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Keir (Redemption #1)

4.05 of 5 stars 4.05  ·  rating details  ·  143 ratings  ·  59 reviews
A demon waiting to die...
An outcast reviled for his discolored skin and rumors of black magic, Keirlan de Corizi sees no hope for redemption. Imprisoned beneath the palace that was once his home, the legendary 'Blue Demon of Adalucian' waits for death to finally free him of his curse. But salvation comes in an unexpected guise.

A woman determined to save him.
Able to cross s
Published May 7th 2012 (first published May 3rd 2012)
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Lauri J Owen
It will leave you sighing.

I had the pleasure of reading this book before it released, and what a treat that was! It starts in the darkness, and moves from darkness to light, from air to water, from despair to hope to despair, but leaves you with a smile on your face and a light in your heart.

I love Quin, the protag. She's amazing. And Keir - well - as you can see, he is someone I wouldn't mind spending an hour or two perking up as well.

Buy it. You'll read it twice - I promise.
I. Loved. This. Loved it. It's some of the best science fiction I've read in a while, with two incredibly different main characters who discover that they're not so different after all.

Yes, there are alien races, yes there are other planets, but deep down, what I love most about this book is that it's a book about people.

Keir has been ostracized his entire life because of his blue skin. Otherwise seemingly normal, Keir has been forced to hide in the shadows, scavenge for food, and fend off attac
J.C. Cassels
From the first scene I was hooked. I found myself rooting for Keir before I knew his story. The author weaves a sympathetic tale following tortured souls through a life-changing adventure. Her light touch keeps the characters easily relatable without ever dissolving into schmaltz.

Quin is an engaging heroine whose self-assurance, ingenuity and desire to help others immediately establishes her as a heroine of epic proportions. Keir is almost an anti-hero whose journey of self-discovery takes him
Natalie Wright
If you like sci fi, read this.
If you like romance, read this.
If you like to read well-written books, read this.

Full review coming soon.
I've just finished reading this one. I have never read a lot of science Fiction. Honestly though I love watching Sci-Fi, I was never moved to pick up a book and read it.

This was an amazing book. Pippa has done an amazing job of developing characters and the worlds they travel to. I could see clearly the places and people she described. Rarely have I read a book that made, me laugh, cry, my heart race etc. This book was beautifully written and a wonderful story.

If this is where Pippa is startin
Chantal Halpin
I'm not usually a sci-fi fan, but Keir may have changed all that. Thankfully it's not too heavy on the techie side and there was chemistry from the off from the 'Blue Demon' and the 'Red Witch' lol! I loved Quinn - she was absolutely brilliant and is now one of my fave kick-a$$ heroines.

This is an epic adventure story with space travel and magic, heart break and pain. There is real character growth too. The writing is just beautiful and made everything very visual. It was a thoroughly entertaini
Jo  (Mixed Book Bag)

Keir is a fast paced tension filled book. It is Science Fiction Romance but the romance element is allowed to develop as the story progresses. The same is true for the character development. Both Keir and Quinn continue to develop as the story progresses. What both are like at the beginning of the book is very different from what they are like at the end.

Keir is set in a very complex world with a lot of back-story required for the story to work. The plot development allows each to come to light
The Bookend Family
Originally when I started reading this book, it felt very much like the beginning of an epic fantasy until I got to the space and time travel and it switched gears to being more sci-fy. I think this may have been a bit of a let down for me as I was expecting one type of story and then realized it was something completely different. However, the narrative still very much had a feeling of fantasy which I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters were bright and fresh even with all their battle scars and ...more
Rachel Smith
Full disclosure up front: I'm an SFR author and I was given an ARC for review, because I loved this book so much the first time I read it before I got to know Pippa as a fellow SFR author.

This is an expanded and revised edition of Keir, and WOW! Totally worth the wait! The book enchanted me the first time I read it. This time it wouldn't let me go. Every single issue I had with it the first time around--not quite long enough, the Metraxi connection not clear enough, not enough hints of what all
Raul Delaplaya
A friend made me read this. It wasn't what I'd expected. It was so much better. It reminded me of a Doctor Who adventure, only there wasn't a TARDIS and the Doctor was a girl. It really moved. I'll look for more from this author.
Kerrianne Coombes
Totally loved this book. So wonderfully written I just love the pull of a tortured hero. BRAVO!
Cant wait for another Pippa Jay book!
Candice Kamencik
Let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed this book. It had a very nice "traditional" scifi feel right from the start, and was very engaging.

The major draw of this novel was the characters, hands down. It was clear from the beginning that the author had clear plans for the main pair, and took the time to develop them slowly. As such, both were multi-faceted, with clear individual personalities.

While there was romance involved in this book, it was secondary to the plot itself, which was ni
I began reading Keir with no expectations, despite having read and loved a novella from the same author. I knew that Keir was Pippa's debut work, so I went into it with an less critical approach for that reason. What I got was a manuscript that read like it was written by a seasoned author. Pippa has a knack for painting scenes with descriptions that provide good details without floundering in it. Her characters, even the supportive cast, are strong, can stand on their own and are presented with ...more
Keir is Pippa Jay's fist published novel, and I am hoping she's got more in store for us because I really liked it! Spunky and fun, the book follows Keir and Quin on an exciting planet-hopping adventure as they hunt down Quin's ancient enemies and investigate Keir's mysterious past.

Keir begins strongly, introducing readers to the medieval-esque society of Adalucienwhere Keir is imprisoned. Starved, weak and depressed, he is on the brink of death when he is joined in his prison by a strange woman
A broken, emaciated man lies in the shadows of a sewer, trapped behind iron gates. Persecuted every day of his life for the color of his skin, Keirlan de Corizi is taunted even in his last, lonely hours. He wishes for death to claim him. Death denied him. When an odd young woman named Quin is tossed into his cell, he is confounded by her light regard for her situation. She claims she can get out of anywhere and promises to take him with her. At the moment, he doesn’t have enough energy left in h ...more
Karen Bynum
Loved this book! Keir was a fantastic read. The hero (Keir) and the heroine (Quin) had so much rich character development. Both of them were riddled with emotional--and physical--scarring; however, it was beautifully woven into the storyline to make them stronger people. Together they were able to overcome their insecurities.

Keir is packed with action, adventure, intrigue and spicy love scenes...but one of my favorite things was the role reversal. Keir was the inexperienced one, and I loved that
Now this is what a Sci-Fi Romance should really be like. For 266 pps, I was immersed into a nearly unrecognizable world, races, societies, adventures, and in-depth characterizations, yet it felt familiar too.

Keir, known as the Blue Demon of Adalucien, has given up and just wants to die until a feisty red-headed female gets tossed into his cell with him announcing that she's going to break them out. And break them out she does, in a manner of speaking and a little help from him. Quin, the female
Originally published at Reading Reality

Keir is an absolutely stunning work of science fiction romance. when I say stunning I mean that in the best possible sense of the word. When I finished I just sat staring for several minutes, because I couldn't quite pull myself away from the story's spell.

Tarquin Secker comes to Adalucien pursuing the legend of the "Blue Demon". In the bowels of the royal prison, she finds an emaciated young man on the brink of death, with tattoos and rags covering his blu
I'm really happy to having read this book!

I always enjoy a good and interesting fantasy/SF romance.
... even if tis didn't start as a romance! :)

I loved the heroine, Quin, even if I didn't understand why she has to keep so much secrets from Keir.

At the beginning I could understand, but after not so much!

Keir was also a good hero. He really has a very good reason to be suspicious and afraid. After everything that was done to him! And by his own father!!! OMG!!!

I'm looking forward to the second b
Aliens, time travel, planet hopping, fear, growth, acceptance, redemption, romance.... This story has all that and more. Quin, searching for the one who destroyed her life finds Keir in a prison cell, beaten and wanting to die. Keir has been ostracized nearly his whole life due to the color of his skin(blue). Quin saves him, nearly costing her her own life. The story reads like real life. Things happen that seem to have no bearing on the storyline, but they do build the characters. While I would ...more
This is a story of tortured souls, love and redemption. On a strange world Quin, a human traveller who moves among the stars on a quest for a lost friend, discovers Keir, an outcast in his society. All Keir wants to do is die, believing himself condemned and cursed, while Quin soon wishes to save him, having seen a glimpse of who he really is.

From this starting point follows an adventure that will warm science fiction and romance readers alike. As one hops between planets with this delightful pa
Marlene Relja
Feb 28, 2013 Marlene Relja rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Science fiction romance readers
Recommended to Marlene by: Karen Bynum
I didn't expect to like this book because I am more of a sci-fi/paranormal romance (heavy on the romance) reader. But this story sucked me in from the beginning. The romance is slow to develop but once it's there it's there with a bang! And ohhh it's so sweet. It had me smiling the whole time. And the end... holy moley. I was completely shocked and then I cried!

Oh and the sci-fi part is fabulous. It has everything lovers of science fictions want: Interesting worlds and alien cultures, cool weap
Imogene Nix
I loved this book. From the first moment it hooked me with the tale of despair that was the life of Keirlan De Corizi. Then Tarquin Secker (Quin) came along. Recognising Keir as broken, sick and ready to give in, yet somehow he was prepared to save her.

For me there it was.

Both are broken characters in their own ways, but it is what pulls them together that makes this book stand out from the rest.

Buy this book. Read it. It is so fabulous that it has already made it's way to my keeper shelf.
Vagabond Vahn
Keir is interesting to describe. It’s billed as Sci-Fi Romance, though it has elements of Fantasy. Romantic Sci-Fantasy… It begins as expected of a Traditional Fantasy novel, though hints are dropped that all is not as it seems. Then it is solidly Science Fiction before blending the two and introducing Romance. That’s right, I read a romance novel – and I liked it. Moving on…

The Good: The two main characters, Keir and Quin, have strong personalities and motivations. This stems from well thought
Mary Mattson
Kier is on deaths doorstep in the dungeon, when a woman is tossed in his cell with him. She’s totally pissed. She introduces herself as Tarquin Secker, and. she’s busting out and says she’ll take Kier with her. People call Kier “The Blue Demon” and believe he is evil. His own father had runes and symbols carved into his skin when he was 6. Because of this he hates to be touched and hides under cloth strips wrapped around his body.
What follows is Kiers and Quins escape and their building friendsh
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 photo 3d90fbae-beef-4ecf-942c-548f79c0a58a_zps8343b44f.jpg
Emmeline (The Book Herald)
I received a copy of this book by Pippa Jay Via Netgalley in return for an honest review

Oookay, my rating for this book is hovering somewhere between a 2.5-3 stars out of 5 stars.
Now, as this is an honest review and I'm an honest person, I'll tell you exactly what you can expect.

There is nothing technically wrong with this book, it's just was so predictable. There was no new and exciting aspects, well, apart from Keirlan.
Nothing that had me on the edge of my seat or my eyes sparkli
How can I describe the masterpiece that is Keir and do it justice? Honestly, I can't. You have to read it for yourself to witness the journey of discovery, liberation, and wonder on your own and see that love conquers all. Pippa crafted an amazing story, and you will be denying yourself the chance to read a truly great book if you don't.
I loved the whole romance, action, and adventure aspect of the novel. Keri and Quin were so cute how they both denied their feelings for each other and thought the other didn't like them back. Their little island adventure finally had open up to each other. >_< Still I wonder if Keir is immortal like Quin?
I loved this! It's an epic adventure! So much happens in this book, when I thought it was almost the end, the book would have more action going on. Quin, who is a badass, rescues Keir, who is so sweet, from being held captive, and then an adventure ensues to keep Keir safe from those who wish him harm, and Quin is in search of a friend of hers that was sent to some random place in time. There is magic, romance, and very excellent characters! What happens to Keir every since he was a young boy wa ...more
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After spending twelve years working as an Analytical Chemist in a Metals and Minerals laboratory, Pippa Jay is now a stay-at-home mum who writes scifi and the supernatural. Somewhere along the way a touch of romance crept into her work and refused to leave. In between torturing her plethora of characters, she spends the odd free moment playing guitar very badly, punishing herself with freestyle st ...more
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