A Cat's Chance in Hell (Hellcat, #1)
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A Cat's Chance in Hell (Hellcat #1)

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  663 ratings  ·  50 reviews
If the Demon Master gets his way
the City is about to become Hell on Earth.

Gabi has some extraordinary talents. Some might call them supernatural, but for her they’re just part of everyday life. What she knows about the supernatural would give most humans nightmares forever. Ridding the streets of bad-ass creatures of the night is Gabi’s other job. Taking up the mantle of...more
Kindle Edition, 418 pages
Published January 27th 2012 by Sharon Hannaford
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This is a classic UF story with a tough-as-nails heroine who likes to fight.

Certain parts of the book were very good. I liked the plot and the world-building and the characters were OK (though Gabi isn't as likeable as some UF heroines), but I had issues with the author's writing style.

There is a huge amount of info-dumping early on. Now, if an author has a big info-dump and moves on, and the story is good elsewhere, I can live with that just fine. But Sharon Hannaford is very guilty of 'telling...more
Nov 27, 2013 Marsha rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Adult Urban Fantasy Lovers
Recommended to Marsha by: TIffany
It has been a while since I've found a new Urban Fantasy series that I feel is truly interesting enough to be considered a new favorite. Yet, that is exactly what I've found with "A Cat's Chance in Hell." It is has a strong female herione, a unique plot, plenty of action, mystery, intrigue and hot romance.

Gabrielle is part human and vampire due to an accident prior to her birth. Her pregnant mother was attacked by a vampire but before she could be killed another vampire intervened killing the as...more
2 1\2 stars Self-pubb

This novel has a good story line and enough world-building to make me appreciate it. It's nothing new, but rather a "melting pot" of things deja read. Still its pace makes it easy to read.

The best part of it: the cat Razor, 20 kgs of fur and folly. Can I have him, pretty please? You can keep the vamps :D

The real weak point: info-dumping. If you download the sample (as I did) you'll notice that at the beginning of the story the good guys are ready for a mission. When they get...more
Gabrielle is a hunter for the Malus Venatori killing rogue vampires and werewolves as well as dealing with any demons that enter the city. She is so good at what she does that she is known as Angeli Morte – the angel of death – by the creatures that she hunts, but her friends just call her hellcat. After being kidnapped by the city’s master vampire, Gabi learns that she and the rest of the SMV only have 4 days to save the city from a demon attack and their only chance of survival lies in an alli...more
Bex 'n' Books
A Cat’s Chance in Hell (The Hellcat Series – Book 1) by Sharon Hannaford
Love ‘old skool’ Anita Blake, the sassy Chloe Neill’s Merit and bad-ass Riley Jenson? Then I have no doubt that you’ll think Gabi is a pretty awesome and equally ruthless heroine and Demon Hunter.
In book one of The Hellcat Series, we are thrown into Gabi’s world of danger and constant action. There’s certainly no rest for a Hellcat! Gabi, the protagonist, is not only a pretty amazing Demon Hunter, but she’s an unusual supe,...more
Despite demon attacks, uneasy alliances and a potential romance on the cards I'm spending a great deal of time being very bored with this book. The story has potential to be a generic kick-arse heroine UF entry, but I think it needs the help of a good professional editor and some reworking to make it shine.

A lot of my problems came down to being told and not shown what was happening as well as massive and often inappropriately placed info-dumps. I found this very disappointing because it limite...more
this is a real good UF book with a strong heroine and real interesting characters. I loved the story because it was engaging and full of action. the plot was well drafted and the characters developement was really interesting

the only flaw - and the reason why it is only 4 stars and not inimum 4,5 stars is the POV: normally I prefer for such a story the first person view - but to have different POVs can be enjoyable. but here it was a bit incomprehensible when which POV would take over. I think t...more
I really enjoyed this book. I consider this a "good find" I came across this book on goodreads and it was a great book. The main character Gabi,is human with special abilites, as well as her best friend kyle. They are part of a group that polices the city against anything supernatural that is a threat to humans and the city. This book has everything you want sexy vanpires (loved julius) weres, mages, demons and a 200 pound housecat named razor. I am really looking forward to the next book.
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What a great story. I have to say that my favorite female lead character right now is Gabi. I love her fearless attitude and her fearless loyalty to those she loves. She's like any other woman who's sensitive but doesn't let anyone push her around or take advantage of her.

I love it when I read a supernatural story that has a different take on the supernatural. I'm sure there are other books out there similar to this one but this is the first I've read of its kind and I'm happy about that. Gabi i...more
Although this is not the most original parnormal novel out there, it's very good.

The fantasy aspect was mostly in the range of creatures as opposed to or in addition to worldbuilding. At first, I thought I had read it before because it felt so familar. I was well into the third chapter when the characters took center stage and I knew I hadn't encountered them before. It's urban fantasy with a healthy dose of romance. I like the blend. This is not YA although if one were to skip the one sex scene...more
** I received a free e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review **

Two words...Epically Awesome!!

A Cat's Chance in Hell was one of those books so rich in detail and experience that you would swear you spent the last day in a movie rather than reading a book. Sharon Hannaford makes it so effortlessly easy for her readers to join her world.

This book centers around Gabi. Gabrielle Bradford. Angeli Morte. The Angel of Death. Also known as Hellcat to those in her inner ci...more
VampireRomanceBooks ThatsErotica
A Cat’s Chance in Hell is book one in the Hellcat series and does not disappoint. Reading it in just two sittings, it is page after page of pure delight. The heroine Gabi is smart, sexy, and funny. She doesn’t back down from anything or anyone set in her path, including the incredibly gorgeous and powerful Master Vampire, Julius.

When Julius brings Gabi unwillingly into his world nothing could have prepared her. Bracing for a fight she is surprised to say the least when she realizes that he has t...more
Rated 2.5 stars

I had totally forgotten that I had read this book when I was checking what reviews I needed to write up. That's not a good indication that I liked it is it? Well that's good because I didn't enjoy it all that much. I won't go into what the book is about as the rather long and detailed blurb does an excellent job of that.

The blurb sounded really good, definitely something I would read but I was mainly seduced into reading this book by the mention of sexy master vampires. I can nev...more
This book was a fun read. If you like Cat from the Night Huntress series, you'll like Gabi. The characters are similar, but the circumstances regarding their heritage are slightly different. I liked the dynamics of the different relationships in this book.It's nice to see a male/female friendship without it being overly complicated by sex or unrequited feelings.

The storytelling changes narrating perspectives. We see the story unfold not just through Gabi's eyes, but Kyle and Julius as well. I re...more
Excellent beginning

It started off a little slow but picked up pace and became action packed. The characters are well drawn with relationships that are well defined with room for growth. I can hardly wait for the next one.
I loved this book so much. If you start to read it the first 30 pages might seem a little slow, but after that it turns into an action packed book. The heroine is a kick ass chick who does not need to be looked after. Her pets are just freaking amazing and they are an extra set of awesome characters added to the already diverse group of people. I can recommend this book to all the fans of Ilona Andrews, Jeaniene Frost and the earlier books of the Anita Blake series. It is that good. I am not gon...more
It was not a bad book, but it wasn't good.
I had a hard time finishing it, it took me 2 days, and that's a day more than normaly. The action was ok, most of it, and the characters the same but I just didn't feel the spark.
It was not that bad, so I will give it another try to the second book, maybe it just had a lazy start.

I can't put my finger on what my problem was, but it just had something I didn't like it....let me not forget to Lord and Lady curse...it's on every page and almost all the c...more
I lvoed this book. Gabi was fun and full of sass and attitude and everything she needed to back it up. She is definitely not fragile. I loved her animals, especially Razor. The story line kept me guessing for the most part although there were time that it got predictable, but I didn't mind the predictable pats because Gabi and crew were so enjoyable.
I am a character reader so for me, if I connect to the character I will follow then through the series. Gabi in this book is a character that I really appreciated and the story moves pretty quick, very few slow parts. If your a fan of the Jill Kismet series this is kind of like that with a colorful new cast of characters. This book does not leave you pained, and does tie up a few mysteries in the end. good easy read, other characters in the novel initially are not as likable but they grow on you...more
I loved this book. Gabi was the sassy fighting heroine with her sidekick Kyle the wolf. Her character's "can do" attitude drew me in and I was hooked. Julius, well what can I say, I fell in love with him instantly. He was powerful yet moral and his relationship with Gabi kept me laughing and intrigued.
I read most of this book on Mothers Day and I must tell you I didn't move from the couch the whole day. So thank you Sharon Hannaford, I thoroughly enjoyed your book and my day!
All paranormal roma...more
Angie Cox
Great story and characters. It was a little slow to get into but by the third chapter I was hooked. A lot of action with very few slow points. Good mix of characters and types that have their issues but all manage to play nice for the greater good. Some reviews are saying that this is just the same book rewrote by other authors and I disagree. The other things I found in this as well as others were the fact it had vampires, werwolves, witches and a romance twist.

I can't wait for the next book.
Good urban fantasy book! Things go a little too smoothly but overall a solid and imaginative effort with good characters and action. That said...the characters could be given more attention. There are some fun and interesting ones that I would like to see some focus on (Alexander and Kyle particularly).

Looking forward to new books con this promising author!
Good story. Wonderful sexy characters and a good story line. First book in a series and I'm looking forward to reading the next one. Love Razor! Everyone needs a pet like this guy. This story is full of action and no time to get bored. If you are a fan of action, sexy vampires, strong heroines and a bit of demon action on the side you will enjoy this story.
In some ways this story reminds me of Kate Daniel's series by Iliona Andrew which I love. Gabi is a very strong main character she is not damsel in distress. At times I thought we would have a love triangle, but I was spared from the torture- yes!

This was a very good first book and I am excited to read the next one.
I cant believe i found this book by browsing and almost didnt get it. What a mistake that would have been. I am rooting for Julius and Gabi. I loved this book ! I loved the characters. All of them! I want to know more about the vampires! This book made me laugh, cry, scream! Mostly i didnt want it to end!
I am really disappointed the next book is not available yet. A nice surprise... I liked the book and the authors writing style. There was good character development, even in the secondary characters. The story was fresh, and it's nice to have a kick-butt heroine that isn't bowled over by a pretty face.
I enjoyed this story although it needed some editing...little things like missing words in a sentence, the heroine's nickname going from 'Gabi' to 'Gaby' then back to 'Gabi'.

The ending between Gabi and Julius left me a little dissatisfied. Hopefully it'll take a turn in the next in the series.

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