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The Journey

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Danger Shortly after the Netherfield ball, Elizabeth Bennet begins a journey to visit her relations in London with her travelling companions, Mr. Bingley's sisters and the proud, arrogant Mr. Darcy. Suddenly, their carriage is abruptly stopped, and Elizabeth hears the menacing cry, "Stand and deliver!" Abduction The leader of a band of highwaymen, Nate Morgan, a handsome,...more
Paperback, 264 pages
Published February 1st 2012 by Meryton Press (first published November 17th 2011)
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Meredith (Austenesque Reviews)
In her second Pride and Prejudice retelling, author Jan Hahn not only takes our beloved Darcy and Elizabeth off course, she transports them to scenario rife with danger, tension, and romance.

Because of Mrs. Bennet's endless tirade over Elizabeth's refusal of Mr. Collins, Mr. Bennet sends Elizabeth to London to stay with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner, in hopes that his wife will soon reconcile herself to the fact that Lizzy will not be the next Mrs. Collins. Although not the arrangement initially...more
I love exploring Austenesque 'what if' stories. This one asks the question of what if Darcy and Lizzy's story deviated from the original after the Netherfield Ball when they go on a dangerous adventure together as a result of a highwayman's interference.

I loved the excitement added to the story as a result of the a band of thieves and highwaymen which led to my utter pleasure of seeing Darcy in the role of Lizzy's protector. It was intriguing to see what happens when there is a competing suitor...more
Isa Lavinia


There really should be a support group for people like me, I honestly cannot stop.

I've read some pretty terrible adaptations, but thankfully this wasn't one of those.
Yes, there were a few things I disliked, mentions of Alice in Wonderland (which hadn't been published at the time), Elizabeth wearing corsets instead of stays, a bunch of historical inaccuracies, if I must be truthful.

But really, this is basica...more
WOW I really did like this story!! I really would rate it 41/2 stars. Her first book was definitely better but not by much.
This alternative has Elizabeth's father asking Mr Bingley to escort Lizzy to london to her Aunt and Uncle Gardeners house to avoid her mothers wrath over her refusing Mr Collins. Unfortunately Mr Bingley is unable to go with the party, but Mr Darcy, Miss Bingley and Mrs Hurst are all in the carriage together. On the way to London they are robbed by some Highwaymen and they...more
I loved this story! Again Jan Hahn delivers another fantastic P&P what-if story. I have been waiting for this to come out in the kindle version and when it did I grabbed it and I couldn’t put it down!

Written from Elizabeth's point of view, The Journey takes Elizabeth and Darcy down a different path, starting after Elizabeth turns down Mr. Collins's proposal. To escape her mother's wrath, Mr. Bennet arranges a trip for Elizabeth to visit the Gardiners.

While traveling to London the carriage...more
Pack your valise and don your traveling dress. You are about to embark on an exciting journey full of bumps, unexpected turns, and even a handsome villain, who may play with your sensibilities.

When kidnapped by highwaymen, Darcy and Elizabeth find themselves tossed together under alarming circumstances. In order to make it out alive, they must learn to depend on and trust each other. Throughout this journey, time and again, Darcy endeavors to show Elizabeth to what extent he will go in order to...more
Tess Quinn
This novel takes the reader on a journey right along with Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy from Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice. An alternate path, it is nonetheless a wild ride -- and I appreciated much about Ms Hahn's ability to both keep the main characters 'true' to the originals in P&P, and seamlessly weave in short segments of Jane Austen's own P&P narrative directly but with different context than its original placement. She has an enjoyable writing style, and her admiration...more

"The Journey" is a 'what-if' deviation on the original "Pride & Prejudice" story. Following Mr. Collins' disastrous proposal, and unable to tolerate Mrs. Bennet's rantings against his second daughter, Mr. Bennet decides to send Elizabeth off to London under the pretext of visiting her aunt and uncle Gardiner (while just buying himself some peace and quiet). Unfortunately for Lizzie, her father has also decided for her safety that she should accom...more
WOW I loved this story - almost as good as her last one ('An Arranged Marriage' still my fav of Jan's)! Darcy and Elizabeth are thrown together when Darcy seeks to protect Elizabeth when a band of highwaymen rob them all and they seek to take Elizabeth for their own. Darcy declares himself her husband and they are locked away in a cottage together for 3 nights. One of the highwaymen (Morgan) falls in love with Elizabeth and even protects her from the others but it is Darcy who time and time agai...more
This P&P variation is hard to review as the first seven chapters of the novel seemed as if it was just a ordinary regency romance. In some ways, the premise of having Darcy and Elizabeth abducted by highwaymen seemed as farfetched as them being abducted by aliens. Because by dropping them into this situation, some of the Darcy/Elizabeth chemistry fizzled for me and the rest of the book felt flat.

Danger - Shortly after the Netherfield ball, Elizabeth Bennet begins a journey to visit her relat...more
I have just finished reading my second variation by Jan Hahn after thoroughly enjoying An Arranged Marriage. The Journey was equally as brilliant - it was nice to read a variation which was full of proper adventure and real danger!

Having been captured by highwaymen, the situation allows for very different sides to Darcy and Elizabeth to come to light. Darcy shows great bravery and quick thinking in the face of danger as well as great compassion in offering to give himself for ransom instead of...more

At last, at last. It’s arrived at last. Fans of Jan Hahn, author of An Arranged Marriage, winner of 2011 Best Indie Book award by Austenprose, have been all anticipation for the release of The Journey. This Pride & Prejudice twist begins shortly after the Netherfield Ball. Miss Elizabeth Bennet refuses the toady Mr. Collins’ marriage proposal, Elizabeth escapes her carping mother and journeys to London for a visit with her aunt and uncle. Reluctantly she travels with Mr. Bingley’s conceited,...more
Warmisunqu Austen
La trama de la historia es muy interesante y te atrapa desde la primera línea con un ritmo de lectura ágil, rápido, trepidante y muy ameno, los personajes bien construidos y unos más profundos que otros.
Como siempre el tema central es la relación de Darcy y Elizabeth y cómo situaciones externas los expone y actúan en consecuencia. La autora conserva el carácter de ambos y los pone a prueba con la incorporación de nuevos personajes con características muy particulares (como peligrosos asaltantes...more
In this P&P variation instead of Jane traveling to London to visit their aunt and uncle, Elizabeth does, and her father makes arrangements to travel with the Bingleys and Mr. Darcy. However, Mr. Bingley changes his mind and Elizabeth only ends up in the carriage with Mr. Darcy, Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst. However, they are held up by a gang of outlaws lead by Nate Morgan. They rob them and then take Darcy and Elizabeth as hostages for ransom, but not before Mr. Darcy claims that Elizabeth i...more
Jan Hahn now joins Beth Massey as my new favourite author of Pride & Prejudice variation novels. I loved this book. It's daringly different, although as with many stories, starts out with only a minor tweaking of an event or two but as a result departs into a radically different tale that still captures characters perfectly and does not require huge leaps of faith to enjoy. There is no gratuitous violence or sex. Enough tension to keep you hanging by the edge of your seat without making the...more
An intriguing story about Darcy and Elizabeth being abducted. Elizabeth joins Darcy and the Bingley's during their trip to London after the Netherfield ball. They are accosted by highwaymen who wish to take Elizabeth as a hostage. Darcy, concerned for her safety and virtue, claims she is his wife in order to be taken along with her. The ensuing storyline has the two of them confined together in one room as they attempt to outwit their captors. Truly not a story at all in keeping with the origina...more
Miriam Reeves
I enjoyed this book. It had some tender moments. No premarital relations or bodice ripper scenes. It had plenty of blushing and longing though so it was good. The language wasn't all that Jane Austen but it was still a fun read. My big annoyance was how blind Elizabeth seemed to be ALL the time. And how ridiculous she was being about her captor. I felt like there was some major Stockholm syndrome going on there and it was annoying me because poor Mr. Darcy was trying his best. It was different t...more
Exciting at first but I had to struggle through the last 3rd of the book.
It was OK :)
For the fans of P&P fan fiction and alternate paths please pay no attention to me and my reveiws/ratings. I love the premises of all these books (paticularly Ms. Hahn's) but haven't been able to loosen my grip on the original story and Miss Austen's writing to be able to enjoy myself. I keep trying though.
What a great read!

Darcy and Elizabeth constantly misunderstand each other, even when their very lives are in danger! My only criticism is that I found Elizabeth a little too stubborn, but perhaps the extreme circumstances would warrant a change in behavior.

Either way, thoroughly enjoyable!
More often than not it was completely inaccurate and ridiculous, but it was still a fun read. The writing style bounces back and forth from being clearly modern and true to Austen. Not bad, not great. The Journey is just another adaptation, in my book (no pun intended) :)
Mrs. Tolbert
It was fun to read, if not a bit far-fetched. Elizabeth and Darcy kidnapped by highwaymen? Still, I had fun reading this conflict-driven variation on P&P. Hahn does a great job of building tension through various conflicts, and I had a hard time putting this one down.
There are parts of this book I liked very much. I read immediately following An Arranged Marriage by the same author and it just isn't as good. Mostly I found myself not like this version of Lizzy. The story and other characters are very good.
I loved this unique variation! The portion regarding their captivity was exciting and impossible to put down. The summary sounded a little too much, but I am so glad a gave this book a chance. It is now a favourite.
Toni NB
I really enjoyed this fanfic. I've been impressed by various versions of Austen's classics. This is a good one, and I'm looking forward to reading An Arranged Marriage.
I love clean, well-written P&P sequels and alternatives that stay true to the original story and characters and this one did not disappoint. Enjoyable and satisfying.
I liked this one slightly better than Hahn's other book, An Arranged Marriage, but most of what I said in that review applies to this one also.
Wow, what an adventure! This is one of the better, P&P "what ifs." I hope that this story continues in another book.
Nicol Legakis
A delicious adaptation with just the right amount of tension, danger, and romance!
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