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Shadow's Lure
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Shadow's Lure (Shadow Saga #2)

3.74 of 5 stars 3.74  ·  rating details  ·  1,199 ratings  ·  77 reviews
The unforgiving Northlands...

In Othir, he was at the top of the food chain—an assassin beyond compare, a dark shadow in the night. But Caim left that life behind when he helped an empress claim her throne. And now his past has come calling again.

Searching for the truth behind the murder and disappearance of his parents, Caim discovers a land in thrall to the Shadow. Haunte
ebook, USA Edition, 391 pages
Published June 14th 2011 by Pyr Books (first published 2011)
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Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews

In Caim of Shadow's Son , Jon Sprunk created an assassin worthy of standing beside the likes of Brent Weeks’ Kylar Stern of the Night Angel Trilogy, Brandon Sanderson’s Kelsier of Mistborn, and Michael J. Sullivan’s Royce Melborn of the Riyria series. His story quickly becoming a sword and sorcery delight, filled with non-stop action, intense fighting, shadow magic, and thrills galore. And as the fiendish fun of devious plots, personal tragedy, and long
I love assassins! I'll not go into the same discussion from my review of Shadow's Son, but by golly those guys are cool and Jon Sprunk is an assassin master.

Shadow's Lure is the second volume in the Shadow Saga as I mentioned before, beginning with Shadow's Son. It's full of assassins, magic, and tons of action. Did I mention TONS OF ACTION!

Shadow's Lure takes up the story almost directly after Shadow's Son. Caim, our fearless assassin, is headed north to the dangerous northlands, on a mission n
A decent fantasy read with a lot of action.

The pacing I felt was better than in the first book and I ended up enjoying this one more, but the writing still didn't quite wow me. Some of the dialogue is a bit off, and I can't say that I ever fully invested in the story.

Shadow's Lure follows two main characters, Josey and Caim, and while I didn't exactly love either of them I didn't hate them either. My favorite character by far was Kit, and we saw way too little of her in my opinion.

This ended on
This is the same rating I gave to Shadow's Son, the debut novel of author Jon Sprunk, so it is safe to say readers who liked the opening of the series, will enjoy the sequel. I find myself though, subtracting half a star instead of adding it, because this novel ramped up the violence and gore about ten times compared with the Shadow's Son, and this is usually a turnoff in my list of preferences.

Still, this is an easy read - which can be taken both as praise and criticism depending on the
Terry Simpson
Death, despair, political intrigue, sword and sorcery, plots intertwined within plots. Sinister characters who will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals, those who believe in the greater good and suffer for it, clans on the edge of eradication unless they succumb to the will of evil. In the middle again is our man Caim, now in the North, seeking out his past and his future, drawn by the very darkness and shadows that are his birthright. Kit, in love and torn away from her beloved Caim and c ...more
N.E. White
The second book in Mr. Sprunk’s Shadow Saga, Shadow’s Lure delivers the same action-packed story as did the first in this series: Shadow’s Son (my review here).

After opening with the massacre of the Northmen clan leaders (body count is high in this book), the story pretty much picks up right after the events in the first book. Josey is Queen, reigning from the palace in Othir, struggling to ward off an unearthly assassin, the church of the True Faith, and keep her realm from falling apart with c
mivel az első részre már egyáltalán nem emlékszem, mondhatom, hogy ez a rész teljesen élvezhető volt önmagában is.
nagyon bejött a sok harc, az árnyak, a nulla romantika, és Caim, aki mostanra elég karakteresen férfias (és talán emiatt emlékezetesebb)lett.
jó kis dark fantasy, de csak addig ragadott magával, míg olvastam, arra az időre viszont tökéletes szórakozás volt.
általában valamelyik női karakterrel van bajom, itt ez most Zefi volt. ez a csaj annyira nulla személyiséggel rendelkezik, hogy el

That link also has a giveaway of the first two books open through Nov 17, 2011.

Earlier this year I reviewed Jon Sprunk's 2010 debut novel, Shadow's Son. While I very much enjoyed it, my review was less than glowing. I felt some things were sacrificed to the novel's breakneck pace and that Caim, Spunk's protagonist, was a little too one-dimensional. In a not so stunning development, Shadow's Lure corrects many of these deficiencies and in so doing demonstra
Stacey O'Neale
This review was completed by Michael Cummings, staff reviewer with the YA Fantasy Guide.

Shadow's Lure is the second book of Sprunk's Shadow Saga, following the debut of "Shadow's Son" last year (2010). In this volume, we return to Othir immediately after the events of "Shadow's Son" as Caim heads north, looking for answers to his past and the murder of his parents. What he finds is a land under the grip of the Shadow, personified in the witch Sybelle and the hints of shadow born magic that darke
I can say without hesitation that I enjoyed this book more so than the first. Maybe this is because Sprunk took more time to detail the world or because my two favorite characters (Josey and Kit) proved themselves more than Caim's match in dealing with the unknown.

Our Merry Band of Miscreants have gone in different ways after Caim's decision to head North (to help his people) and Josey became Empress of Nimea. I was relieved that Sprunk didn't spend too much time on Josey becoming acclimated to
Charlie N Holmberg
I admit I hadn't initially intended to read the second book in this series, but I'm glad I did. A lot of series have the problem of diminishing quality with each additional book (ie The Hunger Games), but this one gets better. I liked this book more than the first (hence the extra star). I enjoyed the characters more (Josey especially has grown since book 1), and Sprunk does a good job of raising the stakes.

Cool things about this book included the blood-hungry sword, Caim's growing knowledge o
I always enjoy any viking inspired cultures . The separate plots were interestingly well done, providing two conflicts one in the north and one in the south. Then POV chapters following an antagonist is always an interesting way to make the reader omnipresent. I enjoyed this book.
L.K. Evans
I picked up the second book the Shadow Saga series because I found the first so incredibly entertaining and I was still in a place where I needed pure entertainment.

In this second book, we follow Caim as he travels to find his roots and we also follow Josey’s story which takes us through treachery and the building of a new empire.

As with the first, I absolutely loved the shadows and how Caim used them. It was just as engaging to me and even more so than the first. We had a few more side plots go
A 2. kötet hangulatilag másmilyen, mint az első rész, sokkal kalandosabb, sokkal sötétebb és több benne a fantasy elem is. Az első részt nem múlta felül nálam, azt sokkal pörgősebbnek találtam, de ezt is imádtam olvasni.

A történet lebilincselő, izgalmakban és fordulatokban gazdag.
A cselekmény több szálon fut.
A feszültségkeltés fantasztikus.
A régi szereplőket még jobban megszerettem és az újakat is hamar a szívembe zártam.
A szerelmi szál nem olyan hangsúlyos, mint az első kötetben, de most
I enjoyed this every bit as much as Shadow's Son, and am looking forward to the next adventure in this series. Bonus: read this on the beach in St. Thomas.
I find myself really enjoying this series despite the fact that this particular book was chock full of pain and death at pretty much every turn. I did long for a little bit of a reprieve from it because Caim or Josey always seemed to be some experiencing level of hurt but it didn’t detract me too much from the story. It just became a little much.

I liked how it alternated between the two storylines and kept Josey involved in Caim’s quest to find himself while keeping her story almost wholly separ
Blodeuedd Finland
My thoughts:

I know I have been raving over a lot of fantasy books lately but who could blame me, it is the best genre in the whole world, and when I love I love.

This is then book two and Caim has left the city to go and search for clues about his past. Why was his father and everyone else killed? Is his mother alive and who took her? So he goes north, a land troubled by shadows and strife and he will learn more about why he can command shadows. The book is also about Josey who is now empress and
Becky Hoffman
So I finally brought myself to finish this series, and the second book was very entertaining as it was constantly moving with all the different plots and what not.

*May contain spoilers* (but very very small spoilers that you will figure out on your own anyway and none of them are giving away the ending)

First we follow Caim as he's just wandering around the country-side, still talking about how everyone doesn't like him or trust him and he continues to pine after Josey.

Josey on the other hand, is
Goran Zidar
This was a very enjoyable book to read. In some ways you could say that I would be biased in favour of it given my own fondness for having an assassin as the main character. That may be the reason I first picked up the series, it is certainly not the reason I kept reading it. Caim – the main protaganist – might have been an assassin in book one, but in this novel he is a young man who is in search for answers about his past. And it is a difficult search where he becomes an often unwilling partic ...more
Alek Cristea
Shadow’s Lure was a book I had been waiting for since I sunk my teeth into the excellent Shadow’s Son. Much like Caim, I couldn’t wait to travel North in search of answers to all the questions present in the first book. As Shadow’s Lure is the second book in Jon Sprunk’s trilogy, I didn’t, however, expect to get all answers and I was ready for a long and bloody journey, with a path littered with bloody fights and ever increasing danger.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Caim has left for the North, with Kit
Leo  Cristea

Excellently written, and brimming with dark imagination, monstrous creativity and a deftness for combat, Shadow’s Lure picks up where Shadow’s Son left off and sweeps the reader away on a dark and gritty adventure, where it’s not just the cold that will test a man’s mettle. Displaying a flair for action and pulse-quickening fight-scenes, Sprunk’s second novel is an excellent sword and sorcery yarn that will have you reading for your rapiers and buc
Bryan Ewert
Oh dear. This suffers greatly from "second book-itis." Having established Caim's character and cohorts in the first book, the second is lured into expanding this universe, along with the requesite motley crew of players. And, of course, a few more villians. The result is a scattershot of storytelling that has lost the focus and charm that made the debut so engrossing. Whereas Shadow's Son had me wanting to sit and stay through a third latte, with this one I was ready to put it down before my sec ...more
Melissa Hayden
Caim's traveling to the snow covered rebellious North to see if he can find "her" or more about "her" as Levictus mentioned at the end of Shadow's Son she was up North somewhere. The land he left when he was eight after that horrid night that haunts Caim's dreams still. Caim travels light, with his usual weapons, the dark sword that was waiting for him at Kas's cabin, and the personal journal of Arch-priest Vassili. Caim finds himself fighting with untrained men at his back, yet still alone as K ...more
I was a big fan of “Shadow’s Son”, Jon Sprunk’s debut assassins novel, so when I got the second book, “Shadow’s Lure” and the last part of the trilogy “Shadow’s Master” in the mail, some neighbors might have seen me do an elaborate happy-dance. After finishing “Shadow’s Lure”, I feel even more lucky to have received these from Pyr, so a big thank you is in order here. The second part of Caim’s story was, just as the first one, a joy to read. And here’s why:

Jon Sprunk is a fabulous writer. The wr
How can you not enjoy a good assassin story? I have to say, I was surprised by this second book which led the main character in another direction that lead him further from his 'love-interest' of the first book. In fact, Caim's search for the answers to his past makes a more involved and richer story.

On top of that, the new empress has new challenges and it was a nice change to see the repercussions of a governmental over haul - That things weren't all cut and dry with the changes that happened
Stephen Deighan
Ok so I went straight from the first volume of Sprunk's Shadow Trilogy, Shadow's Son, into this book. Shadow's Lure picks up the storyline shortly after the events of book one, exploring Josey's initial, danger-ridden days as Empress of Nimea and Caim's jounrey North to discover the fate of his mother. We are treated to a deeper understanding of the "Lord's of Shadow" and Caim's own relationship to the Shadowlands. We also get a number of chapters from Kit's perspective which are very enjoyable, ...more
J.W. Parente
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
The followup to mr Sprunks debut is a great fun read, but if you haven't read the first you'll be depriving yourself of the character development that happened in Shadows Son. Although the characters of Josey and Caim are futher developed, both in plot and personality, it's more a continuation and , particularly in the Cade of Caim, I dont know if a reader starting with this first will enjoy it ad much.
This series is s new twist on several old fantasy tropes, and steals a lot of concepts from m
Michael Cummings
Shadow's Lure is the second book of Sprunk's Shadow Saga, following the debut of "Shadow's Son" last year (2010). In this volume, we return to Othir immediately after the events of "Shadow's Son" as Caim heads north, looking for answers to his past and the murder of his parents. What he finds is a land under the grip of the Shadow, personified in the witch Sybelle and the hints of shadow born magic that darken the land. Meanwhile, Josey, as Empress, is struggling with the politics of a land that ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
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Fantasy author living in central Pennsylvania. I love to travel (especially places with old ruins), watch football (American NFL, not that soccer stuff), drink (rum and coke, preferred), and enjoy life.
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