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Goodnight Tweetheart
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Goodnight Tweetheart

3.75 of 5 stars 3.75  ·  rating details  ·  1,905 ratings  ·  527 reviews
Setelah novel debutnya menjadi buku pilihan Oprah, Abby Donovan punya utang besar: menyelesaikan buku keduanya, yang sementara ini mandek pada Bab Lima. Jadi, sebenarnya Twitter hanya mengganggu konsentrasinya.

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Follower ber-ID MarkBaynard—dosen sinis yang sedang cuti panjang, begitu katanya—mengajarinya banyak hal tentang Twitter, se
Paperback, 248 pages
Published December 2011 by Gramedia Pustaka Utama (first published December 8th 2010)
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I was feeling a little restless last night, so I decided I'd give Teresa Madeiros another chance. I'm not sure what made me pick up Goodnight Tweetheart, considering I absolutely HATED her other book, The Devil Wears Plaid. (You should totally go read that review, I think it's one of my best! )

Anyway, for whatever reason, I decided I'd give Goodnight Tweetheart a chance, and oh boy, was I blown away! One of the things I really regret is that I seem to have more or less lost my taste for romance.
ijul (yuliyono)
Hai, tweetheart, apa kabarmu hari ini?

Yono: Kau pakai baju apa?
Yuli: Sweater bernoda kopi dan syal Hermes Miranda Priestly di THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Kau?
Yono: Jaket kulit hitam mengilat dan topi kain Lyckety-Splyt di 8 MILE.
Yuli: Ahh, manis sekali. Seharusnya tambahkan gelang berduri di pergelanganmu dan tindikan peniti di telingamu.
Yono: Itu rocker, aku ini rapper. Jadi, apa kabar tulisanmu hari ini?
Yuli: Masih belum beranjak dari adegan bercinta di kolam renang yang kuceritakan terakhir kali k
Quick read + meet cute = romance for 21st Century. 3.5 stars. How's this for a review in less than 140 characters?!

Aku selalu mengintip timelineku setiap pagi hanya untuk melihat apakah kamu meninggalkan pesan selamat tidur untukku di malam sebelumnya.

Kalau aku terlalu lama mengetik balasan untukmu, itu karena aku lagi-lagi sedang menghapus "aku kangen" di belakang "hai kamu lagi apa?".

Eh tunggu. Ucapan selamat tidurmu nomention-mu itu buatku atau bukan sih? Aduh jadi deg-degan sendiri.. #BergulingGuling #KeKananDanKekiri

Jadi kapan aku benar-benar bisa menyejajarkan id-mu dengan "g
Pertemuan romantis lewat internet sudah beberapa kali diangkat menjadi tema buku maupun film. Mulai dari zaman chatting, Facebook, dan sekarang Twitter. Salah satu favorit saya apa lagi kalau bukan You’ve Got Mail, yang diperankan Tom Hanks dan Meg Ryan.

Goodnight Tweetheart berangkat dari fenomena Twitter yang mewabah di mana-mana. Salah satu dialog dalam buku ini menggambarkannya dengan tepat : “Twitter itu pesta koktail tanpa henti di mana orang berbicara bersamaan tapi tidak ada yang mengatak

After some urging from my friends and seeing a brief look at this book from one of the last books I had read from Teresa Medeiros, I just had to check out Teresa Medeiros’ latest book “Goodnight Tweetheart” and I was amazed at the concept of this book! “Goodnight Tweetheart” is definitely a great book for romance novel fans of the “Twitter” generation!

Abigail Donovan is a struggling writer who is trying to finish her latest book, but she could never find the right things to
Carol *Young at Heart Oldie*
I was rather apprehensive when one of my favourite historical romance authors, Teresa Medeiros, announced that she was writing a contemporary novel, GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART, and not only that, but the hero and heroine communicate with each other entirely through Twitter. But to my surprise, I discovered a heart-warming romance tinged with a little sadness; an absolute gem!

Four years ago, Abby Donovan was riding high, the author of a best-selling first novel which had come close to winning the Pulit
Juju (Tales of
I call this book the slump slayer. It's wickedly funny, light, and fast-paced. Don't do Twitter? Don't worry, neither do I. Because honestly you don't have to be a fan of Twitter to enjoy the delicious banter, flirtation, and dialogue full of pop culture references.
Amy Sheridan
My actual rating would be 2.5 stars, but I'm nice and rounding up.

you know that friend who's in luuuuuuurrrrvvvveee after meeting a guy once? The friend who comes up with elaborate fantasies of dates with some guy she barely knows? That's this book. It seemed like there wasn't sufficient character development for me to have a reason to like any of the characters. Or maybe I'm just one of those girls whose gag reflex is activated by words like "tweetheart" and the idea of a twitter date - I mean,
4 ½ stars. Wow! What a great story! Teresa Medeiros always produces the very best books, and this shorter book is no exception. I didn’t even know if I was going to “get it” because I have no idea about Twitter. I don’t tweet, so didn’t know anything about it, but not to worry, if you don’t either you won’t be lost in this book. This truly is “A Love Story in 140 Characters or Less.” Sort of a Sleepless in Seattle meets Twitter, except based in reality. Can Abigail Donovan (a struggling, but onc ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Greta is Erikasbuddy
So sweet, So ewwy gooey, So rich.... Must... go... to... dentist.... to get teeth filled from cavities.


This book could be a Lifetime movie... or it could even be a big screen movie. It was definitely a RomCom and while there's nothing wrong with that I have to admit that I probably wouldn't sit through it. (only because I'm me -- but I'm sure my mom would love it)

Struggling to complete her 2nd novel Abby Donovan has a twitter account created for her by her publicist in order to snag mor
Abigail Donovan is an Author who is down on her luck. It has been a while since her first novel was chosen as one of Oprah’s book picks. Now, Abigail can't get anyone to come to her book signings. Instead she is asked to dress up in bunny costume and reading another author’s book to children.

If Abigail can't finish her next book she will be out of a job. Now here is where it begins. Abigail’s agent signed her up for a Twitter account. She knows nothing about twitter but is still willing to give
i have just finished the book so the emotions are still pretty raw about it. This book its the sort of book that can leave room for many different opinions. the story of Abby and Mark in a mix sort of "U`ve got mail and Nickolas sparks" In a very witty/comic/sarcastic. way .. i just loved the book.. and the many emotions it evoked from me. it could be interpreted as light chick-lit read, but the plot is pretty strong what they are up against.

i guess what made the book for me was the light/funny
Not a single thing about this book I didn't absolutely adore. It made me laugh, cry and do both at the same time! Definitely going on both the keeper shelf and the 2011 best reads. 5 stars!
Okay... let me try this in 140 characters...

A former bestselling author joins twitter and meets former prof for fun and snark. Lies told, truth descovered. Will love be in final chpt?

Heh. Did it. :) So, is it true, if you can't say it in 140 characters it's not worth saying? Well, not exactly, but I still think the concept is innovative and fun. And while I enjoyed the quick banter I wondered why they stayed in DMs on twitter. I mean, most would have moved to Skype which does not have the limit
I don't read a lot of contemporary romance if you follow my blog you know this. I was pleasantly surprised by this book, contemporary though it is. This book is different than any other book I have read and I have to admit when I read the excerpt from her Wicked Intentions book I was wary about it. I couldn't have been more wrong. This book is amazing.

The story is heart-wrenching and warming at the same time. There are no naughty bits but Teresa Medeiros makes up for that with witty banter and b
Hope Welsh
Goodnight Tweetheart was a quick, fun read. Anyone familiar with Twitter will find it really easy to get. Non-Tweeters will be able to understand Twitter based on Mark's explanations to the non-Tweeter Abby-so you don't have to understand Twitter to enjoy the book.

Abby is a terrified she can no longer write--after all, how do you top an almost-Pulitzer and Oprah Pick? She's past deadline and still on Chapter Five. She's more than willing to play with the Twitter account her publicist sets up for
This book was very cute. Cute, sad, and then cute again. It's my second Teresa Medeiros book and, while it's nothing like the other one I read, I wasn't disappointed with it. I liked that it was written almost entirely all through text because that was an interesting way to tell the love story. Usually, I don't like reading books in that form (Twitter, texts, Instant Messages, etc.) because it can become boring and obnoxious after a while. But I liked seeing Mark and Abby's relationship blossom ...more
Goodnight Tweetheart was a very cute, quick read. It revolves around an online friendship that slowly develops into something more. Most of the book revolves around "tweets" back and forth and was very reminiscent of my favorite movie....You've Got Mail.

My favorite part of this book was the witty banter between Abby and Mark. They understood each other and each other's humor. It was easy to believe that these two people could and would fall in love without ever meeting.

The ending was a big bumme
A lighthearted yet bittersweet story of two people who 'meet' when they find themselves tweeting each other.

I enjoyed the funny banter. I found myself smiling while reading Mark and Abby's dialog. I sensed the ending long before it happened just fit the storyline. ;-/

Thanks, Lyuda, for recommending this unusual romance!
Mlle Pointillés

Une romance contemporaine s'inscrivant dans cadre plutôt original et bourrée de tweets drôles et sarcastiques!!
Il y a un demi million de références aussi diverses que variées (et pour être honnête, je ne pense pas en avoir saisi plus de la moitié! ^^)

J'ai passé un agréable moment car c'est rythmé, souvent marrant et parfois émouvant.
Ça n'est pas un coup de cœur mais c'est sympa à lire et ça ne ressemble à rien que j'ai déjà lu!

Abby_Donovan: Tu pensais que ta femme était ton âme soeur quand v
In many ways I'm torn on this one.

Even when I got it at the library, I was unsure.

I mean, it's Twitter. Not that there's anything wrong with Twitter, but a book based on interactions (aka snippets) of 140 characters or less has the potential to be far too glib. There is an element of I read books because I want to have the option of more characters. I want to delve into an issue and tell a story that can breathe a little more. That isn't forced to be pithy and brilliant and snappy.

I want to know
I could easily come up with lots of intelligent criticisms of this book, but I'm just not going to bother. It was sweet and very funny and kept me reading despite the fact that it was (horrors!) a print book. At the moment, that's good enough for me.
Drôle, émouvant, moderne, rempli de références qui ont vraiment un sens, ni trop long, ni trop court. Magnifique!
Abby Donovan is an author who has written one great American novel, and has been struggling to write number two ever since. After a day of public humiliation at a local bookstore, her publicist signs her up for a twitter account that changes her life.

Twitter is where she meets the charming Mark Baynard. The two of them engage in a quick-witted repartee from their first tweet.

I loved the banter between these two characters. They will definitely keep you laughing, when you're not crying, along th

I've had a twitter account for about a year or two but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to use it. Updating the world hourly about my day just didn't seem like something that I could do. Besides, why would anyone care about what I do during my day? Well, my fist's in my mouth now. It's addictive. Granted, I mostly tweet about giveaways, blogs and books but it's still a lot of fun. So when I came across Goodnight Tweetheart, I was definitely interested. I mean, come on, 90% of the boo
It was the "Griffin & Sabine for the Twitter generation" that made me grab this book - I remember falling completely in love with those books and was curious enough to borrow this "updated" version.

Now, I'm not a twit myself, er, that is, I've never really understood the whole love of Twitter thing. It's a public forum where everyone shares their personal experiences? Sounds more like group therapy than social networking, but, hey, it works for many people I respect. Anyhow, realize I had a
Voici un livre, resté de longs longs mois dans ma PAL, qui fait partie de mes grandes surprises de lectures ! En ouvrant ce petit roman, pas très épais et écrit gros, je m’attendais à lire une petite histoire drôle et mignonne et j’étais loin du compte.
Pour un tweet avec toi est une petite épite insoupçonnée où l’on va flirter allègrement entre les rires et les larmes. Comment imaginer que dans une petite romance avec comme point de départ « Twitter » nous allions trouver une histoire d’amour pu
A very sweet story that was hard do put down. The author has a great touch with banter, making the twitter theme work perfectly. I felt like I was cheating on my tweeps a bit by reading the book though! There is also a nice bit of heart as well, with a more serious theme underneath the humor and romance. It isn't very original or unexpected, but it's very nicely managed.

I think the book also does a nice job of showing that real connections can be made on Twitter and the social networking sites,
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New York Times bestseller Teresa Medeiros wrote her first novel at the age of twenty-one and has since gone on to win the hearts of both readers and critics. All of her books have been national bestsellers, featured on the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists. She currently has over 10 million books in print.

She is a seven-time Rita finalist, two-time PRISM winner, and
More about Teresa Medeiros...
Yours Until Dawn Charming the Prince (Fairy Tales, #1) The Bride and the Beast (Fairy Tales, #2) After Midnight (Cabot, #1) A Kiss to Remember (Fairleigh Sisters, #1)

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“Twitter is the perpetual cocktail party where everyone is talking at once but nobody is saying anything.” 23 likes
“Abby_Donovan: I bet you were one of those uber-cool teachers like Mr.Chip, weren't you?
MarkBaynard: I was more like Mr.Kotter or that guy from GLEE who looks like the love child of Orlando Bloom & Justin Timberlake.
Abby_Donovan: Your female students were probably writing "I love you" on their eyelids and listening to "Don't Stand So Close to Me" on their Walkmans.
Abby_Donovan: Goodnight Mr.Schuester
MarkBaynard: Goodnight Miss Pillsbury
Abby_Donovan: Goodnight Puck
MarkBaynard: Goodnight Rachel
Abby_Donovan: Goodnight Kurt
MarkBaynard: Goodnight Quinn
Abby_Donovan: Goodnight Finn
MarkBaynard: Goodnight Sue Sylvester, you heartless but oddly sexy beast
Abby_Donovan: Goodnight Artie
MarkBaynard: Goodnight Tweetheart...”
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