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4.1  ·  Rating Details ·  41 Ratings  ·  32 Reviews
Sometimes a planet must die before it is discovered...

This dystopian space adventure is an entertaining, witty, and insightful satire on humanity. It questions, what if we are more alien than we think and what would happen if we encounter a race who are in fact, human?

Earth is dying. A scientific breakthrough allows the harnessing of warp capable space creatures for inters
Paperback, First Edition, 276 pages
Published March 2013 by Createspace (first published February 24th 2013)
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D. Miller
Jan 06, 2016 D. Miller rated it liked it
This book held my attention to the end. The author writes fully fleshed, human and recognisable characters. To me, a genetically altered boy was the most interesting and sympathetic character, and I would have liked more of him. I thought that the plot moved on well, with the characters revealing themselves through their words, thoughts and actions. However there were some odd jumps in the book, where scenes that would have been interesting were not written, but jumped over.

Although I read the b
K.V. Witten
Apr 30, 2013 K.V. Witten rated it really liked it
Shelves: books-to-review
Somewhat to my surprise, I really enjoyed this book. All too often, genre books tend to come across as a bit formulaic (which is not necessarily bad - readers know what to expect). But this book was different - it went off in directions I did not expect and I found it very interesting.

Both the editing and the writing were good - no worries there. My only problem is that it felt a bit unfinished, like it was the first in a series. I never did understand why certain physical changes happened and w
Sean DeLauder
Mar 05, 2013 Sean DeLauder rated it it was amazing
If I had to write an abbreviated review of this story I could do it in just 3 words: TAS, FAN, and TIC (thought not necessarily in that order). More savvy readers will want an elaborated review consisting of something between 5 and 10 words, but if I'm going to put that much effort into it, why stop there?

I have a very high opinion of this story, despite the fact that author Chance Maree continues a trend of leaving out a critical story element essential to a reading experience through which the
Valicity Garris
So I had a tough time deciding whether or not I should give three or four stars to this book. I wanted to be honest about how I felt but I also wanted to be fair. Because I don't personally like sci-fi but I do think it's possible to write a good review about a book in that genre.

I'll start by stating why I wanted to give this a three star rating. The way it started off was a complete turn-off for me. There was no build up, no introduction, and no explanation. The book opens in the middle of so
James Matteson
Mar 26, 2013 James Matteson rated it it was amazing
Review of Undazzled

Undazzled, is an exciting, fully modern. science fiction/fantasy (SFF) novel written in a style I would call 'classic sff'. The story has more of Ray Bradbury and the Martian Chronicles than it does of any shiny future-tech tales by Arthur C. Clarke. In classic SFF of the Bradbury variety, the science is just enough to take us to a new place that provides a stage for a new perspective on the human condition and, when required, provides a possible deus ex machina to confront an
Elizabeth St.John
Feb 28, 2016 Elizabeth St.John rated it really liked it
I have a confession. I have not read sci-fi in any form since 19mumble mumble, when I ran thru Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Arthur C. Clarke and any number of other classic sci-fi authors to keep up with my brother. It was a short-lived passion, and one that I left long ago in deep space. Until now. Chance Maree’s Undazzled has reawakened my appreciation for the scope that sci-fi can bring to literature, the opportunities to build worlds parallel to Middle Earth, and the ability to present ...more
Richard Bunning
Sep 19, 2013 Richard Bunning rated it it was amazing
This is the second book from the quill of Chance Maree, following the innovative metaphysical delight that is "Alexios, Before Dying". I criticised that wonderful book for a lack of plot and an over-brevity of description, whilst praising it as a truly creative and original work.
This book has gone a step further. The plot is detailed, unpredictable, and exquisitely constructed. The reader has to keep the elements together, but the effort of memory is truly worth it. There is still a fashionable
Joe DeRouen
Oct 21, 2013 Joe DeRouen rated it really liked it
Fleeing from a dying Earth, the protagonists in Chance Maree's Undazzled settle on a supposedly-uninhabited planet named Ostra. The story follows Pots Kahn-Anderson, one of the pilots, as she struggles to fit into this new society that she helped her people to find. As you might already have guessed, the planet isn't really uninhabited, and the race of sentient beings they find there leads to a morality play as Khan-Anderson and her people try to decide how to deal with the natives. Of course, ...more
E.M. Swift-Hook
Nov 28, 2016 E.M. Swift-Hook rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Worm-moles, wormholes and first contact - with humanity.

The tiger head, with whiskers, tufted ears, and huge golden eyes was lost in another visual shimmer...

A vessel formed from modular units attached to the back of a living space creature, piloted by middle-aged women, cruelly given the popular label of 'crones', takes the hopes of humanity to a new planet. The worm-mole literally progresses by eating its way through space. There are strange hallucinations being reported by those aboard the co
Robby Charters
Oct 28, 2015 Robby Charters rated it it was amazing
Planet of the – What?

As the planet Earth is dying, it appears that we've come full circle. We're again using beasts of burden for transport. However, these aren't earth hugging camels and mules, but space travelling “worm-moles” – so named because they bore worm holes to distant parts of the gallaxy. They're gigantic creatures, and they wear what would make up the rest of the space ship, like a collar. How were they discovered? Hold that question for the last and climactic chapter of the book.

Alex Stargazer
Eerie and at times gripping, Undazzled is in many ways a good book—but there are flaws that left me somewhat disappointed.

Chance Maree’s Undazzled begins somewhat confusingly. For one, the narration is third-person limited and follows four characters: Pilot Pots, a woman in her mid-forties, who is responsible for flying the ‘spaceship’; commander Gunner Dovmont, a reptilian military figure; Tyr, a teenager and biological weapon; and finally Ata, an Ostarian native girl.

Due to the lack of contex
Neil M Campbell
Nov 23, 2015 Neil M Campbell rated it really liked it
New Eden

Earth has become uninhabitable, polluted, diseased, festering, beyond overcrowded, all resources pillaged by Mankind, now in full flight from the planet through wormholes (short cuts through space/time) conveyed by worm-moles, domesticated space creatures of vast dimensions piloted by women colloquially known as Crones nestled in the mole’s brain. Pilot Pots Kahn-Anderson guides Alpha Horizon, cargoed with a chosen cross-section of humanity, headed for planet Ostara, there to embark on
Hock Tjoa
Dec 15, 2015 Hock Tjoa rated it really liked it

This was an enjoyable read. I found the characters well imagined and the idea that an alien creature, a space-mole, could bore its way from the solar system to Tau Ceti, from earth to Ostara, most intriguing. Alpha Horizon munches and crunches her way through a worm-hole [?] of her own making. (Another space-mole, Beta-2-Nun, with its load of refugees from a dying Earth is launched ahead of schedule with a hundred thousand passengers, ten times the load on Alpha Horizon.) The space moles are pil
Michael Gallagher
Jan 28, 2015 Michael Gallagher rated it it was amazing
Get Ready For Absorbing Spells By Your Winter Fire
Undazzled by Chance Maree revels in sophisticated satire on human nature expressed in world building on a scale not seen by this reader since appraising Gulliver's Travels by the deft pen of Jonathan Swift. A slow burn that builds in complexity and depth as it develops best describes Undazzled. How? On one level, an important player, the commander, sneaks up on the reader at first as a cardboard military person that gradually arcs into a multi-fa
L.N. Denison
Oct 19, 2015 L.N. Denison rated it really liked it
I found this read to be very intriguing. The storyline was gripping and gritty. I loved the female lead, Pilot Pots. I always like a story with a strong female character. She was sassy and fun.

The story tells of a group of survivors, lead by Commander Gunner Dovmont, who have evacuated a desolate and dying Earth to find another sustainable planet in which to live. I’m not sure if I would class him as a saviour or criminal. He comes across as being a bit of both, but I’m not sure which way I wou
Brenda Ayala
Apr 27, 2013 Brenda Ayala rated it really liked it
Shelves: read-4-review
Undazzled was great fun. It went in a totally different direction than I was expecting and had strange but cool concepts.

The "hallucinations" that they all experienced was original and compelling. The fact that everyone morphed into specific creatures was odd to say the least, especially since they didn't physically feel the changes on themselves. It did seen a bit odd at times, particularly when there were sexual relations between them while these hallucinations were occurring.

Tyr was incredi
John Patterson
Apr 08, 2013 John Patterson rated it it was amazing
Shelves: first-reads
I won Undazzled in a first reads giveaway.

This novel immediately takes hold and refuses to allow you to put it down outside of a heroic force of will. The plot moves along at a swift pace, the author skillfully interweaving back story and world building. That I felt so compelled to read it in a few days argued for giving this book fives stars in spite of a few minor flaws.

Character building was handled well. Characters each exhibited enough flaws to be realistic, and caricatures were avoided.

Neil Carstairs
Jan 11, 2016 Neil Carstairs rated it really liked it
In Undazzled the planet Earth is dying and the only hope for the survival of the human race is the mass emigration of its population to new worlds. Interstellar travel is made possible by wormholes, but unlike other SF stories these worm holes are not created by technology but by giant space-faring beasts known as worm-moles that eat their way through space and time from star system to star system.

Piloting one of these worm-moles and helping in the evacuation of Earth is Pots Kahn-Anderson. The
Bruce Perrin
Feb 18, 2016 Bruce Perrin rated it it was amazing
My First Dystopian Science Fiction Satire

One of the downfalls in Science Fiction for me is when the author introduces so much futuristic and imaginative technology that I become numb to it. Of course, the story ends as it does, because there is one more, technological rabbit-in-the-hat that is revealed in the final chapter that makes it so.

And I admit, at one point, I thought Undazzled might be headed down that path, with the revelation of the nature of the Commander’s son. I am not totally sure
H M Reynolds
Feb 15, 2015 H M Reynolds rated it really liked it
This is a novel about a mission from a dying Earth to colonise a new planet.
I began reading an indie book, in which I initially noticed a few stereotypical descriptions, such as men with rippling muscles and a commander who stands with his hands clasped behind his back.
However, by the end, this book seemed to have morphed into a sci-fi adventure that could have been from one of the traditional publishing houses.
Initial tensions between the crew give way to tension between the colonists and nativ
Kristian Hall
Mar 04, 2016 Kristian Hall rated it really liked it
Shelves: science-fiction
Undazzled is a very interesting dystopian science fiction novel, with a very original plot. Earth is dying, and citizens are evacuated on large, living space worms, to pristine planets far away. As the evacuees are travelling toward their new home, a mass hallucinations make everyone appear with animal heads. Or is something else going on?

I'm a big fan of science fiction, and I always like to explore new novels within the genre. This one is very special, the plot unlike anything else I've read.
Jan 26, 2016 Loralee rated it really liked it
I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.
Undazzled was a well-written science fiction story that called to mind something like the European settlement of the Americas, where a new group comes in with their own agenda, and their own reasons for being there, and the natives end up suffering for it. Only this time, instead of coming on boats, they came in space-ships. Pots was a well written character, and there was a lot about her that I admired. I felt a lot of pity for Ty
Mar 04, 2016 Jennifer rated it really liked it
Well written book with interesting characters and an original plot. The beginning of the book was hard to get into, but I pushed through and was glad that I did.

The earth is dying and people must evacuate. We colonize, but as humans often do when they colonize, we negatively impact the native inhabitants.

The earthlings undergo mass hysteria/hallucinations that start during space travel. Or maybe they are really being transformed into animals? This was both interesting and strange.

The most intr
C.L. Nangirac
Mar 04, 2013 C.L. Nangirac rated it it was amazing
Once again Chance Maree has loaded us up and into her writer's imaginarium this time promising a ride to that 'galaxy far, far away'. Little did we know the vehicle would be a Worm-mole that literally eats holes in the universe taking us not only beyond the known realms of outer space but also penetrating the REAL nature of inner space.

Prepare to discover a world in which the shroud of the human body no longer disguises the true virtues (and vices) of the animalistic ego. The depth of the conse
Larry Daffner
Apr 29, 2013 Larry Daffner rated it really liked it
Undazzled was well paced, and the concepts were interesting - what if we were more alien than we thought, and encountered a race that was as human as we thought we were. There were a couple of areas where I would have liked to see a bit more in depth - I felt the end could have been more engaging and dramatic with a bit more time spend in describing the events that unfolded. Overall, it was a fun read with a touch of food for thought - a good book to read on a relaxing vacation
Jun 23, 2013 Robert rated it really liked it
This was a free giveaway book. Thanks for the opportunity to read this.

I liked the blending of the historical meeting of the Native Americans and the colonists in the 1600-1800s into a science fiction story. For anybody who is into SyFy and history blends, this book would be a good choice.
Chance Maree
Nov 29, 2016 Chance Maree rated it it was amazing  ·  (Review from the author)
The first of a series....stay tuned.
R. Leib
Oct 30, 2015 R. Leib rated it liked it
Five Category Rating System:
Concept: 1/2 Star
Writing: 1/2 Star
Structure: 1/2 Star
Character: Star
Total: 2 1/2 Stars

Audience Suitability: Young Adult - Profanity, Adult Situations

Earth is dying along with its billions of humans. A biological/technical breakthrough that makes possible the harnessing of warp capable space worms for interstellar voyages allows the evacuation of the people of Earth to three pristine worlds. One of these planets is Ostara. Unbeknow
T.S. Creager
Apr 28, 2016 T.S. Creager rated it it was ok
Undazzled has a lot of very unique science fiction worldbuilding in it, but not much else going for it. It's well edited and clearly thoughtfully told, but I found the story to be slow and meandering, the characters rather uninteresting, and the dialog stilted and off-putting. This book spends a lot of time being very interested in the meanings and import of the actions its characters take, but I flat out didn't like any of them, including Pots, who is one of the main perspectives. If I don't ...more
Scott Spotson
Apr 14, 2015 Scott Spotson rated it liked it
I enjoy having dreams. Vivid, lucid, entangled. They make me feel good as I sleep, embracing the fantasy of it all.

Yet, when I wake up, and try to write down my dream, it seems disjointed, confusing, and bizarre. That's how I feel about this book.

I could not be hooked to this story. I wasn't sure where the story was going or what was the ultimate conflict or narrative. The writing is crisp and the author obviously has talent, but I just didn't care much for this story. This had a psychedelic fee
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There once was a young man, fiery by Sicilian and Cherokee blood, whose service in the U.S. Marines gave him the courage to win the love of the woman he most desired. He and this tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed German beauty renounced their scrabble upbringing, that concrete box of city life—they were lured instead by country roads, nature's serenades, and untrimmed pastures.

To their daughter, Chan
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