The Island
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The Island

4.02 of 5 stars 4.02  ·  rating details  ·  1,660 ratings  ·  304 reviews
Genre: LGBT Contemporary

Shaw is in Fiji to sell a stolen painting to the crime boss, Vornis. It will be the deal of a lifetime, if Shaw can pull it off. But then Vornis has to parade his latest toy around in front of him--a captured DEA agent whose time is running out. It's none of Shaw's business, and it doesn't matter that under any other circumstances Lee would be exact...more
Kindle Edition, 231 pages
Published January 9th 2012 by Loose Id LLC
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Blacky *Romance Addict*
"Whatever happens here, your soul’s unbreakable.
He kept his eyes closed.
It’s a shame the rest of me is made of f*cking glass."

Image Hosted by

"He was lying in a bed, and the man was holding his hand and stroking his thumb across his palm, and he hadn’t hurt him.
What’s the first thing you remember?

Wow. I absolutely LOVED this book! Loved!! Photobucket So amazing and so emotional, heartbreaking at times, but I cried happy tears more than the sad ones :D Ahh I have no idea what to say in my review, I only know I'll h...more
Monique ~ Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

This book is one of those where you think WTF!!! Why, Why, Why did I wait to read it...4.5 stars ~ Loved it!

"Lee always walked with his eyes down, and the island revealed all it's secrets to him. Sand dollars, tiny holes inhabited by translucent crabs, glittering shells built like spiral towers, and sand that turned from brilliant white to warm caramel when the ocean caressed it."

This book was so exquisitely described by Lisa Henry, beautiful prose and excellent writing. I was there... feeling...more
Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter
3.5 stars.***Review completed January 7, 2013


First of all let me say that for a long time The Island was a pretty stable four-star-rating. Granted, it's a good read, I really liked it but I was not wowed. There are so many glowing five-star-reviews on GR that I'm once again the odd one out there. Anyway, I think I can live with it coz as always I think that honesty is the best policy. Without doubt it's an intriguing as well as engaging read, and I really loved the premise of The Island. But. T...more
Rosalinda *KRASNORADA*
Aug 06, 2013 Rosalinda *KRASNORADA* rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Rosalinda *KRASNORADA* by: Vio


The Island is not an easy book to review. I don't even think it's an easy book to read but it's definitely a MUST READ. I know you guys might read the blurb and think this is way out of your comfort zone but if you give it a try, you'll understand what I am talking about.

Shaw is one of the bad guys, he works with some not-so-legal stuff. He’s in the middle of one important job when he meets ‘green eyes’. His world is about to change and he doesn’t even know...more
First of all I am surprised and amazed that I actually wanted to read The Island let alone that I finished it. I am so glad I did because it turned out to be an intense, riveting and superbly written story. I was well and truly taken out of my comfort zone and oh yes this was gut wrenching and difficult but I can honestly say it was worth it's a gripping story.

I am usually a complete and utter wuss when it comes to reading about abuse thankfully the detail is mostly off page and its definitely n...more

Those with a low tolerance for gushing, may want continue reading this review with caution.

Ohhhh man, where do I even start? For starers this book hijacked my life today. I was only supposed to read the first chapter!

Discovering gems like this book, this author, are what keep me solidly planted as an avid reader in this genre. This book is exceptional. The story, the writing, the characters, the dialogue, the imagery!!!! Just every damn thing in this book drew me i...more
Sometimes...I get carried away and SPOIL the fun for others.

**4.5 Fragile and Tortured Stars**
Hope: A feeling of expectation and desire for a 
particular thing to happen. A feeling of trust.

The Island...a place where all hope is lost. Where the broken are formed. Where torture is foreplay- for the monsters. And unthinkable bonds are born.
You are not slipping away. You are not going quietly into the dark. Stay with me.

The Island begins with Shaw traveling to Fiji, to sell a stolen painting to th...more
Written October 2, 2013

4 1/2 Stars - Intense, frightening but also beautiful about the most terrible and finally to be safe...

The other day...

This book has been collecting dust too long now. My friends Vio and Rosalinda tells me I have to read it, and in a weak moment this summer I bought it. Since then, it has been lying there on the shelf and stared hard at me. I know I'm so lame and cowardly.... sigh!... All the other girls here dares to read all these popular contemporary romances with slav...more
This was a stunning portrayal of evil and abuse, perfectly balanced with hope and morality. This is my first book by Lisa Henry.

The writing is brilliant, perfectly paced to set the mood and tone; punctuated with italics and repeat phrases that underline and enhance the readers characters emotions. Superbly done!

Shaw arrives on the beautiful island to do a deal with a powerful drug lord. He has worked up to this moment for six years, dealing with the very worst humanity has to offer.
Shaw is a fa...more
Ash Wednesday

Posting a 1-star review for a highly rated book, you always feel the imaginary (I hope) weight of the collective glares of everyone who loved it.


I rarely give books I finish an outright 1-star rating but this one I really, really can't not. Mostly because trying to think of something positive to say outside being able to make it to the end is giving me a migraine. But also due to the sexytimes, which should be this story's saving grace, but instead came out this side of bland for...more
4,5-5 stars

I can hear the complaints from readers - "Oh no,not torture and rape again"
But rest assured, (and that`s why I gave The Island the high rating) this isn`t about torture and rape - no kinks get satisfied and no sadistic glee here!(means not on-page...)
This is a story about the value of a single human life in the "grand scheme".

That doesn`t mean this was a comfortable read - far from it.Mostly told from Shaw`s point of view who never witnessed the actual torture of his "business partner...more
Chippy *Moves Like Jagger* Marco

I really liked this book. It took a little to get into it, because I'm the type that likes to be grasped straight away and thrown into drama. So, I'm not so much the thoughtful type, and I don't really care for slower lead ins. However, this book did dramatically pick up after a bit, then it thrusted me fully into a highly agitated storyline, where Shaw had a lot of trouble dealing with a very uncomfortable situation. The fact he had to let go of Lee, knowing he was being abused and misused in t...more
Wow, six stars, read this through the night, too good to put down. Brilliant twist to it, you must read this! Really enjoyed my re-read too..
'Whatever happens here, your soul's unbreakable.' He kept his eyes closed. 'It's a shame the rest of me is made of fucking glass.'
I know, I know, I said to myself I won't read this. I am a bit burned out with m/m genre in general ... and I don't see how a torture/abuse theme will help. I'm not a faint-hearted person (one of my most favorite themes in mystery/thriller mainstream IS serial killer after all) but I just get tired of characters having to go through all this before they get their happy end (at least in serial killing novels, they are all dead. Yeah, I know, call a psychiatrist for me, I don't get my logic either...more
Heather C
Dark, Brutal, and Gripping! Loved it!!

I'm thinking I might have been a little over-prepared for this one. I didn't read the blurb or any reviews, but was told that there was quite a bit of rape and torture throughout the story. Well, it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected! All the bad stuff was either alluded to or mentioned after the fact or kinda glossed over. Lee went through a lot of horrible things, but I didn't have to suffer along with him. So, if I had to state an issue with the story, th...more
Opening Line: “Shaw looked out the window as the chopper came in to land.”

I was kind of unsure going into this (especially after the warning in the back blurb) I mean I don’t even read BDSM so I figured this was going to be way out of my comfort zone but luckily I took a gamble because it turned out to be a fantastic, well written and very moving story. Sure it’s intense, but it’s also thought provoking, suspenseful, romantic, (way) surprising and even tender.

And oh did I mention it takes place...more
This is another book I chose on the strength of past reviews, and boy, am I glad I did!! Total keeper, and 5 stars from me

I would warn you straight away that this is not a story for those who have a problem with abuse. I won't go into glorious detail about the story, just to say that it involves covert ops; the imprisonment, horrific torture and repeated rape of one man (and normally that would put me off), lots of death (all fully deserved of course!), and the subsequent rescue of that one man...more
This book was so much more than I could’ve dreamed. I gave it the full 5 stars because it was so damn perfect, for me personally.

There was just this perfect balance… of everything! I don’t know how else to explain it really. I loved every second of this book and I never wanted it to end.
I knew before I stared that this was a relatively short book, compared to what I usually read. So I had prepared myself to not fully connect with the characters. Like them, yes. But I wasn’t prepared for suc...more

I thought the beginning was good, especially with Lee's fugue states. I really enjoyed the moments he had on the beach too with the sand dollars. I guessed (view spoiler) Then came 65%, and from that point till 80% I absolutely hated the book. So many WTF moments I lost count. (view spoiler)...more
My hands are shaking as I type this. Not from fear but from adrenaline that is still flowing through my body 8hrs after finishing this book. I am still on edge. I am still back on that island in Fiji wondering just what is going to happen. Wondering when Shaw will bend, when Lee will be okay and just flat out being mindfucked in the most thorough way possible.

I knew from seeing a skimmimg a few reviews that The Island would be dark, I was ready for that. I was not ready nor prepared to have my h...more
Feb 06, 2012 Deeze rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Deeze by: Vio
Shelves: vio-convinced-me

From the start I was nervous as this is not my normal style of reading. But every now and then I give in to pressure (*coughViocough*), and take a chance. And again I'm glad I did. This story was so well told, despite the theme that it will go on my favourite shelf.

This book had my stomach in knots at times, and I literally had to stop reading for a while. Lee's abuse was one of the most intense reads I've read in a long time,that it was never told in detail just added to the emotion. The sayin...more
I boarded Vornis’ helicopter to The Island fully expecting to come back with a glowing review, but it wasn’t to be. The more books I read by Lisa Henry, the better I understand why many friends label Dark Space and, to a lesser extent, The Last Rebellion, as her best work. Dark Space was actually my first Henry and I loved the expressive Brady (a perfectly executed first-person narrative) and its sci-fi setting to pieces! And then there’s The last Rebellion, in which she pushes you into the meat...more
Awilk -never sleeps-
This book is hard for me to review. I don't know what to say without giving away anything.

Too start, Lisa Henry has a writing style that is perfect for this story. She conveyed the suffering of terrible abuse but never wrote a word that was really abusive. I feel how she described what was happening to Lee (my beautiful Green Eyes) to be heartbreaking. She was pulling on my heartstrings in a way no other author has ever done.

Shaw was a complex man. He intrigued me the whole way through the book....more
I had to think hard before I decided to go with 5 stars. I actually rounded up from 4.5 because I think the writing is very succinct and not overly descriptive when it's not necessary. The author is obviously invested in Lee and Shaw and told their story with lots of feeling and emotion.

Anyone who is looking for a romance novel just keep on moving along. Yes, it ends on a happy note but seriously, this is drama at it's best with a side dish of sex with a hope for possible romance.

The first half...more
I wanted to read a Lisa Henry book having enjoyed her LHNB short The Last Rebellion. And yes, The Island did deliver that molar grinding, nail biting, hiss at the evil villain experience. And yes, there were parts that you felt guilty about enjoying because, you know, there should be nothing enjoyable about captive humans. And the author managed to throw in some twists that took me by surprise (I'm easy that way). And then, I hit the 65% mark and the story shifted gears and things weren't quite...more
After the first couple of ratings I stopped looking at anything relating to this book. The only thing I knew from the first review was that a lot of the brutality and abuse happens off page and it was still one of the most intense reads in some time. This was mostly because of Lee. The protective mamma in me wanted to immediately wrap him up, take away the pain and rip apart anyone who dare even think of hurting him again. Being in his head was...I don't even know what to compare it to or how to...more
I was reading someone's review on this book today and just had to go back and re-read it. I was right, it's still just about the best book I have read it 2012. Why, well,

It is an exceptional storyline that will sure as hell shock you.

It's a dark erotic book because of the forced slavery, forced BDSM, rape and killings.

It has a really good hero - or kind of hero.

It is a love story.

It's an emotional story.

There is a HEA.

This is one I dare everyone to read - or at least those of you who read M/M. Y...more
Apparently, Lisa Henry is my soul mate. I think I wore down my tooth enamel clenching my teeth through the first half, and now I have bloodshot eyes from holding back tears through the second half.
In some aspects this is probably the most hardcore MM story that I've ever read. There's a lot of abuse that happens here and it's hard to read but a lot of the violence is alluded to off page. You read the results but the actions are left to the imagination, which I thought was an incredibly smart thing for the author to do because what I imagined was pretty horrible.

This was a hard book to read but the payoff is so worth it. I stuck with it even thought there were times that it was incredibly...more
4.5 Stars

This is my second visit to The Island, but I still can’t find the right words to express my love for this book. My glowing white blank review page has been glaring at me long enough though, so here we go….

Simply put—Ms. Henry captivated me at word one. I got all tangled up in the power, lust, lies, and pain. The Island hides a brutal, ugly world behind the clear blue, blue shimmer and pull of the ocean. It will never cease to amaze me what lives, hunts, and lurks beneath the beauty in l...more
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I like to tell stories. Mostly with hot guys and happily ever afters. They gotta work for it though. No free lunches on my watch.
More about Lisa Henry...
The Good Boy (Boy, #1) Dark Space (Dark Space, #1) When All the World Sleeps Tribute Mark Cooper versus America (Prescott College, #1)

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