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FOR RENT: Top two floors of beautifully renovated brownstone, 1300 sq. ft., 2BR 2BA, eat-in kitchen, one block to parks and playgrounds. No broker’s fee.

Susan and Alex Wendt have found their dream apartment.

Sure, the landlady is a little eccentric. And the elderly handyman drops some cryptic remarks about the basement. But the rent is so low, it’s too good to pass up.

Big m...more
Published (first published January 1st 2011)
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every book starts out as a four-star book for me. i am hopeful, but realistic. and then as i read, the book will either gain a star, or lose one (or more). this one maintained its four-star rating until the very end, when an epilogue i thought was a wishy-washy letdown ruined it for everyone .too brief, too neat, too facile, and it made every flaw of the book that i had let fly before that point more prominent in my mind. we call this bel canto syndrome.

before that ill-considered ending, this bo...more
I love, love, love, the slow, subtle creep of this one. Bugs of any sort represent the ultimate squick factor for me, and an entire story dedicated to a bedbug infestation was almost more than I could stand. I'm still scratching and feeling paranoid. I definitely won't be looking too closely at my pillowcases tonight for fear of actually seeing something I just don't need to see: ignorance is bliss on this account. The less I know the better.

In its setup and slow build, the book reminded me a l...more
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Sheena  at Hot Eats and Cool Reads
I have a huge bedbug paranoia, no joke. So glad this book didn't give me the major creepy crawlies like I thought it would.

I won a copy of this book through First Reads from the publisher, Quirk Publishing. Finding out they also published one of my favorite books Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, I was very excited to read this one.

This book was a fairly quick read for me and I enjoyed it, but I felt it needed more action and more of a climax. The ending was definitely different and...more
This is a great read. Especially if you are a fan of those books where a couple moves into a too good to be true home where the husband works and the wife stays home and unpacks and takes care of the kids and discovers strange happenings type books. Which I tend to love. But there is something for everyone in this novel especially readers who enjoy a well written thriller with a hint of horror.

The Wendts, Alex and Susan, find the perfect brownstone in Brooklyn from a Craigslist ad. It's owned b...more
Ryan G
Normally I love to read horror books once the weather starts to get a little chillier. There is something about having that nip in the air and the shorter days that makes me want to curl up on the couch, with as little light as possible, and delve into something that will scare the hell out of me. Sadly, due to time constraints, I had to read this one when it was over 100 degrees outside and not getting dark until after nine o'clock. For once, that didn't bother me, I was still able to forget ab...more
I'm scratching all over.

Brilliant cover. The author's name is teeny tiny, the title is understated and the focus is the bright white of the pillow and sheets.
I really liked that there were no endorsements from other authors on either the front or the back of the book. Just a short blurb on the back to describe what the book is about, and a couple of sentences about Ben H. Winters. It made Bedbugs all the more mysterious. I am very wary of books that come out with tons and tons of praise from all...more
Adrienne Strock
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Bedbugs is about when the Wendt family rents an apartment at an very low price in a neighborhood in Brooklyn. The family rent it from an old widow named Andrea Scharfstein, who lives just below on the ground floor. Susan, Alex and their young daughter, Emma, are the perfect family to move in as soon as possible. Basically when Susan first sees it, she falls in love with the apartment. Susan wants to try and “revive” her passion for painting that she had to put aside whenever her daughter Emma w...more
Sean McGovern
There's a great episode of CBS Radio Mystery Theater (circa 1970) called "The Real Printer's Devil" - where a married couple (plus one child) rent a "too good to be true" apartment turns out to be just that, with one of those dark endings that doesn't feel tacked on, and leaves you feeling equally sad and invigorated.

Now I told you that to tell you this: Internet Bookstore 002 suggested Ben H. Winter's "Bedbug" to be based on a review I wrote of Joe Hill's "Heart Shaped Box" - and when I read th...more
Freaky! It has been quite a while since I have read a good book of this genre. The 3 authors I devoured for years started going a bit funky so I was so excited to read someone and something new.

I really liked how the author used a current problem and put a twist on it. He kept you wondering about the reason this was going on right til the end. The climax of Bedbugs was action packed and pretty freaky. Loved the ending!

I felt the characters were well developed and I liked them. The NYC aspect was...more
Working in the city has made me terrified that I would get bedbugs. One time I even thought I had them like the protagonist in this book. But turns out it was just me picking my pimples because of anxiety. That sounds gross but I would take that over having bedbugs. Its interesting how the author took something the fear of something so small and elevated that fear into something huge. Thats what happens a lot with the fear of acquiring bedbugs. We all fear them because getting rid of them is inc...more
Bedbugs is a pretty standard horror. A young family moves into a new home and it seems like a dream come true, until of course things start to go wrong. Strange smells, strange noises, strange neighbours, and increasing tension within the family itself. Where it differs from a lot of horror, however, is that this time it's the mother, rather than the father, who is affected by the new place and whose sanity slowly starts to unravel and turn her against her own family.

I really liked this differen...more
Bedbugs is a thoroughly creepy read. It's not horrific in the way we commonly think of the horror genre. Bedbugs gets into your psyche, instilling a paranoia that will have you scratching incessantly while convinced you just saw a bug out of the corner of your eye.

I loved the family in Bedbugs and would have enjoyed their characters in any story. I particularly "got" Susan, a woman who has recently quit her job to pursue her dream of being an artist. She and her husband have a daughter, with a n...more
Reading this book gave me the creeps. I felt like bedbugs were crawling all over me - YUCK!! So, it really was the perfect way to kick off Carl's, R.I.P. VI Challenge. There was a bit of the supernatural mixed in with some crazy people and tons of creepy crawly blood suckers swarming about to make you itch and gasp in surprise.

Bedbugs tells the story of the Wendts - Susan (wife), Alex (husband), and Emma (daughter) - a small family looking for a dream home in a better neighborhood. Susan wants...more
Well, I know for a fact I will not be able to sleep with my pillow for at least a week! Shoot, I don’t even know if I can sleep in my bed tonight! The bedbugs might get me! And, let me just say right now, I have never been more thankful in my life to not have a landlord.

Bedbugs has a slow build through the first half. I was starting to wonder if the mother (Susan) wasn’t just going crazy. To me she had a pretty easy life: she sort-of worked from home, she has one three year old daughter, she has...more
Franci Franci
Una lettura che mi ha incollato al letto e successivamente alla poltrona in meno di due giorni e che vi consiglio di non leggere prima di andare a dormire se ci tenete a prender sonno.
I personaggi di questa storia all'inizio non si sono conquistati la mia simpatia: Susan così ansiosa,che deve tenere tutto sotto controllo,Alex che è un uomo di quelli che in casa non muove un dito (tv e lavoro),Andrea,la padrona di casa,la babysitter che trovo insopportabile,perchè sembra che prenda per i fondelli...more
As Susan searches for the perfect apartment, she stumbles onto the find of a lifetime.

Little does she know, the perfect apartment can be a renter’s night-mare.

Winters’ Bedbugs is the most insane paranormal thriller I’ve come across. The intensity of Susan’s paranoia is gripping, yet exciting. She is two shakes from the nut house at times, but manages to straddle the line of sanity. I was literally on the edge of my seat, blindly scratching as the bug infestation went from one lone bug to hordes...more
Susan and Alex Wendt are on the hunt for a new apartment, but living in the city and finding afforable housing is hard to overcome, so when they find a beautiful and extremely afforable brownstone in Brooklyn it seems too good to be true, but how could it be? With the sweet widowed landlord living downstairs, and the handman Larry, who is there at their wake and call for anything that goes aray.

So why then is Susan waking up with Bites, and seeing bedbugs attacking her, while nobody else in her...more
If you are the type of person who sometimes imagines spiders crawling up your arms, or who reads webmd and becomes convinced that you have blastomycosis, this subtle piece of horror will be keeping you up nights. The thing is, we're all that type of person, aren't we?

Winters' novel starts out with a happy(ish) young family ready to move to a bigger place. New Yorkers might think that's basis enough for a horror novel! Winters does a lovely job of creating characters who are likable and believab...more
Alice Belikov  First lady Ivashkov
I literally caught a case of the creepy crawlies because I was itching my butt off while reading this book lol. If you have a paranoia about bugs, this is not a book for you.

Susan and Alex Wedt are a couple with a child named Emma. They have decided to move so Emma could have her own room and so Susan can pursue her career as an artist. Apartments are expensive in NY and they can't seem to find anything in their price range until Susan finds an apartment that has the living space they want and t...more
Robert Beveridge
Ben H. Winters, Bedbugs (Quirk Books, 2011)

Full disclosure: this book was provided to me free of charge by Amazon Vine.

Okay, a topical (read: this will be dated in five years) horror novel from a guy listed as a New York Times bestseller? I bit without doing my research, which ended up being annoying. I had my suspicions when I saw Quirk as the publisher, and then the author description confirmed my worst fears: “Ben H. Winters is the New York Times bestselling author of Sense and Sensibility an...more
Sleep Tight.

Susan and Alex Wendt are the prefect couple in search of the perfect brownstone – and they find their dream house in the heart of Brooklyn Heights. Sure, the landlady is eccentric, and the handyman drops cryptic remarks about the previous tenants. But the rent is so low; it’s too good to pass up.

Big mistake: Susan soon discovers the brownstone is crawling with bedbugs – or is it? She awakens every morning with fresh bites, but neither Alex nor their daughter Emma has a single welt. A...more
Sahina Bibi
Thanks to Quirk books firstly for sending me this book (: another awesome read, this time, I couldn’t help shivering at the creepiness this book emanated. So a word of warning should you read this book – Do. Not. Read. It. At. Night. No seriously, the saying “sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite?” – too true in this case.

Analysis of plot:
We start the story off with our main character Susan and Alex who move for various reasons and come upon a cheap apartment for rent, and they snap it up as...more
Erin O'Riordan
This piece of urban horror succeeds for the same reason urban legends persist: each plays off anxieties that are very real, then ramp up the creepiness factor. The re-emergence of the bedbug plague in the United States in the past few years is a real reason for alarm. It plays into our ancient mammalian fears of contamination and of being preyed upon. 'Bedbugs' introduces these elements into a marriage already strained by financial uncertainty. Susan and Alex Wendt are doing alright after Susan...more
Tabitha Bower
Bedbugs is a horror novel narrated by an insomniac, unemployed mother who has anxiety problems.
Told through Susan Wendt’s impressions, the reader is never sure what is truth and what is imagined by this woman who is so influenced by media and her own insecurities. The novel blurs the line between reality and imagination at every turn – it is not until the very last chapter that the reader learns the true story and knows who to believe.

The story begins with Susan Wendt searching for the perfect...more
Susan is dying to move into a bigger place in Brooklyn, but doesn’t know if she and her husband will be able to afford it since she’s recently quit her lawyer job to take up painting. Then, the perfect apartment becomes available, and with such a low price, they move in immediately. Everything seems wonderful, except for the room Susan has chosen to be her studio. As her concerns with the apartment grow, so does the strain on their relationship and domestic situation. And Susan is also waking up...more
Jen - ReadingwithPugs
Wow! And that does not even describe how much I enjoyed this book. This book sucked me in (no pun intended) right away. There were so many terrific elements in this story, the setting, the characters but most of all the story. Living in NY I was able to easily relate to all the locations that the author described. I could picture where the characters were and that made it all the more fun for me. The characters were truly wonderful. The story is told from the perspective of Susan which to me was...more
Barry Huddleston
Sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite …

After reading this book, you may find out who your friends really are after requesting a body search for parasites.

I like Quirk Books. They, and other small publishers, give a stiff middle finger to the major publishers who are determined to serve us literary happy meals. Some publishers really seem to be publishing what they love. I can’t help but feel that Quirk gives us titles that they enjoy reading like Winter’s Bedbugs.

Bedbugs is best read in bed, l...more
Mary Deborde
Bedbugs is by far one of the slyest horror reads of the year. Like it's namesake,
this story creeps into the psyche where it takes up residence only to pop out when you
least expect it.

And Bedbugs is most definitely an *all-nighter*. Deliciously, darkly fascinating -
it's like popcorn for the horror addict. Once you get started there is simply no

My take: if Stephen King and Bentley Little were involved in some hideous, futuristic
transporter accident wherein they became co-mingled into on...more
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