Murder Unmentionable (Sweet Nothings, #1)
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Murder Unmentionable (A Sweet Nothings Lingerie Mystery #1)

3.42 of 5 stars 3.42  ·  rating details  ·  135 ratings  ·  39 reviews
Emma Taylor leaves her job as a stylist in New York City to return home to Paris, Tennessee to help her Aunt Arabella renovate her lingerie shop, Sweet Nothings. When Emma discovers that Arabella has a cache of vintage lingerie, Emma realizes they have hit on a fabulous theme for Sweet Nothings. Unfortunately she also discovers a dead body and enough secrets to make everyo...more
Mass Market Paperback, 293 pages
Published September 4th 2012 by Berkley Prime Crime
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Emma Taylor returns to her hometown of Paris, Tennessee from her big-city life in New York, to help her aunt Arabella to update and renovate her lingerie boutique, Sweet Nothings. She doesn't plan on settling down in Paris, but looks at the experience as temporary. Her idea is to renovate the shop, and re-create Sweet Nothings into a vintage lingerie boutique. While she's busy reuniting with old friends and making some new ones, her philandering French ex-boyfriend breezes into town and promptly...more
Murder Unmentionable is the first book in the Sweet Nothings Lingerie Mystery series by Meg London. It could very well be a revealing series.

Emma Taylor has broken off her relationship with Guy Morgan and has returned to her hometown of Paris, TN to help her Aunt Arabella to renovate her lingerie shop, Sweet Nothings. As Emma and Brian, who manages the hardware across the street, are beginning to start the renovations in walks Guy wanting to patch things up with Emma. Emma has no intentions of p...more
Emma Taylor has returned to Paris, Tennessee to help her Aunt Arabella update her lingerie shop, Sweet Nothings. The big-city fashionista thought she knew want to expect but she never expected to find a dead body smack dab in the middle of the shop. That it was the body of her philandering ex didn't make the discovery any more "sweet". She would give anything to have absolutely "nothing" to do with his untimely appearance but she has become the #1 suspect.
It will take more than whispering a few...more
❂ Jennifer (reviews on BookLikes)
This is the first in a new series about a woman who moves back home to Paris, Tennessee to help her Aunt renovate and run the lingerie shop. There's a lot to like about this book - great characters, interesting setting, and a smattering of vintage clothing talk if you like vintage. If you don't, it isn't overwhelming at all. The author has done a really nice job setting up an alternate reality a lot of readers will want to visit and get to know better.

Unfortunately, I found the mystery part of t...more
Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Emma Taylor finally achieved the life she always wanted in the bustling city of New York. She had her small overpriced apartment, a great job as a fashion stylist, and a hunky French boyfriend. She had it all until she found out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her; repeatedly!

Now Emma is back in Paris, Tennessee helping her Aunt Arabella resurrect her struggling lingerie shop, Sweet Nothings. Emma is catching up with old friends, including her best fri...more
Jeannie and Louis Rigod
First of all, I want to make this very clear, I really liked this book. This was a debut in a brand new series and yes, I knew who had done the dastardly deed very early on, however, the motive wasn't clear to me and I enjoyed the journey learning it.

The characters were happy and you know what? That was a great change that I wish more writers would take. Not everyone comes from an unhappy marriage, childhood, or adulthood. Although our newest sleuth, Emma Taylor comes back to her childhood home...more
Dru Ann
When her ex-boyfriend follows her to Paris, little did Emma know it would be the last time she sees him and in the same breathe accused of his murder. To clear her name and reputation, Emma and her friends will need to undress a killer before Emma is hung up to dry.

I like it. Mix an entertaining whodunit, some laughs and a little bit of romance and you got the makings of a great debut series. This was an enjoyable mystery that I could not put down. The writing flowed easily with crisp dialogue a...more
I am over halfway finished reading this book and get drawn out of the story with discrepencies. Ms. London gets away with several things that a good publisher should have caught. The "thinking" of the characters, the conversations, are very basic and kindergarten. The thinking of the author is ridiculous at times. I plan to finish the book today although I know the "who did it" because that is quite obvious.

Now that I am finished reading it.....yep! I was right and the entire ending totally pre...more
I really loved this book! From the southern setting, where the sweet tea was overflowing, to the relationship between Emma and her aunt (and all of her aunt's love interests!), this was just a fun read that I had trouble putting down. Emma is revamping her aunt's lingerie shop and trying to make it new and exciting to everyone in town. She lives over the shop but is usually working or out and about seeing old friends. When someone from her past is found murdered in her aunt's shop she is the pri...more
In the first book in the Lingerie Mysteries by Meg London, Emma Taylor has returned to Paris, Tennessee to nurse a broken heart and also to help her Aunt Arabella with her lingerie store, Sweet Nothings. Emma is determined to use her skills as a stylist to breath new life into Sweet Nothings. However before she can put her plan into action her ex-boyfriend, Guy Richards, turns up to try and win her back. When Guy turns up dead inside her Aunt's store the local police force start pointing their f...more
Murder Unmentionable is the first book in a new cozy mystery series, A Sweet Nothings Lingerie Mystery, by Meg London. It takes place in small town Paris, Tennessee. I've actually been to Paris, TN several times and have seen where the Eiffel Tower replica is located - it looks neat at night, too!

Murder Unmentionable stars the following:
Emma Taylor
Aunt Arabella
Guy Richard
Brian O'Connell

Emma is from the small town of Paris, Tennessee and until the beginning of this novel, she was employed in t...more
Mary Havlovic
I kept reading a mixed variety of reviews this book was receiving and decided I wanted to read it for myself. The story takes place in Paris TN and centers around a young woman named Emma Taylor who has been working in New York as stylist at Femme magazine. Her aunt Arabella owns a lingerie boutique called Sweet Nothings. Arabella has a French Bulldog named Pierre, who also comes to the boutique on a daily basis. Emma returns to Paris to help her aunt Arabella breathe new life into the boutique...more
Emma is so lucky to have an aunt like Arabella, she sounds like so much fun!

Emma and Brian seem well matched, & his sister Liz would certainly love to see her best friend and her brother together.

This book made me want to go shopping for a baby doll nighty... if only I had the time.

I look forward to reading more about this wonderful cast of characters.
I really wanted to like this book, but I didn't. I honestly felt like it was a chore to read. I skimmed through parts of the book due to the repetitiveness of the scenes/dialogue. I don't think it necessary for a sequence of events to happen and then have the characters telling what happened a page or two later. I also felt there were one or two plot elements that were dropped...perhaps the author was setting up for future plot lines? I Might read the next book to see if the plot is better devel...more
This clearly was an episode of Scooby Doo in a lingerie shop.
I read another review where the reviewer said it was nice to have characters that were so optimistic about as opposed to just thinking the world was going to end because something bad happened near them. Once I read that, my point of view changed about the book. I stopped thinking it was silly and a confusing waste of a read, and found the book to cute and fun. Now I want to go lingerie shopping.
I just finished this book and although I liked the setting of the vintage lingerie shop, I found the writing could use some improvement. Besides knowing who did it early on in the book, I didn't have a good feel for the characters and their dialogue was too simple. There were also errors that I am surprised that didn't get fixed before publishing. However, I will probably read the next book and give the series a second chance.
Murder Unmentionable was a nice cozy and a good debut for Meg London. I did figure out who did it before the end but did not feel that it detracted any from the stor. The setting is a lingerie shop, specializing in expensive vintage undies, nighties, and so on. I learned a little about vintage lingerie which was interesting. I enjoyed the characters in this story and the love interest that was presented. An enjoyable read.
Not bad, definitely not good. Mostly so-so. I really hated the cheating ex-boyfriend. The French guy who speaks French half the time because is't suppposed to be "oh-so-sexy"??? YUCK!! Hate it! He got what he deserved! Liked Aunt Arabella, not so much Emma. Very obvious murderer. Best part of the book was the talk about the vintage lingerie. Might read another......then again maybe not.
Another cute cozy mystery. This one has a woman trying to revitalize her aunt's thrift store into a vintage lingerie shop.

I liked reading this one despite knowing right away whodunnit. So perhaps it's not for everyone. It's cute, the info about vintage lingerie is interesting, the characters are fun and there's a bit of romance.

Fun beginning to a new cozy series! When a niece returns to a small Tennessee town to help her aunt breathe life into a lingerie shop life gets very interesting. Emma's big city boyfriend follows her and trouble follows him. There are quirky characters and fun fashion bits. I'm looking forward to the next entry. Loved the cover art, too.
a nice fashion related mystery. goes along with the rest of the mystery shopping series and is awesome for younger readers. its good for when i want some straight mystery to read without it being terribly dark. the shopping tips are nice too.
The start of a good series. The killer was predictable, and it did get a little dry towards the end and cops were so annoying! They needed a good kick in the butt. But all in all it was a good read and I'll check out more in the series.
Lauren Salamon
Although the story was charming I knew who the killer was the minute the character was introduced. I enjoyed the side stories of the town and shop enough that I'll probably try one more in the series to see if it is less predictable.
Sandra Strange
Another cozy mystery beginning a series se in a small Tennessee town and centered about a shop selling vintage and popular underwear and nightwear. Cute, light reading with enough jeopardy to keep it interesting.
This mystery was OK. Nice characters, but the action was slow at times. And I had to re-read parts to really understand what was happening. Could have been a bit clearer for me, I think.
Cute first in series..will more than likely read the next one.. even though I had the killer figured out extremely early on.. the writer did a nice job of wrapping it up in the end
I happened to pick this one up in a $5/bag library book sale, and I enjoyed it as a great break from thinking hard! I even went out and bought the follow-up!
- Easy-to-Read 5 stars.
- Easy-to-guess who's murderer? 2.5 stars.

Summary: Nice Cozy Mystery. Looking forward to the next book in the series.
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