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3.91 of 5 stars 3.91  ·  rating details  ·  534 ratings  ·  65 reviews
When I’m broken and nothing seems to make any sense, I go back to the ranch, to my beautiful Jessie. Jess…fixes me, makes me whole again.

Those were the words written in Adam's journal shortly before he died. His twin brother, Mitch, has never met Jessie, but believes she must be some kind of woman to glue his brother back together time after time. Now it is up to Mitch to
Kindle Edition, 197 pages
Published (first published January 1st 2010)
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Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance
Story Rating ~ 4.5
Hero Rating ~ 5 Stars
Heroine Rating ~ 5 Stars
Romance Rating ~ 5 BIG Stars
Heat Level ~ 3 Stars
End Rating ~ 5 Stars
Overall Rating ~ 4.5 Stars

From page one; this book had a hold on me. The story starts off with the hero Mitch reading his recently deceased identical twin brother, Adam’s journal. They were both Special Ops soldiers and on their last mission, Adam was killed saving Mitch’s life. Mitch followed Adam into the Special Ops only beca
Jennie Smith
I love when I find those books that are the hidden gems... This is the epitome if that! I loved this story from start to finish. It was beautifully written, I went through every emotion possible while reading, and was completely satisfied at the end! Definitely one of my new favorites!!
Tessamari ♥Many Waters...♥ ~ Sweet Spot Book Blog
3.25 Stars

This book would make a great Lifetime Movie, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. Seriously, it really would. We have our hero, Mitch, who just lost his twin brother, Adam, during one of their Special Ops missions. Prior to Adam's death, he was seeing Jessie. Adam and Jessie would get together in between missions. Adam pretty much uses Jessie a crutch, of sorts. He finds peace and comfort with Jessie. However, Jessie knows that each time Adam visits, it won't be for a long period
Dyllan, The Brazuca Ekaterina
This was so good, I'm so happy I stumbled on this book. A light and sweet romance with great characters and plot.
Will for sure check other books by Kimberley Reeves!
This book was truly amazing and beautiful, it gave me great joy to read it and if all of Kimberely Reeves novels are this good and such a joy to read, I will be a contented fan, always!

When Adam was broken, he'd go to Jessie and she would fix him. Then Adam would go back to the Special Ops and continue on with his missions. On his last mission, Adam never came back, he was killed by saving his brother Mitchell.

When Mitch read Adam's journal about Jessie, he knew he had to go to her and be with
well Goodreads ate the first review, lets try this again..

I really liked this book and would go so far as to say that its my favorite so far. (of the available Kimberley Reeves books available on Kindle- I love the Vittorio books but give me a cowboy any day :) )

The story flowed so smooth and the author did a good job portraying the characters feelings. I felt so bad for Mitch (H) at first because he fell so hard and quick for the heroine and she thought he was his brother. I didnt like that h
At first I was really conflicted about how I really felt about this story and the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much I truly enjoyed it. I was skeptical about everyone's role and reaction to the situation. But if I found myself in this place, I think if want the same scene too to play out.

So the story is about twin brothers, Adam and Mitch, who are in the special ops together. Adam takes every chance he can to spend time with his lover Jessie. She's in love with Adam but he a
Okay, so I'm now officially a 'fan' of Kimberley Reeves' writing, so maybe some people would say that I've stopped being objective with regard to her work... but I don't think that's the case. I know what I enjoy reading and it's impossible not to get excited when you come across an author who delivers what you want time and again.

I've said it before, but it bears repeating. This Author is SMOOTH. Her writing style flows and her plotlines and characters are kept fresh by unexpected twists and a
I must admit I picked up Broken because I just had to see how they resolved everything in the book. Adam and Mitch are identical twins and when Adam dies in the field Mitch goes back to his girl, Jessie, pretending to be Adam to give her one last visit from him before finding out he is dead. Well of course they fall in love, but how is Mitch supposed to tell her he is not Adam? Yes indeed. How is this all going to work out? Warning spoilers ahead.

So Mitch shows up at Jessie's place and after wat
3.5 stars. A moving story about a twin brother going to tell his brother's lover that he has died in war. Deciding that he wants to give her the satisfaction of having to be able to be with her lover one last time the twin takes on the identity of the fallen brother. He develops a strong relationship with the lover and it becomes harder and harder to tell her the truth because he knows that it will send her away from him.

I had a hard time with this book because I couldn't believe that the twin w
Victoria Rainey
Mitch retired from working in Special Ops with his brother Adam after Adam was killed in there last mission together. Adam and Mitch are identical twins. Mitch goes over Adams journal and then makes the journey to tell his girlfriend Jessie that Adam as passed away. Mitch is a hot and sexy man who falls for Jessie at first sight.

Jessie is used to Adam coming and going all the time with no expectations of staying. When Mitch comes to talk to her, she mistakes him for Adam and Mitch does not corr
I now know why I don't read romance novels. Too much sex for my taste, and quite cheesy. But it was free, so I decided to try it. That being said, it wasn't a bad book. The story/plotline was interesting, but a bit shallow. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

The story started out strong and passionate, but when Hank found out that Mitch was posing as "Adam", it went downhill. It became a sex-fest and then Jessie realized "Adam" was really Mitch, and it just didn't make sense to me that the reactions were a
Victoria Rainey
Mitch retired from working in Special Ops with his brother Adam after Adam was killed in there last mission together. Adam and Mitch are identical twins. Mitch goes over Adams journal and then makes the journey to tell his girlfriend Jessie that Adam as passed away. Mitch is a hot and sexy man who falls for Jessie at first sight.

Jessie is used to Adam coming and going all the time with no expectations of staying. When Mitch comes to talk to her, she mistakes him for Adam and Mitch does not corr
Adam was a special ops soldier who lived for his work and puts his life on the line. His twin brother, Mitch, followed him into the career just to help take care of him. Adam is killed. Jessie is the woman who, for the past 3 years, has comforted Adam and helped "put him back together" after each mission. But yet, she knew that thier relationship would never go anywhere further with marriage and family. Mitch goes to the ranch to tell Jessie his brother is dead and then after seeing her decides ...more
TreLyn Cecile
I have to say this has been one of the best books I've read. I was a little skeptical at first due to the nature of the story. I mean who pretends to be their dead brother. But as the story went on you realize how hard it was for the MC (Mitch) to make that choice. The story flowed smoothly and was easy to capture your attention. Something very few have a way of doing. This is one I would recommend reading.
this book was amazing its up there in my list of favorites this book was heartrending and beautiful. this book was moving and that doesn't happen allot to me. it was one of those books with an amazing story and selfless characters the last line of the book was perfect and closed the book perfectly. Jessie was a strong willed heroine who fights for what she wants and doesn't give us. Mitch made me melt a little he has such a big heart i do think what he did was little twisted even if it was for g ...more
Broken was a book that I wasn't entirely sure how the story would play on. It is about Mitch Kincaid. Him and his twin brother are special ops agents. His brother Adam has a woman who he goes home to as he says "fix him" after every mission. Adam gets killed saving Mitch on the last mission. Mitch reads his journal and decides to go home to give Jessie a few good memories to last her by pretending to be Adam. Long story short he falls in love with Jessie and doesn't want to leave. The story was ...more
Oh my dang God, this is a fairy tale and I freaking loved it.

This author wrote a story that etched itself on my heart!

Mitch's twin brother Adam died saving his life and left him his journal chronicaling his relationship with Jessie. Jessie was Adams touchstone, she healed him with her loving whenever he was between special ops missions. Mitch feels he needs to go to her in person and break the news of Adam's death to her.

After watching her for a few days he approaches her and she mistakes him f
Nice fluffy read. A little bit unrealistic in places and maybe too slushy for some but when you just fancy a nice read with no angsty story or cliffhanger this is the book for you.
I enjoyed this book.
I liked it didn't love it. I liked the fire Jessie had as the female lead but ultimately lost interest in her ever present understanding of any oddity that occurred where Adam or Mitch were concerned. I liked Mitch a lot but I think old man Hank was my favorite character in this book which is bad given that he is a peripheral character. If you prefer your heroine to be all positive never wavering faith in her man, male lead hot, totally alpha & broken in several ways and all that wrapped up ...more
I hate to say this since the book started out so strong but, DUH. Everything was too perfect and neatly packaged. I love when a book lacks too much drama, but this was so sickly sweet. Who forgives someone for lying to them about their identity for months and months? And I get how the whole pregnancy thing, and how it gave her insight to who Mitch really was, but BARF. I am sooooo bummed about how this book rapidly declined after 25% of the way through. And, like Lord of the Rings, it ended too ...more
Quick & Dirty:

-DRM ENABLED – Kindle readers only (unless you like computer screens...)
-Quick and simple read
-Don't read if you need a story that rides on more than a relationship

Long & Wordy:

To read my ramble-y review check out one of my blogs...

Overall 3.5/5

***I received this book as an ARC. This in no way effected my review.***
Well it's official, I <3 Kimberley Reeves.
This was a strange situation, this Mitch stepping in Adam's place story. And there was a few times where you just want to shake the characters and say JUST TALK TO ONE ANOTHER, but isn't that how it always goes in romance novels? While the story line was a little too far fetched, this story was just so well written, the characters so well defined, and the flow of the tale so smooth and easy to read.
Highly recommended for an afternoon read!
I'm not normally one for romance novels. I tend to stick to young adult fantasy and fiction. I've always thought they were a bit over the top with the sex scenes and such. But this book didn't goninto gory details and remained on the surface of the intamacy. Yeah maybe the plot is a tad bit cheesy and it would be a great lifetime flick -kind of Legends of the Fall meets While You Were Sleeping- but it is a good book. It's a quick and easy read and definitely worth picking up.
Nyree Wade
(My previous review on this did not post!! Hopefully it sticks this time.)

I read Broken with a friend of mine, and I loved it. The southern feel, the ranch, personalities that you grow to love- the characters, and the 'secrets' revealed make this a five star read. (Not to mention the naughty scenes!) Wink-Wink. I wasn't sure how this was going to unfold, but Reeves does a great job at keeping you guessing till the end! I'll not spoil it, but this one is a keeper. ;)
Audrey Johnson
I was so ready to get the book in the mail! This was the first book that I read by Kimberley Reeves, but it will not be the last. I look forward to reading more from this author!

As soon as got I was engulfed.

I never read the back of book before I read when I started I had no idea what it was about. I was rooting for Mitch the whole time and a him and Jessie kept me on edge the whole time! Love never fails!!

Thanks Kimberley for the great book!!
This book was good, but completely drama free. Even when the girl finds out that she has been lied to the entire book, she just justifies it in her mind that he is so broken and needed her it's okay. I could have used a good freak out from her, or at least a little anger. Other than that I liked it pretty well.
I love the way Reeves writes she takes you into a story and keeps you there.the lead characters where well written.
the parts that i thought ok she's gonna flip now and somehow reeves wrote through the situation to show a different view. oh when he was being all macho man - i assusmed she was gonna show dude the door - but the book to a different perspective.
I really love to read any of your books.
I loved this book. I wasn't so over whelmed with the characters emotions so that's why it got four stars, but it was still really good. I felt bad for Mitch. I could not imagine losing my brother none the less a twin brother. And Jessie gets her emotions pulled this way and that. But I loved how this ended! Beautiful! Gives me hope I won't kill my husband, but only a little bit of hope!
This book was very good up to 75%. It started very intriguing... I was hooked on Mitch's drama and love! At 50% the awesome angst kept me turning the pages and I couldn't put it down, then at about 75% it lost my attention. Everything became so sweet, so perfect, so predicable, and plan boring. too bad, it had a great potential...
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Eighteen years of marriage to the same wonderful man who is and always will be the love of my life. He is the inspiration in my heart...
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