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Hippopotamus had a spotamus . . . on her bottomus!

"It's Measles!" said Weasel.

"It's Hippopox!" said Fox.

"It's Jungle Fever!" said Beaver.

But in the end the spotamus turned out to be something hilariously unexpected!
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published September 6th 2012 by Andersen (first published January 1st 2012)
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This is a book that raised so many more questions than it answered.

Why did Hippo ask all of her friends for medical advice before going to the doctor?

How could Doctor Crocodile have been unable to diagnose the problem, given that he not only “stroked it” and “poked it” but also “tried it again”?

What kind of personality does Hippo have, that she’s alarmed about the spot but totally unbothered by having every animal in the jungle closely examine her rear end? (“‘It’s an ingrown hair!’ said Brown...more
Bookstork Buzz
A rhyming book and a whole lotta silly fun! Hippopotamus has a spotamus on her bottomus. but whatever could it be?

“It’s measels,” says the Weasel. “You sat in a breezle and caught a diseasel.

“It’s Hippopox!” says the Fox. But Beaver says it’s Jungle Fever, Lion says it’s Hippolumps, Shrew believes it’s Potomumps and if Rhino says it’s Hippoflu, really, no one has a clue. Oh, dear, what will spotty hippo do?

She’ll scrub her skin with icky soot, from “..noseymus to footimus, but the spotamus stay...more
Hippopotamus discovers a red spot on her bottom(us) and tries to do something about it. Her friends and acquaintances all have ideas about what may have caused it and how Hippopotamus can cure it. To no avail - none of their treatments work. Hippopotamus remains be-spotted until a boy makes a positive identification. Not a spot after all, it's a...well, that would be telling.

This story is silly, but fun to read. Hippo would do well to see a professional for any future ailments (fraudulent medica...more
Laugh-out-loud funny! A personal favorite for sure. :)
This is one that my kids loved that I just didn't. Yet enough forced rereads are starting to wear me down. The premise is that the hippopotamus has a spot(amus) on her...yes, the rhyming is important...and all her friends try to help her figure out what it is and get rid of it. My initial reaction (the spoiler is that it's a piece of chewing gum, whose owner rescues and continues chewing it) was "ewwww." But constant repetition has finally gotten me somewhat more into the spirit of fun silliness...more
Laura Z
I'm sure most will Loooove this book, but NOTamus LauraAnnOttamos. And, yes, the rhymes in the book are just as rediculousimos!
I thought this book was very cute. Hippopotamus has a spotamus. The rhymes are funny and the illustrations are great. Kids get a kick out of nonsensical words. Why do you think there are so many Dr. Seuss books? Kids will have fun with this book and they do understand, with explaining, when it's ok to show your behind to others (to doctors and nurses, and moms and dads), and not to eat bubble gum off an animals backside or frontside. Make-believe is a very easy concept to kids. Some kids may say...more
I was in the public library looking for some books recommended in a prof dev class....I crouched down to look at a low shelf and heard in a teeny kid voice, "hello, I know you! you're from my school! ". I peeked through the shelf and sure enough, there were two students from the elementary school.

I said hello to them and then was bombarded with questions as per usual from 1st graders.

I told them I was glad to see them in the public library. they asked if I was checking out books for the school...more
Layla & Rachel
We're just going to put the spoiler of Jeanne Willis' Hippospotamus right out there. (view spoiler)

We did not like this book. We suppose that Layla and Rachel are just not the type of people that enjoy reading about (view spoil...more
A great tale for ages 4+. Hippo has a spotamus on her bottomus and all the animals try to help diagnose and offer remedies for the potential ailments, until a boy comes and reveals the true nature of hippo's spot!

Amazing use of rhyming and silly language to keep kids and adults laughing. Good for children who have an attention span that can follow the silly language. Didn't work for my 3-year-olds in my storytime, but I think older kids (4-7) would enjoy.
Philippa Rae
Hippospotamus is another hilarious picture book from duo Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross. The entertaining text is perfectly complemented by clear comical illustrations.

There’s real enjoyment to be had with the play on words – “hotmus”, “grotamus” and “spotamus” to give but a few examples. The silly nonsense element of both the tale and its structured rhyming wordplay are the perfect ingredients to engage young children. Also an excellent way of delivering different sounds. The story is told efficie...more
Hippospotamus is an absolutely hilarious book that is now safely nestled on our favourites shelf! We are huge fans of rhyming books but we think this book tops any we have ever read!

My daughter's attention was riveted to every page and really there is nothing better than a child laughing out loud at a book from start to finish - also when a child says " please read it again!"

The Illustrations are full of fun, life and are just a wonderful complement to this humourous story!

The storyline follows...more
Carrie Gelson
Super silly. I had a child read this aloud to me and she almost fell out of her chair laughing. Sometimes silly is over the top - this is over the top but it worked!
Kayla Anderson
Loved this book. We checked it out from the library and now I want to buy it. This book is so much fun to read to the kids!
Charming and witty. The rhyming was "spot on!"
Nancy Jo Lambert
This one was recommended to me by a colleague and I am so glad! This will be a super fun read aloud and fun for predictions as well!
Leandra Cate
This is one of those books that I personally didn't like but my 20 month old adored. So I split the difference between us and gave it 3 stars... not sure if that's the right way to do it. It rhymes (mostly -- with a few weird inconsistencies). My child loved the fact that it is about a hippo's 'bottamus' and would bring the book to me (over and over again) saying, "Hippo booty! Hippo booty!" I thought the ending was a little lame and the rhymes could use a little more effort. But I liked that it...more
Zany play on words - would make a fun read-aloud. Favorite part is that it isn't over done. It seems like sometimes when authors hit on a clever idea they do it do death (at least 4 pages too much). Yes, writer, you should be proud that you found yet another way to keep your idea going - but I'm reading to four-year-olds here. Edit it down dude. Least favorite part was the ending - I kinda gagged a little. :|
THE GOOD: Clever to the extreme. Fun, Seussical-ish rhyming.
THE BAD: I agree with so many previous reviewers; the storyline is problematic. The target audience should be taught personal safety, not having every possible character investigating one's bottomus, and stroking and poking it. The end took me by surprise. This will be funny to some, and be in extreme poor taste to others.
It's no easy feat to make up words that rhyme with "hippopotamus" and have them work out, but Willis does just that! Poor Hippopotamus has a spot on her bottomous, and the other animals all offer their opinions on what it is and what she should do to banish the spot. Hilarious suggestions lead to an even more hilarious resolution that will leave readers young and old exclaiming out loud.
Ariel Cummins
A silly story about a hippopotamus who gets a spotamus on her bottomus. Lots of crazy word play, rhyming, and made up words in this one makes it a natural readaloud.

Bright art with lots of irreverent details match the zany text.

Preschoolers might like the wordplay and lyrical nature of this book, or it might flop. It would definitely depend on the group!
While not exactly Caldecott material, asks more questions than it answers, a little inappropriate in some spots, this book was still hilarious and we all had a good time reading it and laughing wildly over it. That, my friend, is what matters most and why I'm giving it a perfect score. Bravo, Jeanne Willis!
This is also another humorous book that will remind you of any Dr. Seuss classic. It has a fun and rhyming cadence and is full of made-up words that children will enjoy repeating. They may even begin to make up there own words! I recommend this for one-on-one or group read-alouds.
JoEllen Mccarthy
Funny, rhyming word play.
HippoSPOTamus, had a spot on her bottomus... hippo asks for help figuring out what her spot was from. She gets advice from alotamus (get it)...
Silly ending - no spoilers here. Cute for a read aloud K-2.
Tamie Bird
A definite tongue twister but one that is guaranteed to have you laughing through the whole book…especially when you find out what the spotamus is! Children ages 4 and up are more likely the age group to get the humor in this fun book.
Teresa Scherping
This is a hilarious book if you get the right crowd. The rhymes are tricky and the story is pretty wacky (and slightly gross!). But the energy and zaniness could definitely entertain certain young audiences.
This comical book is about a hippo with a funny looking spot. Various animals through rhyming suggest what they think it might be until a little boy comes by that knows what it is.
This book tries way to hard to rhyme. Instead all the made up words just make it hard to read. If it were not for all the "otmus" words this would be a cute and fun story.
Going to start rating Olivia's favorite books so I can keep track of good children's book authors - ONLY her favorites! She loved this one - funny story told in rhyme.
Hmmm. Lively illustrations; the gross-out humor will appeal to some families; but the made-up rhymes felt a little forced to me by the end of the book.
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Jeanne Willis was born in St Albans and trained as an advertising copywriter at Watford College. She worked for various agencies creating press adverts and TV, cinema and radio commercials. She is now a full-time writer and has published over 80 books. Her hobbies include gardening, reading (non-fiction), natural history and collecting caterpillars. Jeanne has also worked on scripts for TV, includ...more
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