The Broken Universe
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The Broken Universe (Universe #2)

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Possessing technology that allows him to travel across alternate worlds, John Rayburn begins building a transdimensional commercial empire, led by him, his closest friends, and their doppelgängers from several different parallel universes. But not every version of every person is the same, and their agendas do not always coincide.

Despite their benign intentions, the group’...more
ebook, 384 pages
Published June 5th 2012 by Tor Books
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Dan Schwent
John Rayburn, his friends, and their doppelgangers from other universes build a transdimenional corporation. However, there old enemies the Alarians aren't finished with them and then there's the matter of John Prime visiting universes on his own, unbeknownst to the rest of the Pinball Wizards...

Sequels. You hate them, right? Yeah, me too. Rarely do they pack the same punch as the original. While Broken Universe doesn't make me forget about my general sequel hate, it does a pretty good job in sh...more
In book 1 of this series, I noted that while the writing was not stellar, the ideas and the characters were interesting and compelling. This wasn't the standard time travel/parallel universe story line. It was thoughtful and well enough rendered to forgive the writer' slack of experience.

When I went for book 2, I found that my local library did not have it. I asked, How can you carry only one book in a series? The library kindly ordered a copy, and now I understand How.

In book 2, the writer's...more
It’s always a bit of a risk to jump into the middle of a series, but it’s particularly annoying when you start a book and then discover there was one (or more) before it.

That just happened to me with “The Broken Universe” (Tor, $27.99, 384 pages), and it wouldn’t have happened if there had been any hint on the cover that this was a sequel to “The Wall of the Universe.” Even worse, “The Broken Universe” isn’t that good, so not only did I not really grasp was what going on for much of the book, it...more
Alisa Hedden
What if you could really see what would have happened with your life if you had made different decisions? Everyone has imagined this; well Paul has managed to give it to us, with a difference. Instead of an international company, he has given us an interdimensional company, run by the same group of people in each multiverse. They are mostly the same, but with differences brought about by their individual choices in each of their individual universes. There are also two other dimension hopping gr...more
Broken Universe is the sequel to alternate universe novel The Walls of the Universe. In The Walls, Farmboy John’s doppelganger (himself, from an alternate universe; John Prime), gave him a device that would allow him to move from one alternate universe to another (the universes being identical but for different decisions made, with small or large consequences), but wouldn’t allow him to move back, including to his home. The Walls ended with Farmboy John figuring out how to build a gate of his ow...more
The first book in this series had this thing going on where it really interested me when it was all about this displaced guy and his new friends building up a company and establishing themselves in strange circumstances. It was like Ghostbusters, if Ghostbusters was more like Sliders.

Broken Universe picks up maybe one scene and six months after the last one left off, and is... well, more of that. It's got a lot of these cool character moments, and a bunch of fun stuff about how to manage and mai...more
Tim Martin
This was a fun book, one that was thrilling and read really fast as it proved quite the page turner for me. The main characters were interesting and engaging, I loved the setting (or settings, as it is about parallel universes), and though I think best read as a great adventure story, it did explore some fascinating concepts related to parallel universes.

I do need to point out to anyone reading this review that it is a sequel to the earlier book _The Walls of the Universe_ and that you if you ha...more
“How can he have no doppelgangers, if there are an infinite number of universes?”

“Because, first, maybe there aren’t an infinite number of universes and, second, once you start traveling between universes—me—or interacting with someone who does—you—you can no longer be parallel with any other versions of yourself.”


“Travel between parallel universes pollutes the synchronicity of the universes. No other John Rayburn is experiencing anything of what I’ve experienced once Prime showed up with
Paul Lunger
The sequel to last year's "The Walls of the Universe" is an adventure that is essentially 2 stories in one. In the first half of the "Broken Universe", Melko resolves the issue of the Alarians & their thwarting of things within Grauptham House & the pinball company. The second half involves a threat to the various aspect of the multiverse & a police force. This time around we have more versions of John, Casey, Henry & Grace & the differences in the universes gets simplified a...more
Broken Universe is the continuing story of John and Prime along with their friends and their alternate universe selves. Yep, lots of the same characters, yet all are somewhat unique by being from slightly different universes. In the book, the group must face down the threat of their enemies of the first book and then there comes another enemy - a group the first group doesn't like either - the Vig. There are many twists and turns as the group figure out how to deal with the issues that arise wit...more
An eagerly aweaited novel that disappoints. There are so many plot bits that are jammed in and given short shrift, it makes me wonder whether this woudn't have worked much better as a series of short stories (a format with which Melko has had much more success).
While 'Broken Universe' has all the elements of the first novel in this series, 'The Walls of the Universe', this one traded in any wonderment of discovering new, parallel universes for a bogged-down tale of fighting two alien enemies. First, there is the continued problem of controlling a corporation in which the young heroes can continue to make money by introducing inventions to lacking universes. Then, there is the more dire threat of the alien race who take it upon themselves to govern all...more
Loved it! Just finished it last night and although it didn't have the ending I'd expected, it had a very satisfying conclusion and I was not disappointed.

Yes, this is a sequel, and overall I'd really recommend reading the Walls of the Universe first. It is NOT essential to reading this one. But ... it would be helpful.

Melko did a remarkable job of populating a book with multiples of the same characters (about 5 or more Johns, Caseys, etc.). One reason they do NOT becoming confusing is because t...more
d.s. Levy
Strike One: The beginning of the book retcons the ending of the first book for no reason that I can see.

Strike Two: The dialogue is insipidly awful.

Strike Three: The main character starts the novel by losing surrogate parents and getting into a gun fight with people who will probably stop at nothing to kill him so he does the next logical thing: goes on a dinner date.

Yeah, no thank you. I have other books to read.
Jason Bergman
Another great book from Paul Melko. The Broken Universe picks up right where The Walls of the Universe left off (literally!) and takes the story in crazier directions across the multiverse. Like the first book, it's surprisingly dark at times, but still a very light read. I really enjoyed this book a lot, and hope Melko has a third volume planned. Highly recommended!
With a well establish set of characters, it is easy to get back in the story. However, I find the amount of dups a little tedious. Instead of making for a richer story, it just makes it heavier. The main plot is worth the book, I just find that we could have looked at the forest instead of learning about the individual trees...
Another good read. And I hope the series isn't finished, because Mr. Melko's got some 'splaining to do.

But otherwise, it's more of the people you liked before (although I admit I had trouble telling the duplicates apart), and different things that could happen in the multiverse, and, well, enjoyable.
Enjoyable companion to the "Walls of the Universe," describing the further adventures and adversity facing Pinball Wizards, Transdimensional. Interesting discussion of how much of "you" an alternate universe doppleganger of yourself is, depending on their divergent experiences and decisions.
Jeremy Morgan
For not realizing that this book was second in the series when I started reading, I enjoyed it. As a standalone novel it doesn't take measures to indoctrinate the reader to what is going on as smooth as it could have with another 20 pages of backstory.
Robert Aldrich
What an amazing read! I got this from my local library YESTERDAY and just could not put it down.

I was a bit surprised by the ending and very pleased because I was surprised.

...Now I just need to wait and see when the next one is due out!
sequel to alternate universe novel The Walls of the Universe.

Very fun read, though it gets a little confusing near the start (inevitable when you have ten copies of the main character, 7 copies of his best friend, etc).
This book was a sequel to Walls of the Universe in which the main character John is given a device that lets him move between universes. This one wasn't as well written as the first book, but it was interesting enough.
A little more confusing for me than the first one due to all the different universes, but Melko's writing clicks with me. It's the perfect combo of sci-fi, procedural, thrilling, and satisfying.
A great sequel! It could be the end of the story or number two in a series. Either way, I'm happy with the writing, characters and ideas :)
Robert Carter
Not as good as the first book, but still pretty darn good sci-fi.
Very nice sequel to "The Walls of the Universe".
Its not over yet. Another thriller.
Herr Lemmy
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Apr 14, 2014
Carmen marked it as to-read
Apr 09, 2014
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Paul lives in Ohio with his beautiful wife and four fairly wonderful children. He is an active member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, where he sits on the board of directors as the South-Central Regional Director and is chair of the Grievance Committee.

Paul’s fiction has appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy, Spider Magazine, The Year’s Best Science Fiction, and other...more
More about Paul Melko...
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