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All Men Are Liars
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All Men Are Liars

3.31 of 5 stars 3.31  ·  rating details  ·  257 ratings  ·  72 reviews
In this gorgeously wrought and imagined novel, an investigative journalist interviews those who knew--or thought they knew--Alejandro Bevilacqua, a brilliant South American writer and author of the masterpiece, In Praise of Lying. Through the diverse voices of those close to Bevilacqua and their divergent portraits of the man at the center of this literary examination of t...more
Paperback, 224 pages
Published June 5th 2012 by Riverhead Books (first published 2008)
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I was reading someone's reviews here on goodreads last weekend, and I kept coming across how joyless they were. The reviews were for the sorts of books that I like and it wasn't that I necessarily disagreed or agreed with what the reviewer was saying, it was how miserable the person seemed to come across. Like almost every word the reviewer read was a chore, a cross that had to be bared for something greater and bigger than the reviewer. I don't know if I just thought that this reviewer had an a...more
كل البشر كاذبون

أثار العنوان خلافاً عندما ترجم للغة العربية، هل قصد مانغويل البشر أم الرجال؟ مع القراءة سنكتشف أن الرواية استخدمت أسلوب تعدد الرواة، لتروي حكاية واحدة، وأن الرواة ثلاثة رجال وامرأة، فلذا ليس الرجال وحدهم من يكذبون، الكل يروي القصة من زاويته الخاصة، ويضع فوقها كذباته الخاصة.

نتابع في هذه الرواية قصة المنفي الأرجنتيني (أليخاندرو بيفيلاكا) والذي مات عندما سقط من شرفة فندق مدريدي، كيف حدث هذا؟ هل انتحر بيفيلاكا؟ أم قتله أحدهم؟ لنعرف ولنتعرف على بيفيلاكا يروي لنا الروائي قصته من زوايا...more
Aliaa Mohamed
اول قراءاتى لألبرتو مانغويل ،، الرواية جميلة وفكرتها جديدة من وجهة نظرى ولم اتطرق لها من قبل حيث تشبه - كما وصفها الصحفى بالرواية - لعبة الأشكال الهندسية التى تكون شكل معين عند تجمعيها كل مرة ولكن يختلف الشكل من مرة لآخرى لتظهر أجزاء وتختفى اخرى وهو ما حدث بتلك الرواية .
تدور الرواية بإيجاز حول " بيفيلاكا " الذى توفى نتيجة سقوطه من الشرفة فتبدأ التحريات لمعرفة ما إذا كان ذلك حادث عابر نتيجة اختلال التوازن أم جريمة قتل مدبرة ومن هنا تظهر روايات أشخاص كانوا ع صلة ومعرفة بالقتيل ليروى كل واحد منهم م...more
ALL MEN ARE LIARS. (2010). Alberto Manguel. ****.
We used to play a party game where at least five people were lined up. The first person in line told the second person a joke. The second person in turn told the third person the joke, and so on. By the time it reached the fifth person, not only wasn’t the joke funny anymore, but it had taken on a wholly new character. This is a book like that. The author is attempting to tell the reader about the life and character of a certain Alejandro Bevilac...more
Sara G
I wouldn't be surprised to see All Men are Liars entered into the Tournament of Books next year. It's the kind of novel that usually appears in the brackets; it's artful, readable, and benign.

The book is divided into five narrative sections, each describing how Alejandro Bevilacqua, author of the acclaimed work In Praise of Lying ended up dying below Alberto Manguel's balcony. (Yes, Alberto Manguel is the real life author of this book. And no, Bevilacqua is not real.) The five narrative versions...more
I won a free copy on First Reads.

The story is about the recounting of the death of Alejandro Bevilacqua by four of his acquaintances 30 years later. The journalist, Terradillos, started off with the interview of Alberto Manguel (obviously not actually the author since this is fiction). His description of Bevilacqua made me picture a whiny man who demanded the time of others without any regard for their own personal space or needs. Manguel recounted Bevilacqua's life from his childhood, including...more
Si legge in una volta sola, se non dovete subire interruzioni come la sottoscritta.
Al contrario di quanto dice il titolo non ci sono bugiardi, ma solo punti di vista, sogni e ricordi differenti. Il romanzo è diviso in 4 sezioni, con 4 voci narranti, che ci illustrano la vita e la morte del sig. Bevilacqua. L'uomo è un italiano emigrato a Buenos Aires, come tanti. Come tanti incrocia una rivoluzione, la repressione. Come altri si diletta nella scrittura, ma senza successo: il suo unico prodotto d...more
Am0o0n Turki
آلبرتو مانغويل .... حطم قيود الرواية التقليدية وأنتج لنا أسلوب جميل ومميز وشيق أيضاً ... رواية تستحق الأهتمام منذ البداية ، لقد قرأتها من البداية من غير أهتمام بالتفاصيل الدقيقة لأن الهدف من الرواية كان غير معروف ومبهم لدي ، ولكن عند أقترابي من النصف أنتبهت لتفاصليها وإلى المعاني الموجودة فيها وأضطررت إلى أعادت القراءة من جديد ...

يتحدث فيها المؤلف إلى القارئ عن حياة وشخصية أليجاندرو بيفيلاكا إلى المراسل الذي يحاول أن يجمع الأحداث ويضعها في الصحيفة ( تيراديلوس ) في عدة فصول وعدة شخصيات مختلفة تأخ...more
This is a gem for readers who enjoy a book within a book. It's good to get a more complete picture of any story, in this case the story of an exiled writer living in Madrid, a writer who is lucky enough to get published. But with the launch of the book, his life unravels, as told in five chapters, in the words of his fellow exiles and other people in his life, who tell his story as well as their own. Many voices and perspectives blend and oscillate adding layer after layer. The construction of t...more
A journalist named Terradillos interviews people who knew a late Argentinian author Alejandro Bevilacqua. There are four different interviews and four different stories of his life. The reader has to determine which person is telling the truth. What we know for sure is that Bevilacqua was found dead shortly after his highly successful book, "In Praise of Lying" is published. The first interview is of Alberto Manguel and is the most complete and centers solely on Bevilacqua. But is also paints th...more
Worth paying attention from the beginning
I meandered my way through the first half of this book without paying much attention to the details but then I realised there was much more to it than I had thought and started it again. The reread was well worth while and I read the second half with much more enjoyment and comprehension, although, in the end, it didn't quite live up to the brilliance announced in the first half.
Like Houellebecq in his most recent book, La Carte et le Territoire, Manguel...more
Steven Felicelli
This was a find. Almost gave it 5 stars. More proof the only serious literature is coming from outside the anglophone world.
I selected this book based on the cover art alone. I had no idea what the story was about, nor did I look up any info about it prior to reading. Wow. Loved it. A shifting story with various reliable (or unreliable) narrators, forcing us to think about reality, memory, fiction, & truth. Is there ever really one truth? How can one single truth even exist? Sure, it's a theme that has been covered in many great books through time, but Manguel makes a worthy addition to the pantheon of such works...more
إذا سألني الله وفي يده اليمنى كل
الحقيقة وفي اليسرى البحث عن الحقيقة
فقط، ومبينًا بأنني سأخطئ
دائمًا، ثم يقول لي بعد ذلك: إختَرْ!
فإني بتواضع سأخذ يده اليسرى، وسأقول
له: أيها الأب، أعطني هذه! فلك وحدك
تعود الحقيقة المطلقة"
P. 207
(ألبرتو مانغويل يقتبس غوتهولدا إفرام ليسينم)

ألبرتو مانغويل، أو مانغيل باللفظ الصحيح، "هذا الأرجنتيني الآخر الذي يروم أن يكون فرنسيًا بين الأسبان"، على حد وصفه، وضع بين أيدينا هذه الرواية الممتعة، بخاصة لمن يبحث عن روايات يقضي معها وقت مسلي، تشحذ أفكاره، وخيالاته
بعيدًا عن الخوض...more
Samaa Salem
ولما كنت احب روايات راوى الشخصية والتى ترتكز على حدث واحد وعدة وجوه اعجبتنى الرواية،جاء الحدث فى رحلة لصحفى للبحث عن حقيقة بييفلاكا من خلالاربع شخصيات حول حدث قتله كيف قتل وهل انتحر؟
لا احد يعلم الكل يكذب

وبداخل روايتنا رواية اخرى تزعم اندريا او تصدق بعين يقين الحب ان لابد وانه كاتبها بينما يدعى رفيقه بالسجن انه تعدى على حقوقه بنشرها باسمه ويدعى بطلنا الغامض الظلم

ما من حقيقة استطعت ان استنجها من كم الكذب فى الشخصيات ، بل جاءت رسائل الاعتراف فى صورة هشة وغير مترابطة ابدا اعتقد بان هناك ثمة مشكلة...more
Abbass  Maanna
الرواية الصعبة

بعد أن وصلت إلى الغلاف الخلفي للكتاب , أي بعد نهايته , استلقيت على
السرير و بدأت أقول :

حسنا , من البديهي أن العنوان المقصود هو " كل البشر كاذبون " و ليس " كل الرجال كاذبون " , فمن ضمن "الكاذبين " امرأة .

من هم الكاذبين ؟

الرواية عبارة عن اعادة قضية الأرجنتيني بيفيلاكا , شخصية وهمية , تعرضت للقتل , مروية على لسان أشخاص كانوا , وقت ما عاش بيفيلاكا , يعاصرونه .

من الصديق, إلى الحبيبة , الصحفي , كل له روايته التي يرسل بها للصحفي تيلاردوس .

هذا من المضمون ,

أما من ناحية الأسلوب , فإنك...more
Hajar Ahmed

رغم كل هذا الكذب المحيط بشخوصها، تبدو لوهلة: صادقة!

بعض الاقتباسات الطويلة نوعًا مّا:

( ١ )
إن مدوّني أمريكا الجنوبية، منذ البداية و تحت غطاء وصف الفضاءات الكبرى و رواية الملاحم العظمى، لم يقترحوا غير بعض المفاتيح و تركوا بعض الآثار. لقد بنوا دراما هائلة، و هذا حقيقي، و رواية ضخمة بعد أخرى، و لكن في نهاية المطاف فإن الحجة الرئيسة تختصر ببعض الكلمات المختبئة تحت ركام من الفقرات الطائشة التي نقرأها بجهد، شاردين بصفحات كثيرة. و تكون هذه مختبئة في بعض الأحيان في حوار، و في علامة، كما تكون مختبئة في...more
Sief alnbwa
في البداية كانت مفارقه
عنوان الكتاب و الاهداء
(الي كريغ الذي لم يكذب قط)
بدأت القرائه وكان الغموض السمة الابرز
في الرواية بعد التعمق قليلا شعرت بأنها
-اقصد الرواية-
لعبة puzzle
ولم تكتمل الا في النهاية
الاسلوب اكثر من رائع والحبكة
.التي تنكشف رويدا ايضا رائعه
الكذب قد يكون احيانا حقيقة في اعتقاد

اقتبس منها

ترسم ابره كاشف الكذب فوق بكرة الورق خطا متعرجا
يبدو انه لا يتبع اي هدف : ان الخط المرسوم لا يصبح
مستقيما وبينا الا في لحظة الحقيقة المطلقة. وهذه السمة
الدائمة والمستقيمة هي ايضا تلك التي يرسمها راسم
Luciana Darce
Manguel, como ensaísta já era um dos meus amores literários, apenas um pouco abaixo de Umberto Eco. Suas opiniões, sua óbvia paixão pelos livros, seus insights inteligentes – tudo isso me encanta desde a primeira página de Uma História da Leitura, que foi a primeira de suas obras que tive o prazer de ler.

Inclusive, no ano passado, ele esteve na FLIPORTO, aqui no Recife e é claro que dei uma de tiete e fui lá pegar autógrafo do homem. Muito simpático, o Manguel. Tivemos cinco minutos de prosa, em...more
Jamil Almatrafi
كانت شهرة الكاتب هي الدافع الرئيسي لي في اختيار هذه الرواية ، الرواية غامضة السرد مبهمة الاهداف لا تبوح بالاسرار الا على نحو خجول في نهايتها . أعتقد ان المعضلة الحقيقية هي أنه لا توجد شخصيات ثابته و الشخوص التي تروي عن الشخصية المحورية باهته و تحكى كثيرا عن نفسها اكثر مما تروي السيرة الذاتية لبطل القصة بيفيلاكا
عنوان الرواية ايضا لم يكن يشي بشئ ذا خصوصية مطلقة بل كان التعريف به متواضعا لا يشبع القارئ في نهاية الصفحات
سأحاول أن اقرأ شئ اخر للكاتب حتى لا أظلم الترجمة فلقد احسست بأن الترجمة كانت حر...more
I can go on effusive about this book, so much of the language, the scene, the wrapping and intertwining of a single life through many is what puts this in the ranks of my favorites. And still, I have to give it 3 of 5 stars (I reserve the right to come back and change that as the days go by and my fondness may continue to evolve) for only one reason: the pretty hard left turn in section 4: The Study of Fear, was a conceit that didn't integrate into the whole. The idea of an entirety of a life, f...more
Manguel has written a short “Rashomon” novel in which there are four distinct narrators and point-of-views about the circumstances surrounding the death of Alejandro Bevilacqua, a fairly well-known Argentine writer who moved to Spain. He either fell, was pushed from, or jumped off a balcony to his death, and the background which prompted this accident, murder, or suicide, is what makes up this hybrid novel - part mystery, part biography, part history.

Manguel goes further, though, in blurring the...more
Telling the story of a person’s life seems like a relatively easy feat—even if the person himself isn’t alive to help, such as the case in Alberto Manguel’s novel All Men are Liars. A journalist would just need to track down the people who knew the person best, interview them, and then write. Yet, as Manguel proves here, the reality of the situation is much more complicated than it would seem.

As Manguel’s novel opens, a journalist, Terradillos, is seeking out the life story of a man named Aleja...more
Michael Jenkins
I am trying to find a way to describe this book without sounding overly critical. There are a few things that irritates me about novels, but I can look past minor things. For instance if characters are not developed but the story is consistent, then it may get a decent rating. Also if the roles were reversed, my review will not be as harsh either. However there is one crucial element that I will not tolerate, and that is a terrible writing style. Unfortunately this book was so atrociously bad, n...more
Steven Buechler
Instead of being a linear novel, the plot starts and stops in different places and the reader is often asked what is truth in general. A great read!

Page 2-3:
What draws you to this man, Terradillos? Is it the manner of his death? Is it that image - which still haunts my dreams even though I didn't see it with my own eyes - of Bevilacqua lying on the pavement, skull crushed, blood rushing down the street to the drain, as though wanting to flee from his lifeless body, as though refusing to be a par...more
**Book provided for free from Goodreads First Reads**

This novel is reminiscent of the film Vantage Point, in which you see the story from one point of view and think you know what's happening, but by the time you've seen the other points of view you realize that what you thought at first is not the real story at all. The basic plot in that regard is very interesting, as not only do you have to see it from all viewpoints, but you also have to sift through each character and decide what of their s...more
Alberto Manguel's novel All Men Are Liars is written in the form of a series of interviews conducted by a journalist named Jean-Luc Terradillos, who is writing a biography of Alejandro Bevilacqua, author of the novel In Praise of Lying, widely hailed as a masterpiece. The individuals being interviewed were intimate with Bevilacqua, who by the time of Terradillos' inquiry has been dead some thirty years. Questions persist regarding Bevilacqua's mysterious death as well as his authorship of the fa...more

Ce roman est un texte polyphonique autour de l’écrivain Alejandro Belavicqua, auteur de romans photos et, peut-être, d’un chef d’oeuvre unique Eloge du mensonge. Belavicqua, retrouvé mort en bas de son balcon dans les années 1970 peu après le lancement de son roman, était-il un génie ou un imposteur?

Vu à travers les yeux d’Adrea, son dernier amour qui a découvert et fait publier Eloge du mensonge, à travers les récits d’un écrivain argentin très agaçant qui se prétend omniscient sur le sujet d’...more
Jeff Scott
I'm usually a fan of unorthodox storytelling If it done well and not some parlor trick. Manguel's All Men Are Liars uses all the writing slight-of-hand he can muster, but it cannot hide the weak core of his story. It is a mask that hides nothing, a mystery easily solved, and a story that uses more tricks than content.

The story is being told to you, the reader, as a participant in a mystery. Who is this dead author? Is a struggling brilliant artist or a phony? Did he do it himself or was he kill...more
Ahmed Almawali
ظَلَمْتُ هذه الروايةَ بأن شظيتها وكان حريٌّ بي ولها أنْ تُقرأ حزْمة واحِدَة، هنا وجهٌ آخر من مانغويل وإن كانَ لم يبتعد كثيرًا عن القِراءةِ والكِتَاب. أليجاندروا تلك الشخصيةُ الغامضةُ التي أثرتْ فيها حياةُ السجنِ، وإحاطةُ الجدة الحازمةِ وعاشقةٌ لا تُظهِرُ عشقَها... وما لبثَت ولادته (المزعومةِ) كأدِيبٍ إلا أنْ تَحولتْ لِنِهايةٍ أليمةٍ. هنا نجِدُ روايةً وسيرةً وأدبَ سجونٍ وتبادل رسائل، هنا نَجدُ حقيقةً من وجهةِ نظرٍ واحدة، وتظلُّ الحقيقةُ الكاملةُ مُستعصيةٌ.
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Alberto Manguel (born 1948 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine-born writer, translator, and editor. He is the author of numerous non-fiction books such as The Dictionary of Imaginary Places (co-written with Gianni Guadalupi in 1980) and A History of Reading (1996) The Library at Night (2007) and Homer's Iliad and Odyssey: A Biography (2008), and novels such as News From a Foreign Country Came (1991)....more
More about Alberto Manguel...
A History of Reading The Library at Night The Dictionary of Imaginary Places: The Newly Updated and Expanded Classic Black Water: The Book of Fantastic Literature A Reading Diary: A Passionate Reader's Reflections on a Year of Books

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“The thing is, I don’t know if these stories he was telling were mine, or his, or someone else’s. You spend your life among words, listening, making sense out of what you say and out of what you imagine other people are saying to you, believing that something in particular happened like this or that, as a result of this or that, with these or those consequences. But it is never so simple, is it? I suppose that if we read about ourselves in a book, we wouldn't recognize ourselves, we wouldn't realize that those people doing certain things and behaving in a particular manner are us. I always believed that I knew Alejandro, that I knew him intimately, I mean, the way you might know a doll you've once taken to pieces. But it wasn't true.” 3 likes
“Ljubav je imbecilna izvesnost pomoću koje naša fantazija stvara verodostojnu utvaru.” 0 likes
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