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The Infects
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The Infects

3.39 of 5 stars 3.39  ·  rating details  ·  572 ratings  ·  168 reviews
A feast for the brain, this gory and genuinely hilarious take on zombie culture simultaneously skewers, pays tribute to, and elevates the horror genre.

Seventeen-year-old Nero is stuck in the wilderness with a bunch of other juvenile delinquents on an “Inward Trek.” As if that weren’t bad enough, his counselors have turned into flesh-eating maniacs overnight and are now cho...more
Hardcover, 384 pages
Published September 25th 2012 by Candlewick (first published August 1st 2012)
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Joy (joyous reads)
So, check it.

This book is far from perfect. There are ambiguities in the story itself that the author chose to leave unexplored for whatever reason he deemed necessary. Even so, I gave this book five stars and I am going to attempt my very best to tell you why. The ratings for this book here puzzles me; but for once, I see a role reversal of some sort. Usually, I'd be scratching my head because of a book's history of high rating in which I disagree. This time, however, I'm on the flip side of t...more
Note: In general, I'm against abandoning books that I've received as advanced review copies. The publisher gives out copies of this book for an honest review, and I don't feel I can legitimately review the worth of a whole book if I only read part of it. I am going to, however, make an exception for this book. I've already put the book down and then tried to talk myself into reading it again half a dozen times, and it just simply has some elements to it that I find myself getting frustrated at e...more
Reviewed at:

Sean Beaudoin definitely has a unique style that you cannot confuse with anyone else. It is like when you see a movie and you know who the director is - that is how distinct Sean's writing is. And what he does so well is keep his style yet still has characters that have distinct voices that you can distinguish between. He actually reminds me of John Green in that way; however, Sean Beaudoin is more of the underground, quirky, dry twisted humor...more
Whoa! What a trip!

Three and a half stars: A zombie book with some big surprises!

Nick heads out to work ready to endure another monotonous day at the chicken processing plant. Today, though, there is a surprise in store: he gets a promotion and a pay raise. He is now the special butcher for the new line of chicken products. Perhaps now he will finally have the guts to talk to Petal Gazes, the girl he has a major crush on, or not. Unfortunately, for Nick the monotonous line of chickens on the belt...more
Wendy Darling
The voice and humor just weren't doing it for me. DNF, I'm afraid.
So. Three stars.

Here's the thing. I liked this book. It had Zombies, which I love, and some interesting characters, including some kick butt young women. Also a plus.

I thought the books edgy, quirky and trippy. It was a brave, bold storytime and twist.

So why three stars?

I think that the story had a lot of elements that weren't completely explored. There were bits and pieces of story flesh hanging from the blackly oozing, if quite animated body of the story.

Again, I am an adult reader.

I will...more
There really isn't much that Sean Beaudoin can do wrong. His novels have a definitive signature that screams THIS IS SEAN BEAUDOIN. It usually involves some level of noir, exceptional find-fuckage and a snarky cynicism that is like the brand of Sean on all of his books. THE INFECTS fit nice and snugly into this mould although I have to say it's the least mind-fucked of the SB books I've read. In fact it was downright tame in comparison to the likes of FADE TO BLUE. But that doesn't mean it was b...more
After a short successful foray into zombie-land in his Fade to Blue, Sean Beaudoin ventures much deeper into that dark yet potentially hilarious zone in The Infects. The trip is once more a success.

The novel is a special treat for pop culture fans, with references ranging from the literary to the cinematic to the musical to the game-oriented. Zombie lore is equally rampant and wide-ranging, with scholarly attention paid to such vital topics as the two major species (slow vs. fast) and how to han...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I received this book to review for a magazine, and at first glance I wasn't that hyped about it. However, once I started it I absolutely *loved* it and finished it in well under a day. I kept coming back to the thought that it's a gory, vulgar mix of Louis Sachar's novel "Holes" and the film Zombieland...and that's a GOOD thing. Nick is sentenced to 3 months of rehabilitation at an outdoor wilderness camp for juvenile delinquents and re-christened "Nero". As he and his fellow inmates begin the l...more
Cat Russell  (Addicted2Heroines)
"In this world there's two ways to handle your business: the right way and the shortcut. Ask a hundred men in the penitentiary; ninety-nine of them thought they saw a quicker route. So, gentlemen, which path are y'all gonna take today?"
"The short one," Idle said.
"The even shorter one than that," Billy said.
"Can we, perhaps, complete this hike online?" Yeltsin asked.

I can't decide what I enjoyed most about The Infects. The writing style, the vividly-detailed gore and violence, the highly amusing...more

Last month, I was lucky enough to get my hands/paws/vestigial tail on not one but two versions of The Infects, getting sent a digital copy through NetGalley and winning a physical copy through LibraryThing (let’s be friends!). Which was great because I could literally read Nick’s story whenever and wherever. Pretty damn necessary for a book this good. BONUS: the cover is pure book porn. And the interior chapter titles are equally gorgeous,...more
Jessie  (Ageless Pages Reviews)
Huh. Words that describe my experience with The Infects: weird. confusing. flat. undeveloped.


Review to come mid-August, but gentle readers be warned, I was not happy with this zombie effort.
I got this at barnes and noble recently and it was a pretty good read.

Nick "Nero" Sole is sent to a juvenile delinquent camp after causing harm to himself and doing property damage at his job at the chicken slaughterhouse. When the camp counselors turn zombie overnight, he and the rest of the punks who get sent there must run for their lives. Can they outrun the zombies before they become infects themselves? Read this book and find out.

This was a pretty good young adult zombie story that took an...more
Sarah Jane
I give this book 4.5/5 stars!

Think Holes meets Zombieland. The Infects follows a teenage boy, Nick Sole, who works at a chicken processing facility. One day, he finds himself accepting a promotion to work in the mysterious Blue Room, as a butcher. A little while later, he is so exhausted from butchering day after day, that he lands his knife right into his palm. Nick freaks and instead of hitting the emergency stop, he starts removing the chickens from the belt. He winds himself in juvie camp fo...more
“Nero crawled past where the bodies of the hunters were. At least where he thought they were. With each foot, the smell got worse. It was hot and fetid. Stink blanketed his sinuses, settled in his nose. It bought furniture at IKEA, adopted a puppy, got a job, met other stink, went on a date, and talked about moving in together.”

Nick spends his high school days caring for his younger sister, who has Asperger’s, and his father, who has lost his touch with reality after losing his R&D job at Re...more
Kelley York
First of all, I want to say, this e-galley did NOT like me. There were 10-ish pages that *refused* to load on my Nook toward the beginning, so I have no idea how Nick ended up from the chicken factory to being on the bus. I also don't know if the 'end' was the end I read, because the ending of the book kept screwing up, too. I felt like I was missing a chapter or two, but I have no clue. I tried opening the e-galley on my computer and had the same issues.

So, that being said...

Cover: 3/5 Interes...more
Joanne♥~Bookworm Extraordinaire
This book was OK. It wasn’t what I expected it to be. I gotta admit I’m a little disappointed with the book.

I guess it has a lot to do with the writing. A lot of it didn’t make sense to me especially when the characters were talking. Some of the characters use such a weird slang that teenagers today don’t use at all. For example one of the characters said “they came in mad waves. But check it –it was epic.” Another character said “Dude a Zach thresher.” What the hell does that even mean? The bo...more
Katie (Books and Katie)
On My Blog: Books and Katie

"Hey, don't act like you're never going to see me again."
"We're never going to see any of us again," she said, and then was gone.

Rating: ★★★


Seventeen-year-old Nero is stuck in the wilderness with a bunch of other juvenile delinquents on an “Inward Trek.” As if that weren’t bad enough, his counselors have turned into flesh-eating maniacs overnight and are now chowing down on his fellow miscreants. As in any classic monster flick worth its salted popcorn, plentif...more
I received this book from NetGalley.

Nick is your typical teenage boy. His parents are divorced, his dad has gone off the deep end so Nick helps take care of his sister Amanda who has Aspbergers, when he’s not in high school or working at Rebozzo Aviraculture. (aka a chicken factory) Things in his life are moving along: There’s a girl he wants to ask out, he gets a promotion at work, slices open his hand, gets fired- then arrested and sent to a camp for troubled youth where he is given the handle...more
First Impression:
The only thing I expect from Sean Beaudoin is to entertain me immensely in a way I never expected to be. I have enjoyed everything I have read by him and couldn't wait for this zombie tale.

While Reading:
Nero is in a really strange situation. He lives with his little sister who is definitely on the autism spectrum from her behaviors and his dad does not work. So it's up to Nero, who works at a chicken factory. The one that produces all of the chicken for a very popular fast foo...more

The Infects was a book I had a hard time liking. I really didn't care for the writing. It seemed a bit boring for me. I wanted more zombie action. I needed more action period. Instead of the characters being interesting I found them a bit boring. No real character development for any of them except the main character and his family. The only character I seemed to like was Amanda. She's not in the book nearly enough.
I liked all the gore and that there were some badass chicks. But the book en...more
Ms. Yingling
As of 1 June 2012, there is still time to read this on I'm still trying to decide on whether it's middle school appropriate or not. There's no soubt that Beaudoin is a brilliant writer, but he walks that fine line. Major points for use of language: "fuct", "texturbation" are both edgy but not quite as naughty as they could be. Still-- too naughty for middle school, I am thinking, when combined with a very large amount of graphic chicken slaughtering, even before we got to the actu...more
The Infects is badass on epic proportions! I loved it, and I want more.
This book is not just a vague, zombie book. Nope, it is smart. Like “get you thinking on a different level” smart. It is also funny as hell.
I love books that are from a guy’s perspective. The way Nick interacts with the other IT guys is a great story in itself. Even before the zombies showed up, I was hooked.
And Nick’s relationship with his little sister is just about the sweetest thing I have read in a while. Amanda, like th...more
Sergei Antonovich
Not as Infecting:
The Infects is a classic case of perfect words in the wrong book. Sean Beaudoin has a writing style that competes with the likes of World War Z, but, sadly, the overarching structure of The Infects drags it from bestseller to bust. Plot instabilities and general stereotyping first rattle and then decimate any logical sequences and conclusion, leaving the reader, at the last page, confused as to the true conclusion.
Literary devices abound, words bouncing off of each other perfe...more
There are a lot of pop culture references in this book and they are strangely Dad-like (not a regular dad, a cool dad ;) ). Joan Jett. Busta Rhymes. Heavy D. Billy Idol. The Rock. The Dude. Adding -dog to the end of names. Boo. Jenny from the block. Etc. I had to flip to the front of the book a few times to make sure that it is a fairly recently published book aimed at today's teens. But maybe it is one of those teen books that is more for thirty-forty somethings. I certainly spends a lot of tim...more
I’m not usually one for the monster genre, but every once in a while, I’ll find something that I enjoy. This is one zombie novel I enjoyed immensely. The whole mood of the book is hard to describe without one word to sum it all up, but it was a kind I liked reading through. The characters complement the tone of the story well, though each remains unique. Despite the fact that it’s hard to understand what someone is talking about when you don’t get the references, those that are very specific are...more
Jul 16, 2014 Mykia rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: own, 2013
I picked this book up after reading a nothing but 'boring' books.
I went into this book not knowing much, almost blindly.
After I started reading it, this was the first one for a while that I throughly enjoyed reading.
I remember reading this with a smile on my face.

Idle huffed over, picked up a large flat rock, and dropped it on Mommy's head. It made a sickening pumpkin sound.
Billy stood on top and did a little dance step. First tap, then samba, rounding it off with a little of the old soft shoe
The Infects was just a really disappointing book for me. If you know me, you know that I hate not finishing books because I usually want to give the author the benefit of the doubt and to figure out if the book gets any better.

However, I really just couldn't with this book. Let me first start by saying that I think that the premise behind the book is really cool and interesting. I really wanted to read about Nick and how he's going to survive this zombie outbreak. Despite the intriguing premise...more
Originally posted at Escape Through the Pages with the same rating.

THE INFECTS by Sean Beaudoin is one of the more interesting takes on the zombie apocalypse that I’ve read lately. It definitely has the most unique beginnings to the outbreak that I’ve read yet!

Nick is your fairly normal teen – until sent to a camp for juvenile delinquents he worked at a chicken processing plant and looked after his eccentric father and Autistic sister. Even the Inward Trek starts out as a normal event in his lif...more
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Sean Beaudoin is the author of Going Nowhere Faster, Fade To Blue , You Killed Wesley Payne,The Infects,and the raw-throated punk rock black comedy love story Wise Young Fool. Sean's articles and short stories have been appeared in numerous publications, including the Onion, The San Francisco Chronicle, Salon, The Rumpus, Opium, and Spirit-the inflight magazine of Southwest Airlines. He is a found...more
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