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Arena One: Slaverunners (The Survival Trilogy, #1)
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Arena One: Slaverunners (The Survival Trilogy #1)

3.33  ·  Rating Details ·  4,080 Ratings  ·  528 Reviews
New York. 2120. American has been decimated, wiped out from the second Civil War. In this post-apocalyptic world, survivors are far and few between. And most of those who do survive are members of the violent gangs, predators who live in the big cities. They patrol the countryside looking for slaves, for fresh victims to bring back into the city for their favorite death sp ...more
Paperback, 300 pages
Published February 2nd 2012 by Morgan Rice (first published January 1st 2012)
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Imprimere Apparently so. Because "this world" is one where a motorcycle with a sidecar can do 150mph on icy roads while slamming into obstacles. In "this world"…moreApparently so. Because "this world" is one where a motorcycle with a sidecar can do 150mph on icy roads while slamming into obstacles. In "this world" you can have a piece of metal pass completely through your bicep, crack a rib and still be able to flip over a car that has been weighed down with steel bars. In "this world" you can fell a deer with the throw of a knife but have no idea how to get more than one meal from it. In "this world" you can be too sick to walk up a mountain, but still be able to jump up and down, run around, and play tug-o-war with a dog. In "this world" you can strip a dead man of his clothes and garb yourself with them in 1 minute. In "this world" machine guns won't faze a bullet proof windshield, but a few shots from a handgun will. In "this world" game is scarce and every last building has been looted, but animals from the zoo roam freely after three years of devastation.

To answer your question as it was probably intended; yes, I most certainly would survive and prosper. It has been mentioned that there is healthy wildlife where Brooke started. Obviously, the "crazies" have taken over the cities, but there are probably thousands of abandoned farms where you would find all sorts of tools. While I lack her astounding fighting abilities (oddly enough, my father was a Marine too), I do know how to hunt and fish and survive.

PS - This book is terrible!(less)
Keith Because their business model is to write incredibly fast (they write approximately one short book a month) and their target audience is people who…moreBecause their business model is to write incredibly fast (they write approximately one short book a month) and their target audience is people who either know nothing about basic facts like these (or even more basic ones like how many feet humans have, cf. A Quest of Heroes where a character kicks someone with "both front feet") or don't care about basic realism? :-P(less)

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Feb 28, 2012 Christopher rated it it was ok
I'm not completely done with the book however I wanted to write some of my review down now. There is very little left of the book and it wont effect how I feel about this book.

First of all I was wrong thinking that the author had copied from the Hunger games. There is some parts some small parts that it is cleared she copied and they are right at the start.

I wish Goodreads had the same things at a website called Gamespot, in their reviews you could label a game such as "Too much Hype","Been ther
Genesis Blue
Dec 02, 2012 Genesis Blue rated it did not like it
Where to start . . . there were several things that turned me off this book.

1. I don't like present tense writing. That's just me, though, so technically, this shouldn't count against the book.

2. Caps Locks do NOT belong in a novel. Email, Facebook, ok, but not in a novel.

3. The foreshadowing killed me. (view spoiler)
Sep 08, 2012 Hilary rated it did not like it
I was enjoying it in the beginning, and then it unfortunately went downhill with errors and inconsistencies that became increasingly annoying.

(view spoiler)
Mar 10, 2012 hayden marked it as if-theres-nothing-else-to-read
Wow. Capitalizing off of the success of dystopian fiction, much?

[image error]
Apr 14, 2013 Grace rated it did not like it
If you liked Hunger Games, do yourself a favor and never read this dreck. This is a terrible book about simple-minded, apparently invulnerable children taking a walking tour of Thunderdome New York. I hated this book, and while I'm glad I got this from the library because that means I didn't buy it, I am furious that the library spent money on it.

Sometimes you read a book and your heart races because you're attached to the characters and the author is good at suspense or emotion. Reading this b
Rosie Worrallo
May 04, 2013 Rosie Worrallo rated it did not like it
Rediculously horrible book. 90% of the book was a very long car-ride consisting of crashes, passing out, driving, crashing again, driving again multiple times all the way until almost the end where the plot is squished into the last 10% of pages. It was utterly boring. The author couldn't even make the bulk of the book (which was the car ride/car collision path) even slightly interesting! It was all 'right-turn, left-turn, sharp bend, car flips, u-turn, onto this street, then that street' Boring ...more
Apr 03, 2016 Tamara rated it really liked it
I love how this book is really fast pace, all action packed, a wonderful idea for movie I would watch. But I hate how stupid Brooke is when it comes to Ben and Logon. Her thinking sounds like a 12 year old. I also didn't like some of the writing. The author was redundant and stated the obvious a little too much. Also, Brooke was a little too lucky almost all the time.
Mar 31, 2015 Sarah rated it liked it
The writing is fast paced and hooks the reader from the beginning. I loved how it started, with Brooke finding something amazing after all this time without the necessities. I was instantly worried for the sister, which created a sickness in my stomach. That kept me reading and then it got to the motorcycle/car scene. My adrenaline doesn't pump that hard when I've run five miles. OMG. I was wore out. Honestly, and many have noted it, there were problems with that scene and it went on too long. A ...more
Jul 22, 2015 Laura rated it did not like it
Today I was cleaning out all my archived books and I ran across this little gem that I read and forgot to review. I should have probably done this a year ago but now I get to base it on memories and impressions. So here goes. I remember thinking this was a poorly done imitation of The Hunger Games. I remember that the main character was basically a kick-ass action chasing adrenaline junky on rocket fuel. Sounds great right? Wrong. Nothing about her seemed real and I couldn't stand her. I think s ...more
Jay Jason
Aug 05, 2012 Jay Jason rated it did not like it
If the book The Hunger Games was a tree, you would have a very hard time cutting it down. This is because there would be so many layers of depth to cut through. You would be too tired to continue before getting halfway through.

If Arena One were a tree, it would just take a small poke with your index finger to cut it down because there is no depth. There might be some moss on the tree to symbolize character relationships, but it would be light moss that wouldn't be heavy enough to make much of a
Mar 04, 2012 TarynXO rated it it was ok
I felt my opinion changed for this book more times then I would like. I feel that comparing it to the Hunger Games ruined it for me. Although The Hunger Games was an amazing series, I don't like knowing that this book was written because of it. I kept comparing it with the two and that brought my hopes for this book down significantly. There were so many different things in this book that seemed to almost copy the Hunger Games. Morgan Rice has a great imagination and I loved her Vampire Journals ...more
Feb 19, 2016 Alessandra rated it did not like it
Shelves: least-faves
This is, without a doubt, the worst book I have ever read. It doesn't seem like the author has an editor because there is at least one grammatical error on every page. The main character should have died at least a dozen times, and she comes out of multiple car crashes unscathed. Also, there is so much repetition, I wanted to scream. Whenever Ben was mentioned, the author always said, "to his credit, he did this." It got old. I also hated how similar the plot was to The Hunger Games. This book d ...more
Tania Rock
Mar 24, 2012 Tania Rock rated it it was amazing
This is another great work by Morgan Rice, which I was able to read for free on Goodreads.

I loved this book; it was a perfect combination of strong characters, an amazing environment and a ton of "edge of your seat" action.

Not giving too much away, this book follows the trials and tribulations of an older sister during a post-apocalyptic event. Enter the presence of radioactively damaged humans and "slave runners" and her already difficult life gets even more challenging. To make things even mor
Jul 16, 2016 Risa rated it did not like it
As a lover of YA, I eat up the crazy dystopia stories, and this one was no different. I read it. It sucked.

Overused plot idea, awful character development (if any), multiple plot holes, CLICHES UPON CLICHES, + terrible writing. And to top it off, the addition of the love triangle with absolutely no background or character development was an awful idea. Who cares about "does he like me?" when you're in a post-apocalyptic dangerous world were you're about to die. The main character's good fortune
Jul 13, 2013 Tracy rated it did not like it
This review is going to be a bit disjointed, but the book was much the same, so I won't take too much time to make this a great review. This mess only earned one star due to the fact that I couldn't give it a half a star. That half-star, by the way, would be granted only because it was something to keep me busy while I couldn't sleep. I confess, folks, I absolutely LOVED The Hunger Games, and this is just trying to fit in that niche, with no success.
The 17 year old female protagonist must be
Rachel (RTbookworm)
Nov 08, 2012 Rachel (RTbookworm) rated it did not like it
Now, I must say this: This book was completely free, I would not waste my money on a stupid book like this.

Firstly, Morgan's style of writing is awful. It's non-descriptive, stupidly fast-paced and sounds like a load of utter gibberish.

Secondly, Morgan has no imagination. I didn't bother reading the blurb of this book, I just new it was a YA, dystopian, post-apocalypse novel (which was exactly my thing), so I thought: "Why not give it a go"?
I started reading and thought it had a remarkable re
Jan 22, 2015 Rhiannon rated it it was ok
Shelves: read-in-2015
Maybe mild spoilers. Not really.

I can't quite bring myself to give this one star because I did finish it and I did like the overall storyline. But it definitely doesn't get more than two stars. The writing is full of mistakes, practically every other paragraph Brooke is 'shocked' or 'awed' or 'amazed' usually at fairly unexciting things. A lot of things happen suddenly too. 'Suddenly she found the keys' etc. there were also a lot of points where I questioned the realism. Especially when Brooke
Peter Stone
Jan 21, 2015 Peter Stone rated it did not like it
This is not a complete book, but part one in a serial. I am big believer that a book should be a complete entity in its own right. Sure, leave aspects unresolved to encourage readers to continue with the series, but to end a book in the MIDDLE OF AN ACTION SEQUENCE with the main character about to die, followed by the message "click below to download the remainder of Arena One" is totally unacceptable. The link doesn't even go to the sequel anyway, but to the author's Amazon page. Although the s ...more
Mar 23, 2013 Karen rated it it was ok
I don't know why I'm giving it two stars. I think it's just because I can't admit that I actually took the time to finish a one-star book. Primary flaws:

1) It falls guilty of relying way too much on telling and not showing. I know it's told from the first person, but it reads like a middle school boy's poor short story filled with "and then I did this. Then this happened, so I did this. And then I did this."

2) Every single chapter tries to end with a cliffhanger, but it's so poorly done it's lau
Jay Jason
If the book The Hunger Games was a tree, you would have a very hard time cutting it down. This is because there would be so many layers of depth to cut through. You would be too tired to continue before getting halfway through.

If Arena One were a tree, it would just take a small poke with your index finger to cut it down because there is no depth. There might be some moss on the tree to symbolize character relationships, but it would be light moss that wouldn't be heavy enough to make much of a
Georgina Martin (Bookz and Bitz)

Arena One is the first in a trilogy (yes there’s three of them, sadly) that many are calling a Hunger Games rip-off. Brooke and Bree survived the war by hiding in their dads hunting cabin up in the mountains, life in the US has been decimated by a civil war that turned nuclear (insert endless political rants here), the survivors are split into several groups the ‘bio victims’ or ‘crazies’ that survived the bombs, the slave runners and their counterparts, and those, like the sisters, that got out
Jul 10, 2012 Jasmine rated it really liked it
Genre: Young Adult

People have compared this to The Hunger Games. And I can see why, but it’s actually quite different. War has broken out through the US, and divided the country. Most of the population is dead.

17 year old Brooke looks after herself and her sister Bree - living high up in the mountains alone, out of sight of the Slaverunners who kidnap people to fight to the death in ‘Arena One.’ So far they have stayed out of sight, but one day whilst Brooke is out, they kidnap her little sister
Apr 26, 2012 Kim rated it liked it
Arena One was my first time reading anything by Morgan Rice and I found that I really enjoyed the story. It was similar to The Hunger Games in some parts but not completely.

***some minor spoilers below***
As far as the story goes, I liked the car chase even though it kinda dragged on and I also liked the parts where she was in the Arena.. Those parts had to be the most exciting parts of the whole book. I wish we knew a little more about the crazies. Their parts went by fast. Brooke is a good pro
Oct 24, 2015 Mindi rated it did not like it
Shelves: hells-no
Three pages was all it took for me to start skimming through this book & cataloging the atrocities committed upon me, the poor, unsuspecting reader. Oh editing, why hast thou forsaken me? The colossally bad writing was enhanced by improbable, laughable scenarios involving our fearless heroine, who keeps insisting she has no idea what she's doing, yet managing to do everything amazingly well. All while grievously injured, undernourished, & starving. My favorite? Impromptu motorcycle chase ...more
Javier Salazar Calle
Una pena. Una buena idea con varios problemas:
- Uso de los tiempos verbales confuso, mezclando presente y pasado de forma anárquica
- Una traducción muy floja en geneal. Se nota que el traductor no es escritor. Le falta ritmo, repite palabras...
- Algunas de las escenas del libro rozan lo inverosímil, cuando se supone que intenta que nos lo creamos.
Roberto Mattos
Aug 05, 2015 Roberto Mattos rated it it was amazing
This is a very interesting action-packed book that starts slowly and goes on a crescendo and suddenly there is not a single idle moment until you turn the last page. The book describes an America that was devastated by war and people fighting for survival. Two young ladies flee from New York City where they used to live with their parents. After the father left them to fight in the war, the mother lost herself and believed her husband would return. Knowing better, our heroine Brooke takes her si ...more
So, so many things wrong with this book.

There is very little actual character development. We get to know Brooke somewhat because we are in her head, but the other characters are flatter than Kansas.

Brooke is crushing on two different boys and I have no idea why. She hasn't known either of them for more than a day or two, has no conversations with either of them - in fact, they mostly yell at her not to crash the car or whatever. The boys instantly dislike each other because the both like Broo
Katelyn Eilders
May 13, 2016 Katelyn Eilders rated it it was amazing
Arena 1 is a great book for teens. It is about a 17 year old girl Brooke and her 6 year old sister Bree. The United States has had a war about the two sides of the Government Republican and Democrat and the people have started to bomb their own country. Brooke realizes her home is going to be bombed and tries to tell her mom they need to leave, but sadly her mom won’t go with Brooke so Brooke takes Bree to their dads’ old house in the mountains. After Brooke and Bree have lived there for a littl ...more
Aug 13, 2015 ☆Stephanie☆ rated it liked it
Shelves: ya-dystopian
Ok, so I went into this book reading some pretty nasty reviews about it.
However, I liked it. Yes, the author tends to get to the end of the chapter and uses a cliffhanger every time, to where we believe the heroine of the story, Brooke, is about to die, and then the next chapter picks up with her surviving. That tactic got old so fast that I wasn't even worried about her being in danger anymore. Literally, it would say something like, "it looks like my luck has run out," and then the next chapt
Somewhat better than the openings to Rice's other series, due to a more likeable protagonist and more emphasis on action and post-apocalyptic horror instead of wish-fulfillment, angst and bad teen romance, but still badly written, lacking in basic realism and with some questionable storytelling decisions. (Longer review to follow)
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Morgan Rice is the #1 bestselling and USA Today bestselling author of the epic fantasy series THE SORCERER'S RING, comprising seventeen books; of the #1 bestselling series THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS, comprising twelve books; of the new vampire series VAMPIRE, FALLEN; of the #1 bestselling series THE SURVIVAL TRILOGY, a post-apocalyptic thriller comprising three books); of the #1 bestselling epic fantasy ...more
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