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Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 2 (Fullmetal Alchemist, #2)
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Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 2 (Fullmetal Alchemist #2)

4.51 of 5 stars 4.51  ·  rating details  ·  7,865 ratings  ·  160 reviews
There are many types of alchemy in the world. Edward's commanding officer, "Flame Alchemist" Roy Mustang, can control fire. Shou Tucker, the "Sewing-Life Alchemist," specializes in the most difficult alchemy of all...biological transmutation, the ability to alter the tissue of living things. But no matter what their power, alchemists are still human. And when a mysterious ...more
Paperback, 192 pages
Published October 2005 by Chuang Yi Publishing (first published May 20th 2002)
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Bu cilt muhteşem ötesiydi!!!
Galiba akıl sağlımı yitirdim.
Ve nefes alabilme yetimi.

Çünkü 2. cilt mükemmeldi-ah ölüyom.
Edward her zamanki gibi sinir bozucu bir bücürdü. (Tabii ki bunları Edward horlaya horlaya uyurken söylüyorum. Çünkü canıma kastım yok, yaşamak istiyorum!)
Alphonse daima olduğu gibi tatlı, düşünceli, nazik, sadık, eğlenceli.... ve mükemmeldi *-*. (Zırh mırh, ben onu her şekilde seviyorum xxxxxxxxxx) -Kutsal Çilek yine karakterlere sarkıyor, görmezden gelin.-

At the end of every volume of FMA is a very small panel depicting all the characters who died with halos over their heads and wings on their backs, ascending to Heaven.

It's worth noting that Shou Tucker is shown wallowing in Hell. Even Father gets to go to Heaven, but Tucker goes to Hell. That makes me bizarrely happy, because I hate Tucker more than I hate any other character in the series, bar none - not Pride, though he creeps me out; not Envy, even after all he's done; not even Kimblee, who'
I suppose I discussed a lot of Scar's religious aspects in my review of Volume 1, no mind that we first meet Scar here. Thus, I will continue onto the creepy chimera-making whatnot.

I definitely flinch about what happened. But good authors make us flinch, so no mind that the concept made me uncomfortable, I applaud Hiromu Arakawa for writing a potent scene. I really hope we meet no more chimera alchemists though... oh please no.

I feel like the next volume is where things will really get "started"
Aubrey Hansen
Whereas the Vol.1 of this manga was more episodic with a few loosely-related and mostly-fun escapades, the plot in Vol.2 is more cohesive as the overall story begins to deepen, adding layers and intertwining elements. The stakes are raised, and as a result, this volume is more sober and more violent than the first. An assassin is targeting state alchemists out of revenge, and his methods of elimination are rather bloody. Although nothing is shown in full glory, it's heavily implied. An alchemist ...more
"Then you might be able to reach the truth that lies within the truth..." FMA is a bittersweet manga for me. I began the first anime series just after my first relationship began and ended that relationship just after both animes and the manga concluded. rereading it now I can so easily remember the emotions I felt then and invested.

This volume has the story of Shou Tucker & Nina, the appearance of Scar, Armstrong, Havoc, Envy, and Hughes. And in hindsight ALL of what Hughes' says is heart
Scott Lee
This volume begins to divorce itself a bit more from the anime version of these stories that I've already watched. Or should I say that the anime divorces itself more from the events of volume II? In any case I wrote a long review of volume one, all of which applies here.

The plot advances nicely,and we get some answers earlier in the comics than we ever do in the anime. For example, well past this point in the anime people are still commenting in shock on Edward's transmuting without a circle w
warning this may contain some spoilers

Full metal alchemist is a very good book in my opinion because of how interesting it is and has a good way to show or tell you what its also dose a good thing by creating good characters which i grew attach to.

Edward Elric is one character that i attached to as well as his brother Alphonse. there both intelligent and talented alchemist that look for the legendary philosopher stone to get third body's back. facing many challenges and los
Volume two is where the meat of the overarching story puts in an appearance. Meeting Shou Tucker, the Sewing-Life Alchemist, is life changing for the brothers, and the introduction of Scar is very nearly life ending for them.

Scar remains one of my favorite supporting characters. His personal quest to murder all State Alchemists is never justified, although it's explained quite sympathetically, and is the highlight of any number of morally grey actions featured in the series.
As an intermediate student of Japanese who also happens to be a (quasi-)adult, I've found it tricky to find native materials that are both:

1) interesting to me and
2) readable by me.

Manga is the obvious answer, but even there it's tough to find something with furigana that isn't your typical 少年 power-level-9000 blah-blah-blah.

I think... I think 鋼の錬金術師 might be the answer I've been looking for! I have a feeling that, even in another few months once I've fully broken the kanji barrier, I'll be comi
Emily~ :3
In the second installment of Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric heads back to Central City after taking care of matters outside of the city. As he makes his return, he again begins to continue his search of a way to gain his lost arm and leg, as well as his brother's (Alphonse) body back, due to the attempt of human transmutation. To help with Edward's search, Roy introduces Edward to Shou Tucker, otherwise known as the "sewing life alchemist". But, Edward soon discovers that everyone may not be ...more
Okay, book two completely won me over, mainly by the breadth of characterization that slipped in so quickly. The story of the alchemist who, out of desperation, transmutes his daughter and dog into a chimera, was as gut-wrenching as any good short-story. Alphonse and Edward, in the meantime, grow in depth and complexity, settling into the perfect balance between arrogant and tortured that hints at melodrama but is still believably human.
Diana Lynn
Perfection. Without giving anything away, I'll say that the introduction of Shou Tucker and Nina in the anime (both of which I watched before the read and both of which are perfect) was the first big wow episode of the show and the actual hook point for me. Brotherhood (which I hear follows the manga whole-hearted) is soooo effing emotionally draining. Stunning artwork, funny, and amazing. Forgive me, I may have become obsessed. 10/10
The art is improving already and the characters are also getting developed quickly and well. The art is still somewhat static but it feels like the artist is getting more comfortable with the characters and is venturing to draw more backgrounds so I expect it will soon match the quality storytelling. I do love how immense and expansive this world feels already and how easily Hiromu drew me into the world and it's politics. Very assured and creative world building.

Oh, and the creepy tale of the a
I don't know what to think about this series.
It's cool and fun and a little dark, and some parts were legitimately funny, but I'm not as engaged with this series as I'd like to be. I speed past the fight sequences and haven't been blown away by the art. The characters aren't as developed as I would have liked them to be, and not once did I sit back, remove myself from the book, and just think about how awesome it is.

I don't know. I'm not too into it. I'm not making an effort to get into it. I d
Miss Clark
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Yao Rui Huang
I went blind of over exposure to pure awesomeness. ^-^
Mrs W
Edward and Alphonse continue their quest to restore their bodies. Their search leads them to a Sewing-Life alchemist who can transmute living tissue. Their time with him is cut short by a serial killer targeting state alchemists. There are strong themes in this volume surrounding the ethics governing science and research.

This book goes to some dark and shocking places, definitely targeting the feels. I resisted throwing the book against the wall because A) it was a library copy and B) I hate pai

Ed and Alexander are too cute. It's obvious that Ed is a kind-hearted person even though he acts so hot-headed and easily angered all the time. He knows what he has to do and when he has to do it. That itself already speaks volumes as to how great an individual Ed is. Really my type of character. <3 I just didn't like how fast the story developed. I watched both the original and reboot versions of the anime so I'm kind of a bit on the rocks with the pacing of the manga. It leaves too littl
Marie-Josee Larouche
This was a very sad and moving story. The continuation of the first book is a very sad tale of a alchemist who turns bad- in the most disturbing, disgusting way that a human being could ever become. The alchemist is known as the "Sewing-life Alchemist", Shou Tucker.

It was a very interesting and good story. I must say though, I was very disturbed with what happened with Shou Tucker and how desperate he was to keep his title as state alchemist. I don't know how a human being could sink so low- and
I read this book, strangey, AFTER I'd read all the others. But that's okay since I know the story....

I just HAD to rate this volume 5 stars--of course I love all the volumes equally but this one...HAD SHOU TUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When he was introduced in the 2003 FMA television series...after that certain episode...I wandered about in a state of shock. And than, when I watched it again in the Brotherhood version....I was ready to punch the screen. My hand was raised (I'm not joking) and I wa
Jody Mena
I liked this book, it was the story I'm familiar with from the anime, but it was more streamlined, and flowed much more swiftly and naturally. I thought the story with Tucker and Nina was a tad underdeveloped compared to how it was done in the anime - it would have been more suspenseful to draw out the mystery of Tucker's experiments a bit, and more tragic and disturbing if their relationship with Nina had been a bit deeper. The little memorial box at the end, with chibi versions of Nina and the ...more
In this volume, Ed and Al go with Colonel Mustang (the Flame Alchemist and Ed's superior officer) to see the leading specialist on biological transmutation, Shou Tucker, the "Sewing Life Alchemist". Ed is excited to get into Shou's archives to do research and Al befriends Shou's daughter. Everything is going great until Ed realizes the truth behind the chimeras that Shou creates. For his transgressions against God, a mysterious man kills both Shou and his new creation, and tries to kill more sta ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Real Rating 4.5 stars

More characters are introduced in this one, some military people and some other alchemist's. Roy Mustang gets more depth in this one (This is where I really started loving Mustang). The intermediate villain is also introduced, who I think is an awesome villain. Anyway, the plot picks up right were it left off and while there is some serous thinking on Ed's part the plot is still filled with action and fight scenes and humor. You can't read 10 paged without laughing your he
An addicting manga with unforgettable characters and enough twists to build a story labyrinth that you will WANT to be trapped in forever! I was delighted in practicing the equilalent exchange of forfeiting a few minutes of my free time in exchange for this unforgettable storyline.
(view spoiler)
Volume 2 picks up right where volume 1 left off, with Roy Mustang “owing one” to Ed for saving the general on the train. In return Mustang introduces Ed to Shou Tucker, the “Sewing-Life Alchemist”. Ed is branching out in all directions searching for a way to restore his body and that of his brother. Unfortunately who he ends up meeting is a scientist who is willing to use any means to achieve his ends. Ed and Al have some hard lessons to learn about their own continued powerlessness and about th ...more
Katie (Books and Katie)
Bloodshed begets bloodshed. Hatred begets hatred.


Again, this manga is amazing! This series is definitely my all time favorite manga series.


In this installment, not only do we learn more about the Elric brothers and alchemy, but we also meet a serial killer who is hell-bent on removing all state alchemists from the world. Though we do not discover too much about him, it is obvious that this is not the last Ed and Al will meet him.

We see a huge contrast between the brothers, who
Sarah Sammis
After having watched the first anime version of Fullmetal Alchemist last year I decided to read the manga series. While I enjoyed the quicker pace of Volume 1, that same quick pace caught me off guard in this volume.

Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 2 covers the entire arc of Shou Tucker, the Sewing Life Alchemist. In the 2003 anime Shou Tucker and his daughter are introduced over the course of a couple episodes. Here the entire plot takes half the volume.

While that brevity does cut out a lot of the co
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Hiromu Arakawa, 荒川 弘, is a Japanese mangaka famous for the series Fullmetal Alchemist. Her real name is Hiromi Arakawa.

Born on May 8, 1973 in Tokachi, Hokkaidō, Japan, Arakawa was born and raised on a dairy farm with three elder sisters and a younger brother. Arakawa thought about being a manga artist "since [she] was little" and during her school years, she would often draw on textbooks. After gr
More about Hiromu Arakawa...

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“Riza: Without his Alchemy he's just...
Jean: A little brat who swears a lot
Maes: An arrogant pipsqueak
Roy: Useless. Just useless
Alphonse: Sorry big brother, I don't know how to add to that...
Ed *starts to cry*: YOU'RE ALL PICKING ON ME!!!”
“Hughes: (Talking for Mustang) 'I won't allow you to die under my jurisdiction because it'd be a pain to clean up the mess.' That's what he said.

Edward: Fine. Tell him, 'Understood. I'll never die before you, colonel, you @#'$ idiot.'

Hughes: Ha ha ha! They say the ruder you are, the luckier you are! In that case, you and Roy are gonna live forever!”
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