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Can two young warriors defeat the walking dead?

Princess Zora of the Granitewings has traveled far to seek the reclusive Peryton Clan. But Peryton Peak is abandoned, and there's no sign of the civilization that once inhabited it.

No sign...but for a young warrior with no clan and no memory of his origins. His name is Broxo, and he is the key to a mystery that is far more da
Paperback, 240 pages
Published October 2nd 2012 by First Second
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First Second Books
Dec 20, 2012 First Second Books marked it as first-second-publications
Doesn't every like a good zombie-barbarian teen love story?

(Okay, wait. The zombies and the barbarians don't fall in love. Just to be clear. I feel like love + rotting falling apart bits = not the best combination.)

This book is the story of Broxo, a barbarian who is the last of his clan. When a (girl) barbarian from another clan comes along on a quest to discover what's happened to his clan, all the secrets of his past start bubbling up and causing trouble for everyone.

This story has: witches,
Jennifer Haight
Broxo is the debut fantasy graphic novel by Zack Giallongo and it is released today October 2, 2012. Although it is beautifully illustrated and does have brief moments of intensity and story clarity, there are too many confusing frames and sub-stories for me to fully recommend this title.

Broxo is the lone survivor of his village which was slain by their own ancestors who had become zombies because they didn’t blow on the Wylern to summon the Stag who would lead them to the underworld. Confused?
Jessica at Book Sake
Graphic Novel Review by Chris
There is a really subtle brilliance with Broxo. The story is simple fare with an appropriate climatic ending, but the real power of this book is the moments in between the story. The characters feel alive in this book. The relationship that blossoms between the two main characters is tangible. Even the back story of secondary characters and the villain gain a life of their own. I could really see Broxo and Zoro being a kid's favorite new characters.

The book is very e
GRPLTeens Grand Rapids Public Library
Appeal Characteristics: strong female protagonist, humor, animals, undead human creatures, survival, homesickness, adventure, bravery, honor, spirits, outcast, stand a lone

This book is like Bones by Jeff Smith. It is kept in the Juvenile area...but it would be more appealing to YA readers. Due to the layout and just abstract concepts, I felt this book has potential to go either way. There was just a lot of implied stuff (that I love) and the storyline isn't necessarily linear so you might find i
Daybreak by Brian Ralph and Broxo by Zack Giallongo

Why did I read it?

Daybreak: I referenced this book in my Teen Literature class for my Master's in Information and Library Science.

Broxo: It was an advanced reader copy that looked interesting.

What happened?

Daybreak: Your eyes snap open and you see a one-armed man walking toward you. He mentions that you don't want to be out in the open when night falls, so you follow him. After grabbing some food and meeting his dog, you settle in for the nigh
Zora really wasn’t supposed to be there. In fact she kind of… snuck away from home. Her family might think she’s dead.
She climbed Peryton Peak in search of the Peryton Clan, hoping to forge an alliance that would make her own clan proud. But instead the Peak is deserted and the land defiled, with little to eat or drink.
That’s when she meets Broxo, who calls himself King. But where is his clan? He seems young to be a king, and while he’s proficient at using swords and axes to chop up the walking
This was a slow-burner for me. At first, I felt that Zora's character was rather useless and whiny, and Broxo came off as cute but sort of one-dimensional. Yet I was very surprised at how both of these characters changed over the course of the graphic novel. I'll admit I was impressed by the dynamic character development and how each and every character (whether subordinate, protagonist, or antagonist) revealed a different side to themselves. I think it's a testament to great story writing if yo ...more
Janna Marie
This graphic novel is BEYOND cute! Seriously.. it's so sweet. I'm in love with Broxo!

The art is beautiful and it does a great job of telling the story without too much dialogue, which is my favorite kind of graphic novel! There's a blurb on the back that says, "Can two young warriors defeat the walking dead?" Because of this, I was quite surprised to find the touching moments between the characters. I have never read a graphic novel with character connections as lovely as Broxo and his friend Zo
Victoria Whipple
Broxo is living on his own in a haunted land where he must avoid not only the living dead, but actual living animals which are very dangerous to him. Then along comes Zora, looking for the Peryton clan. Her family from another clan is trying to unite other clans, and she runs away to try to prove herself capable of helping. She is not ready for what she finds. Together Zora and Broxo, along with some unlikely human and animal allies, face challenges and dangers, and learn to trust and respect ea ...more
I really wanted to like this more. I mean it's zombies, barbarians and a witch. It fell flat and needed a bit more characterization and plot.
Dan Smith
I have to confess, I didn't enjoy this at all. The characters were kind of perky, but the world and the story seemed flat and uninspired by much thought or care.

I may be doing the author down, but if it's not a problem with the internal story then it's a problem of expression.

The artwork is fine, the dialogue snappy but not all that. The climax is long-presaged burt ultimately underwhelming and - crucially - not achieved by the characters or vales of he protagonists.

There's a will to create some
Becky B
Princess Zora is looking for the Perytons so they can join the uniting clans (she also has something she wants to prove). All she finds is one socially backwards boy named Broxo, a creepy lady named Ulith, and lots of zombies. It turns out that Ulith was not quite given the acceptance by the Peryton clan she desired, and she kind of maybe killed them all and made them undead, except for Broxo. Broxo's grandma comes back from beyond the grave to tell him what he must do to fix the curse, and Zora ...more
A graphic YA debut novel -- now that's kinda cool, and probably why it was on my wishlist. (Many thanks to Tor books for sending it on and proving that wishes really do come true.)

Zora, a princess with a bit of a chip on her shoulder, and a dislike of hunting, arrives on the mountain of the Peryton clan, hoping to lead them back to her father and win his favor. What she finds instead is a desolate and dangerous place, inhabited by gnarly creatures, mostly intent on making her their next meal. Sh
Nicola Mansfield
Reason for Reading: I seem to be taking a break from fantasy these days but this "classic high fantasy" appealed to me and I was hoping it would be suitable for my son.

I really enjoyed this novel. Not only on my own level but once I got into the story I also started reading with an eye out for my son's appreciation, as a struggling reader needing high-interest stories this fits the bill to a "T". Broxo is a wonderful "quest" fantasy. Set in an alien humanoid world, Zora sets off to prove herself
Kevin Lin
Broxo Roaring Brook Press, 2012, 239 pp., $16.99
Zack Giallongo ISBN number 978-1-59643-551-3

Zora, princess of the Granitewings, left home in order to find the Peryton Clan so that her parents would recognize she is too is just like her siblings and can help her parents. As she arrived at the location, she doesn’t find the Peryton Clan, but finds endless zombies instead.

Zack Giallongo tells the story through a unique type of literature. Comic! The protagonist, Zora, is a princess that ran away fr
Brenda Lower
This review, and others, can be found on my book blog at:

Princess Zora is climbing the mountain to look for the lost tribe. After being chased by some really large, furry animal, losing all her supplies, and sleeping in the rough, she is ready to be welcomed by the clan. Instead of finding a thriving village, she finds nothing but decay, death and one lone boy who claims to be the king of the tribe.

Meet Broxo, the lone survivor of a tragedy that eliminated t
Princess Zora risked it all to prove herself and help save her kingdom by finding the reclusive Peryton clan. But it was all for nothing. There is nothing left of the clan but a boy named Broxo who doesn't have any memory of the past. In the clan's place is a horde of walking dead. As Zora and Broxo fight for their lives they try to get to the center of the mystery of what happened to the Peryton clan, but it looks like Zora might have to go back empty-handed, if she survives to go back at all. ...more
I was hoping to love this like I love ZITA THE SPACEGIRL or THE UNSINKABLE WALKER BEAN, also from First Second, but I was a little disappointed. Here's why:

I thought I was ready for the 10-14 age group on this one (the dark creatures reflected in Broxo's sword clues the reader into this, if nothing else). I wasn't quite with it and I'm not sure if that is the uncertainty of the tween predicament, or an awkwardness in the characters.

Firstly, the female lead (Zora) is "saved" at three times by th
This story is about Broxo, a boy who is the last of his clan, and Zora, a princess from a neighboring clan. They meet one another when Zora travels to the mountain where Broxo lives with his pet, and "Creepers" or zombies or Broxo's dead clan members.

The art is ok. The colors are extremely muted and muddy. The details are average in that the characters have enough to always be recognizable, but the backgrounds are simple, with very little shading or shadowing.

The characterization is ok but bor
Princess Zora has traveled from her clan of the Granitewings to find the Peryton Clan and convince them to join the trading alliance that is being formed between the different clans. When she reaches Peryton Peak though, she does not find the bustling clan that she expected. Instead, it is a bleak and empty place. Broxo is one of the few who still live there, a young warrior who survives alongside his huge furry pet. There are others on the Peak too: a witch with a sordid history, the monster Gl ...more
Appeal Characteristics: strong female protagonist, humor, animals, undead human creatures, survival, homesickness, adventure, bravery, honor, spirits, outcast, stand a lone

This book was shelved under juvenile. I felt it could kind of go either way. It was sorta tweeny because of their "implied" relationship (or that they at least like each other) and the bathing scene where he doesn't get why she is yelling at him not to come in because she's naked. You see she's developing some curves. Anyway,
1.5 because I liked the art.

Princess Zora wants to discover the Peryton Clan, one of the last groups roaming in the world in which she inhabits. It's sort of a way to prove herself to her family. But when she arrives at the top of Peryton Peak, she learns there is no Peryton Clan, but there is a Broxo.

From there, the story descends into a weird mix of a zombie tale, an enchanted animal tale, a tale of an evil woman who maybe isn't evil but really is evil, and then something about spirits. It ta
Wandering Librarians
Princess Zora has left the safety of her own clan, the Granitewings, to look for the Peryton Clan, who no one has seen in years. Upon her arrival, Peryton Peak seems to be abandon. There's no one there at all...except for Broxo, who can't, or won't, tell Zora what happened to his people.

When we first see Zora, she seems like a pretty tough girl. She's trekking alone through the mountains, and has just scaled a considerable cliff. She's got a sword, and from the way she's drawn she looks like a w
Fuwei huang
This book is most about the story of one girl and a let me tell you what is the story about.that is some kind the different word form us.what i saying is there is something like day is the girl for some reason,she leave she's house and she sleep outside at nigh with out the food,then she meet the zombies.but she is lucky.she meet the boy.The boy and a hug animal save her.and then they start to walk together.they start to help each other.also the book tell the story of the bo ...more
Andy Shuping
Princess Zora is lost in a strange and desolate land. She's been looking for the Peryton clan so that she can lead them back to her father who hopes to unite all five clans together...and where she hopes to win the approval of her family. But at the moment she’s lost, cold, and far from home on a desolate mountain where she's being chased by beasts and by zombies coming from all directions. And the only person that she finds on that mountain is Broxo, a young warrior with no memory of his origin ...more
The clans need to be brought back together. Princess Zora takes it upon herself to seek out the Peryton Clan. What she finds on Peryton peak is more than she bargained for. She meet the kid king Broxo and zombies? Where did these zombies come from and where is the Peryton Clan? So many questions so little time. It's up to Zora and Broxo to save the peak and get out safely. Can they do it?
Kristine Daniels
Take a brave sword-wielding girl, an orphaned king, an evil vixen out for revenge, a few dozen ghosts and zombies, and you've got Broxo! Zora, a runaway trying to find the legendary lost tribes, and Broxo, a young king without subjects (live ones, anyway), look for answers in a world filled with mud, creepy creatures, and did I mention zombies? Yes! The art work lends a serious darkness to the story, and the sepia-toned flashback scenes give the reader a glimpse into intense family drama and tra ...more
Ehhh.... Sounded interesting. Humor was lame. Characters needed more development. The plot felt like a rough outline that never came together, even after the backstory was fed through. This would have been a completely boring book if not for format. Good comic style. The picture transitions were not too choppy.
Rebecca Ann
Loved this one! It's around a middle-school level with some allusions to sexuality but nothing overt or explicit. It has a loads of action, lots of magic, a few beasts, and a hoard of undead. I liked how things didn't work out quite so nice for everyone, but it's still a story of hope. My favorite character was the outcast witch (of course), and I think her cautionary tale was familiar yet important. Her own clan cast her out, and the one that took her in kept her separate and unequal which lead ...more
Princess Zora has traveled far in search of the Peryton Clan. Instead, she finds Broxo, danger and imminent death. They work better together, but can they figure out what has caused the dead to rise and put them back to sleep? Kind of fun, very fast paced, and only mildly predictable.
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