I was really disappointed in this trilogy ending - the first book set up a complex world, with many problems, and a character flawed and plucky and likable enough to follow.

The second book didn't do a good enough job of juggling the complex plot developments. By the time I was halfway through the third book, the plot developments were mechanical and clunky.

A more interesting reveal and climax would have suited me better. This series had a lot of potential, but it sort of washed out by the end....more
I didn't like book one and I didn't like book two much either. The Magisters are fascinating and I very much like the whole idea that magic costs life essence. But liking the world wasn't enough for me to enjoy the story. There were so little likable characters for me. I didn't care much about what would happen to most of them and that took away a lot of reading pleasure. Only halfway through book two started things to get really exciting and at the end I really was curious how things would cont...more
S.E. Lindberg
C.S. Friedman writes easy-to-read, engrossing fantasy with an emphasis on character development. She also writes at a nice pace, publishing every ~1.5yrs, while still delivering rewarding reads.

Regarding the Magister and Coldfire Trilogies, I rated (not reviewed) 5 of the 6 books well ( 4+ stars), but Legacy of Kings gets only three. Here is why:

1) Character Focus: In both trilogies she has a powerful sorcerer (Tarrant or Colivar) aide other protagonists keep an imbalance of magic from ruining t...more
Steven Montano
4.5 out of 5 stars.

C.S. Friedman may be one of the most underrated fantasists working today. Her original and compelling settings, fantastically developed characters and ability to keep a story moving while never taking it exactly where the reader expects makes every one of her works an absolute pleasure to read.

As the war between humankind and the Souleaters continues to develop, strange alliances are forged and new dangers come to the surface. King Salvator will have to reconcile himself with...more
Paulina Łowczak
To say I enjoyed this would be a grave understatement, whomever it may concern. As I was nearing the end of this final installment to the glorious Magister Trilogy, I was feeling more and more convinced I'd rather not finish it at all but I also hungered for knowledge, to know how it would be written to the very end. It is no easy task to complete a trilogy; starting it is quite easy if you have a concept and some creativity to pursue further with the first. Then you are expected to elaborate an...more
Legacy of Kings is something of a letdown for a series that started with so much promise. Friedman doesn't quite reach the same depths of darkness that are shown in the best of her prior work, but the background and premise are intriguing enough to be worth reading.

This third volume, as with the second, to some extent, just doesn't seem to have gotten as much authorial or editorial attention as one might hope. The copy editing is occasionally sloppy (typos, word order, punctuation), and that see...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Doc Opp
I don't think I'm being fair to Friedman with this rating. Because, I'm sure if it was another author, or another series where I didn't have such high expectations, I would have thought this was a 4 star book. It's just... well... I've come to expect such great things from her in general, and this series in particular was so strong through the first books, that I was caught off guard by the rather mundane ending. This book was a perfectly adequate fantasy novel, but had none of the spark that ma...more
The final book in the Magister trilogy was good, but it did leave something to be desired. A large portion of the story was over very quickly ie. someone's death, and the ending was very unfinished. I don't know if the author intends to write more in this series or not but she certainly left the door wide open to do so.
Most of the loose ends were tied up. This book revealed some interesting plot points that were certainly being led up to through out the first two books. There were a few things t...more
It had been a while since I read book 2, so I had to get through a bit before it all started coming back to me. All in all, it wasn't bad. I'm planning to reread the first two books when I get some time to get a better feel for the overall arch of the book. That being said, there were somethings I found unsatisfying. I know that being a Robert Jordan fan, I should be used to the repetition of actions or phrases by characters. I suppose it mirrors real life in that people have tendencies to do th...more
Another fine trilogy from the author of the coldfire series. I like the complexity of the story lines, the clash of religions, the moral choices the characters face and the way she uses the differences between men and women. I also like the fact that Friedman'd magic is not the fluffy thing from the Harry Potter universe, but a true power that costs lives. It makes for much more dangerous games. And much better reading.
Lina Al-Midfa

This was a page turner, Celia's writing just flows so easily and the story gets you hooked.
The Souleaters were the stars for me in this third installment, I loved learning new things about them, especially the final flight between a female queen and a male ikati. And I knew it! there was something fishy going on with those Magisters, and to top things off, they bond with Souleaters!

A great finale and a great read. I also really liked Salvatore's character, and Ramires grew...more
I had a hard time getting into this book... it languished for a long time on my to-read list. (If I'd read the trilogy in one fell swoop I think this wouldn't have been a problem, but I read each book as it came out.)

Legacy of Kings effectively completes the story arcs that were begun in the first two books of the Magister Trilogy. The first half or so of the book was relatively slow-moving, as several new characters and places needed to be introduced, and the habits and lifestyle of the ikati a...more
This conclusion to the series was satisfying for me. I enjoyed the first book immensely and felt that the second, though not as enticing as the first, was a necessary and fulfilling requirement to the series. While Friedman has set the stage for many mysteries and revelations I find it hard to believe that anyone with any kind of focus on events can really feel that there are twists or surprises herein. However, the mysteries though somewhat transparent are ultimately enjoyable and they do nothi...more
Cheyenne Blue
A fitting end to a fantastic trilogy. Some great twists that I didn't pick, and a compulsive read. Enjoyed the strong women characters (although Gwynofer constantly deferring to Salvator was annoying). Enjoyed the ikati angle (and have read somewhere that Friedman gives a nod to the Dragonriders of Pern series as inspiration).

Overall, I enjoyed this series a lot more than the Coldfire Trilogy. The plot is more engrossing, there are less POV switches, and the writing is tighter and more controll...more
Vicky Wells
Well I'm flummoxed as too why this third book received below average ratings, out of the three books this one was my favourite!

The plot was exciting and pacey, with chapters ending on cliff hangers that left me smiling and feeling full!

The characters really opened up, I loved the strength and honour in king salvator, the darkness but likability in coliver, the wisdom and humbleness of ramirus and the voracity and passion of Kamala. I loved the ending and how all loose ends become tied, a big pl...more
Life's too short to read boring books. All things considered, I should have known the signs with the middle book. No character depth, not a single character I was interested in, and a few even a bit repulsive to me, like Siderea. The only character I cared a little bit about was Kamala. I made it to the 50% mark skimming, and then decided to just call it quits.

This trilogy might be for some people, but ultimately, not for me. I started in high spirits with the first book, and it quickly lost th...more
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