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Nine's Legacy (Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files, #2)
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Nine's Legacy (Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files #2)

4.18 of 5 stars 4.18  ·  rating details  ·  8,721 ratings  ·  333 reviews

Number Nine—when John frees him from his cell in the Power of Xix, he's ferocious, reckless, and ready to fight back. But being held captive changes a person—even a Lorien. See what Nine was like before his capture, and read about his dramatic escape from his point of view.

In I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Nine's Legacy: Nine's legacy, discover the story behind Nine. Be

Kindle Edition, 144 pages
Published February 28th 2012 by HarperCollins
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Magic Tiglao
Reading this book, I have learned the real "Nine". Having the fact that I found him being such a jerk to Four, I judged him too harshly. Now that I've read his part of the story, I can see why he became like that.

It's funny because behind that strong facade of his, lied a very distinct character similar to that of four. Just like Four, his Cepan died because of a stupid decision he made (Choosing to stay because of a girl). Unlike him though, Nine became more mature and reserved. What can we sa
It was really nice to get Nine's full story. I have a much better understanding of why he is so stoic. I didn't enjoy him very much in The Rise of Nine (which I read before this), but I can now see the reason for many of his attitudes and choices. My impression of him was mirrored by how Four sees him through his narrative.

Nine, in The Rise of Nine, came across as brutish and irresponsible. Until the end, (view spoiler)
Andrew Hildreth
I was a little apprehensive about getting into Nine's head. One of things I loved most about his character when introduced in The Power of Six was his mysteriousness. He was awesome from the get-go, and I was nervous to really hear his thoughts.

I must say, I was surprised. Although his story starts off differently than I imagined, it sets his character even more. Who he was at the beginning and who he is now are quite different--and very much in a good way. I liked seeing his character growth o
What is it with the guys in this series? Are they all going to become stupid for girls?

Nine starts out reckless and arrogant, making a stupid decision because he's bored and then inevitably facing the consequences. But that's not enough it seems, because he acts childishly, too, freezing out his cepan at a very crucial time because he 'needs time'. Sure, why not worry the guy to death and have your pity party trusting someone you shouldn't trust and ignoring almost everything you've been taught?
Karmina Santos
I enjoyed this far better than Six's legacy. This is because of 3 reasons. The first reason being it wasn't redundant in a sense. You can read all about six's past and how she got her legacies if you read all 3 of the books already. Even if Six's legacy was compiled in one short story where I could easily connect the dots, I didn't get a fresh perspective on her character. This is unlike Nine's legacy mainly because I got to know Nine better. I finally understood why he was being so mean to Four ...more
Nine's Legacy digs into Nine's POV and shows us how Nine was and what has shaped his character in the Lorien Legacies series. Nine was quite sheltered by his Cepan until a Mogadorian follows him home and Nine is forced to make his first kill. His Cepan encourages him to experience a normal life (well, a normal human life) and this sets off a chain of events that eventually lead to Nine being held captive in a Mogadorian mountain base for a year before Sam and Four rescues him (in The Power of Si ...more
I really love these in between books for this series. They give you so much more detail about each member of the Garde then you would get from just reading the book. Number Nine's story is really interesting, getting to know him as a character is awesome. You get to learn exactly how he ended up in the situation he was in with the previous book and it sets up the next book really nicely, which I now can't wait for. His cepan, Sandor was really interesting as well and I loved learning about both ...more
Janus Vielle (The Blair Book Project)
From the title itself, we can assume that we’re going to be seeing a snippet on Nine’s life. When the first short story of I Am Number Four: The Lost Files came out, it was about Six. I enjoyed the book but since I’ve already read the Power of Six (Lorien Legacies #2) prior to it, I felt that it was sort of a letdown since I’ve caught a glimpse of it from Power of Six. Now, if I read Six’s Legacy (Lorien Legacies #0.5) first, I probably would’ve been blown away by the story.

Alright, I’m babblin
Sharmine Ortiz
I actually intended to read Nine's Legacy after reading The Rise of Nine. Which for a second thought, is wrong. As my friend send me a suggested pattern of reading the IAN4 series, I immediately stopped reading The Rise of Nine and went to Nine's Legacy.

Nine's character in the book The Power of Six is something I find to be interesting. As I've said before, Nine's my crush, of all the Garde.. so far. (I still don't know Five and Eight's gender eh.) As I read Nine's Legacy, I realize that somehow
Yay!.. Nine’s story!! Having just finished THE POWER OF SIX where we were given a tiny taste of Nine at the very end, I was excited to get to dive into this and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed in the least. I AM NUMBER FOUR: THE LOST FILES: NINE’S LEGACY (The Lorien Legacies #2.5) is a pretty in-depth account of Nine’s history up to his appearance in book #2. He is an interesting character and a welcome addition to the crew in my opinion. .. Although, to be honest my interest was already mor ...more
So I've said before that Nine is one of my favorite characters from The Lorien Legacies and I loved reading about his own struggles before ending up with Four and the rest of the Garde. His situation makes the statement "Boredom can kill you" all too literal. Not to mention the fact that Nine's story is another one of those themed "'Twas Beauty killed the Beast". I think that of all the Garde, so far, Nine had the best Cepan and the better life, and it was a shame that he threw it all away for s ...more
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Elian ortega
I enjoyed this far better than Six's legacy. This is because of 3 reasons. The first reason being it wasn't redundant in a sense. You can read all about six's past and how she got her legacies if you read all 3 of the books already. Even if Six's legacy was compiled in one short story where I could easily connect the dots, I didn't get a fresh perspective on her character. This is unlike Nine's legacy mainly because I got to know Nine better. I finally understood why he was being so mean to Four ...more
3.5 stars. I LOVE Nine and Sandor's penthouse suite John Hancock Center Chicago skyline apartment with all its electronic gadgetry. (view spoiler) ...more
Expanding my Lorien knowledge even further, I read Nine’s legacy. And whilst I was not as interested in it as Six’s and the books themselves, I still found it interesting. A great insight into Nine’s life before being captured.

The story of Nine’s time before being rescued by John and Sam. About their what led them to setting up life in plain sight. The struggles Nine faced whilst in Chicago and the events that led to his capture by the Mogadorians.

I don’t know. For some reason I did not fin

I have never been a huge fan of Nine. This story gives some explanations to why he is such a jerk. I have enjoyed these short stories that give a little more background on some of the characters. However, I feel like in both cases I am guessing when their Cepan will die.
Austin Martin
I think that this book is awesome because we never really know what the past lives of the Garde before we meet them in the books! I hope that we see more like this for the other members still alive except Four, Six, and Seven.
This book is very interesting and full of action. It is a great book to read. This book though is hard to understand if you have not read the whole series, which i highly recommend. This book though is about Nines life and how he develops hi powers. It also includes his social life and how he meets a girl and then something happens. I think my favorite part is when they are training because it is really cool when he learns to fight and use his legacies. I would definitely recommend this whole se ...more
Paola Gabriella
Este me ha gustado mucho, no tanto como el de Los Legados Caídos, pero si mucho más que Los Legados de Seis.

Al principio no me encantó, porque la razón por la que me ha gustado el personaje de Nueve en TRo9 es por ser este chico sarcástico y badass, cosa que no es al principio. Aunque si me interesó mucho llegar a conocerlo un poco más, cómo se convirtió en ese chico.

Me ha gustado su cêpan, Sandor, y la relación que tenía con Nueve. Es la primera relación que no siento tan forzada.

Pero lo que d
Terkadang, dengan tubuh yang kekar dan seram tidak mengubah apapun. Begitupun dengan Nomor Sembilan.

Aku hanya menikmati ketika Nomor Sembilan bertemu dan diserang oleh Mogadorian, yang sayangnya itu ada di setengah bagian terakhir.

Selebihnya, aku merasa bosan. Ceritanya sungguh datar. Hanya Nomor Sembilan dengan Sandor dan Maddy. Ya, berputar-putar di situ saja. Sepertinya penulis ingin membangun karakter agar lebih mendalam buat mereka bertiga, tapi menurutku gagal.

Semuanya terbayar dengan ceri
This short was less detailed than the one about Six and the two characters felt distant throughout the story and I hardly felt for them. With the way they behaved around each other, it makes wonder how they managed to last that long.
Anyway, I really hope that one of these guardians makes it out alive. I don't see why there's this urgency to kill them off. They are basically parents, after all. Also, Pittacus is making a really annoying pattern with girls ultimately betraying the guy in question
This is the second Lost File in the Lorien Legacies Lost Files; novella/ebook series and extension and back story to the main Lorien Legacies series. These give the depth and character building that the main series at times lacks. I admit it's a little confusing putting these in order with the main series and I think there should be a chronically chart for the entire series. That way you can know what events happen when and who is where at what point in time.

This is told from Nine's point of vi
We saw nine in the last Lorien Legacies book, now this is the back story of number nine and how the Mogs arrested him. Presenting Lorien Legacies #2.5 I am Number Four: The Lost Files : Nine's Legacy by Pittacus Lore .

Here is the summary of the book:

Number Nine—when John frees him from his cell in the power of six, he’s ferocious, reckless, and ready to fight back. But being held captive changes a person—even a Lorien. See what Nine was like before his capture, and read about his dramatic escap
I’m really having a great time reading this series. Well this book is particularly about Nine. The Book was just a short story that I really appreciate. There are no long introductions of what Nine’s life has been. It was well narrated in a simple but complete way on how they lived, what they did to survive and what they did keep hidden from Mogadorians.

After reading the POWER OF SIX (Legacy #2) I’ve been very intrigued in what happened to Nine that lead him to be captured. And who was his Cepan
Nine's Legacy is a novella that tells the story of Number Nine until he is released from the Mogadorian cave by John. For many years he and his Cepan, Sandor, lived on the run and constantly moving. Eventually, they decide to hide in plain sight and they purchase an expensive penthouse suite in urban Chicago, where they have lived for several years now. They spend their time training and waiting for Nine's legacies to develop. One day while Nine is out for a run, a Mogadorian spots him and follo ...more
I think I enjoyed the story of Nine rather than Six's maybe because Six's story is a bit short than Nine's. But I think that's not it. I think Nine's story is far cooler than Six's because he has some certain charm that lures me to read it thoroughly and to concentrate more in his story. He has a better background than Six has maybe because Nine experienced much tragedy that he makes himself stronger than to go crazy about the tragedy and since he was incarcerated for a year he got out with so m ...more
Pieter Mestdagh
Nine was not really a social guy, but when he saw Maddy, he wanted to impress her. He decided to climb the rock climbing wall but fails, and he quickly leaves the recreational center. The next day, he practiced climbing the rock climbing wall for the entire day, but he never got to show his skills to Maddy because she asks him to a date when he bumps into her. Confused, Nine says yes. Meanwhile, Nine is training with his Cêpan, Sandor, and Sandor doesn't like the idea of Nine being distracted. E ...more
I Am Number Four: The Lost Files; Nine's Legacy

This was the best explanation why Nine's attitudes towards the others were like that. He mercifully killed his own Cepan just to not let the Mogadorians torture him anymore. It was very painful for him but, he didn't have any other way to help him and let both of them escape from those monsters. But with the 6 of them left, he's one of the guarded who got the best legacies except 6 and 7 of course.
Before Nine was freed by Four from a Mogadorian Base, he lived with his Cepan Sandor in a penthouse in John Hancock Center in Chicago. This book tells about his life before he was captured, the luxury behind the hunting Mogs, his heartbreaking romantic tale first date flavored with treachery and the things at risk for an alien on the run when ruled over by emotions.

I got the better of emotions of losing a Cepan in Nine's perspective than in Four's in I Am Number Four. It was really awful when Ni
Ever since we first met Nine in The Power of Six, I wanted to know more about him. I was so excited to hear that the next The Lost Files was going to be his story. Nine's Legacy was a very quick read that completely hit the spot. I am now in love with Nine and can't wait to see him again in The Rise of Nine.

When the story starts, Nine is living in Chicago with his CÊpan, Sandor. He's a loner, who spends his days working out and learning about the war and how to defend himself. The Nine we are in
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Pittacus Lore is the collection pseudonym of James Frey and Jobie Hughes.
More about Pittacus Lore...

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“My iPod rumbles again. It's not actually an iPod. It doesn't play any music and the earbuds are just for show. It's a gadget that Sandor put together in his lab.
It's my Mogadorian detector. I call it my iMog.”
“There are rules for hiding in plain sight. The first rule, or at least the one that Sandor repeats most often, is “Don’t be stupid.”

I’m about to break that rule by taking off my pants.”
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