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Green Lantern Corps, Vol. 1: Fearsome
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Green Lantern Corps, Vol. 1: Fearsome (Green Lantern Corps Vol. III #1)

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  1,113 ratings  ·  72 reviews
A #1 New York Times Bestseller!

As part of the DC New 52 event, the Green Lantern Corps return, led by fan favorite Lanterns Guy Gardner and John Stewart.When a new menace, The Keepers, begins to march across the space sectors and devouring not only their natural resources but their entire populations, it is up to The Corps, severely outnumbered, to stop them. The Corps soo
Hardcover, 160 pages
Published September 25th 2012 by DC Comics (first published September 2011)
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Not a bad addition to the GL books, but it almost feels like there are too many GL off-shoots out there right now. It's getting hard to keep up with all of the stories floating around in the Lantern-verse.

This one deals with John and Guy on a mission to stop some bad guys called The Keepers. Unfortunately, they are mostly just cleaning up the mess made by the Guardians. It's a good story and the writing and art are solid, but I'm not convinced that I care enough anymore. It may be time to stream
On the one hand, this is a heck of an introduction to the Green Lanterns. There's so many characters and concepts packed in, and I had to play a fair amount of catchup. I was never sure what was a New 52 innovation and what was established canon, how I should be judging the storyline. So I couldn't tell you if someone was suddenly overpowered or turned into an enormous asshole.

I did enjoy it, though. It's a bit thin on character because there are so many Green Lanterns in the story, but it gives
RIP people who died. Very good story. Wonder what is going to happen next. Can't wait to read the next one!!!
Great book! Easily one of the very best of the New 52, maybe even the best. Tomasi's been handing in terrific stories now for years and he should be considered DC's best and brightest. He's right up there with Johns and Morrison and often he's better than either. Though I must admit that the gimmick of the Guardians' screw up biting the Corps on the butt is getting a bit tired. It's time to see them as wise and flawless for a few years or their screws up won't mean anything. Still what we have h ...more
Alex Sarll
Well, that's the last of the bastards. I can't even remember to whom I said that I'd read whichever of the New 52 volume ones turned up in the library. Whoever it was, I'm sure they wouldn't have held me to it, and yet I did it all the same. Even as it became ever clearer that - as so often - first impressions were entirely accurate: there was half a good idea (make accessible, clearly-signposted starting points for new readers) mired in oceans of shit (editorial micromanagement; a needless univ ...more
If you are looking for action then this volume has it in spades, and green ink, wow, the Green Lantern comic line must have their own green ink reservoir somewhere! This was my introduction to Green Lantern comics, and there is a lot going on but for the most part it is fairly easy to follow. The only rough spot for me was toward the middle when the background on the Keepers was revealed. The reveal made everyone's motives suspect, and they never really followed up on that, which I thought would ...more
Thom Foolery
When I read about the Green Lantern Corps, I hope for mind-stretching alien characters à la Alan Moore.

Like Mogo...

or Rot Lop Fan, blind member of what he calls the "F-Sharp Bell" Corps...

Alas the current volume, a "reboot" of the franchise, is a lot less about intriguing aliens and a lot more about the military nature of the Corps. The reader, like the contemporary US citizen, is treated to lots of morally ambiguous stuff that is glossed over with sentimentality. And when the story went all Di
Caz Edmunds
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Robert Wright
GL Corps continues as a solid book despite the New 52 "reboot." Though from the story, characters, and action on display here you'd hardly know there had been a reboot.

Good story that throws in some intriguing concepts, including where each Lantern's power battery goes when not being used to take the oath/recharge their ring.

Tomasi throws in some good character bits too. Like Guy & John not really having secret identities and how that impacts their daily life. Though honestly, as funny as th
David Williams
Despite my limited knowledge of the Green Lantern universe, I thoroughly enjoyed this collection. This story arc begins kind of ho-hum: exciting, yes, but rather thin. The story quickly fleshed out, both in terms of story and emotionality. The art is very well executed; however, I don't envy the colorist for this title, as those pencils must be ridiculously dense. While the corps members do tend to gravitate toward hackneyed battle cries and bouts of forced braggadocio, they are all awesome. Whi ...more
I guess the New 52 wasn't really a reboot. When you reboot something, you at least explain the basics of it over again for new readers. And that's definitely not happening here. Barely any explanation of what the Green Lantern Corps is, or who the characters are; instead it delves into minutia built off a new feature of the corps. The story itself is okay; not wonderful and the new twist is basically an excuse for new enemies who are in the end pretty uninspiring. It does explore a little of the ...more
Returning in the New 52 reboot, the Green Lantern Corps is more action than drama unlike its fellow New Guardians series
Focusing on Guy Gardner and John Stewart as well as other minor lanterns as the Green Lanterns face a group of enemies called the Keepers
Containing issues 1 - 7, you get a complete story making it good for anyone interested in the Lanterns or first timers jumping on as no advanced knowledge of the lantern universe or history is really required unlike the core series for examp
THIS! This is exactly why Pete Tomasi needs to be doing nothing but writing GLC. He's been a revelation since he started in 09, and it's no different in the New 52 era. There's none of the specialness of Kyle Rayner, and the emo iconicness of the current Hal Jordan run. It's Guy Gardner and John Stewart, and the other 7200 lanterns. It's Band of Brothers. It's a cop show. It has the excitement of a galactic comic, the grittiness of a good police procedural, and the poignancy of a war movie. It's ...more
I've been thoroughly enjoying Green Lantern and New Guardians, so I decided to give this title a go, despite having some bad reviews. I have to say this ones another hit in my book! Though not as solid as the others but this still stands up as a quality Green Lantern series.

The thing that sets this title apart from the others is that this focuses on the 'police force' side of the Lanterns. I really enjoyed seeing a new side of how the corps operates. I didn't know much about Guy Gardner prior t
Chris Aylott
Now here's a relaunch that's true to its own spirit. The Green Lantern Corps has always been about Big Damn Heroes facing even bigger problems, and that's certainly the case when a mysterious horde of enemies begins cutting a swath through the Corps.

Guy Gardner and John Stewart are the headliners here, and writer PeterTomasi does a good job of capturing both their determination and volatility. These are easy characters to screw up (especially Guy), but Tomasi never lets them turn into cartoons.
James Dunphy
After reading the fantastic volume 1 of the core Green Lantern series, I figured it was time that I delve into the GLC seeing as how DC's bi-title run of GL and GLC makes up some of my favorite long running comic series runs of the last decade or so. Seriously, everything from Recharged to Blackest Night is great. Go read that if you haven't already...
Anyway, this New 52 GLC vol isn't much of a reboot title into a new universe or anything, as much of the GL mythos from those prestigious two afo
Christopher Rush
For those of you playing along at home, the part of potty-mouth jerk "superhero" is played by Guy Gardner. I guess some things don't change. This could have been a fairly intriguing story, but the incessant commitment to make Guy Gardner an annoying jabbermouth and the sheer absence of anything remotely resembling justice at the conclusion of the story makes for a frustrating read. Fortunately, Tomasi's, well, we'll call it "writing" for giggles, helps make the collection a rapid read. Because o ...more
Jesse A
Not bad. Not exactly special either. A pretty diverting but ultimately forgettable book.
A good story with a great plot. A strange menace is killing Green Lanterns and Guy is sent to discover what it is. There's some very nice twists and breathtaking character development. A very good read.
Nicholas Donohue
A great build-up for the coming fate of a certain Green Lantern. Seeds of the Third Army as well! Great read.
John Yelverton
A fairly decent story, but I'm still not quite sure how it fits into the whole new universe.
A little late to the game of the New 52 but I don't mind because the trades are just coming out and they are a bit cheaper if you wait a while on Comixology. I've read Superman and Green Lantern titles in former years and picked them back up with the New 52. I really like the GLC stories. It's just fun to get off Earth and see some crazy alien and space stories. Fearless delivers on that front. One of my favorite aspects of GLC comics is their full page panels. I love studying them and seeing al ...more
(Read the single issues)

This was a very well written story.
Oliver Hodson
I liked the idea of the keepers and the addition to the backstory of the planet where the batteries are stored, before they were given out to individual lanterns. What annoyed me was that, yet again, the guardians look like complete nuff-nuffs for taking the lanterns away from the keepers without warning or compensation. You'd think in 5 billion years you might have learnt to compromise or
Negotiate! They are becoming increasingly cruel, which might be setting up for a big payoff later, but it be
Jim Black
I never really thought about where the lantern batteries go when they are hidden between recharging. Tomasi crafted an excellent story that shows the society that takes care of the batteries...and what happens when the Guardians take them out of the picture.

This is the epic kind of tale I expect in this title. Planet wide resources are stripped from various planets. An enemy who is appears to have an immunity to the Green Lantern power. Devastating defeats. Star gates powered by...but that would
Jul 23, 2013 Kyle rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: dcu
This was a really good Green Lantern Corps story with plenty of action and testing of characters. I especially liked the final issue which acts as denouement/post-mortem to the first six issues and really focuses on Lantern Stewart's inner conflicts.

This volume really makes me wonder something, though: why do the Green Lanterns not jump ship? I mean, it is SOOOOO obvious that the Guardians are not the good guys, and it has been apparently so for a long, long time. If the Green Lanterns have suc
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Despite being volume 1 of a relaunched title, Fearsome is not an origin story. You can't even really call it the beginning of anything thematically speaking. It's a self contained story that could have very well been volume 7 or 13 as much as volume 1 with hardly, if any, changes made to the script. As such, a certain amount of familiarity with the concepts of Green Lanterns is needed to fully understand what's going on in the story. It's not a bad spot to jump in at, but it's not a good one eit ...more
The writing here by Tomasi is horrid. He just feels the need to hammer you over the head and spell out everything he has just done. It ruins some of the rather good art, and some of the concepts in the storyline that might have been cool if not just bludgeoned to death by his awful dialogue.

The idea for the story is actually one I like: yet another stupid move by the Guardians in their arrogant treatment of everyone leads to another group of people pissed off, and this time they're immune to Gre
I love Green Lantern, he has quickly become one of my favorite super heroes. I’ve always liked reading about Hal Jordan and his adventures. From time to time his book crosses over with the Green Lantern Corps title. Normally I only read those story lines that cross over, but with things starting over with The New 52, I figured I would give this a shot. I am so glad I did.

This series revolves around all the Green Lanterns throughout the Universe, but at the forefront is two of the Green Lanterns
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Peter J. Tomasi is an American comic book writer, best known for his work for DC Comics.
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