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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8, Volume 1
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8, Volume 1 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8, Library Editions #1)

4.27  ·  Rating Details  ·  1,342 Ratings  ·  122 Reviews
This deluxe, oversized hardcover edition contains the first two arcs of Season 8, plus two one-shots, and a sketch book section with art by series artist, Georges Jeanty.

After the destruction of the Hellmouth, the Slayers--newly legion--have gotten organized, but it's not long before new and old enemies begin popping up. Buffy, Xander, Willow, and a very different Dawn are
Hardcover, Library Edition, 320 pages
Published May 30th 2012 by Dark Horse (first published March 14th 2007)
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Popular Answered Questions

TJ "After the Fall" is considered the sixth season of Angel. If you liked Angel and series and want to see what happens next, read it! It's extremely…more"After the Fall" is considered the sixth season of Angel. If you liked Angel and series and want to see what happens next, read it! It's extremely good and it is canon, as Joss plotted out the series with the writer, Brian Lynch. "After the Fall" does not connect to "Season 8" much, but it is referenced briefly in "Angel & Faith", which is a part of "Season 9".

Yes, you should read it if you're a fan of Angel's side of the 'verse as well. It's canon and counts and it's an awesome story. It's published by a different company, but Joss Whedon made sure it fit in in the Buffyverse.

IDW published more issues after "After the Fall" though, ones that Joss was not involved with, thus they are not considered canon. He did collaborate with "After the Fall" writer Brian Lynch one more time though with the eight-part series "Spike", which heavily ties into "Season 8". So if you're looking to read all the materials that DO fit into the canon Buffyverse from IDW, those include:

Angel: After the Fall #1-17
Spike: After the Fall #1-4
Spike #1-8

There are a few issues that are /practically/ canon, as they were written by Brian Lynch and tie into the "After the Fall" and "Spike" stories, but Joss had no hands on involvement in them. But these issues are heavily referenced/related to confirmed canon:

Angel: After the Fall - Epilogue #23
Angel: After the Fall - Drusilla #24-25
Spike: Asylum & Spike: Shadow Puppets (take place during Angel Season 5, and introduce important characters related to Spike used in "After the Fall" and "Spike")

And just to wrap it up, the final issue of Angel published under IDW was "Angel: Yearbook", which was a fun, long issue with great short stories, specifically one written by Brian Lynch. I'd recommend reading it if you've enjoyed the other issues listed.

So I'll leave you with a reading order:

Spike: Asylum
Spike: Shadow Puppets
Angel: After the Fall #1-17
Spike: After the Fall #1-4
Angel: After the Fall - Epilogue #23
Angel: After the Fall - Drusilla #24-25
Spike #1-8

^ Those are the gist of everything important under the IDW publishing. You could totally just read "Angel: After the Fall" and be fine, but "Spike: After the Fall" is pretty important too, and the rest is required to get full enjoyment out of the story being told. And then of course "Spike #1-8" is a great lead-in to "Buffy Season 8", but the previous Spike miniseries are really needed to know the characters in use there as well. Hope that helped. :)(less)

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First of all, this hardcover library edition is such a beautiful thing that looking at it makes my heart feel better about life. Anyways. This collects the first two volumes of season eight: Long Way Home and No Future for You, plus the little gems The Chain, Anywhere But Here, and Always Darkest.

I have waited so long to start season eight of Buffy. I wanted to make it through the omnibuses first, and that took me so long I'm embarrassed (other books can be very distracting). But now that I'm he
Jun 25, 2012 Jessi rated it it was amazing
Originally posted at

"You know people underestimate the value of a good ramble." - Buffy

WARNING: Fan girl attack.

The second Dark Horse announced this book, I knew I needed it on my shelf. Yes, of course, I have every cover for every comic in this entire series. At one point I was mercilessly in the clutches of Ebay hunting down various retail variants and additional first run copies. That shite is addicting. Thankfully unlike some comic companies *cough* IDW *cough* they usually onl
Lise Petrauskas
Jun 28, 2014 Lise Petrauskas rated it it was amazing
Shelves: comix
It's not really fair to rate this comic book in the same category as a book like Middlemarch, however, that's the rating system I'm going on. I read this in one sitting, so happy that the characters I know and love are still having adventures and that I get to read about them. The art is really good, too! I was worried that I wouldn't like it so this was a pleasant surprise. Yay Joss Whedon and Dark Horse!
Oh dear! All the feelings I had after watching season seven of Buffy came rushing back. I am happy the show continued on as a comic book. The drawings were beautiful and the story intriguing.
I recommend this for those who watched Buffy and want more.
Only thing I didn't like about it was that Spike was not in it. Since Spike is my favourite character in the show I rate this only 4 stars.
I need the next one ASAP!
Dec 29, 2015 Anya rated it really liked it
I love that the Buffy story is continued in season 8. I had to remind myself of a few characters so a rewatch would be helpful. I wish that the arcs and shorts flowed better, but the art is gorgeous and strongly evokes the cast from the television series.
Sophie Jones
Jan 03, 2016 Sophie Jones rated it it was amazing
This was so great!!
Jan 10, 2016 Coquelicote rated it really liked it
Je commence bien 2016 en découvrant un genre encore inconnu pour moi auparavant : le comic. J’ai teeeeeeeeeeeellement aimé la série Buffy the Vampire Slayer l’an dernier (et j’étais affreusement frustrée par la fin) (voir mes articles ici et là) que j’ai demandé au Papa Noël le début de la saison 8, paru en comics outre-Atlantique. Surtout, arrêtez votre lecture ici si vous n’avez jamais vu la fin de la série télé !

Les Slayers (que j’appelle affectueusement les Slayeuses dans un franglais parfai
Jan 10, 2016 Rosabelle rated it really liked it
I have to begin this by saying that I adored the TV show, especially the snappy dialogue, and although there were some fluctuations, the writing of plot lines were also fantastic throughout the series but I knew that, making the transfer from television to comic book, I had to keep my expectations fairly low, particularly since this is the first comic book season.

While I found it a little tricky at first to get into the flow of reading Buffy rather than watching it, I actually found myself enjo
Nadine Jones
Feb 08, 2014 Nadine Jones rated it really liked it
Just like the show itself, some of these "episodes" were great, some fell a bit flat, but the overall result is freaking fantastic!! My rating: JUST AS GOOD AS THE SHOW!

The story is confusing, but that's probably because Volume 1 is not the entire "season." (This is why I'm giving it a 4 instead of a 5.) I constantly felt like I was missing something, maybe coming into the story in the middle instead of the beginning. Part of this is because I've been away from Buffy and away from comics for a
Jul 03, 2015 Sam rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 2015
Kind of weird to be back in the Buffyverse but I'm super excited to keep reading the other volumes. It's such a change from the television show and yet the characters are still exactly the same. Buffy still has the same cheesy lines that I love. Dawn is still kind of whiny. Xandar is still cracking jokes, just now with an eyepatch.

I find the villains to be weird though. Not sure what to make of this "Twilight" thing that's going on. And the dreams Buffy keeps having are freaking me out.

Can't w
Andromeda M31
Sep 27, 2012 Andromeda M31 rated it liked it
Shelves: comics
I'd just re-watched the entirety of Buffy the Vampire thanks to Netflix, and season 7 left me wanting more. I had avoided the comic continuation, as everyone I knew who had read it was disappointed. But then Dark Horse came out with these beautiful library editions, and I had to have it.

The book contains the first two major story arcs, issues 1 through 10, re-introducing familiar faces and setting new threads leading to the Big Bad of the season. The characters are drawn well enough to be recog
Jul 14, 2012 Karen rated it it was amazing
Shelves: buffy-comics
I haven't read the library edition version-I ordered all of the comics separately and read them, but I am sure that this book that compiles the whole season is amazing. As a true Buffy fan, you can't miss what happens after season 7 ends (where the television series stops.) I may not have loved every decision that Joss and the crew made during this very experimental season of Buffy, but I truly was intrigued and captivated by the many twists and turns, and I had to find out what would happen nex ...more
Aug 04, 2012 Jessica rated it it was amazing
Even though Season 8 takes place a few years after Season 7 ends (Dawn is college-aged), the mood and wit of the tv show is perfectly translated onto the page. The comic version of Buffy is even allowed to be even more over-the-top because it isn't constrained by things like budget or limited CGI technology; Joss Whedon was able to make Buffy more supernatural, and it really works.

At first, trying to catch up with the legion of slayers was difficult. They were more high-tech and organized than t
Ann Rufo
Jan 05, 2013 Ann Rufo rated it really liked it
So when Buffy was in its heydey I worked at Borders and I was often up at cash/wrap with another woman who was also a big fan. We would talk about how in comparison to so much of the crap on TV, Buffy was a character that we could, oddly enough, actually relate to. She worried about school, a job, family, her future, and creepy guys. So did we. It was a better time. I don't have cable now, but I can still tell there's a lot of crap on, and a lot of reality tv with horrific displays of how a woma ...more
May 29, 2015 Svein rated it really liked it
This was a slow starter for me. Maybe because I'm new to the whole comic book thing, but it took me one third of the book to get a feel for it. When I did though it hit real hard and I've been reading just a little piece each night to make it last a while. I will surely read more of this series and the second library edition is already ordered!
Danica J
Dec 28, 2015 Danica J rated it liked it
2.5 • in a nutshell, season 8 was a clusterfuck. The story went all over the place and the artwork, though mostly gorgeous, could be confusing. At many points I could not tell who was who (Andrew? Riley? Oz?) I get that Whedon & Co were happy to explore storylines and locations they would otherwise be unable to do on the show due to budget restraints but waaaay too much changed in the Buffyverse from the end of S07 to the start of the comics. I am glad all of this was acknowledged in the aft ...more
Anyone that truly knows me knows that I truly believe that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is and will always be the greatest show in Television history. Almost everything that I watch now I go, "That happened in Buffy!", and then realize that Buffy did it first (as always). Buffy had every single element that makes any show good, which is exactly what made the show phenomenal.

I was incredibly late to the fandom, and it was only recently that I finished the seventh (final) season of the show. Ever sin
Hannah Emery
Jan 05, 2015 Hannah Emery rated it it was amazing
My husband and I just finished Buffy in mid-2014, and requested this as a Christmas present. We read it out loud over the week after Christmas and finished it New Year's night. It's a very quick read (maybe a little too quick for my taste given the size and weight of it -- I'll have to clear some space on my shelves for the others) but it's phenomenal. The art is great, but what really impressed us were the craft that went into the characters' voices and taking advantage of the new format. There ...more
Jul 30, 2014 Alex rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2014
This is my second read of Season 8, and I'm not sure whether it is more enjoyable the second time round (being familiar with the characters, knowing who is who, and having an idea of where things are going etc.) or whether it just goes downhill later on in the season, but I found this a lot more enjoyable than the idea of Season 8 that I had in my head.

Yes, it is different to the show. Comic book format means that each issue really does feel like just one part of an episode - and I suppose the f
Dakota Rusk
Jul 06, 2014 Dakota Rusk rated it it was amazing
As a slavish devotee of both Joss Whedon in general and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in particular, I was overjoyed when I discovered—fairly recently—that the adventures of my favorite TV vampire/demon/ghost-busters actually continued after the end of the TV series... in comics form. I admit I was a little wary going in, wondering whether the tone of the series could really translate to a medium so different as this one—but I needn't have worried. In fact, Whedon and his collaborators seem liberated ...more
Eva Natsumi
Dec 16, 2012 Eva Natsumi rated it it was amazing
I'd heard this wasn't very good/strayed from the Buffy verse. I completely disagree. I thought this was awesome. It had the same witty and dramatic repartee as the series. It further developed the characters. The art and design was really unique and well done. The story was a true Buffy original. I loved the commentary from the artist and collection of covers and sketches at the end as well. I can't wait to read the next volume!
Samantha Savage
Jan 03, 2016 Samantha Savage rated it liked it
I recently watched the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Let's just say that I was in a very hard work period in my first semester of University but I was utterly addicted to these shows. I ended up watching all 12 seasons that consist of every single episode of buffy and Angel. Surprisingly, I still managed to do very well in university. How that happened, I have no idea. The buffyverse was my number 1 fixation. Needless to say I loved everything about this world and needed t ...more
Rashid Karmustaji
Dec 24, 2013 Rashid Karmustaji rated it it was amazing
You have to read this book. It's thoughtfully written and provides a substantial amount of closure for the fans. I was flabbergasted by how I was mesmerized by its beauty and content. This is a must have.
Amber Kellogg
Nov 06, 2015 Amber Kellogg rated it it was amazing
I usually don't like comics/graphic novels that much, but this collection is so well written. The dialogue is just like it was in the show. And the illustrations are so vivid and detailed, it really is just what you would want from season 8 of BTVS except in comic book form which is great because there are no budget restrictions and the characters can essentially do anything/go anywhere with little to know regards toward realism. The universe is perfect, the characters are just as you remember t ...more
Feb 13, 2015 Sara rated it it was amazing
This is just...perfect. I can't get over how splendid this book is...what a nice continuation of the series. BUFFY LIVES! Hooray!
Aug 07, 2012 Penny rated it it was amazing
Shelves: comics
I've never really read comics, but I've loved this! I've loved Buffy for a long time and only recently discovered that Joss wrote a season 8 and it's awesome :)
Dec 06, 2014 Holly rated it really liked it
This jumps in a bit after Season 7 (of the TV show), and it was difficult getting used to the switch in formats. But this is certainly a kick-ass comic. You can tell they were really excited about no longer being bound by a special effects budget, so the creature features are a bit over the top, but I really didn't mind.

The character progression & storyline were fresh and interesting, but stayed true to the characters from the show. I could hear their voices in my head, their mannerisms were
Jan 12, 2015 Shahna rated it it was amazing
Shelves: own
I've been holding on to this for awhile now and I was finally able to read it. I just finished watching all seven seasons back to back and I got so much more attached to the characters now then I did as a child watching the show. Finding out that the story continued into comics just blew my mind. What a fantastic thing! I jumped right on that bandwagon.

This library edition is beautiful and wonderful and I love all these characters I am so glad I can keep reading about them. I love the art book
Jun 11, 2015 Izanuela rated it it was amazing
Shelves: fantasy, comics
Vor einiger Zeit habe ich sämtliche Staffeln von Buffy durchgeschaut. Und sie haben mir gefallen, ich stehe dazu! Nun bin ich vor einiger Zeit darauf aufmerksam geworden, dass es in Form von Comics weitergeht, was ich mir als Comicfan nicht entgehen lassen konnte.

Zuerst einmal ist mir positiv aufgefallen wie hochwertig diese Sammelbände gestaltet sind. Großformatig, gebunden, mit Lesebändchen. Sehr angenehm zu lesen, auch wenn ich sie wegen des Gewichts dazu besser vor mich hinlegen muss.
Die Ges
Nice start to season eight! I want to know more about Twilight! Can't wait to read the next one!
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Joss Whedon (born Joseph Hill Whedon) is an American screenwriter, executive producer, film and television director, comic book writer, occasional composer, and actor, and the founder of Mutant Enemy Productions and co-creator of Bellwether Pictures.

He is best known as the creator and showrunner of the television series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003)', 'Angel (1999–2004)', 'Firefly (2002)'
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