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Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot
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Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot (The Killing of Historical Figures)

4.0 of 5 stars 4.00  ·  rating details  ·  29,172 ratings  ·  3,067 reviews
A riveting historical narrative of the shocking events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the follow-up to mega-bestselling author Bill O'Reilly's Killing Lincoln

More than a million readers have thrilled to Bill O'Reilly's Killing Lincoln, the page-turning work of nonfiction about the shocking assassination that changed the course of American history. No
Hardcover, 325 pages
Published October 2nd 2012 by Henry Holt and Co. (first published 2012)
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Gary Schantz
I see that many people have rated this book as high (or higher than the Lincoln book) but my viewpoint is that there is nothing new here...NOTHING.

One hundred pages in, there is a total of 2 pages on the assassin and the rest on Kennedy's lifestyle. Who cares? So what that Kennedy was the Elvis of presidents? So what the he cheated on his wife? This is new?

I enjoyed the book on Lincoln as I felt that it moved quickly with a new insight to how and why Lincoln was assassinated. Yet the Kennedy boo
Written in a juvenile fashion, this book gave me nothing new. In fact, I knew more than the book was presenting. It begins with JFK's inauguration and goes until the assassination, and that section doesn't include anything about any of the conspiracy theories. Disappointed, because Killing Lincoln was so good.
Jonathan Tomes
My experience this book is so intertwined with my experience of 11/22/63 that I can't mention one without the other. I'm cross-posting this review to King's book.

I recently was given Bill O'Reilly's Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot as a birthday gift. I probably would not have bought it although I like his television news show because, being a lawyer, I read enough nonfiction and like to escape to fiction to relax. But it was eminently readable and certainly took me back to that dark day in N
Mike (the Paladin)
I read Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II's Most Audacious General and thought it a good and thought provoking book. Could I, I would give this book maybe a half star less, but that could be subjective.

Mr. O'Reilly tells us that there's nothing new here as he opens...he's right. So let me say this, if you were born too late to actually remember the events recounted in this book it will be far more valuable than it will to those of us who remember them.

There are events in history
Robert Morrow
Killing Kennedy? It was Lyndon Johnson, Texas oil executives & their friends in U.S. military intelligence who did it.

Is it worth your $20 and, more importantly, your precious time to read this book? No, because the author feels that he can just ignore 49 years of very fine research into the JFK assassination pretend this massive amount of quality research just does not exist.

The Warren Report farce has not just been machine gun riddled, shot up like Swiss Cheese. It has been put into a blen
Nov 13, 2012 Tom rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: High school students wanting to know a bit.
Recommended to Tom by: The author
A very easy read written in a style of short vignettes that follow the various lives that converge in the killing of President Kennedy. The book includes a few interesting insights, altho not many.

It is an embellished essay about this epic tragedy.

If one wants a simple, easy to read, summary of what happened, this is a fair candidate. Were O'Reilly's name not on the cover, this would likely be lost in the dusty shelves and lists of nice books of little or no import in the world of literacy and
This book was fascinating in a weird tabloid sort of way.

I was only 4 when JFK was elected, but at a young age I was happy to know that a Catholic like me was president of the United States. I knew that it was controversial that Kennedy was a Catholic; but I doubt that word was in my vocab at the time.

This is how I have always pictured JFK:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He even had children like me:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Although people would probably hate him today because he was such a rich guy (wink wink), no one cared back then:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As I grew old
As he demonstrates on FOX News, Mr O'Reilly has trouble separating historical fact from hearsay, history from his own prejudices. I read his previous book, Killing Lincoln, a year or so ago and while it did not contain much in the way of new information as it claimed, the book was actually well written and held my interest. Killing Kennedy did neither. In the introduction, Mr O'Reilly claims he will "cut through the fog and bring you the facts". Facts, to Mr O'Reilly are whatever he chooses to b ...more
I was 10 years old when JFK was killed. This book, which I listened to as opposed to reading it (read by Bill O'Reilly) was very helpful to me. It allowed me to know the whole story as an adult, in order, written as a story but factual (as far as we have the facts today). The "facts" have been available for years, but to have it all at once and delivered well gave me a better understanding of world affairs, the Kennedys and other politicians as flawed people; an ego driven villain in Oswald and ...more
I give this book two stars because it was certainly entertaining. However, it will never get a Pulitzer Prize for history. Good historians lay the facts before their readers, and allow the readers to come to their own conclusions based on facts. That doesn't happen with this book. Bill just can't help inserting his own spin into the story. I loved how he tried to pin the Vietnam War on Kennedy rather than Eisenhower. I also was amused at his supposed inside knowledge of how people were thinking. ...more
Tom Smith
O'Reilly's "Killing Kennedy" is a major disappointment for anyone seeking new theories or information on the assassination. This book largely follows the inept findings of the Warren Commission despite O'Reilly claiming that he would "offer different scenarios for the reader to come to their own conclusions". In the end, however the reader is left with the same cliches and speculation that we have all known for years, ultimately right back to the original investigation.

I have a problem with an
Shavon Jones
The story reads like a movie. The way O'Reilly switches back and forth from the glorious Kennedy to the pathetic Oswald with objectivity makes Killing Kennedy seem like as accurate an account as we who were not born at the time can hope to have - devoid of the hero-worship spin put on Kennedy by other so-called reporters who come off as little more than fans rather than as historians. In this book, Kennedy was at once flawed and impressive - in other words, he was human. And the troubled Oswald ...more
Sandy Sopko
The ascension, administration, and assassination of President Kennedy is truly a riveting topic, but this text is poorly written and, furthermore, written to such a low reading level that the grammatical errors and simplistic style are entirely distracting -- perhaps that is based on the audience to which O'Reilly wishes to appeal. For example, "kids" should be "children" for heaven sake, unless you're writing to an elementary reading level, and the verb tense should be consistent and should NOT ...more
Lynn Crouch
As a young bride during the Kennedy years, all of the events in this book during the Kennedy presidency were all very real to me. I so remember the standoff with Russia about the Cuban missle sites, I was scared to death my little girl, husband and I would be blown to smithereens at any moment, most of my friends thought I was bezerko. I wish they were here now so I could say, "see I told you so." The behind the scenes reporting not just of the missle crisis, the racial situation in the country ...more
This is my second read of this book. This book is absolutely amazing. I've listened to and read other accounts of this event, but I was only seven (7) years old in second grade when this happened. I've never heard a better work and heard something more passionate and more accurate. I really have a lot of respect for Bill O'Reilly. He did a masterful job of writing and narrating this. I can't believe how so much information was gathered to make this book come together. It was a marriage of appear ...more
There is something about major disasters that elevates them in the minds of most people. We understand them on a grand scale as national or world tragedies, but we seldom think of the countless personal heartbreaks they entail. I was a child during the campaign of 1960, but I vaguely recall hearing adults in my small, Protestant hometown worry over what would happen if a Catholic were elected President. I do not recall ever hearing about the Bay of Pigs or the Cuban Missile Crisis on the news. I ...more
Very disappointing, exploitative book. Nothing new or enlightening on the murder of a sitting President. Robert Caro's book offers more on the assassination of President Kennedy then did O'Reilly. When all is said and done, Killing Kennedy was all about making a fast buck for O'Reilly. Skip're missing nothing at all.
Neil Mudde
Having read most of what has been written about the assasination, including the complete Warren Report, this makes for an interesting read, very much 'readers digest' format.
As with the readability of "Killing Lincoln", the previous biography written by the same authors, "Killing Kennedy" is an engrossing read and difficult to put down once started. While it's very informative historically, it almost reads like a suspense novel.

In spite of being a well-liked president, Kennedy had many enemies such as Russia, Cuba, J. Edgar Hoover, the mafia, etc. So, whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald acted completely alone is still something I wonder about. I don't doubt that his w
Brenda Honeycutt
If you are interested in the Kennedy assasination, you will enjoy this book just because of the subject matter. But having read many books on this topic over the years, I found this one very superficial. It gives very little detail, no more than you would get from reading a newspaper article written around that time. Most of the book is about Kennedy's earlier life and the first years of his Presidency. I did learn much about Kennedy's ealier life that I had not known. The book almost seems like ...more
Michael McManus
O'Reilly spends the 80% of the book talking about all of the reasons people and countries had for wanting Kennedy out of office. And yet, when he gets to the end of the story, he leaves us to believe that a man who was not a proven sharpshooter, who was positioned 6 stories above the ground many, many yards away, who had little more than a grudge against Kennedy was the only one involved with his death. What about the 100 deaths (many of which were never explained) that happened to people involv ...more
How a sequence of gunshots on a Dallas afternoon not only killed a beloved president but also sent the nation into the cataclysmic division of the Vietnam War and its culture-changing aftermath.

In January 1961, as the Cold War escalates, John F. Kennedy struggles to contain the growth of Communism while he learns the hardships, solitude, and temptations of what it means to be president of the United States. Along the way he acquires a number of formidable enemies, among them Soviet leader Nikita
Heather McWhorter
Well... Put on your tin foil hats America! You won't get any non-Warren Commission sanctioned info from this book. O'Reilly goes from giving what seems to be a great insiders view of life "in the Kennedy Camelot" - to the government fabricated story of who killed JFK & why. I was not especially fond of his portrayal of Oswald. The fact is - we don't know if LHO killed JFK. There is no substantial evidence against him. There IS however, substantial evidence that should have proven his innocen ...more
Yes, I remember where I was on Nov. 22, 1963 (sitting in my elementary school classroom)when we learned the terrible news. I was 10 and not sure what it all meant. Perhaps for those of us who still remember and wonder, the tragedy is still a mystery. Due to my age I don't remember the"Bay of Pigs" or the Cuban Missile crisis. This was written in such a way as to make me see how it affected people at the time...not just dry facts. O'Reilly and Dugard have done an excellent job of telling the whol ...more
Jane Lantz
What a waste of my time. Aside from the fact this former history teacher does not understand the concept of footnotes, thinks he can merely make a list of "sources" for each chapter and evidently, though he was a high school freshman at the time of the assassination, knows what Lee Harvey Oswald was actually thinking before and after the assassination, there is very little in this book that has not been public knowledge for the last 40 -50 years....if you are under 40 you might want to read it t ...more
Not as good as Killing Lincoln The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever by Bill O'Reilly. This one deals with John F. Kennedy's sex addiction and the disfunction of his marriage. It is a "fair and balanced" look at the JFK presidency and details both his strengths and his weaknesses. ...more
I literally could not put this down. I had just turned 13 the day before his murder and the events of that Friday afternoon and subsequent weekend of mourning are still as clear as a bell. The book provides so much more though, giving a capsule version of his military and political career. This goes on my all-time favorite bookshelf.
Karen Malena
This book was a slice of history for me! I've always loved all things "Kennedy" but this was like a trip to places I've never been and events I never saw before. What a great book, so much knowledge by Mr. O'Reilly. I recommend it to history buffs or general JFK fans!
Published in 2012 by MacMillan Audio
Duration: 8 hours, 25 minutes
Read by the author, Bill O'Reilly

I was a little reluctant to listen to this audiobook because of the author. Not Martin Dugard. This is the third book I have read or listened to that he has written or co-written and I know he can really tell a story. No, it's Mr. "No Spin Zone" that I cannot stand. Our politics are similar but I just find O'Reilly difficult to stomach.

That being said, I enjoyed this audiobook quite a lot.
Steven Howes
Sometimes, even though one may have lived through a series of events, they become blurred over time. This was the case for me regarding the events that led up to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and its aftermath. This book presented all the facts in a very readable manner which I found hard to put down.

If you are looking for descriptions of, or support for, the many conspiracy theories that have swirled around the Kennedy assassination, you won't find them here. It is pretty much
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Bill O'Reilly is an American television/radio host, author, syndicated columnist, and political commentator. He is the host of the cable news program The O'Reilly Factor. Prior to hosting The O'Reilly Factor, he served as anchor of the entertainment program, Inside Edition.

O'Reilly also hosts The Radio Factor, a radio program syndicated by Westwood One, and he has written seven books.

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