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Destiny Calling (Destiny Calling #1)

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Destiny lures Colin Leyton to a HMV music store one fine Saturday morning in March where he stumbles across the young and flamboyant Sam Taylor.

Sam has a knack for attracting trouble and a gift for rubbing people up the wrong way.

Against his better judgement Colin finds himself playing white knight when Sam’s antics get out of hand and he lands in bother with two store sec...more
Kindle Edition, 1st Edition, 262 pages
Published February 1st 2012 by Chastise Books
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♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)
Feb 15, 2012 ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee) added it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who's open to different kind of romance
The Most Difficult And Heartbreaking Book I Have Ever Read

The first thing I will say is this: This book is not for everyone. I'm going to try and explain why while explaining why I think that this book was so spot on.

Destiny Calling thoroughly defies any rating that I could give it, so I'm not going to rate it at all. For me, the most important thing about this book is not whether it is a good or a bad book. The most important thing about Destiny Calling is that it's a difficult and honest book....more
4 - 4.5 stars. Excellent!

From the minute Colin sees Sam disturbing the peace with an outlandish impromtu performance in a shopping mall he is drawn to him. Despite Sam's provocation of the mall security guards, Colin defends him and offers assistance. But it's not just attraction that draws him to Sam. He recognises in him the same behaviour that led his sister to commit suicide several years previously. Colin drops the irrepressible Sam off at his derelict flat but has trouble shaking the young...more
DNF at 41%

I was not going to rate this book because it might just be me. I can't read this subject matter. But by the end of my review I found that I wanted to and could accord it one star. I am $6 down and irked from this reading experience. I can rate it accordingly.

This work features too much I can't stomach well:

* Detrimental misunderstanding

* Meddling friends operating from a "greater good" perspective

* A weak Top. Seriously, either you are or you aren't. Step up. I can't deal with weak To...more
Emma Sea
First half, 4 stars, and very touching and romantic. Second half, 1.5 stars, and I wanted to take a paddle to both the MCs myself.
Emotionally hard developed and created story. Wow, I'm positive impressed.
Colin was truly a HERO in this story. I'm so glad he found Sam. This way Sam could start a new safe life. We didn't have an inch of boring moments here. Sam was gosh, hard person to be around. With this story we have a prove, that with love and kind strong hand, you can achieve everything. I'm glad, I read this story. Thanks to Fabian Black for writing it.
I HIGHLY Recommend this story, it's a MUST READ.
JustJen "Miss Conduct"
Wow. This was a tough one. I really liked the idea behind this story and I really wanted to have an emotional connection with it. However, Colin and Sam drove me insane. I couldn't figure out who I disliked more - Sam, for his completely obnoxious, rude, hideous behavior, or Colin, for putting up with it and his continious inability to follow through with anything.

I realize Sam had reasons that somewhat explained his behavior, it was one of the things that drew me to this story in the first pla...more
Edina Rose
Redefine BRAT!

Sam has bipolar disorder AND he is the biggest brat you've ever met. He opens his mouth and you just want to kill him, and then he says something and you can't help laughing and then he gets sad and you can't keep being very mad at him... Then he does one of his antics and ARRRGH!

I defy anyone who read this book from wanting to WRING Sam's neck at least TEN TIMES! He is just horrible to people, plain horrible. But he doesn't KNOW how to be different and he needs saving from himself...more

2.5 Stars

I have mixed feelings about this story. On one hand, I didn't like the character of Sam because he was very immature. I don't know how other books make this kind of character seem likeable but Sam just came across as antagonistic at worst and stubborn at best. It didn't help that a dom-sub theme was going on with all the spanking treatment that Sam got whenever he misbehaved. I mean, I like a complex plot as much as the next guy, but I don't like reading underlying BDSM themes or paran...more
Phoebe Gee
First, I need to go back and rate and review Fabian Black's books, since I have read and enjoyed most all of them before I joined GR! Domestic discipline is a genre close to my heart and Fabian is hands down my favorite author to turn to when I want a "fix".

Beyond how well Fabian handled domestic discipline in this particular situation, the humor was amazing.(See MandyM's review for important stuff, I am hitting the fluff.) Colin's inner dialog and Sam's verbal decimation of anyone he feels take...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
3.5 stars

I had a hard time reading this book.. I wanted to put it down and forget about it, but all in all I finished.. Sam, oh my, I really ended-up hating his childish antics. His character was an attention seeking brat, who craved affection. I wanted to throttle him. Fuck that, in all honesty, it was more along the lines of strangling him till he turned a magnificent shade of blue, purple and yellow whatever color you choose....

I had to remind myself that he has SOME SERIOUS issues, but the...more
2.75 stars
Sam is a brat--an annoying, funny, frustrating, sweet brat--who is in desperate need of discipline, structure and unconditional love. Colin wants to give Sam all of those things, especially the unconditional love, much to the dismay of Colin's friends who wonder what he sees in the annoying, insulting Sam.

I really liked the first half of this book. I came to love Sam and to understand his outbursts and tantrums. My heart broke for the way he was raised. What a horrible family he has.

I'm out of words for this book, I didn't like the characters. (view spoiler)
But I did like how complex they were, I did like the friends, and I did like this is about normal and flawed characters.
I would read a sequel about them (I know there is one about Kit and Jon).
Kristy Maitz
There are times when you read a book which reminds you how hard it is to "really love someone, with all the bad and all the good". Really great work.
This is what real life is. Not a bed of roses but enough of chocolate to make LOVE keeps going.

Ok, I was contemplating to give it 3,5 stars or 4 stars instead. Sam's antics surely lift up the story but at some point it just making me tired. But I do really like this book!

Destiny lures Colin Leyton to a HMV music store one fine Saturday morning in March where he stumbles across the young and flamboyant Sam Taylor.

Sam has a knack for attracting trouble and a gift for rubbing people up the wrong way.

Against his better judgement Colin finds himself playing white knight when Sam’s antics get
I'm a shallow, shallow woman. I just bought it, after reading several reviews, because of the cute blond guy on the cover (and blonds don't usually do it for me). I am so shallow. Wonder if I'll enjoy the read. :D

I finished reading this book yesterday or the day before and I can still smile when thinking about that cheeky little bugger, Sam. I LOVED Sam and I loved his mouthy ways though I think he's probably hard to be around in real life. I would enjoy spanking the little stinker's bottom very...more
I've read a few Fabian Black books on domestic relationships and this is another one that I greatly enjoyed. Sam could have been an extremely annoying and frustraing character, for Colin and his friends, Sam was both. For me, it was clear that Sam was wracked with insecurity given his upbringing. He cared for Colin deeply and didn't think Colin could actually care for him because he didn't see himself as worthy. He had so little about love from his upbringing to draw from in how to act. So, he a...more
This is indeed a difficult book to review. I like to read books that leave people not knowing if they love it or hate it. When this is the usual opinion, most books have a lot of feeling. I decided to buy it based on laddie’s review, so she’s the go to girl for this particular story.
The book was good, I liked, but didn’t love it. Which is a shame because it had a lot going for it.
As for the characters, I know that most readers probably hated Sam , but I truly cared for him and did not find him a...more
Parts of this book were completely heartbreaking and the worst thing of all was that a large part of the reason Sam behaved the way he did was because of the way he had been treated by his own family. At first, I couldn't really see the attraction of Sam for Colin despite the fact that Sam knew what he wanted right from their initial meeting. Sam's behaviour alienated almost everyone in Colin's life but somehow he could see beyond it to the scared young man hiding beneath. Although this was not...more
Some things in the story were a little too over the top, especially Sam's past, which was a bit too much to take: it seems everything bad that could happen, happened to him. Also, for a long while there seemed to be no development in terms of growth for both Sam and the relationship he has with Colin. In spite of that, I did enjoy the book and I especially liked Sam: he is very often obnoxious and over the top with his attitude and his behaviour, but the way he treated Colin's friends and family...more
The storyline wasn't bad but I LOATHE Sam. I was hopeing he would redeem himself by the end of the book but nope, I still hate him. He is a total brat and I could believe Colin put up with his shit. He is rude, puts down Colin's family and friends, disrespects his house and pulls stupid stunts. I understand bipolar/depression but this was a bit too much for me.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
A cute story. I enjoyed it very much, but I love brats so this book was right up my alley. Some might find Sam aggravating and difficult (he was!) however I thought that made him funny and cute. Colin was very likable, too. He was conservative to Sam's flamboyant personality.

I recommend this book to brat lovers :)
Nichole (Dirty H)
I was ready to give this three stars, but the ending was so utterly ridiculous I couldn't. I loved the idea of this book and I think the character of Sam was very well written, but there was so much ridiculous stalker plot, and while I felt for Sam I also couldn't stand him. So I can't say I exactly enjoyed this book.
Some people liked it but it was NOT my cup of tea. The one MC was so irresponsible and disrespectful and had no shame in the fact that he was a total brat. It seemed like he used his bipolar disorder as an excuse to be an indecent human being and he never redeemed himself throughout the book.
This was exhausting - Sam's antics stopped being funny and he just became tiresome. Then that made me dislike the other MC. The dialogue was very good but OMG, I disliked the characters and the plot.
I think after reading this one you either end up loving or hating it. And if you do love it you have your reasons that are not really explainable :)...So yeah...I loved it :)
I am in love with this book. hilarious, heartbreaking and with an happy ending IT gots all :D I am in heaven :D :D
3.5 Sam is too damaged (i.e. screwed up) to be very likeable, but it's fascinating seeing the relationship develop
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Also known as Tarn Swan.

Fabian Black writes D/s fiction, but with her own unique stamp. There are no dungeons and chains here or any of the usual leather and whip scenarios associated with power exchange fiction. She shows another aspect of the Dom/sub dynamic, weaving beautiful warm hearted, sensitive stories full of emotion, wit and romance all spiced with a little spanking. Stories that will en...more
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