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Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph
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Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph

4.36 of 5 stars 4.36  ·  rating details  ·  365 ratings  ·  69 reviews
In this visionary book,Dennis Prager, one of America's most original thinkers, contends that humanity confronts a monumental choice. The whole world must decide between American values and its two oppositional alternatives: Islamism and European-style democratic socialism.Prager—a bestselling author, columnist, and nationally syndicated radio talk show host who is read and ...more
Hardcover, 448 pages
Published April 24th 2012 by Broadside Books (first published April 4th 2012)
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Seth Hanson
Don't you hate it when you read a book that forces you to take a step back and do some serious reevaluation? This book did that to me.

Dennis Prager lays out the case for why traditional Conservative, American, Judeo-Christian values are the best hope for the world. So what are American values according to Prager? He says that after much thought and study, he realized our essential values are inscribed on every U.S. coin:

1. Liberty
2. E Pluribus Unum
3. In God We Trust

Prager further contends that t
Since most American schools, especially high schools teach little American History these days, this book is very informative. It explains the American value system and what is called the American Trinity, E Pluribus Unem, (Out of many, ONE), Liberty, and In God We Trust. (All of which are on our American coins).

It outlines the views of Leftism, (extreme Liberalism), Islamism, (Not Muslims but those Muslims who have taken Islam to extremes, such as those who attacked the U.S.A on 9-11-2001) and
The best book I have read that clearly explains the Left, Islamism, and American Values. His case is clearly made at how American Values from the Founders, though not all Christian, were all God concentric. Without God, the moral values this country is based on will fall. That man is innately evil and a God belief establishes moral values of a society. The Left believe man is basically good and any evil man does is a result of his environment, poverty, and lack of opportunity. As a result, the L ...more
Karen Hanson
This isn't a book I would normally read but I gave it a chance because my husband liked it so much. I tried to keep an open mind but for the most part, all this book did was succeed in making me enraged. I listened to it in the car and found myself yelling at it on a regular basis.

I would say I'm a moderate liberal or "LEFTIST" as Prager calls it (about a million times, I might add). I don't agree with ALL the typical Liberal positions, but for the most part, it's the party I most identify with.
Having listened to Dennis Prager for years it is easy to conclude he is among the wisest men in the world. His insite is kind and compassionate for the individual yet critical when necessary of the oversteps by government into the lives of Americans.

This is a well written book that gradually takes you step by step to the present state of today's insanity. If you have children or grandchildren, it is worth purchasing multiple copies of so it can be shared with them. With "progessives" and "libera
Maureen Lang
I've always liked Dennis Prager because, of all the conservative talk show hosts out there, I believe him to be one of the more level-headed and less offensive ones out there. I'm an admitted conservative which I do not apologize for, yet it saddens me when those I agree with on issues often publicly say offensive things to or about liberals. Fiery talk may heighten ratings and name recognition, but it does little to persuade those who might be on the fence between conservative and liberal or wh ...more
Curtis Aguirre
I am reading this as part of a discussion group. I disagree with about 90% of what Prager says. His biggest methodological error to date is that he takes everything he doesn't like about modern society and lumps it under the term "Leftism." It is an ironic parallel to what hitler did in Mein Kampf where he lumped everything he hated under Judaism and Socialism. (To be clear: I am not saying that Prager is a Nazi. he is definitely NOT! This is an observation about method, not content. I am saying ...more
Should be required reading in middle school history or social studies. I think I will require my daugher to read it.
ryan shiitake

This was a *stunning indictment* - clear, cogent, thorough, level-headed - of both "Leftism" (think Western Europe, supporters of the ideal of socialism) and Islamism (not Islam per se, but those who support sharia-based rule of law or who feel 9/11 was justified), as well as a passionate and unwavering defense of the "American Trinity": Liberty, "In God We Trust", and "E Pluribus Unum."

As a self-identifying liberal, one who has spent many years soaked in the "mainstream media" (CNN, Huffing
I was introduced to this book by a speaker at BYU's education week, who recommended this for additional reading. Outstanding analysis and insight into why America is slipping and why we need to renew those values we once held dear and which originally made this country great. Prager outlines why America is such a unique place to live and why there is nowhere else on earth remotely like it. Unfortunately, there are forces trying to tear it down and demand it be like every other washed up European ...more
Mark Carr
Apr 10, 2013 Mark Carr rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: All
Prager is a believer. A believer in the American way of life and the core values that helped shape this nation and to a larger degree the world through its influence and hope. In this book he sets out to explain clearly and with plenty of evidence.
While at times I found the depth of his analysis a little steep for my attention span, I found his logic and explanations credible. You might not agree with his conclusions, but you understand how he got there. Most intriguing to me is his explanation
Very compelling book. Prager is very sincere and writes with authority. One of the best for the year.

y Marc Jacobs Amazon Review
This review is from: Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph (Hardcover)
This book explains why the American Value System is superior. In fact, this book explains precisely what the American Value System is. Of course, conservatives will read this book with great enthusiasm. Conservatives will nod their head in agreement and simply enjoy the c
A well presented argument for why traditional American values are better than the alternatives.

Conservative America and liberal America hold different visions for America.
The Left wants America to look like Western Europe. “The Left wants Europe's quasi pacifism, cradle-to-grave social democracy, socioeconomic egalitarianism, and secularism in America. The Right shares none of those goals. It regards pacifism as an accessory to evil; cradle-to-grave welfare state as economically and morally unt
I didn't give it the full five stars because I'd actually heard and read most of the points the author made before, while he was preparing the book. Not his fault.
This book sets out to describe what American values are, what the alternatives are, and why American values are the best choice for running any society. Yes, "any". You don't have to give up your national identity to adopt American values; it is sufficient that you adopt the American Trinity to your own nation.
The American Trinity is a
I'm always hesitant reading books by Radio Talk Show Hosts because I fear it being nothing more than a text version of their programs.
Honestly, I have to say that is the case here, but Dennis Prager is so brilliant in his description of America's Culture War, that this book represents the best and most concise version of his life's work.

Prager sums up the purpose of this book by saying that while many people love America, few can put into clear words what exactly makes America unique and excep
Dennis Prager's most recent book analyzes three political philosophies and their impact, for better or worse, on people and nations. He discusses Leftism, Islamism, and what he calls the "American Trinity" of values: Liberty, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum. As a conservative guy, Dennis was preaching to the choir, and I agreed with much of what he said. His arguments against Leftism and Islamism were well thought-out, but I especially enjoyed his description of what makes America great. Pr ...more
Meh. I read this book because I wanted to hear a clear and insightful defence of conservatism from someone who was qualified to give it. I realized two things while reading this: 1. I was already familiar with most of the main points from listening to Prager's radio show. 2. These types of books really wear me down. About 200 pages in, I was reading just to finish.

Nothing against Prager, I honestly shouldn't have started reading this book in the first place. As good as Prager is (the best), I w
Prager clearly and convincingly calls out Leftism for what it is. The analysis of the Left's tactics, policies, and results are very hard to refute. I found his commentary on why the Left exaggerates crises and racism, hates Israel and Christianity, supports Islam, and covers for Islamic terrorists to be especially enlightening. Part II on Islam dragged on a bit, but Part III on the American Trinity (Liberty, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum) was fantastic. While I don't agree with all of Pr ...more
Leftism, Islam and Islamism & The American Trinity, parts of the whole that make up this book that took Dennis over 10 years to write.

It is hard for me to believe there is anyone out there who thinks things are going well for the U.S. these days. What are the causes, what did we stop doing that made us great? Herein lies the answers Dennis believes separate America from all the countries people leave, to come here for the opportunity to experince freedom. The question is can we recover, can
This book more provides an excellent description of what American values are. By boiling it down to Liberty, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum (the American Trinity), he gives us a succinct way of keeping it clear in our minds. It also makes it easier to communicate them to others. I think this is the strongest part of the book. However, Prager also had a goal of dissecting Leftism, and while necessary I think it would have been better to do it in a more concise way. I struggled to get throug ...more
This is an interesting book. Prager's major premises are a couple - first, he posits that the "American Trinity" is liberty, e pluribus unum and in God we trust. He also argues that Islamism (a specific brand of Islamic thought) and European Socialism are the alternatives in the world to the American Trinity. He concludes that the American Trinity is "still the best hope."

He argues that the American left has systematically attempted (often with success) to substitute their own theology which tri

I listened to the book while driving to and from Utah. It was over 14 hours of listening. I do not recommend listening to it. I think it would be much better read. I found it very interesting. It had a lot of really good information in it. I thought the book was way to long. I think he could have said the same things in half the time. It seemed like there was a lot of repetition. I probably would have given it 4 stars if it had been shorter and maybe if I had read it instead.
In my opinion, no conservative thinker comes as close as Dennis Prager does, in making the best arguments for most right wing positions. I don't agree on absolutely everything, but by and large I find myself changing my positions. The examples and stories in this book are great. Mr. Prager has a way of writing that even a middle school student could easily understand. This is the book I go to when I want somebody to better understand my political beliefs.

Mr. Prager has rendered an invaluable service to America in the writing of this book. He reminds us of the uniquely American values and precepts that are our common inheritance. If we would only be guided by him and pass along this inheritance to our children, the American experiment will thrive for many centuries to come. If we fail to do so, the consequences will be dire, not just for America, but for the rest of the world as well.
Wayne Nall
Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph is an excellent book by Dennis Prager that expands on some of the things that Dennis talks about on his radio show. IN this book, he compares and contrasts three worldviews: Secular (or leftist), Islamic, and Judeo-Christian (or American). Dennis does a nice job of explaining and evaluating each of these views. He then breaks down the Judeo-Christian worldview (which he calls American) into three values - Liberty, E Pluribus Unu ...more
Louise Silk
If I could give this book no stars- I would. The only redeeming part is the end where he takes a forward view defining American values.

The rest is arrogant right-wing propaganda where Prager lumps his side into a meek, intelligent, on G-d's side entity and everyone else who doesn't sit with him as the evil, destructive, left-of-center non-thinker.

This is the conservative movement exposed.

Not dry like you may think.
Very logical with clarity and distinctions of notions & beliefs that ppl have but may not realize they have been mis-labeling themselves.
Great chart in the Appendix to compare ideas. The appendix itself is the one huge reason for buying the book and chatting w others about.
John Oss
I believe Dennis has placed a macroscopic wrapper around current religion and politics. The two seem inseparable. Denise makes the rift between left and right understandable. I believe he opens the door for dialogue.
Ryan Hastings
Fresh perspective on American values and valid, poignant arguments as to why anything else will lead only to less freedom, happiness, and human progress.
Tim Patrick
A good philosophical analysis of three competing worldviews: Americanism, Islamism, and Leftism. The first two sections of the book discuss Leftism and Islamism in intricate detail, with frankly too many examples included for support. The smaller third section introduces the "American Trinity" (the author's recommendation as the best of the three worldviews) as found on all US coins: Liberty, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum. Prager is a master at breaking ideas down into their most basic co ...more
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Dennis Prager is an American syndicated radio talk show host, syndicated columnist, author, and public speaker. He is noted for his conservative political and social views emanating from conservative Judeo-Christian values.
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“The second audience consists of those—Americans and all others—who either do not believe that the American value system is as described, or that it is the best ever devised, or that there is even such a thing as a specifically American value system. I welcome these readers. I have in many ways designed this book for them. The third audience is non-Americans. As this book goes to press, it is finally becoming obvious that the European attempt to create a welfare state alternative to the American model has failed. Begun after World War II, the secular welfare state offered Europeans and sympathetic non-Europeans an alternative to American religiosity and to what the welfare state’s supporters depict as cutthroat, heartless American free market capitalism. But some fifty to sixty years later, it is clear that this state is economically—and, as I show in the book, morally—unsustainable. Of the two democratic models—the European and the American—only the American one works and can endure. And the beauty of it as far as non-Americans are concerned is that it does not demand that any group give up its national or religious culture (except insofar as the culture holds values in conflict with the American value system). On the contrary, Americanism, as this value system is called, wants all peoples to retain their national culture and allegiances.” 0 likes
“Why This Book I HAVE WRITTEN THIS BOOK because I am convinced that there is a way to end most evil.* And ending evil is the most important task humans can ever undertake. The only proven way to achieve this on any large scale is the American value system. These values are proclaimed on every American coin: “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” “E Pluribus Unum.” Each one is explained at length, and each one is adaptable to just about any society in the world. I have written this book with a number of audiences in mind: It is written first for Americans who already affirm American values. To those who would argue that this is an unnecessary exercise in “preaching to the choir,” I would say that, unfortunately, this is not the case. Most of the choir have forgotten the melody. Few Americans can articulate what is distinctive about American values, or even what they are. There is, in fact, a thirst among Americans for rediscovering and reaffirming American values. I know this from my daily radio show, and I know this from a personal experience. A few years ago, at a public forum at the University of Denver, I was asked by the moderator, former Colorado senator Bill Armstrong, what I thought the greatest problem confronting America was. I answered that it was that the last two generations of Americans have not communicated what it means to be American to their children. Someone in the audience videotaped my response and put it on YouTube, where millions of people have seen it. A lot of Americans realize we have forgotten what we stand for.” 0 likes
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