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Written in 1928 by French biographer and novelist Andre Maurois, Climates became a best seller in France and all over Europe. The first 100,000 copies printed of its Russian translation sold out the day they appeared in Moscow bookstores. This magnificently written novel about a double conjugal failure is imbued with subtle yet profound psychological insights of a caliber...more
Paperback, 400 pages
Published December 4th 2012 by Other Press (first published 1928)
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Чудесна книга. Андре Мороа познава изключително добре човешката природа, характер, навици и най-вече е много наясно с общуването между хората. Личи си, че е бил добър наблюдател. Много силна книга, от която можеш да научиш за любовта, ревността, предаността, приятелството. В героите му откривам постъпки на познати и приятели, мои. С удоволствие я прочетох в този чуден снежен почивен ден. Вече официално - аз си падам сериозно по френска литература.
'La nuit, l'amour, Paris...'
Мога да говоря много за тази книга, но каквото и да кажа, не може да се сравни с това тя да се прочете...
Love... What else?
Was there ever a marriage that wasn’t unequal in love? Perhaps you can tell me, for this book would make it seem that there has never been such a thing. But if you have ever loved someone who didn’t love you back in quite the same way, you may discover here a voice that speaks to the pain of that.

At first we hear the voice of the young man Philippe, who becomes enamored of Odile, a very young, very pretty girl in a white dress. Odile may believe she loves him back, and marries Philippe, but unt...more
Miriam Bridenne
Othello, Phedre, Tolstoy’s Kreuzer’s Sonata, Dostoievsky’s Eternal Husband, Proust’Swann’s Way or Svevo’ Senilita prove, if needed be, that jealousy has inspired many literary masterpieces. Climates undoubtedly belongs to this prestigious lineage. Its author, André Maurois, a French writer, better remembered today for his biographies than his novels, first published Climates in 1928 to international acclaim and we must thank Other Press for wresting this little jewel out of oblivion and offering...more
Michael Estey
I use to hate, hate, hate Romance Novels.
But I loved this one.

A book review.


written by Maurois, André
(A French author, 1885 -1967)

It is now, one of my all time favourites.
One of the nicest, easiest to read novels with the characters perfectly conceived and demonstrated and that's no guff!
Romance or not! I may even change my mind. Maybe deep down inside, I really do like Romance Novels.
This novel deals more with character than action.

Two main characters
The first half of the story is told...more
I would have loved to have rated this higher. Maurois writes beautifully. The words flow off the page and it's such a pleasure to read. Reminds me a bit of Maugham, whom I also love.


This was written in the 1920s (or so) and perhaps it shows the thinking of the time. But the constant references to how women were so inferior to men kind of got to me after a while. And none of the women in this book really did anything to contradict that. Most of them were superficial and flighty. Even Isabelle...more
Jocelyne Lebon
This is the third time I read this timeless classic and I read it with the same pleasure as the first time. It so sweetly melancholy and a great psychological portrait.
Daca iubirea e oi boala grea, gelozia este o boala ucigatoare
Miriam Bridenne
Othello, Phedre, Tolstoy’s Kreuzer’s Sonata, Dostoievsky’s Eternal Husband, Proust’Swann’s Way or Svevo’ Senilita prove, if needed be, that jealousy has inspired many literary masterpieces.
Climates undoubtedly belongs to this prestigious lineage. Its author, André Maurois, a French writer, better remembered today for his biographies than his novels, first published Climates in 1928 to international acclaim and we must thank Other Press for wresting this little jewel out of oblivion and offering...more
Dian Natalia
Ini karya psikologis yang mendalam mengenai kehidupan cinta dengan latar belakang kehidupan masyarakat Prancis. Tokoh-tokohnya dikembangkan secara mendalam dan membuat pembacanya turut merenung mengenai sifat-sifat cinta dan kecemburuan. Apakah cinta yang besar dapat menjamin kebahagiaan dan perkawinan yang langgeng? Apakah di dunia ini ada cinta yang abadi yang tak pernah berubah selamanya? Apakah kecemburuan harus memadamkan api cinta? Hal-hal inilah yang disorot dalam Climates. Dan kesimpulan...more
When I was in high school one of my friend who is I love told me this book and he said 'this is the best book which is about love I ever read.' and after 5 years finally I read it.
First I think It is not a book about love. It is about peoples character when they are in love.
I have enjoyed reading this book but it was too depressed I think. When I'm reading this book It makes me feel so negative, you know.
but at least ı love this book. It is one of my favourite books which are effect me. It ef...more
Ralitsa Hess
А не е ли също така за кръговрата на любовта? Как един ден виждаме себе си в другите, как търсим себе си в другите, за да дадем и получим любов? Идва, отива си, повтаря се, различно всеки път и въпреки всичко познато, дори вече изживяно.

Askin caresizligi, masumiyeti ve deliligi.. Cok iyi geldi bu kitap bana, bir gunde , bir solukta merakla okuum,,
Bogdan David
If feelings are unrealiable, nothing lies in concreteness
Becky Powell
Climates is a love story, sort of. The title refers to the atmosphere of a relationship. The first half of he book is from Philippe's point of view. He loves a girl too much, she doesn't love him enough and he gets jealous. In the second half, Philippe's second wife tells of loving Philippe too much and him not loving her enough and how she gets jealous. I don't mean to make it sound simple. It's just symmetrical. As a study of how we sabotage our relationships with preconceived notions of what...more
Ferda Nihat Köksoy
Kitaptan Alıntı ve Sentezler:
-Sonsuz olanı buradan başka yerde ararız her zaman; her zaman, varlığın bakışını şimdiki durumdan ve şimdiki görünüşten başka şeye yöneltiriz; yada, sanki her an ölmek ve yeniden yaşamak değilmiş gibi, ölümü bekleriz. Her an yeni yeni bir yaşam sunulur bize. Bugün, şimdi,hemen, tutabileceğimiz tek şey budur. (ALAIN'den)

-Kadınlar bedenlerini nasıl verirlerse, erkekler de ruhlarını öyle verirler: Bölge bölge, en açıktan...more
The first half of Climates, which was originally published in French in 1928, made me think a whole lot about Proust, particularly about The Captive: the story of Philippe, who is consumed by jealousy over the possibility (and, eventually, the actuality) of his wife's infidelity, has a lot of the same claustrophobia as that book. Philippe, like Proust's narrator, meets his love while on holiday: in his case, in Florence, where he's recovering from bronchitis. He is taken by her sweetness; every...more
Richard Stuart
This book impressed me with its psychological insights on the nature of romantic love, on the discrepancy between our 'desires' and our vowed responsibilities. The karma in the book is delightful and insightful for Philippe, who becomes aware of it through his second marriage but is still helpless to overcome it.

Jealousy strikes me as a powerfully immature love, a love that is raw emotion without refinement or control. It also bespeaks to a flawed heart, one that does not believe itself worthy...more
Irena Milanova
Климати, или как да бъдем мазохисти в любовта
(ръководство за начинаещи в две части)

Такова подзаглавие ми дойде на ума, когато затворх книгата. И не защото е написана зле, съвсем не. Поетичната описателност, богатата сетивност, дълбокият психологизъм и красивата структура на повествованието са безспорни при Мороа, НО... рядко съм срещала по-изнервящи литературни персонажи от Филип Марсена и втората му жена Изабел. >.<
Главният герой е едно егоистично мрънкало (в това отношение може би само...more
Bunu tumblr'a yazmıltım daha evvel bir de buraya yazayım: "Andre Maurois’in İklimler'ini okuduğumda kitabı yere fırlatıp üstünde zıplamak istemiştim. çünkü her gün bir şekilde şahit olup da görmezden geldiğimiz 'ilişki matematiğini' eğip bükmeden ve çok insani bir yönüyle önümüze koyuyordu. reddettiğimiz gerçeklerle bir kitap sayfasında karşılaşmak çok savunmasız çok çaresiz çok doğrudan… çok yıkıcıydı.
sayfaları harflerine kadar parçalasam hayır olmaz diye bağırsam yine geçmeyecekti hıncım. gönü...more
Intan Kirana
Baca versi Bahasa Indonesianya yang diterjemahkan oleh Ibu Apsanti dan Ibu Ida (Cuaca Selalu Berubah) . Kisah cinta pada masa bourgeouise yang terjalin dengan sangat manis. Saya tidak terlalu suka dengan Prancis, tetapi ketika Marcenat menceritakan tentang beberapa tempat dalam kenangannya, seperti Gandumas dan St Yriéix, dalam benak saya langsung terkembang pemandangan indah pedesaan di Prancis yang dihiasi oleh danau-danau yang tenang. Sejujurnya juga, saya tidak terlalu suka dengan akhir ceri...more
The stark truth of human nature paired with the romantic notion of love makes this story a whirlwind of happiness and tragedy. Philippe loves Odile, but because he places his expectations and standards too high, he loses her in the way he feared most. The opposite happens with Isabelle. He becomes the elusive one and she is the spouse that obediently follows her heart.

The reader is privy to the inner workings of each character’s mind, allowing them an intimate relationship with Philippe, Isabell...more
Maria Stancheva
Прекрасна, нежна и жестока едновременно.
Deneyimin yanlış tehlikeli olduğunu ortaya koyduğu kimi düşünceleri her on yılda bir aklından silmeliydi insan
Slilinecek düşünceler;
a)Kadınlar bir söz ya da yeminle bağlanabilirler. Yanlış. "Kadınların bir ahlakı yoktur, yaşamq biçimleri sevdikleri kişilere bağlıdır."
b)Aşkı duyguların, aklın ve gönlün katışıksız sevinçlerinin sürekliliğine dönüştüren, kusursuz bir kadın vardır. Yanlış. Yanyana iki insan, dalgaların oynattığı iki kayık gibidir; gövdeleri çarptıkça inler. .. Phillippe
Carolina Arriaga
This is a great book. It portrays love, jealousy, infidelity and life as a couple in a very poetical way. I found the idea of dividing the book in two and of using different narrators, revealing. Every relationship in life is not an island, its enchained with previous ones and their effect in the modeling of our personality. How much we loved and suffered before will influence our present love life.
Maurois is never disappointing!
The fact that this book sold out all 100,000 copies in Moscow, the day that it was first published in Russian, intrigued me no end, but there was so much misogyny in it that I soured on it quickly. I did persevere to the end, though, hoping for some redemption for the main character but, nope!, ain't going to happen! This is about miserable people in miserable relationships--probably well written if that topic is for you.
Maurois is the quintessential French writer, whose prose is as beautiful as can be, in the best classical tradition. This book, which I don't think has been translated in English, narrates the two love affairs of a man whose psychological torments are wonderfully rendered. Maurois was simply a great writer.
Ruth Charchian
This is a timeless novel about doomed romance. Unfortunately, it is hard to feel much for any of the characters personally. However, they are mere vehicles for telling the story that most of us can recognize as true today as it was when written in 1928.
Emre Ergin
Dediğim gibi, aşktan başka hiçbir şey anlatmıyor. Ve sonu beklemediğim ölçüde amatörceydi, oldu bittiye getirilmiş. Ama yine de, belki de baş karakteri korkutucu bir şekilde kendime benzettiğimden, kitap beni evrensele dair bir güç taşıdığına inandırdı.
"I . . . loved reading . . . about Lancelot of the Lake and Don Quixote. I could not believe that Dulcinea was ugly, and I tore the engraving of her from my book so that I could imagine her as I chose to." — André Maurois, Climates
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André Maurois, born Emile Salomon Wilhelm Herzog, was a French author. André Maurois was a pseudonym that became his legal name in 1947.

André Maurois is very famous writer in Russia (he is known there as Andre Morua). Many of his books are translated to Russian.

During World War I he joined the French army and served as an interpreter and later a liaison officer to the British army. His first novel...more
More about André Maurois...
Письма незнакомке Fattypuffs And Thinifers Lelia: The Life of George Sand Byron وجوه الحب السبعة

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“Happiness is never there to stay [...] Happiness is merely a respite offered by inquietude.” 17 likes
“Погрешно е да се мисли, че любовта е сляпа: тя само е безразлична към недостатъците и слабостите, макар и да ги вижда, защото вярва, че е намерила в едно същество най-важното за себе си, което често пъти е неизразимо.
... ако обичаме истински, не бива да придаваме прекалено голямо значение на постъпките на любимите ни същества. Имаме нужда от тях. Само те ни дават възможност да живеем в известна "атмосфера"("климат"), без която не можем.”
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