Blaze (or Love in the Time of Supervillains)
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Blaze (or Love in the Time of Supervillains)

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Blaze is tired of spending her life on the sidelines, drawing comics and feeling invisible. She's desperate for soccer star Mark to notice her. And when her BFF texts Mark a photo of Blaze in sexy lingerie, it definitely gets his attention. After a hot date in the back of her minivan, Blaze is flying high, but suddenly Mark's feelings seem to have been blasted by a freeze-...more
Paperback, 309 pages
Published February 1st 2013 by Sourcebooks Fire
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Blaze was a fairly okay book.

There were some really great elements to it and some that entirely let the whole book down.
There were superheroes , comic strips , pink kool-aid hair and pent up girl rant.
This is Blaze's story. An eighteen year old , almost outsider lover of the comic book world.
Blaze has always liked Mark. Mark is the typical popular jock who coincidentally coaches her thirteen year old brother's soccer team. After she finally catches Mark's attention , she thinks that this is def...more
Review posted at Bewitched Bookworms

Blaze – Geeky, Nerdy and so cute!
When I meet Blaze I knew I was going to like her! She was quirky, funny, snarky totally geeky and a true Nerd! She loves Comic – the old ones, the original ones and she LOVED to talk about them. And that, even though her friends sometimes roll their eyes at her. But, that’s her passion and that’s her world. I love her for this! Blaze never had a real boyfriend so she falls head over heels when the cute Soccer Trainer of her br...more
I really wanted to love this book. As a geek girl myself, I was ready for Blaze to be my YA anthem, the book I desperately wished to have had in middle & high school. But alas, this was not this book. I found the main character Blaze hard to relate to; it's almost as if her geekiness was used as a replacement for actual character, a defining 'quirk' that made her manic-pixie-dream-girl-esque. I didn't want her to worry about others' opinions; I wanted her to be as badass as her role model, J...more
Katrina Welsh
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I really wanted to like this book. I wanted to love it. Nerdy girl + good moral + light, fun writing = Fantastic read. Right? Maybe, but not with Blaze.

The biggest problem I had was with characters, mainly the title character herself, Blaze. I was so frustrated with her. Blaze's narrative is annoying and I wasn't a big fan of the fact that half of her stream of consciousness was about Mark, how she can be his girlfriend (for the first half) and h...more
Patti Loves FAB Romance
Blaze (or Love in the Time of Supervillains) PJV Quickie: I was super-excited about reading Blaze - I thought I was getting a geek-girl's revenge story. What I got instead was a book full of bad teen decisions and self-centered characters. By the end, the only thing blaze-ing was my temper.

17-year-old Blaze inherited her love of comic books from her father. He was so into comics that he named her after Ghost Rider's Johnny Blaze. Unfortunately for Blaze, her dad isn't around any more: he l...more
A Canadian Girl
I hadn’t read any reviews of Laurie Boyle Crompton’s Blaze (or Love in the Time of Supervillains) before I dove into it, and so had no idea of what to expect from it. Usually, I’ve had good luck with these types of books because I’ve ended up liking them way more than I thought I would in hindsight, but that wasn’t the case with Blaze (or Love in the Time of Supervillains). And to think it started off so well!

At first, I found Blaze to be an endearing character. She was responsible, made me smil...more
I'm kind of iffy on the title change, but I'm still hoping this one meets my expectations!! Because it sounds SO cool <3


I'm kind of into superheroes (a bit - mostly Batman) although I never really became involved with comics, oddly enough. I've been saying for a little while that I'd really love to read some more superhero-inspired YA (I think there's a lot of untapped potential there - just saying!) and it was this aspect that initially drew my attention with Blaze.

Blaze isn't exactly a s...more
I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of this book and readers should be sure to add it to their to-read shelf. Lots of laugh out loud moments, but also great honest emotion.
YA Reads Book Reviews
Originally posted on, reviewed by Kiona.

Blaze has a crush on soccer superstar Mark and she’s finally decided to make him notice her. Blaze ignores continual warnings about Mark’s dating past and welcomes his attention. But when that attention starts to fade, Blaze’s friend jokingly sends Mark a picture of Blaze in nothing but lingerie. Not surprisingly, Mark is a huge fan, but after their next date, Mark is done with Blaze. Feeling betrayed, Blaze writes and publishes a comic sta...more
Blaze is a super unique book, I have never really read anything quite like it. I gather that there might be a few books out there somewhat similar, but I haven't read any of them. I just really loved the fun aspect of this book. I loved that it was unique and something fresh in YA but there was a lot more to it than that. Laurie takes such a fun idea, and really takes off with it. And the writing is fantastic, I found myself really engrossed in the writing throughout the entire book.

The story is...more
Medeia Sharif
Blaze, a comic book aficionado, lives life just like a soccer mom, except she’s not a mom and she’s still in high school. She drives her little brother and his teammates around for their soccer games. Mark is their coach and her schoolmate. She’s been eying him for a while, but now she wants him to notice her.

She gets noticed alright. While trying on lingerie at a store, one of her friends takes a picture of her and sends it to Mark without Blaze’s permission. Blaze is horrified at first, but sh...more
Originally posted on

Blaze has a crush on soccer superstar Mark and she’s finally decided to make him notice her. Blaze ignores continual warnings about Mark’s dating past and welcomes his attention. But when that attention starts to fade, Blaze’s friend jokingly sends Mark a picture of Blaze in nothing but lingerie. Not surprisingly, Mark is a huge fan, but after their next date, Mark is done with Blaze. Feeling betrayed, Blaze writes and publishes a comic starring Mark the Shark...more
BLAZE has its feminist heart in the right place: seventeen-year-old narrator Blaze, a comic book aficionado, plots revenge on a love 'em and leave 'em boy who slept with her one time by creating "The Blazing Goddess vs. Mark the Shark" and distributing it via the Internet. Alas, Mark isn't willing to accept his comeuppance, and proceeds to make Blaze anathema by posting a photo of half-naked Blaze in turn.

Blaze makes about a zillion bad decisions (such as ignoring the warnings of her younger bro...more
Everything about this book was amazing. I loved it so much. This was my first non contemporary book, and I'm so happy I bought it! The reason I actually got it was because of the cover! It is so cool !!
So this book is about a girl named Blaze who likes drawing comics and reading them too! Meanwhile she has always had the hots for her younger brothers soccer coach mark, who asks her on a date(sorta). After her friend sending mark a photo of blaze in a see through bra half naked photo, blaze and m...more
Roxanne (Story Envy)
See the original review and more here: Story Envy

What do all of these have in common? They're all sound effects from comics!!!!!!

Confession time: I'm kind of a nerd.

*gasp* WHAT! Say it ain't so Roxy! Say it ain't so!!!!!

But alas, my fair readers, it is true. I love superheros, and I love villains, even more I like kick butt revenge schemes that combine the two! Most of all though, I like it when goodconquersevil. That was what I though I'd get with Blaze. Unfortunately while Laurie incorporated...more
Georgina Martin (Bookz and Bitz)

I’m really in a reading slump, there are so many meh books out there (and they all seem to to be in my to read pile). I pick a book that I think I’ll like and I don’t, so I went for one I wasn’t sure about (Blaze) and hoped for the best. Did it work? Well I’m still in the slump, so make of that what you will.

Blaze is a bit of a loner, a normal kid thats stuck ferrying her adolescent brother and his friends around, she’s a comic geek and spends her life with her head in the clouds dreaming about...more
Blaze won me over from the very beginning with its front page quote taken from an X-Men comic. Being the X-Men geek (okay, comic geek--but X-Men are my fave) that I am, I admit to maybe squee-ing out loud a bit on that. Blaze is a relatable character to me, though I did have my questionable moments toward some of her actions. Most particularly, regarding her and her “friends”. I didn’t like her friends. To be honest, the only characters I did like were Blaze and the boys she drove around for soc...more
♥ Amanda
I received a copy of Blaze courtesy of the publisher in exchange for a review.

BAM! I LOVED Blaze! I'm not one for comics, aside from the Marvel and DC comic cartoons, but damn! Blaze was fun and sassy and unique! POW! I read this book in one sitting, and was laughing several times throughout. The idea of a chick doing comic books based on her experience with a boy, Mark the Shark, was genius! What better way to get back at a man whore? Had one of my friends done something to shame me the way Ama...more
Priscila Cervantes
The book Blaze by Laurie Boyle Crompton is about mainly a young junior age girl who is described as a geeky, nerdy girl. The conflict starts when Blaze gives a ride to Josh's, Blaze's younger brother, soccor coach a ride home. Since the day she gives her brother's coach, Mark, a ride everything changes. Mark is a guy known as having really great looks and being with a nerdy geeky girl that's really into comics doesn't go quite well. After a few times Blaze brother warns her about Mark and a coup...more
Summer Hargett
The back of the book I read has very different copy than the GoodReads description and I thought this was going to be a fun story about a girl who gets her heart broken and then gets revenge. Halfway through the book, I was confused, because she hadn’t had her heart broken, although she was making some terrible mistakes with a guy who clearly wasn’t interested in anything serious. Then I realized this book is not a revenge story. It is something else entirely.

The book starts out with super inn...more
This book, surprisingly turned out to be interesting. I enjoyed it but could be because I also enjoy comics (not manga/anime) and this book is really based on a girl with comic book life inspiration.
At times when you are reading it, you might think "this is kinda getting childish" but then again this is a 17 year old's POV you can't expect her to behave like a 30 year old.
I liked this book a lot because it was fast paced and a easy read. Although the characters in this books are quite predictab...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I truly loved this book and even though Blaze seemed like a silly character, I honestly confessed that I could relate to her whole experience of having an obssession with a popular boy at school. I felt all of her emotions particularly the times when she was dissed by Mark, it brought back some relatable memories of my own. Somehow I was glad because she had a supportive best-friend and little brother, Josh, who I had come to adore. My only complain is there were too much exaggerated description...more
As excited as I was about a comic book loving, Superturd driving, badass heroine with (what seemed to be) a fresh voice, this book was a complete and utter let down.

For the first few chapters, I was in love with this book. Being a comic geek myself, I was enthralled with Blaze's knowledge and love of Marvel exclusive characters. But that was about it.

Her initial lust for Mark (the Shark) is understandable. Who hasn't had an insatiable crush on a ridiculously hot guy? It was much more realistic...more
Cover: I adore the cover. It's bright but simple.

Protagonist: ...That's another issue. I wanted to like Blaze because she's a wonderful mix of awkward but adorable, with that healthy bit of nerdiness thrown in (okay maybe more than a healhty bit but that's part of her charm).

However, in the entire, oh maybe first third of the book I wondered if she genuinely had a life outside of fawning over Mark. Like my goodness girl have some self-respect! (view spoiler)...more
The book Blaze is a Romance novel and was written by laurie B. Crompton. The main charater is Blaze she is like a mom because she like care,loves her brother and also take him everywhere he goes with his friend who are crushing on her.
I feel that this book is good for girls that want to find love because Blaze does something so dumb that causes all guys to be saying thing. Also she gets the guy in her dreams but he doesnt want her for her he wants her for what she did. She tries to get on the...more
As a teenage fangirl I could really relate to Blaze, and although I'm not in the comics fandom I found their debates and comic references really cool and entertaining.

The way she is being treated after her mistakes and the way she feels about giving up and that everything is lost is also really good, thankfully I've never been (and hopefully never will be) involved in that kind of sex drama but I've suffered from bullying and the way the story develops and ends was really encouraging. Everything...more
Typical teenage drama of today. Girl feels invisible, girl takes sexy photo and send to hot boy, hot boy gives invisible girl the time of day, hot boy dumps invisible girl, invisible girl takes justice on hot boy, hot boy takes revenge on invisible girl.

I hear about stories like this all of the time on the news. I can't say that the idea was original, but this was one of the first times I've seen it written in the young adult genre. I think this book went about as expected. I wasn't wowed. But I...more
Nenia Campbell
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Right now, I feel like my superpower is the ability to harness the awesome effects of FRUSTRATION.

Brace yourselves. A rant is coming.

I really, really, really wanted to like this book. I'm always talking about how there need to be more geeky girls in YA, and then netgalley delivers this beauty into my hands: a coming-of-age tale about a comic geek girl with divorced parents and an...more
Marthe Bozart
Blaze is one of those fun stories to read in between bigger ones.

It depicts the story of Blaze, a young girl in high school. Her father has left for Hollywood, trying to work on his 'big break'. Her mother is always working, which leaves Blaze to take her brother and his friends to football practice. Then she gets involved with the handsome football coach. What started as a fairy tale soon turns out to become one of her biggest nightmares. As a true comic-heroine she tries to fix everything and...more
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