The Vine Of Desire
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The Vine Of Desire (Anju and Sudha #2)

3.5 of 5 stars 3.50  ·  rating details  ·  2,356 ratings  ·  168 reviews
Published (first published February 19th 2002)
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Saia bener-bener suka gaya bercerita Divakaruni dalam buku ini.

awalnya seh agak boring, maklum buku drama, hehe...

gimana yah mengambarkan buku ini? hmmm...... ginih deh, ini cerita ngasal saia, gak ada di buku inih, cuma kayaknya sangat mewakili isi buku ini :P

bayangkan Anda sedang bercengkrama dg seorang rekan yang sudah lama tak bersua. tapi, dari tadi malah teman Anda yang mendominasi cerita. Karena dia terus ngomong gak jelas, Anda malah bosan mendengarnya, apalagi tema yang dia bahas menjem...more
Charles Matthews
This review ran in the San Jose Mercury News in 2002:

Do you know the sensation of getting near the end of a book and feeling the thickness of the pages left? As the remaining pages of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's new novel grew fewer I began to worry: Would there be room enough for what I wanted to know about the characters and their lives?
There was. Divakaruni's narrative in ''The Vine of Desire'' is as gracefully structured as a piece of chamber music, with its interplay of themes and voices,...more
perempuan. kalau mengeluh dibilang tidak bersyukur. tidak bisa sabar. tidak bisa nerimo. padahal terkadang ia lelah menjadi tumpuan. yang tidak seharusnya. dan ia tidak bisa berbagi. tidak boleh membuka diri. ditanggung dan ditelan sendiri.

perempuan. dituntut menjaga diri. sempurna seperti cermin. bukan untuk dirinya sendiri, tapi untuk sekeliling. 'apa kata orang nanti?'. kebebasan yang didapat penuh syarat. tak mengindahkan hati.

perempuan. melawan dengan harga diri. mengombang ambing tak pasti...more
I loved this book! It is a continuation of Sister of my Heart. After Anju has a miscarriage, she is despondent and depressed. Sudha comes to America with her baby daughter, (her mother-in-law in India insisted that Sudha have an abortion because the baby was not a boy). Sudha had her baby at her mom's home in India, and then left for America to help her cousin, the "sister of her heart." Meanwhile, Sudha has to cope with Anju's husband's love for Sudha, a love that had emerged back in India duri...more
I loved the predecessor to this book, Sister of My Heart. It was a fabulous story of strong women. They made amazing selfless choices out of love and loyalty to each other. Even when you didn't agree with their actions, you understood their motivations clearly. I highly recommend Sister of My Heart.

I was excited to find out a sequel existed and picked up The Vine Of Desire almost immediately. Somehow, this book was the opposite of the first and made me dislike almost all of the characters I love...more
Cyndi Gallo callan
Good sequel to "Sister of My Heart". By now I know the characters. Found myself talking to both Anju and Sudha as they journey in this new life.
I would read another novel by this author but this wasn't a favorite by any means. The author's wonderful rich & layer discriptive details are lost in the first 100 pages. It took me that long to truly get into the meat of the novel. There are short & strange movie/storie plot lines told in a Bollywood type manner which seem surreal & don't really add to the story. I was glad when the main character finally triumphed but felt like it took forever to read this book.
It's sounds tacky but Chitra's writing is like drinking a really good drink. You just keep taking sips. Honestly, I'm not always propelled by the plot, but I am always eager to just keep listening.

This book is about a love triangle between two best friends and one of the women's husbands. It sounds like a scandal but it's more about dealing with your feelings, who you are, the possibilities and moving on past mistakes.
If you're looking for a complicated story line or twisted plots, then this is not the book. The story line is quite simple actually. But if you happen to like scandals and complicated relationships, then you'll like this book. For me, honestly, I chose this book because of her style of writing. I've read Divakaruni's novel before, The Mistress Of Spices and i love it!She continued to bewitched me with her style of writing in this book. I managed to be lost into the characters portrayed in this b...more
This is a sequel to Sister of my Heart, a powerful and poignant tale of two sisters who love each other more than anything else in the world. This book may however be disappointing to readers who take it up expecting the tale to continue in the same fashion. It seems like the author has written the book just to continue and end the story and in doing so has twisted personalities making you wonder if if its the same people she's talking about. This is so especially in the case of Sudha who comes...more
So often I've wished for books that extended the lives of its characters, especially when the characters are well-drawn. I was excited when I realized that this book continued where Sister of My Heart left off. However, in this case, I'm sorry I got what I'd ask for. This book reminded me of a Harlequin more often than not, though certainly not a romance novel in the end. It still had pockets of gorgeous descriptions of culture, of settings, of characters. It still used some literary devices suc...more
I absolutely love this author - and that is the only reason I'm giving this two stars and not one.
Sister of my heart was a book I fell truly madly and deeply in love with. This sequel unfortunately is a bit of a stretch. The plot's gone weird, the characters feel like entirely different people and I couldn't finish the book because I was 80 pages in and nothing has really happened that's remotely interested me. The whole different country and different setting thing is just not working for me ma...more
I remember liking this one less than the books I'd already read by the same author...
A much stronger read than 'Sister of My Heart', Divakaruni added emotional depth to all her characters in this book. They were more complex and therefore more likeable. She explores the relationship between honour and personal happiness, although I found it somewhat unsatisfactory. Are there truly people in real life who spend years being in love with/obsessing over someone they don't really know? Can nobody love the person he/she is with? I would have appreciated if love, happiness, and honour...more
This book is the sequel to Sister of My Heart and is a major letdown. I found the first half of the book to be really difficult to read because the prose was overwritten and repetitive, the metaphors were dragged out and overdone, the plot doesn't go anywhere, and it's just plain depressing. The second half of the book is much better, with several insightful and luminous passages and the introduction of new characters and an actual storyline. However, it felt like the characters were not a conti...more
Jul 16, 2008 Jackie rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: People who like women's coming of age stories
I've been teaching Divakaruni's SISTER OF MY HEART for the past two years in my multicultural literature class. Each year, it is one of the most popular reads of the semester, in lager part because of the romance and fairy tale elements, I believe. I usually don't like to read sequels to books I'm teaching, as I find that my memories of a book get muddied -- did this happen in the book we're reading, or in the later book? But as I'm not gong to be teaching this year, I decided to go ahead and fi...more
Nancy Schober
Divkaruni has restored my faith in Indian writers. It has been torn to shreds by Kiran Desai. [return][return]"Vine of Desire" is a sad and tired story told in beautifully rich and original language. In a couple of places the characters motives were inscrutable to me.[return][return]The ending kind of just kind of fades out. It was as unsatisfying and unsubstantial as cotton candy.[return][return]Favorite passages;[return][return]Today they� ll walk to the mall and wander around. They do this of...more
Sekuel Sister of My Heart yang membuatku terbuai dalam jalinan kisah yang menusuk-nusuk jiwa..
Chitra menggunakan bahasa yang indah untuk menggambarkan bagaimana rasanya mencintai, membenci, memendam impian, meluapkan hasrat, menanti, mengharapkan, menghapus kenangan, dan melangkah kembali.
Aku terpana dengan keputusan yang diambil Sudha, merasakan sedikit kepedihan yang mungkin dirasakan Anju, berusaha memahami lika-liku karakter lainnya seperti Sunil, Ashok, dan sang dokter (namanya Lunit ya ? l...more
The Vine of Desire is the poignant story of two cousins who have, under differing circumstances, traveled from Calcutta to America. Though they expected to find solace in their childhood bond, they find that living together only makes facing their painful pasts inescapable. Their pent-up anger escalates, ultimately causing them to turn against each other, and culminating in a journey to sort out their conflicting and suppressed desires.

Divakaruni fearlessly creates an emotional landscape that is...more
I've had this about a year, and it was about a year ago that I read the first book, Sister of my Heart. So I remembered enough of that plot to be able to follow this book, but not enough to be able to compare the writing style of the two, or how the narratives flowed. I've kind of delayed in reading this second book because... this will sound a bit dumb, but the front cover looks really uninspiring - kind of drab mustard yellow - and it kept putting me off reading this book! Stupid really, as I...more
The book started out too chick-lit for me, but continued anyway since I'd read the book that preceded it, thus was interested in catching up on the characters. I found the second half of the book much better and thought the epilogue was lovely. I especially liked the part in chapter 9, (SPOILER ALERT) when Anju was packing up the belongings of her soon to be ex-husband from their apartment and came across the image of the ultrasound from their baby and as she looks at the image, "There's a comme...more
She leaves me speechless! She never fails to leave the reader craving for more. She never disappoints!
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is one of the finest Indian authors of our times. Her writing style, the way she unfolds the story, the depth of her characters, the words and imagery she uses, everything is commendable!
This book, The Vine of Desire, I stumbled upon it by chance in the library. I did not know that it was a continuation to the ''Sister of my Heart'', which I'd read a few months ago. I...more
Not as successful as Sister of My Heart, but a successful sequel nevertheless.

I spent the first half of this book believing I would end up giving it three stars. The book's main conflict was repetitive, and, truth be told, I didn't want to keep reading about the potential dissolution of relationships between characters I had come to love in Sister of My Heart. It took until the second half for the plot to become more than the musings of three grieving and lonely people.

I dislike when an author...more
This book is quite different to other books of Divakaruni in the sense that she hits "deeper" topics much more often. Initially I couldn't get into the book and found it quite bleak and dry in comparison to it's prequel, Sister of my Heart. However, as the characters continued to develop (or should I say re-develop), their emotions were translated so well that I quite often felt depressed. It saddened me to see their lives unravel in such a way and I can't say that I wasn't disappointed by the u...more
While I don't feel right about giving just three stars to this book, I can't go all the way to four. Despite being a sequel of sorts to "Sister of My Heart," it just didn't strike the same chord for me. It almost felt as though Divakaruni had someone else finish the book for her. It seemed as though something was missing.

By far, my favorite book by this author is still "Mistress of Spices." That book is magical, evocative, and almost educational. I felt it went a long way to help me understand h...more
This book is the sequel to Sister of My Heart and continues the stories of Anju and Sudha, cousins who grew up together in Calcutta and have always been as close as sisters. The book takes place in the Bay Area, where Anju, who is struggling with her recent miscarriage and crumbling marriage, lives with her husband, Sunil. After Sudha flees her own marriage in India, she and her daughter, Dayita, come to San Francisco at Anju's urging. While the two women are happy to be together again, their re...more
A well-written story about the lives of two Indian women who are cousins, though they grew up more like sisters and the way their lives changed after their arranged marriages, their separation and reunion in the United States, and how they eventually stand up and take charge of their own lives. There are twists and turns along the way and romantic complications, family tragedy, and the triumph of the human spirit. A solid effort by the author.
Lisa Luczek
Very clear depiction (I assume fairly accurate) of what it means to be an Indian woman and how little women/females are (often) devalued in that culture. Sweet story about how two cousins escape the traditional roles that they had sought, to find their own ways in the world. Most of the men are pretty weak and lame such that it's easier to understand how difficult decisions were rendered more easily. Great job Chitra!
Bagus.. ga bosan bacanya(beda waktu baca Saman atau Larung -yg sebenarnya menarik- agak tertekan gw mbacanya, karena cape..)

Isinya benar2 pas dgn judulnya, benar2 mengungkapkan sisi emosional dan konflik2 jiwa antar tiap karakter dalam bukunya.. benar2 fokus.. meski mungkin membaca bagian pertama buku tentang Anju yg keguguran kurang terasa menarik (karena bahasanya yg berat), tapi giliran diteruskan membaca, dijamin pasti selesei deh..

Cerita berpusat pada Anju dan Sudha, yg bersepupu, dan tokoh...more
Jul 05, 2007 Audelia rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: women....
I gave 3 stars for this book, not because I like it, but because I think it's good. So my rating for this book is objective, not personal (Moderator, don't you think the rating should be "good" or "bad", not "I like it" or "I don't like it"?)

Like I said in the previous review, this sequel of Divakaruni's SISTER of MY HEART is really hurting... =( The first book is like a story tale, but this second book is a REALITY. And like we all know, real life sometimes sucks, but in this book, reality is R...more
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Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is an award-winning author and poet. Her work is widely known, as she has been published in over 50 magazines, including the Atlantic Monthly and The New Yorker, and her writing has been included in over 50 anthologies. Her works have been translated into 20 languages, including Dutch, Hebrew and Japanese.Her newest novel is Oleander Girl (Simon and Schuster, 2013) http:...more
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