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Pretty Girl-13

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Pretty Girl-13 is a disturbing and powerful psychological thriller about a girl who must piece together the story of her kidnapping and captivity and then piece together her own identity.

When thirteen-year-old Angela Gracie Chapman looks in the mirror, someone else looks back--a thin, pale stranger, a sixteen-year-old with haunted eyes. Angie has no memory of the past thre...more
Hardcover, 344 pages
Published March 19th 2013 by Katherine Tegen Books (first published 2013)
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Bethany Miller Yes, that bothered me too. There were a few suspend your disbelief moments in this book, but I still thought it was a worthwhile read.
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Emily May

Just to issue a quick warning: I'm not sure what is to be considered a spoiler for this book as everything seemed glaringly obvious to me but please don't read this if you'd like to be completely unaware of anything to do with Angie's condition (even though it is made known relatively early).

This book started very well but became more ridiculous with every chapter that I read. A number of subplots were introduced that did nothing but further complicate the story whilst actually being an atte...more
This is the perfect example of a book you should go into completely blind. I did not read the synopsis beforehand (I think I may have months ago but I couldn't recall anything), nor did I even know the genre. I went in with zero expectation, and came out of it baffled by how it blew me out of the water!

Since I think everyone should do like me and go in without a clue, I will not ruin the moment for you either. But I can safely tell you the very basics without changing your reading experience: A...more
**This review contains spoilers, please read at your own risk**

I’ll keep this brief because I only have so much time I’m willing to dedicate to talking about books I didn’t particularly like and (view spoiler)

Despite the hook of the premise and strong, if disorienting, opening - Pretty Girl 13 is an uncomfortable (and I don’t meant that in a compelling, interesting way), mess of a novel. It relies heavily on the protagonist’s Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and her ord...more
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Pretty Girl-13 is one heck of a ride. Psychological thrillers aren't really my thing. I've always thought of them as well...weird and just creepy. However, this book was surprisingly good. While it had flaws, Pretty Girl-13 is a refreshing and unique read!

Thirteen year old Angie goes on a Girl Scout camping trip in the woods. One minute she's walking in the woods, next minute she's walking up the road to her house. Three years la...more
Wendy Darling
Fascinating subject, and a hard one to tackle for YA in particular. I've mixed feelings about some of the things it missed, so I think it falls somewhere in the middle of books that involve kidnapping.

Possible review to come.
Kat Heckenbach
I'm really not sure how to start this review. And forgive me, but there are going to have to SPOILERS here. I'll try to keep them to a minimum though.

I really wanted to like this book. The cover is so cool, the concept so intriguing. The structure had potential for real brilliance, too--the way Angela's other personalities tell their part of the story in second person and through notes they leave for Angela. But the potential wasn't met, and I found the story less and less believable as I read.

I received this book for a tour and finished it at 1:30 am the same night because it was just that compelling. Growing up, my mom let me watch Sybil for some strange reason, and my poor OCD brain spent the next five or so years being horrified by it. To a large degree, even as an adult, I am still extremely interested-in-yet-disturbed-by anything that has to do with dissociative identity disorder, which is why I picked up this book.

Angie's character is skillfully woven from start to finish. As s...more
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Pretty Girl-13 completely took me by surprise! This book is really heavy. It's dark, gritty, and deals with some seriously intense issues. I adored this book, but not in the usual girly, giddy, fan-girl-scream way. I adored Pretty Girl-13 in the sense that it really shook me to my core and left me speechless. It's an extremely sad and emotionally draining book, but it will leave you with dark and heavy thoughts that are sure to change you.

My biggest fear going...more
This started really promising and the further in I got, the more ridiculous it got.

So, in the preface, (view spoiler) as she went missing. (view spoiler) Angie returns to...more
Jenni Arndt
Actual rating is 3.5, decided to go with the lower due to predictability.

What a riot reading this book was! I have to say that I was surprised to check Goodreads and see that this book clocks in at just over 350 pages after reading my egalley. I breezed through Pretty Girl-13 so fast that I thought for sure it would be in the 200 page range. A story that plays games with your mind and keeps you wondering what will happen just around the corner with every page, this is not one to be missed for su...more
One of those books where the writing isn't good enough to live up to the concept, and when the plot involves (no spoilers, it opens with this) a 16-year-old girl returning home after having been kidnapped three years' ago, the bad writing becomes almost offensive, with poor, unrealistic descriptions of rape kits, medical examinations and shallow characterisation. I have SO many issues with this book, not least
(view spoiler)...more
Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
Holy shit. I knew from the cover that this book would be creepy, but I was not emotionally prepared for this experience. Pretty Girl-13 is one of those books that I'm going to remember for a while, not something that will quickly dissipate from my limited memory banks for story lines. Liz Coley's debut will no doubt shock and offend readers, one of those reads that will be deemed inappropriate for any but the most mature teens, due to the many triggers, most especially rape. If you can handle it...more
Imagine disappearing from your life for three years and when you come back, you don't remember even being gone, let alone where you were. Angie finds herself in exactly this situation after she is kidnapped whilst on a camping trip and the next thing she remembers, she's standing in front of her house three years later.

Angie's homecoming is emotional and awkward - her parents and friends have moved on and she doesn't feel comfortable in her own skin, and everything is made even more difficult by...more
A very gripping and interesting book. I actually really enjoyed it, even considering the troubling topic of child abuse. The author did an excellent job of balancing the gritty realism with a hopeful undertone.

Angie is thirteen when she is abducted and kept captive for three years, after this time she returns home without any memory of the time passing, and not realizing she has aged at all.

Throughout medical and psychological examinations, we learn that Angie is suffering from Dissociative Iden...more
At times, this book was uncomfortable to read. Rather than being an exciting thriller about a girl's kidnapping and escape, it's about Angie's slow journey back from a three-year captivity--not a physical journey, but a mental one.

In the aftermath of her captivity and escape, Angie remembers absolutely nothing about the time that passed between waking up at Girl Scout Camp one morning and finding herself standing on her street three years later with a bag full of clothes that definitely aren't h...more
In a nutshell, Pretty Girl-13 is the story of Angie, who at 13 was abducted while camping, held in captivity, and then managed to escape and return home three years later. The problem is Angie doesn't realize she's been gone. In her mind, not a day has passed since her Girl Scout camping trip, she goes out early one morning to use the bathroom in the woods and the next thing she remembers is limping onto her street as she makes her way home.

Angie soon discovers that she is now sixteen, the last...more
Faye, la Patata
Can also be read on The Social Potato.

Thank you Edelweiss and Katherine Tegen Books for the free copy of this novel in exchange for a review. This did not influence my review in any way.

Despite the three stars I gave, I did somehow enjoy this. I love reading psychological thrillers, because I find the human psyche intimidating and fascinating, and books that explore this are far and few between. Liz Coley writes a rather unique approach to this with Pretty Girl-13, providing us, readers, a chanc...more

I really wanted to like this book, but I have read way too many true-life accounts of multiple personalities to be able to take it seriously. The plot twists were way too obviously foreshadowed, and there are major plot holes.


(view spoiler)...more
I can't remember exactly why I requested this book for review, it's not the type of story that I normally go for as there are too many things that could possibly go wrong with the telling of it. I was both happily surprised and slightly disappointed when I got to the end of Pretty Girl-13; a well-told story, interesting and easily readable about an incredibly difficult subject, however some parts seemed to easy, too quick, too neatly tied up, for me.

See my full review at my blog or booklikes
NEMÁM SLOV... Tahle kniha byla úžasná, děsivá, hrozná, smutná a dokonalá. Něčím takovým bych si vážně nechtěla projít. Autorka má ode mně velký obdiv, protože se jí to povedlo napsat na výbornou. Kniha si od mně vysloužila úžasných 5 hvězdiček!
On the surface, this was a five star book. When I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it. When I wasn't thinking about it...well, that didn't happen. Too many books focus on the kidnap itself. The time spent being kidnapped. I liked that this looked at the after effects. I liked that it focused on Angie coming home. Because there's trauma there too. Different, but still trauma.

The book starts with Angie's return home. It's been three years since she was taken, but to Angie, no time has passe...more
Pretty Girl-13 is an immensely challenging story, not due to poor writing, unsatisfactory plot, or uninspiring characters, but simply because we read it as we might watch a horror film – fingers covering our eyes as though we can physically block out what’s happening on the pages and spare ourselves the haunting pain that comes with the knowledge of exactly what's happened to Angie. Our time with her is spent with what feels like a lead ball in the pit of our stomachs, and we're absolutely posit...more
First word that comes to my mind is ridiculous.
I wavered between a 1 and a 2 for this one. This story had so much potential and could have been so much more except for the massive flaws in it. So many aspects were totally improbable and this book made multiple personalities seem a simple condition with an easy fix.
And when Angie reappeared in her neighbourhood after being missing for three years, she then underwent extensive medical exams, any doctor doing that internal and exam would have clu...more

Finally, a book worth my money and worth blogging about. Half way through the book, the story reminded me of Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. They are not the same, but some twists are.

Back to PG-13. From the summary, you know that at 13, Angie was kidnapped for three years, thus when she finally made back home she is 16. The only problem is that she doesn’t remember anything about the kidnapping and, for all she is aware of, she is just returning from...more
Pretty Girl-13 could have been excellent. It is about a challenging and interesting subject matter that should emotionally engage its audience. But the truth is that I found Pretty Girl-13 over done and its subject matter overplayed.

It started well and I was instantly interested and engaged in what was going on. I had hopes the author was going to treat this subject matter with some realism but like so many other authors out there things seem to get out of hand and what follows are pages and pa...more
No, tak to teda klobouk dolů. Tohle se povedlo. A to jsem myslela, že nic lepšího s podobným tématem než V náruči nepřítele neseženu!
I have read a lot of critical reviews for this book, some that say this is unrealistic. Actually, at the end of the audio book is (I believe it's an interview with the author) an excerpt about the sources she used for reference and what parts she embellished for the sake of her story. Who is anyone to say what is real or unrealistic about the human mind, when it is capable of so much.

My opinion is that this story is raw, gritty, disturbing, well written, and Nicola Barber (the narrator for MP3...more
The novel is compulsively readable. Words scamper off the pages and into your head and you are caught in the grasp of the story as soon as you have opened the book. It keeps you in its grasp until the story is done and the last pages have been turned. It is only when you have managed to create a distance between you and the book that you read that some questions come up and your critical thinking self reasserts itself.

There is no denying that the story is masterfully told. For a debut author, Co...more
Brandi Young
What an amazing story line! One of the best psychological thrillers I have read since Dean Koontz's Intensity.

Angela (Angie) Chapman begins her story walking down her cul-de-sac wondering when her neighbor had a baby. When she walks into her home, her parents dive for her crying and hugging her as if they haven't seen her in years. They haven't. Angie has been missing for 3 years. She was kidnapped from Girl Scout camp at the age of 13 and she is walking straight back into her life as if nothin...more
3.5 stars

Back when Pretty Girl-13 was released, I had seen it around on blogs and raving reviews were clogging up my feed on Goodreads, but I never gave this one a second glance. Why? Because, as we have discussed many, many times, our taste change over time. At the time, I didn't pick up many "touchy subject" books, so why would I? After seeing it on sale though (for $1.99 STEAL) I snagged it up.

I started Pretty Girl-13 randomly. I say that because, it wasn't on my schedule and was actually col...more
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Liz Coley writes fiction for teens and for the teen in you.

Her first published work was science fiction short stories, published in Cosmos magazine and several anthologies.

Self-published YA novel Out of Xibalba features a contemporary teenager thrown back to ancient Mayan times.
The story starts when the world ends.

Pretty Girl-13 from HarperCollins will be released in at least ten languages on fiv...more
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