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Pas de robe blanche pour la mariée
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Pas de robe blanche pour la mariée

3.12 of 5 stars 3.12  ·  rating details  ·  1,813 ratings  ·  110 reviews
La Veuve Noire : tel est le terrible surnom dont les journaux à scandale ont affublé Jessica. Dévoreuse d'hommes, croqueuse de diamants, cette jeune femme si blonde et si frêle?
Jessica pousse un soupir: à quoi bon les détromper...
Jusqu'au jour où surgit dans sa vie Nikolas Constantinos. Le célèbre milliardaire grec se laissera-t-il lui aussi abuser par la rumeur? Pour l'ho
Mass Market Paperback, 155 pages
Published 1990 by Harlequin (first published May 1982)
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This book made me feel sick. I actually cried while reading this. This isn't a romance novel, it's a book on domestic abuse.

Nikolas, the "hero" is so controlling, emotionally abusive and is just an awful, awful man. He kisses another woman (he goes to this woman with sex in mind but they were interrupted so it didn't go any further) and accused Jessica of being at fault! He says that if only she would stop playing games and sleep with him then he wouldn't have to get sex somewhere else.

Jessica p
Eugh what a good awful book!

For someone who usually loves Linda Howard, this was a major disappointment!

The 2 main characters of Nikolas and Jessica were absolutely awful !!
Nothing to endear them to me at all.

Both was annoying, jumping to conclusions...believing everything the Press write...I mean really?

He was an obnoxious, control freak who wouldnt take no for an answer. She panicked at every touch and kiss and went further EUGH! Yet supposedly she was in love with him. Was madness!

I think I
I really struggled with this one - I love Linda Howard and I love lots of angst and there was loads of that so it should have ticked all my boxes and been an excellent read right?...sadly, no!!

I really didn’t like the hero, he was a bully and the heroine left a lot to be desired too as she was just a stupid puppet!... I mean if a man that you only just met starts ordering you around and physically forcing you then you don’t accept it you either sort him out or get help from another source. At t
Maybe a 3.5 really. It seems very different from any other LH book I've read (much more Presents like), and while it did give me heart-burn, in a good way, I still can't quite get past how ARROGANT - with a capital ANT (I don't know what that means) - Niko is. He pursues her like a stalker would and then proceeds to sexually molest her, even when she is verbally saying no - but what to do, the girl's body (whorish as it looks with her begging breasts and her many blushes) so obviously wants it.

Difficult to rate this one. I suppose I'll go with a 3.5. There are parts that make me want to scream, but I couldn't stay away.

This is a Silhouette Romance from 1982, but for all intents and purposes it is a vintage Harlequin Presents.

The h is an American, but she is living in England. The hero is an ultra arrogant Greek Tycoon. The h was also an orphan, raised in poverty, with the reputation of being a opportunistic whore who sleeps with anyone. Actually, she's a virgin with lots of relations
4 stars for the angsty oldschoolness but if you're offended by asshat heroes and doormat heroines you'd probably only give it a one. She was absolutely the most frightened wimpy virgin I have ever read about. She practically fainted if he touched the side of her breast. She went into hysterics if he asked to make love to her. He on the other hand, other than reluctantly accepting a no sexually, never paid the slightest attention to what she wanted. I wanted to hit him over the head with a skille ...more
Alexis-Morgan Roark
The hero was too mean and the heroine (ha!) was a bona fide doormat. Welcome to '80s "female literature." I couldn't get passed the sexism, and I just kept wishing for it to end.
Did I read that same book as everyone else? I read this book the whole way through just to see if it would ever redeem itself. It didn't. If you have a rape trigger I would stay away from this book as it comes dangerously and uncomfortably close.

The writing is fine but the storyline is horrible, and the "relationship" building is even worse. This strong female character is constantly being overwhelmed and subdued by this man both physically and mentally and then she goes and apologizes for fight
Before reading this, I've already read some of the reviews, and there mixed reactions really. But I gave the benefit of the doubt because I liked the gist.

There were parts that I was really miserable together with Jessica, especially on the scene where Nikolas told her that she isn't the type of woman he'll marry.

On the other hand, I got irritated with Jessica's fidgeting, and fear, and just plain, cowardice.

There were parts that I really liked, because they made me feel the pain, rejection an
Grrr que personajes más detestables y eso que aún con su arrogancia adoro a los griegos,pero Nikolas es otra cosa. Detestable por demás y la Jessica con tanta lloradera e indecisión tampoco ayudó a que la historia fuera más llevadera. Las dos estrellas es por que por alguna razón por demás masoquista quería saber su desenlace.
เกลียดพระเอกวุย หงุดหงิด ดาวลดไป 1 ดวงเลย ฮาๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆ สะใจ



รำคาญนิสัยพระเอก ทำไมฮีชางครอบงำอยางนี บงการ เปนเจาขาวเจาของ ไมเหนใจนางเอกเอาซะเลย!!! สวนนางเอก ชีกชางโลเล ตอนแรกกรักเขา แตไมอยากมีอะไรกับเขา แลวกไปเสนอตัวใหเขา โอยยยยย เรา งง มาก การกระทำของชีชางไมสมเหตุสมผลเอาซะเลย ตอนแรกวาจะให 4 ดาวเพราะชอบนิยายทีอานแลวมันบีบหัวใจจีดๆ เราชอบแนวสะเทือนซาง
Confused Two. Five stars.

This story is not something I would have read if I had read the other reviews before but as I love the other novels by Mrs. Howard, I had to read and complete this one.

The hero is what I define a 'abusive domineering almost rapist'. I hated him, loathed the words he spoke, despised the ground he walked on but I couldn't stop reading the book because there was also this part of him which you might not hate, the fierce protective instinct towards the heroine part.

The her
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Judy Goodnight
I'll be generous & actually call this one 1 1/2 stars.

A search for Linda Howard's booklist revealed many of her earliest works that I hadn't read. So, a challenge for me - to find and read all those early works. Let me go on record now saying that this author has improved mightily from her first books!

Now I am aware of how those first "hot" romances from the 80's are way out of line with early 21st century sensibilities. But, when I'm re-reading books from that time by my favorite authors, I
Being a huge fan of Linda Howard, especially of her earlier romances, I so wanted to like this book. I was saddened by the choice I made to turn off the audio and write it up as a DNF book. The story was just horrendous. I know that this book was written in the 80's, but I can't imagine that the behavior of the hero in this book was considered romantic even back then.

From the minute Nikolas meets Jessica, he is rude and acts outrageously disgusting toward her. He wants her to sell him her shares
AWFUL BOOK! Granted, it was written back in the dark ages of 1982, but even way back then, when a woman said NO... it actually meant NO. The plot of: I am saying NO NO but my eyes are really saying YES YES is the defense a rapist will invoke during trial. When a woman says no and the man says "so what" that is called DATE RAPE. That is a serious crime that should not be exploited for a romance novel in such a despicable manor.

I would not even finish this book.

Even during the dark ages of the 80
Yeah, so this book.....

 photo eddie murphy_zpstuejbrcw.gif

It got increasingly WTF am I reading here? As I went on.
I am surprised. How can someone who has created Roanna(shades of twalight) and Faith (After the night) create such a coward and doormat woman!!!! I like LH heroines due to their courage to stand for their selves. They often know what they want and they have gut to try and reach. There is nothing to say about Jessica.
Awful, simply awful. The hero is one of the worst I have ever seen, and the heroine was simply moronic. This doesn't even deserve one star. I wish I could burn the memory of this book from my brain.
Is this really Linda Howard? Idiotic characters, a really frustrating read.....!!
I have seriously reached my limit on alpha he-men with this one.
If I could select zero stars and have it affect this book's overall rating, I would. I normally can find SOME redeeming quality in a book. And, I'm not the type to say unkind things about a book, or an author's work, so blatantly. But, I'm sorry Ms. Howard...but this book was utter and total CRAP. I've read some terrible stories before and honestly, this is the top of that heap. There are no redeeming qualities in the story or the character. The book isn't terribly written, so I guess I can say ...more
Noah Oanh
As a confirmed Linda Howard fan, I looked forward to a story I'd not yet read - but oh boy, this one was not one of her better efforts!

"Main Male Character
Profession/status: - business executive
Age/status: - 20's-30's
How sexual is this person? - "zip'm down, zip'm up. Next!"
How romantic is this person? - not very romantic
Sex makes him - more bitchy/arrogant - angry
Sex has good effect on him Yes
Sex makes him - blissful
Sex has bad effect on him Yes
How sensitive is this character? - hard
When Jessica Stanton refuses to vote on her stock options the way Greek billionaire and bully Nikolas Constantinos wishes, he decides to retaliate, until he meets her. The press bestowed the sobriquet “Black Widow” on Jessica because she married a man old enough to be her grandfather, a man who subsequently died and made her very rich. But Jessica doesn’t want wealth; she wants love, which she believes she’s found in Nikolas. Although why she thinks this, will be a mystery to readers since he al ...more
Melissa Schlegel
EXTREMELY sickening story of physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse. for God's sake the man nearly rapes the woman on about half a dozen occasions, and is treating like a hero for no going through with it!
Not once does the man show any interest in or consideration for the woman's wishes, thoughts, interests, opinions, happiness, or really anything not involving her physical body. He stalks her and forces (often physically or with threats) her to be his ?girlfriend/mistress? and she appar
what a horrible horribly shit book. going through old Linda Howard is a bit of a mess more of my beloveds are ending up with 3/5 bc they would bore me now as opposed to younger naive me before. this one though belongs to the trash.
I still love you Linda..but not this.
I was miserable while reading this. When I read the synopsis, I was a bit skeptical because let's admit it, there good books, and bad books by Linda Howard. I've read my share of both sides and I have to tell you, this was one of the bad ones. Anyway. Nikolas Constantinos was all Veni, Vidi, Vici over Jessica. He also had a LOT of misconceptions that are just so unreasonable it's ridiculous. And Jessica had major issues with sex. They should have just talked it out and cleared the air. I gave tw ...more
The Abusive Rapist and the Weeping Doormat.

I know this is a really old book, and naturally have made allowances for the "oldfashioned ness" of the romance. Disclaimer: I'm a big Linda Howard fan, but this truly is a terrible book. If I could give this zero stars, I would!

Niko the hero goes careening way past the "sexy confident alpha male" territory into "abusive, controlling would-be rapist" territory right from go. I usually have a soft spot for the hard, gritty "alpha male" type in romance f

First part : Girl meets guy. He's extremely arrogant, bruff etc.. which I kind of like in a man. Because in a Happy ending tale, he's tamed :)
But this one doesn't tame.

I have to ask a few questions here. Ok, she screams everytime he touches her and then she decides to go away to this random island to cool off. That's fine. Then she decides, ok, I'll be his mistress. If it's sex he wants, it's sex he gets bla bla. THen she comes back and he touches her and she screams again! Then he tells her ok,
Amanda Gylling
I'm just going to start with the fact that I normally love Linda Howard's books but this one is just horrific! The male lead had absolutely no redeeming qualities, even the fact that he is rich does not make up for how horrible he is. At one point in the story he decides that he has waited too long for the female lead to decide to have sex with him and he starts to have sex with a past lover. The female lead happens to walk by as he is getting started with his lover, and he sees the female lead ...more
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