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I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent, #1)
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I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent #1)

4.0 of 5 stars 4.00  ·  rating details  ·  21,163 ratings  ·  2,688 reviews
Jazz is a likable teenager. A charmer. But he's also the son of a (now incarcerated) infamous serial killer, and "Dear Old Dad" (as Jazz calls him) has taught Jazz everything he knows. But what Jazz doesn't know is whether or not he is destined to follow in his father's footsteps. He knows he has urges, but he also knows (hopes) that he has a conscience, that he isn't like ...more
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Published April 3rd 2012 by Little, Brown Young Readers
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Wendy Darling
4.5 stars Do you believe violent offenders are the product of nature or nurture?

In the case of 17-year-old Jasper “Jazz” Dent, he’s got both factors working against him. Not only is he the son of the country’s most notorious serial killer, but dear old daddy even forced him to watch those grisly crimes and sometimes…more.

I’ve always been interested in how human beings cope with extreme circumstances, and the way children in particular can demonstrate remarkable resilience. I Hunt Killers sets u
Apr 04, 2012 Flannery rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: YA readers who like adult crime thrillers, Dexter fans

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga Chart Comparing Gory Funny Scary and Clean

(click to enlarge)

I love reading about and researching serial killers. There, I said it. I am perpetually fascinated by the stories that seem too far-fetched to be true. Elizabeth Báthory allegedly bathed in the blood of virgins to retain her youth. Ted Bundy kept the decapitated heads of his victims in his house as mementos. Ed Gein dug up dead bodies and made a belt out of nipples. This is the stuff nightmares are made of. So it was with a certain excitement that I started reading I Hunt Kill
Guilty confession: When I first started this, I was not expecting much. The summary left me skeptical to a good plot but I was determined to try because I had already heard lots of great things about the sequel to this one. What I can say now is that I am so glad I did. This book is so much more than what it seems on the surface!

As I began, I was torn or the style in which the story was presented. At first it seemed short and abrupt. Normally this would annoy me but after the first couple chapt
Khanh (Clowns, Nightmares, and Bunnies)
Actual rating: 4.5

A dark psychological thriller. I have to admit, this wasn't what I expected. Given the premise, I anticipated something more flimsy, something along the lines of Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective. I got a young Dexter/John Cleaver, with considerably more emotional baggage. This book works for me more as a psychological analysis than anything. Yeah, the plot is there, and it is good. The mystery kept me guessing and I loved seeing things through the eyes of the killer, but the p
Emily May

Sequel, please? Now? I thought this book was really really good. I would have happily handed out five stars, except for the fact that I had the killer's identity figured out less than halfway through the book. I feel very sad that Ms Dense seems to have been randomly replaced with Marple, but thankfully this novel is about a lot more than just solving the main mystery.

I actually took longer to read this book than I tend to do, and most of that time was spent on the first few chapters. So I shal
Aj the Ravenous Reader

Jasper Dent is the most popular teenage boy in school. Wait! Not just in school but in the whole town although for the last reason you could think of. Well, he’s only the son of the most notorious killer, Billy Dent who kind of reminds me of Dennis Hopkins as Hannibal.



Billy has been locked up in prison for four years now but somebody, a fanboy? is copying one of his serial kills as the Artist and calls himself the Impressionist. What is Jasper Dent’s role in all of this?

"A serial killer's greatest ability is the ability to blend in"

I love being in the mind of a serial killer. Is this bizarre? Maybe a little. But with an older sister at home, I skipped the fairy tales, instead I grew up watching Freddy Krueger and reading murder mysteries. Naturally, I Hunt Killers immediately attracted my interest with its serial killer's son synopsis. Then when I removed the dust jacket and saw this:

We're here for a good time!

You have to admit, there is something fascinating
Alienor ✘ French frowner ✘

Book 2 : Game
Book 3 : Blood of my Blood

The fact is, I love Dexter. Wait - I mean, early Dexter. Not the I-wonder-out-loud-while-doing-the-thing-I'm-wondering-out-loud-about-Dexter we're forced to stand in the end. What Dexter? Come on! See, everything is in the voice-over and Oh, dear. Don't get me started about the dumbest thing the show became in the end.

So, I loved Dexter. I love everything serial-killer related. Therefore I was prepared to love this book. It didn't disappoint. I gue
Stacia (the 2010 club)


Oh who are we one ever pays attention to warnings, especially book characters.

Our lead character Jasper (Jazz) is no exception. Except in his case, he is smarter than the average bear cop. After all, you might know a thing or two when your dad is one of the most famous serial killers of all time. His skills are bound to come in handy when hunting down a serial killer who is copying his dad's moves.

Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
Jasper “Jazz” Dent was raised by his father Billy, one of the world’s most violent serial killers. While other kids were riding bikes and playing, Jazz was taking care of his father’s murder trophies and learning how to become an invisible, invincible predator. When Jasper was twelve, Billy finally escalated and got caught by the local sheriff, G. William. Four years later, Jazz is still tormented by his father’s teachings, and his only goal is to escape Billy Dent’s legacy. He needs to remind h ...more
Shelby *wants some flying monkeys*
Combining two great genre's..Thriller (serial killer shit) and young adult. You would think I would be all over that. I was to a point.
Jasper Dent is one of the world's worst serial killers son. He isn't that family member who swears they never noticed anything being off about his dad. His dad trained him. Trained him to kill, and do it well.
Jasper does not want to end up like Dear Old Dad though, because People Matter.

He teams up with his best buddy Howie (who I simply adore) and his girlfrie
Kathe L
Reading about Jasper Dent, I realized I have a pattern. The characters that captivated me the most in the past months were Meg, from the Others series Conner Cobalt, from Fuel the fire, Lily, from Tin Lily, The Twins, from The Night Circus, Lucy, from More than Forever and Thomas, from The piper's son. What are the similarities between all of them? They are all characters who are mesmerizing to read about. They think differently and see normal situations in such a complex way, so different from ...more
Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤
 photo jazz_zps2tcagzli.png

AGHH!!! Look how badass this is!!! Thanks, Frenchy Bug!! We take our pimp job seriously, you know....

Jazz was afraid of two things in the world, and two things only. One of them was that people thought that his upbringing meant that he was cursed by nature, nurture, and predestined to be a serial killer like his father.
The second thing...was that they were right.

EEEEEEE! This made me immensely a super sick, masochistic way. Like, really?? Why have I never heard about this book be
Hunger For Knowledge
Oh yes. One of those books I should of have read a long time ago, instead of focusing to books I can hardly remember afterwards. Again, one of those books that is hard to rate because it doesn't really tell the whole story of my feels. I have so much feels. And finally, one of those books that has so many reviews under its belt, making it hard to say anything new or mind blowing.

My rating comes purely from my enjoyment. I had so much fun with this book, as fun as it can be when serial killers a
Confession time. I may have a thing for blood, gore, and chills galore. Ha! Who am I kidding? Bloodlust would be a better description! I grew up on horror films and Stephen King bed time stories. Soooo…When I saw I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga on the shelf, I lunged for it! A serial killer book for young adults with huge doses of humor and chills? Yes, please!

I’m going to sidetrack gush right out of the gate here on this book’s gorgeous, gorgeous, gory dressing. It made me so giddy I may have jum
I grew up in the hunting grounds of the Richard Ramirez, aka The Nightstalker, an infamous serial killer from the 1980’s. Our home was even painted in the colors that he preferred, so my sister and I would stay up late and scare ourselves silly with the possibilities. But even before all of this, I’ve always been fascinated with murder mysteries, so when I Hunt Killers came out my interest was immediately piqued. A story centered on the son of one of the most horrific serial killers in history? ...more
There are always times when you think the concept of a book is so interesting and potentially awesome that you're sure you're going to be let down when you read it. It's some little failsafe in our brains, preparing us for disappointment because we're pretty sure we're going to be let down. And then, when that doesn't happen, and we actually get what we are hoping for - there's this moment of shock. It's a little thrilling, actually. And it's all the more special for being rare.
Thankfully - for
Apr 24, 2012 Crowinator rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of teen sleuths, psychological horror, and Criminal Minds
First Line: “By the time Jazz got to the field outside town, yellow police tape was everywhere, strung from stake to stake in a sort of drunken, off-kilter hexagon.”

Cover Story: Night Prowler
“I'm your Night Prowler, break down your door
I'm your Night Prowler, crawling 'cross your floor
I'm your Night Prowler, make a mess of you, yes I will
Night Prowler, and I am telling this to you
There ain't nothing you can do” – AC/DC

Five-Sentence Summary:
Jasper “Jazz” Dent wants nothing more than to be left a
Mimi Valentine
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

It's hard to imagine how a serial killer's mind works. But Barry Lyga must have some sort of shady part time job or at least serial killer mind-reading powers, because this book is BRILLIANT.

Jazz — son of the most notorious serial killer, snarky teenager, and overall charmer — takes the phrase dark hero to extremes! Being brought up by his psychotic father, he has How To Be A Good Serial Killer lessons ingrained on his brain. Sometimes they help him figure out other cas
Spider the Doof Warrior
This book is full of great characters. I love Jasper. I love how strong and smart Connie is and how off the wall Howie is.

And man, is Jazz's dad evil. He does love his son, but dang. He's horrible! He's trying to turn Jazz into a copy of him. A serial killer like him. Jazz struggles with his messed up childhood and trying to resolve all of these issues. He doesn't want to follow in his father's footsteps. He'd rather prevent murder than be a murderer.

This book is a YA version of Dexter in a way,
Initial Thoughts: I could not put this book down. I had heard that this book was intense but I didn't expect to fall in love with Jazz, Howie, and Connie. This is a dark, disturbing book. I can't even begin to imagine what Jazz has been through and how his biggest fear would be that he would turn out exactly like dear old dad - a serial killer whose kills numbered 123 victims before he was caught. Now Jazz lives with his crazy Gramma and struggles to get through each day. Luckily, he has 2 great ...more
For some reason, I ended up being completely surprised by this book. I knew it was going to be a good book even before I started it – the raving reviews had promised that much – but I guess I simply didn’t expect it to be the psychological thriller it ended up being. I Hunt Killers is a story that sucks you in, keeps you captivated, and makes you empathize with its tortured protagonist before you even realize you’ve given your heart away to him.

I think everyone is familiar with the plot of th
I Hunt Killers is dark, disturbing, claustrophobic and risky. It's also a reminder of what GOOD YA fiction used to be like (with some notable exceptions) until it got dumbed-down by authors and/or publishers who seem to operate under the (mistaken) assumption that teens need to be talked down to and the stories need to be more simplistic. This is a YA novel with teeth, in turns psychologically creepy with well-placed moments of humor and humanity. Barry Lyga crafted the ultimate outsider, the so ...more
4.5 stars

'Jazz was afraid of two things in the world, and two things only.
One of them was that people thought that his upbringing meant that he was cursed by nature, nurture, and predestination to be a serial killer like his father.
The second thing…was that they were right. '

When a woman is found murdered in Lobo's Nod, the last thing on anyone's mind is that it could potentially be another serial killer because they've already dealt with one in their lifetime. Billy Dent was a local of Lobo's
Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead
If I do not get an early ARC copy of book 2, I may have to use some of the lessons I learned in book 1!!!!

Amazing. A definite favorite of mine. Definitely don't recommend it to everyone but I loved it.

Review coming eventually.
Very good suspenseful thriller. Jasper "Jazz" Dent is the son of a notorious serial killer, Billy Dent, struggling with his identity and whether he is destined to become a killer too. His closest friend is a hemophiliac and kudos to Lyga for giving him a black girlfriend. There is a series of murders, where someone is copying his father's first kills and Jazz wants to help catch the killer as societal recompense. Meanwhile, his jailed father has a cult following, like Joe Carroll does on the TV ...more
Ava Oceana
Jan 01, 2013 Ava Oceana rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: horror-thriller lovers
Recommended to Ava Oceana by: myself. I am awesome.

| vlog review |

William R. Somerset should have been partnered with Jasper Francis Dent in Se7en.

By the way. Sorry, Jazz, but that is totally a serial killer name.

I HUNT KILLERS is the story of seventeen year-old Jazz, the son of the world's most infamous serial killer, Billy Jazz, and his efforts to hunt down a new serial killer. As the bodies pile up, Jazz and his friends must work faster than ever.

I HUNT KILLERS is disturbing. It's gory. It's sinister. And it is freaking awesome. This is
I loved this! The only reason I'm giving it four stars rather than five is because it's not a life changing have to read it kind of book, but it was very enjoyable and actually touched on some very interesting ideas.

The concept of nurture vs nature was the most interesting part of this book for me. Can you raise a child to be a sociopath? Can you raise a child to be a serial killer? Is causing another person pain something you can learn to love, or something that you're born with? Is there a gen

"You'll be the greatest ever...They'll never catch you. You'll be the new boogeyman parents use to scare their kids into behaving. You'll make everyone forget Speck and Dahmer and even Jack the Goddamn Ripper. My boy. My boy."

Setting:Lobo's Nod; 2012. Now, Lobo's Nod is set in the US, but the state is never given. I went with the assumption that it's set in the Midwest or Deep South somewhere.

Coverly Love?:Yes! Especially if you get the hardcover edition and take off the dust jacket. It's tot
Initial thoughts: I'm pleasantly surprised in the second half of this book! What started out as a so, so read for me became gripping and intense!! Review to come.


Actual rating: 4 stars. No spoilers.

I'd heard some references to how this had a Dexter feel to it. I'd heard that the main character Jasper, or Jazz as he goes by, could be Dexter except he was trying not to be his dad. See, Jazz's Dear Old Dad was an infamous serial killer. Jazz spends the majority of his time questioning ever
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Barry Lyga is a recovering comic book geek. According to Kirkus, he's also a "YA rebel-author." Somehow, the two just don't seem to go together to him.

When he was a kid, everyone told him that comic books were garbage and would rot his brain, but he had the last laugh. Raised on a steady diet of comics, he worked in the comic book industry for ten years, but now writes full-time because, well, wou
More about Barry Lyga...

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