Everflame (Everflame, #1)
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Everflame (Everflame #1)

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Long ago, when the earth was young. . . Four ancient beings created man to be the bastion of the earth and its creatures. But when The Great Tyrant came and chased The Ancients away, the world was transformed into a place of fear and isolation. Over time humans lost the connection they had with a world they had been created to protect. Now, deep in the forests that surroun...more
ebook, 175 pages
Published January 28th 2012 by Lulu.com
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This book was awesome. Dylan Peters has created a world full of magic where anything can happen, the rules are out the window and there are surprises around every corner. Full of adventure and the character development is great, you'll find yourself caring about everything that happens. A wonderful mythology that creates great mystery within the book and makes you think about the way things are in our own world. A quick read and well worth your time. I'm on to the second book in the series. I re...more
I gave up. I stuck through half of it, thinking it had to get better. It didn't.

Kind of a neat, mythological concept, with half the story told from a human POV and half from intelligent bears, but Peters didn't think through what he was saying. The bears (who liked in a mountain cave complex far from oceans) had limited technology and a fish monger offering normal inland fish plus tuna and swordfish. And the bears didn't act, fight, think or move like bears. A bear chased down and killed a buffa...more
Dang it. Now I've got to go buy the next one!

Everflame is definitely worth the read.

The story itself is your standard "prophecy about someone who has to do A, B, and C in order to save the world from the Big Bad" tale. For all that, though, it's not badly written. The characters weren't boring, the writing ranged from serious and depressing to light and funny without any problems, and the mythology that Peters created for this world is downright impressive.

But then, I love seeing authors dedicat...more
Really good book and the second one is even better. Was recommended to read by a friend. Can't believe it's a free nook book. I found the mythology especially interesting and the characters are really likable.
Linda Hilton
May 30, 2014 Linda Hilton marked it as probably-not
Shelves: kindle-free
Kindle freebie.

Not a big review.

It just didn't grab me, and I'm not sure why. I guess I didn't quite understand why they were bears but the chapter was about wolves. And why it had to open with a kind of flashback already instead of, well, why not just open there and keep the action more immediate. Everything felt like someone who didn't really quite know what he was doing was trying to tell a story sort of the way kids do with "But now see, it wasn't really like that 'cause really...." and then...more
The cover is laughably juvenile, and the teaser is ridiculous, and ...bears, seriously? Still the book was free, so why not try it out?

Everflame surprised me.
I don't know if I've been reading a lot of crappy fantasy lately (cough-Godsland-cough) but I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

The characters weren't unique in the fantasy genre, but they developed nicely, and conversations didn't feel forced or stilted. I enjoyed learning about the bears' relationship with humans,and about this new world. I...more
Teresa Seavey
I really wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this. It is a story about a child who is taken in by bears. It is so much more than that though. It is almost fairy-tale/fantasy. Great story. I loved the characters and the story line. I felt like it wasn't finished when it ended though - a sequel perhaps?
Barbara J
I got Everflame as a free kindle book and couldnt put it down. The bear culture was different and refreshing and I liked the back stories for the characters, it gave you their perspective and motivation. The book was unique in its story and that made it all the more interesting. It was captivating all the way through the book and left me still interested in the characters afterwards. Definately worth the read and the day devoted entirely to it. The next morning I purchased Everflame 2 and 3. I w...more
I'm in the same camp with others that have said this book might be great for young adults; in fact, yesterday I told my fiance that it would make a great PG movie. The concept is interesting and the story is pretty good, but I had trouble getting past the simple sentence structure and poor editing. Typos like "nauseas" where "nauseous" should be really don't belong in anything that has been accepted for publishing of any kind. I have started the next one, and I generally feel the same way so far...more
Mr. Pirkl
When I started this book and realized there were talking bears I immediately was skeptical, I hung in there though and found that I enjoyed it. The premis is that a human is brought in and raised by bears (who have their own society, this is a fantasy book after all). The narrative does switch to follow some human characters which made me feel better for some reason, maybe because I can relate better to humans than to bears.
It did end with a pretty big cliffhanger but I'm not sure that I'll run...more
Hugh Centerville
When Bears Came Bear-ing Fire

There’s a cosmic battle going on here. It’s good versus evil, hey, it’s a fantasy story, except good and evil are ambiguous, which is not to say the book is more thoughtful or provocative than a simple elves-trolls faceoff.

One side is led by The Holy, referred to by his enemies as the Great Tyrant and he does seems to be more tyrant than holy. He’s the Christian God, more or less, the God of the Old Testament and a bit of a curmudgeon. He’s a jealous god, too, as we...more
The book starts a little slowly but once the adventure begins it's impossible to put the book down. You never really expect what's coming next and the thoughts presented in the book really get your imagination flowing. This is a great book and I highly recommend it!
Well, I love Bears, so this was fun for me, but even though I kept reading and enjoyed myself while doing so, I think it was not an adequate story so far as where it left you. There is not too shameless "keep on looking for the story" flavor for me.
This book started out sounding a lot like one of my daughter's books, with talking animals like owls, or cats. This one it started with bears. It wasn't long before it showed me that it was much more than a children's book and not one I would want a child to read at all.

There are elements here I see from other stories, but there is enough to keep me interested and reading till the end. The end was left so drastically hanging that I kept trying to get my e-reader to turn the page for more. I am...more
Sara A. Cobb

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I started this book. However, I was quickly drawn in by the story. Everflame begins with learning of the kingdom of bears. It is interesting, the have set up a civilization similar to that of humans. Eveneye and Whiteclaw come across a small human boy, and Eveneye decides to take him and raise the boy as his own. Controversy ensues, and ....well, I'll leave something for you to discover...no spoiler! This is a tale rich in lore and mythology, wit...more
Maliki Ppe

Dylan peters

everflame is a great book about a boy named evercloud and his bear companions
white claw and riverpaw who are on an adventure to look for the ancients tenturo,bahknar,chera and densa so they can restore their former glory and stop the evil messenger and his supposed holy.

This book is a great book it keeps you on the edge of your seat and you can't put the book down this action packed book is perfect for those action adventure fantasy lovers go pick this book up i bet you wo...more
Where to even begin with this book?

My one-star rating should say enough. Leave this book well enough alone, unless you, like I, are building the standard by which you judge terrible "literature."

First off, this was the second free ebook I've read from off Amazon's lovely free fantasy collection. The first I read was Sora's Quest, which actually exceeded my expectations for free-book quality.

But this...this book is why people are so wary of self-published authors. This book embodies the phrase "...more
Nov 24, 2013 J rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2013, fantasy, ya
This relatively short piece of work is the set up for what will become a four part series. Four elemental beasts must be saved from varying blights that are preventing them from rising against the big nasty to save the world.
Your basic video game story arc, really.

The book has potential and does cover quite a bit of ground in its short number of pages, though it suffers heavily from a lack of story telling prowess. The composition shows faults in places as the sudden back story interludes detrac...more
Okay, so the story was about talking bears but it wasn't like "Smokey the Bear" or the "Berenstein Bears" and really, what's so different about talking bears than vampires, zombies and werewolves. Fiction is fiction, fantasy is fantasy. The book was well written and for the most part very enjoyable. My problem lies with the anti-religious not-so-under-tones. The Ancients created the world and when they did, humans and animals lived in harmony and were able to communicate. One of the Ancients had...more
Danielle Huffman-hanni
Really more of a 2.5 stars because it started off strong and interesting. Once the humans were introduced, though, it became tedious. When the bears speak, the dialogue is quite okay but anytime the humans spoke, they usually came off as way stupider than the bears. I also noticed a lot of sentences being restated over and over again. And there was a lot of simplistic sentence structures. There were parts that could have been cut and I think the book suffers from 'show don't tell' when telling w...more
Melissa Levine
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Mikaela Wilson
I found this book while looking for books on philosophy. This fiction ties concepts about living a good life and transfers that to a broad audience, in this book a good life is lived not only by man but every creature. The lead characters are bears. I almost abandoned this book because the characters were bears. I am glad I didn't. The parallels, between various religious practices, philosophies, and practices is woven into an adventure undertaken by an unlikely group. The author introduces tens...more
I must admit the story was good. still obviously written by a man with simple ideas of women and the world. Where did the bears get their bread, cheese, clothes, boar, Etc? I'm pretty sure they didn't make them. Not trade with humans. He just pretends it's not an issue! I still gave it the four because even with the issues it has it's well done and at times moving.
Jenessa David
So there were several typos and it was far from the most challenging read I've ever had, but the author's creativity more than made up for it. I read this in less than a day and immediately bought the second book. Overall, while it may not be the _best_ book, it is extremely fun to read.
john fehr
Fabulous book

it was just a great book I look forward to reading. the sequels to it. wish they had put them all together though because it only took me 4 hours to read this one and now a have to purchase the other one before I can read them!!!!

What a bizarre, interesting, fun, strange, engaging book. I was not expecting much and thought the whole Mowgli type opening was not interesting. I pushed through and was hooked. It still is quirky book but I will read the second to see where they go.
Slow getting started. Talking bears? This book was not as bad as the talking cat books with all the cats with crazy names. This one I was able to finish. Ended well. I guess I should know by now that no free kindle book is really free. There usually is no warning that there is a second and or 3rd book. Half way through this book is did start getting pretty good. Glad I finished it. I "put it down" 3 times to read something else. Interesting setting, interesting concepts, not to preachy. More spi...more
Sara Pelg
I'm honestly surprised how much I enjoyed this story...it has a lot of elements that makes a story worth reading: an epic journey, characters you come to be fond of, friendship, hardship, and much more.
I will agree with the people who thought the idea of a bear community was a tad bit odd, it wasn't a terrible concept, but it was poorly executed. The Kingdom's citizens were nothing more then human with more body hair, sharper teeth and claws. Replace the bears with a human, or human hybrid type...more
I normally give most books a chance and plow through them, even if I don't like how they start. But I couldn't even be bothered to finish this one. With clunky dialogue and badly written descriptions, it was a struggle to understand what was happening when I wasn't bored with the story. The concept has potential, but the set-up of the world felt incoherent and strung together. Maybe someday I'll come back to this book and try again, but if I do, it will likely be with a red pen and a heavy hand....more
Jeanette Thompson
Good story...

Good story...

Nice young adult story. Looking forward to reading the next book. It kept my interest pretty well throughout the book.
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