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Роман главного норвежского писателя современности, автора "Наивно. Супер" и других бестселлеров, полюбившихся российскому читателю.
Господин Допплер уходит жить в лес. Он убивает тесаком лосиху и в супермаркете выменивает ее мясо на обезжиренное молоко и воспитывает ее лосенка. Он борется с ядовитыми стрелами детской поп-культуры, вытесывает свой собственный тотемный столб...more
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published 2010 by Азбука-классика (first published 2004)
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Marko Jevtić
I am absolutely satisfied with Loe's humor. I giggled like a moron on every page. Read it from one take. Could not leave the book. My friends recommended me this book since I spend three years in countryside isolation. So I have something in common with Doppler (not a lot... I like the people, for example). Doppler is antihero, so it was difficult for me to share his opinions and I felted as a passive observer, more than a participant as some novels can make me feel. At the same time it is so in...more
So if a man decides to leave his family and move out in the forest, I immediately assume that there’s something wrong with him? What does that say about me? Yes, I know he just lost his father and then fell on his bike and hit his head, but still, when reading a book which is a critique of our modern consumer culture, it feels strange to realize that I buy so completely into that culture that I can’t even see it as a valuable life choice. And yes, I wrote ‘buy into’ deliberately.

Doppler leaves h...more
Some books just hit a nerve, as this did in Scandinavia where it became a bestseller when it was first published in 2004. Just republished in English by Anansi Press of Canada, this hilarious comic novel about a worthy man's mid-life crisis is destined to be a huge hit in North America. Just about everyone I know needs a copy of this--for its humor, insight, and recognition of our commonalities across national boundaries.

A Norwegian businessman and avid cyclist falls off his bike one day while i...more
Worst $12 I've ever spent on a best seller/award winning book! Simply horrid!
This was an amazing book, I pretty much inhaled the book. The writing was extremely well done, the characters, particularly Doppler where fun to read about. I thought the character was incredible well written and established. Especially considering I was never sure exactly what was going on in his head, and how much that was happening around him was fact and how much was fiction.

In fact, one of my favourite aspects to this little novella was I was never quite sure if Doppler was just an eccentri...more
Взялась за «Допплера» - и прониклась Лу еще больше. Я просто билась в истерике над этой книгой, честно скажу, такой потрясной упоротости я давно не встречала!

Лосенка будут звать Бонго, как моего отца, осеняет меня, пока я бреду в сторону леса. Хотя отца звали не Бонго, лосенок получит такое имя в честь отца. Бывают в жизни моменты, когда человек обязан мыслить широко и видеть такого рода взаимосвязи.

Мужик катается на велике в лесу, и внезапно налетает на камень. Улетает в кусты, ему по башке уд...more
There are two creatures in the wildlife that I really am happy to know to exist. Owls and elks. These two species somehow prove to me the superiority of nature over mankind, both of them seem both wiser and more humorous to me than any of humanity.

As a side note, I also enjoy the existence of penguins and giraffes, but unfortunately don't live in the latitudes where either could be spotted. We still got elks and owls though, and I'm happy with those.

Doppler, to put it short, is about this exact...more
I found nothing remarkable about this novel; maybe something is lost in the English translation.

After his father dies, Doppler decides, during a bicycle accident, that he hates "people" and would rather live as a vagrant in the forest. In the forest he befriends a moose calf. It's funny, for a little while.

In the first forty pages of the book, the novelty of the story kept my interest: man + moose = adorable!!! But the novelty wear's off fast. The story doesn't really grow past the concept. The...more
Ve zkratce kniha o otci, manželovi, který při jednom ze svých obvyklých výletů spadne v lese z kola a jak si tak leží rozpláclý, napadne ho, že se vlastně do města ani vracet nechce. Dojde k závěru, že by mohl dál žít v lese s mládětem losa, jehož maminku jako zdroj masa zabije. Rozhodne se, že si bude vychutnávat již jen nicnedělání a především nepřítomnost lidí, kteří se mu až na členy vlastní rodiny hnusí. Z popisu by asi mohlo plynout, že hlavní hrdina Doppler je tak trochu pomatený, ale jeh...more
i liked this book a lot, i like erlend loe's writing a lot i think
i think he has only two books translated into english, but i'm not sure
i think i liked naive. super more maybe, but they are both similar i think
in 'doppler' his daughter likes 'lord of the rings' and they watch it together at the cinema and the dad says how it will be hard for saruman to rebuild his tower
it seems funny maybe

i liked this part
"my father's dead, too, by the way, I say. He died this spring. I'm sad to hear that, Dus...more
Did a bonk on the head drive Doppler mad, or knock some sense into him? Is it madness or genius to leave behind a pedestrian life of niceness, family, money, work and Teletubbies to live in the woods with a moose calf?

Madness? Or genius? As I read about Doppler's adventures, I thought either, "He has lost his mind," or "What a brilliant insight."

Doppler believes a tumble from his bicycle and a blow to his head opened his eyes to a clear-eyed, inspired view of reality. He looks back on the life h...more
Book Reader
Doppler is a nice man who falls off his bike and bangs his head. This combined with the death of his father leads him to see the error of his ways and he attempts to escape from a consumer lifestyle that he feels, and at times is quite literally beating him about the head. So he moves into the forest with an elk calf called Bongo for company.

The book itself is a lovely little hardback with striking cover art. Head of Zeus’ tagline about an elk being not just for Christmas doesn’t actually relate...more
This was, as has been mentioned before, pretty unlike anything I've read before. I picked it up on a whim, after wanting something a little more grounded in reality than the other things I've read recently. Doppler is about a man who abandons the trappings of modern-day society and his wife and children to live in the forest after his father dies, and after a bike accident left him probably concussed. Was it the head injury that brought this on, or the death of his father? Is Doppler crazy, or i...more
'Doppler' is one of the first contemporary Scandinavian books that made me realize how colourful and humorous literature can also be, while at the same time being dead serious and critical of the society it is surrounded by.

'Doppler' is the story about a man named Andreas Doppler who chooses to leave his competent and "fulfilled" life with wife and children to live in the woods with a moose, in the style of the hunter/gatherers.

'Doppler' is one of my favourite contemporary books and can be enjo...more
Shonna Froebel
This short novel has been a bestseller in Scandinavia, and I quite enjoyed it. Doppler is a man who has had a sudden realization that he doesn't like people, and has gone to live in the woods. While he doesn't take money with him, he isn't above bartering for things he wants, or stealing them from other people. Doppler sometimes seems completely out of touch with the world, and other times seeing the world very clearly. The cover calls the book "an enchanting modern fable about one man and his m...more
Tomáš Kaplan Fojtik
Potřeboval jsem si po nepříjemném čtenářském zážitku spravit chuť a sáhl jsem po Dopplerovi. A pak jsem četl dál, a pořád a pořád. Jediné, co je na ní špatně je délka. Takhle dobré knihy by měly být minimálně pětkrát delší. Dospělý muž, "autor" dvou dětí a třetího na cestě utekl od lidí do lesa. Společnost mu dělá losí mládě a jeho vlastní myšlenky. Vzpomíná na svého otce, který právě zemřel a přestože lidi nenávidí, postupně se s několika z nich sblíží.

Přidejte si k tomu břitký humor, kritiku...more
I'm not surprised this book is popular - it provides an excuse to be an irresponsible immature asshole and call it "self-discovery" or some bullshit. If you discover that your job or your house aren't important in your life or if you want to live in nature, this is no excuse to abuse or abandon your family. If your priorities have changed, you adjust your life to fit the new priorities. Maybe living in the wood is the right way to react. Being nasty to your wife and kids is never the right way t...more
Jim Coughenour
On New Year's Day Düsseldorf hasn't progressed much from where he was on Christmas Eve. The difference this time is that he knows it and on the doorstep he has placed a bottle of vodka with a red bow round. I'm getting there, it says on a card painted by mouth and foot artists. And Happy New Year.

Mouth and foot artists?! This kind of mumbling crazed detail is what makes the rambling prose of Doppler so delightful. Reminded me a bit of the The Year of the Hare, which I'm sure Loe knows quite well...more
Don Frolimo
Když se způsob psaní jmenuje Nový naivismus, není to náhodou. Doppler má velkýho čuráka, bydlí v lese s mládětem losa a nemá rád lidi, zejména lidi propadlé píli. Potud sympatický (anti-)hrdina, který ve stejně sympaticky napsané novelce představuje úběžník revoltující perspektivy. Perspektivy, která trochu připomíná laciná hesla "Svobody v práci" a "srdíčkovských rozhodnutí" a která brojí proti usedlému a konzumnímu životu bohaté norské společnosti. Ideová "naivita" je tu však součástí příběhu....more
Michael Scott
++ hilarious, imaginative story of a man in search of meaning (pun with Frankl 's story about concentration camps intended)
+ seems like a true Norwegian take, pulp-fiction style, on the story of the man who hides in the woods. There's drinking. There's a family situation that defines Western standards and would shock Eastern sensibilities. (The pregnant wife delivering a rational ultimatum to the runaway husband? C'mon!) There's a silly finance director. And there's an elk and then some co...more
I have never been a huge fan of Erlend Loe, but this book really hit home. Why? I'm not completely sure, but there's something about the protagonist's escape from the norms and expectations of society. He's tired of being good and nice, because it's all he's always been.

The entire thing is incredibly humourous and well written, and the plot together with the amusing descriptions really had me hooked from beginning to end

Ho finito di leggere questo romanzo di soli maschi (uomini, bimbi, alci e cani) ambientato in Norvegia (per la precisione in un bosco alla periferia di Oslo). Mi e' piaciuta la spassosa misantropia che esce dalle sue pagine (d'altronde la misantropia accomuna i misantropi...!).

Ricorda un po', alla lontana, L'anno della lepre di Arto Paasilinna. Ma Arto resta di molte spanne insuperabile e inimitabile.

L'autore, Erlend Loe, e' un 38enne di Trondheim.

«L'unica cosa che so e' che dobbiamo andare per

Cute and bittersweet tale of a guy having a bit of a crisis, abandoning his family and living in the forest with a baby elk...at times maybe a bit too deliberately quirky, but this is also a pretty angry and despairing novel, and sad too. It says a bunch of stuff about modern life being rubbish, and how life damages you, but it does have a lot of heart too and it's funny. And Bongo is adorable.
Jan 22, 2014 Dee rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Dee by: my mom
"An enchanting modern fable about one man and his moose"
I liked this book but I thought the story would involve the moose way more than it did. And I failed to catch the moral of the story. I guess if I had to pick something it would be that you can't run away..bullshit will always find you. I know there's got to be something about materialism and all that noise but I couldn't find the moral in it. Even though Doppler is living in the forest, he still depends on people and products from town. He...more
I have to say I was looking forward to reading this book. I stumbled across Naïve. Super. some years ago and absolutely loved it. The closest thing to Richard Brautigan I’d ever read and I’ve read everything by him. Loe’s written enough books but it’s only fairly recently that anything else has been translated into English and this was the first since Naïve. Super. I’ve managed to lay my hands on. Needless to say because I’d built up my expectations nothing was going to meet them and this didn’...more
This made me laugh out loud on the subway. All my friends should read it - not just the misanthropes - all of them.
READ IT! I'd recommend it to anyone. It's absolutely brilliant! (:
Nyilvánvaló, hogy egy könyvnek nem kötelező olyan alakokról szólnia, akikkel könnyen/szívesen azonosul az ember. Sőt, az is lehet irtó érdekes, ha az olvasó konkrétan egy kanál vízben meg tudná fojtani a főhőst. Ami viszont talán valós probléma, ha a könyvből nem derül ki, hogy a seggfej seggfej.
Itt most nem teljesen arról van szó, hogy elvárnám, hogy mint a népmesékben, a gonosz megkapja a büntetését, a jó meg elnyeri jutalámát, de azért vannak határok. 200 oldalon keresztül arról olvasni, hogy...more
A cute, short, strange read. The cover refers to the book as a 'modern fable', and I'll go with that.

Standard modern suburban guy has a bike accident on his way to work, then lies in the forest wondering what his life (specifically, house maintenance, children's TV, and his daughter who's such a Tolkien fan she dresses up for the movie premiers (IS THAT SO WEIRD? :D (not that I did that (but I have my own such things)))) is all about. Then he rejects it all, moves into a forest, befriends a moos...more
Doppler is a nice man who falls off his bike and bangs his head. This combined with the death of his father leads him to see the error of his ways and he attempts to escape from a consumer lifestyle that he feels, and at times is quite literally beating him about the head. So he moves into the forest with an elk calf called Bongo for company.

The book itself is a lovely little hardback with striking cover art. Head of Zeus’ tagline about an elk being not just for Christmas doesn’t actually relate...more
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Erlend Loe is a Norwegian novelist. He worked at a psychiatric clinic, and was later a freelance journalist for Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen. Loe now lives and works in Oslo where in 1998 he co-founded Screenwriters Oslo - an office community for screenwriters.

In 1993 he debuted with the book Tatt av kvinnen, and a year later published a children's book, Fisken, about a forklift operator name...more
More about Erlend Loe...
Naïve. Super Muleum Volvo Lastvagnar Tatt av kvinnen L

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“One problem with people is that as soon as they fill a space it's them you see and not the space. Large, desolate landscapes stop being large, desolate landscapes once they have people in them. They define what the eye sees. And the human eye is almost always directed at other humans. In this way an illusion is created that humans are more important than those things on earth which are not human. It's a sick illusion.” 8 likes
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