To selena with love
Chris Pérez
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To selena with love

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One of the most compelling and adored superstars in Latin music history, Selena was nothing short of a phenomenon who shared all of herself with her millions of devoted fans. Her tragic murder, at the young age of twenty-three, stripped the world of her talent and boundless potential, her tightly knit family of their beloved angel, and her husband, Chris Perez, of the grea...more
Published 2012
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I was only five when Selena died--too young to know her while she was still living--but as a kid, I discovered the movie with Jennifer Lopez and I fell in love with the music and with the story of a girl and a family who came out of nothing and became stars. I don't speak Spanish, but I can sing a lot of Selena's songs by heart, and I still listen to them when I want to dance in my car and sing along. And "Dreaming of You" is one of my favorite songs of all time.

As I got older, I became more an...more
From reading this book I realized the authenticity of the Selena movie. The dialogue from certain scenes is the conversation as Chris writes it. Details in pictures provided in the book to things one remembers from the movie. Chris describe the memories as if they just happened yesterday! The detail in dialogue simply captivates you to keep on reading, even though you know how it ends. He leaves a beautiful picture of Selena's life and the meaning it brought to his. His final words are simply ca...more
Dominic Grijalva
Last night I burned through the remaining 200 pages of the book To Selena, With Love written by Chris Perez. It might be because I grew up listening to her music, because I vaguely remember seeing her all over Telemundo when I was at my grandmothers house, or because I remember seeing the movie based on her life in theaters (I was very young), but while finishing this book last night, I struggled to keep it together and eventually I cried over the loss of this amazing woman.

Today would have been...more
Jamie White
I was just beginning to learn Spanish in school when Selena was murdered back in 1995. I remembered hearing a story or two about "The Mexican Madonna" before her passing, but never heard her music. At the time, I didn't know Spanish and just wasn't interested. Then "I Could Fall in Love" and "Dreaming Of You" came out. Without knowing who it was, I instantly connected with the music and the voice coming over my radio. I was sad to discover that the same person singing was the one who I'd read ab...more
We all know how the story ends. What we didn’t really know, and later learn through the glimpses that Chris Perez graciously lets us peek in on, is how it all began.
To Selena, With Love, embraces a voice so authentic, so genuine, and so honest that readers can’t help but cry, smile, lament, grieve, and celebrate alongside with Chris on this incredibly touching journey.
Throughout the years, I’ve often thought about Chris Perez and the aftermath of what he must have emotionally and physically end...more
On April 17, 2012, I got to meet Chris Perez at his book signing. It was a wonderful experience. In a weird way, I could feel that Selena's presence was with him. I know she is looking down upon him, smiling ever so proudly.

To Selena, With Love is an emotional roller coaster of a book. What I mean by that is you will experience all the emotions that Chris is feeling in the book. From his joy when Selena started talking to him on the plane to pure bliss when they first said "I love you." Then of...more
Gabriella Sanders
Chris Perez's purpose in writing "To Selena, With Love" was to give everyone a piece of their life. Chris Perez wanted to give his personal perspective on Selena. Another purpose could be that, he wanted to present a side of Selena to her fans so that they knew that she was just like everyone else. In an interview he did with CNN news, he said he was comfortable putting her life into a book. He said himself that he wanted to share her life, their life, together. Perez's purpose was to unwind and...more
Most of you are probably wondering, Who is Selena?

Selena Quintanilla Perez was a Mexican-American Tejano singer for the band Selena Y Los Dinos. She was referred to as the "Mexican Madonna". Selena was a talented, sensual dancer and singer and a compelling entertainer.
Selena won countless awards, including a Grammy back in 1993. She was very popular in the Latin culture and was soon going to release an English crossover album.
A driven 23 year old who had a lot more to give, but was taken away...more
I literally finished this book in 1 day! You just have to be a Selena fan, to understand it! Like many, I was only 9 living in Colorado when Selena was murdered, but it wasn't until maybe a year or two later when i moved to New Mexico that I was introduced to a wonderful voice and performer, Selena! Me and my childhood friend would dress up copying all Selena's outfits and put the cd on...and perform our hearts out! I've been a fan ever since! I'm soooo glad Chris Perez decided to write this boo...more
Devika Koppikar
I read this book because I’ve been a Selena fan for almost 20 years and wanted to learn more about the person behind the image. Before I detail my thoughts on this book, let me first describe what Selena means to me.
Selena entered my life on the day that she died. Because I was home sick that day, I caught a glimpse of the tragic news on the television programs I normally did not watch. Then, in the days that followed, I saw tributes to Selena which were ubiquuous in Texas, where I lived at th...more
Tanya W
I lived in Florida in 1994 and 1995. Even though I was an LDS missionary at the time and didn't listen to radio or music at all... Selena's music seemed to be playing everywhere. Her catchy tune Bidi Bidi Bom Bom is still in my brain from that time.

This is a simple telling of Chris Perez's experiences getting to know and marrying Selena and the sweet life they shared before she was tragically murdered by the President of her fan club. I'm glad Chris didn't paint a completely perfect picture of h...more

Even though this book is categorized as an autobiography, it's not really an autobiography of Chris Perez's life. To Selena, With Love chronicles his life with the late Queen of Tejano, Selena.

It's been 17 years since Selena was killed and a lot of people are wondering why Chris has waited so long to write a book. Basically, he wasn't ready to share his memories of Selena. He finally came to a point in his life where he felt like it was time.

This book gives an insider view to who Selena was as...more
Cristina Vela
An easy read of a talented singer who was murdered way before her time... RIP Selena
Ashley Scott
I really appreciated the look into the real Selena, and not just the star. It was so special to read about how she and Chris fell in love and all that they endured to be together - and it was also wonderful to learn more about Chris himself. We all know this story has a sad ending, but Chris has honored Selena's life and her fans by sharing such a precious look at a Selena we've never fully known before. A wonderful and lovely read.
The best part of the book was at the very end. Being born and raised in San Antonio, just about everything else before that I already knew. Even if I'd not all of that, the repetitive nature of some of the stories were at times a little tedious not to mention the low-level of writing by Chris Perez. The end was more touching insofar as sympathizing as anyone would in the loss of someone so deeply adored as she was by Perez. I can only imagine how I would feel if anything like that ever happened...more
Nicely written tribute to the singer...This book reflects on the blossoming attraction and relationship between Selena and her bandmate and husband, Chris Perez. He has basically given another small glimpse into the world of Selena from her career beginnings up to her full-on fame. I felt the book was Chris's way of acknowledging how in love he was with Selena (and vice versa), and how even to this day, how he still feels the pain at the loss of his greatest love. There are so many private senti...more
I have been a fan of Selenas ever since I was young before she was murdered. I remember sitting with my family & watching the news about her murder we were all crying. I watched the movie also but it is nice to see Chris Perez's account of his life with Selena helps us understand why this young husband and widower took such a long time to write this intense story. This book unfolds with the beginning of a friendship that led to love, marriage, and the unbreakable bond of two everyday people...more
Teresa Currier
I wasn't sure if I wanted to read this but the reviews I read were all very good. I wasn't disappointed. I remember when Selena was killed and it was heart-wrenching. This was a beautifully told story from the side the public didn't see. My heart goes out to Chris Perez and the entire Quintanilla family. Such a tragedy but so many parts of this story made me smile. Thank you Chris Perez for sharing.
Erika Mendoza
Even though I was only 4 months old when Selena passed away, my childhood was surrounded with her music and I became an absolute fan! I barely knew of the existence of this book a couple of weeks ago and I got my hands on it. I read it in 2 days, once you pick it up you can't put It back down--this is most true if one knows the background of Selena's life and legacy.

I am very proud of the book and I am glad that Chris Perez wrote the book. It was something the fans wanted and something he needed...more
I cry during very few books. Rarely do words on a page literally move me to tears. However, during the last thirty or so pages of 'To Selena, With Love' I was struggling to read what was right in front of me because my eyes were flooding.

I remember watching the movie about Selena when I was very young. Even then I remember loving her music and being so sad about what happened. Naturally, I was curious to read this book and finally hear what Chris had to say about Selena and the terrible tragedy....more
The inspiring story of Selena has touched the lives of millions of people including me. The book: “to Selena with love” is written by her husband Chris Perez, who she believed would die next to him at an old age. Her dreams as his were crashed by the “real cancer” Yolanda Saldivar, whom Selena had a great friendship with. Selena didn’t deserve to die but her legacy continues as her voice is herd worldwide in the radio, and CD’s. This book shares her life with Chris in a romantic-sometimes sad wa...more
i may have been one of only a handful of black girls who grew to love the music and creativity that Selena embodied. i was a captivated, impressionable young fan of her work. unfortunately, i never knew anything about her prior to her death. the film “Selena” gave me the first few glimpses into someone i would grow to admire and attempt to emulate throughout the remainder of my adolescent years. this being said, i would read all that i could get my hands on if it had anything to do with Selena....more
Thamesha Watson
To Selena with love is not just a book that tells a story of an extremely great singer but it is a guide for those who seek love. Its heartfelt soul inspired pages that drowns us in this non fictional love story can make us smile and yet makes us cry as we sympathize with Chris. Only a few experience the true meaning of love, and it was very generous of Chris to share this wonderful yet heartbroken journey with us as he pour his feelings and tears into teach page. To Selena with love is more tha...more
Like most of America, I didn't know who Selena was until after her death in 1995. When my husband and I were dating, her song "Dreaming of You" was on our personal playlists to each other (when playlists consisted of recording a song from the radio or a CD to a blank cassette).
Selena Quintinilla-Perez broke many barriers in her short, musical career: she was the first woman to break into the Tejano music scene and also the first Latino woman to successfully cross over into the American mainstre...more
I will admit that I've been a semi-Selena fan. I absolutely loved the movie that was made when I was 11 years old and that was what got me into her. I bought the cassette (yes, a cassette) and I still love the songs on it. I've never really known too much about her life before, but I knew I had to pick up this book.

Chris writes an amazing story that really makes me grieve for a life that we lost too soon. Selena sounds like an amazing person and I wish I had been born earlier in life so I would...more

I was a huge fan of Selena when I was growing up. I was only five when she passed away. When I found out Chris had written their story I knew I had to read it, I decided to read the book in Spanish because I knew that a true love story like theirs needed to be in Spanish. When I read it, there was parts where I cried and parts when I realized that Selena was an actual person not just my favorite singer. It was a great insight to reading Chris' side of the story. I felt like I got to know Selena...more
Selena Quintanilla Perez was a beautiful girl who died much to young (23!). Thank God we have her music, and now we have the memories of her husband, Chris Perez. The book is a lot like the movie "Selena", but Chris does share a little more so it is worth reading. He reveals her personal feelings and what they were going through as a young married couple. He also gets into more detail about the days surrounding her murder. Chris has said in interviews that he wrote the book for Selena's fans, wh...more
Liz Kelemen
For all Selena fans. You are sad when you read their love story because you know it's cut short. The stories of the family, especially Abraham, the overbearing, over protective father!! Takes me back to
The time when I used to follow the band. To see what was going on behind the scenes is cool. But alas, heartbreaking. What a terrible loss for the music industry & her fans. But to read Chris's struggle, the realization his beloved Selena was gone, was gut wrenching. I still remember watching...more
Esther DuBois
Warning: This book will make you want to cry at the beginning and at the end (especially the end!)...

Chris did an amazing job with this his input about how Selena and him first connected as more than just band memebers till after Selena's death. My ONLY complaint about how he told his story is that he likes to repeat himself alot. But other than that it's a really moving story that really shows how much they loved each other and the indepth commitment to their relationship. I hope...more
Such a sad story. Selena had it all and was such an energetic talent, and had everything taken away by the bullet of a evil woman. I had never heard of her until I heard of her murder in March 1995, but I quickly bought her new album and became a posthumous fan. I'm so thankful that Chris has been able to go on with his life, however different it has turned out from what he and Selena planned, and even more thankful that Yolanda Saldivar will never see that light of day again. This book is a mus...more
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