Run Fat Bitch Run
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Run Fat Bitch Run

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Have you failed at every new fitness fad? Does it take a winch to haul you off the sofa and away from the TV? Have you exhausted all other exercise options and yourself in the process? Then it's time you faced up to the unavoidable truth: the only option is to lace up and hit the ground...running. Straight talking, funny and brutally honest, RUN, FAT BITCH, RUN will give y...more
Paperback, 256 pages
Published January 10th 2012 by Little, Brown (first published January 1st 2012)
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Ok. So this is what I felt.

My problem, personally, is the shock when I realise the person in the mirror doesn't reflect how I look in my head. So self-help weight loss books aimed at making me feel better about myself as a person, or about addressing emotional eating aren't really suited to me. What I need, ultimately, is a kick up the backside.

A lot of self-help and weight loss books in general tend to repeat the same things. Think positive. Imagine yourself as thin. Imagine your improved lif...more
Sharon James
This book is all about degrading, hating and putting yourself down so you will feel motivated to do something.

I might have found it helpful years ago when I had no self esteem but nowadays I like myself too much to call myself names.

There are much kinder ways to motivate yourself - try them before resorting to self loathing!
Catherine Ryan Howard
RUN FAT BITCH RUN is not enough material to make a whole book stretched out and set in a selection of different fonts and layouts to make a whole book. A good starter for someone who wants to begin running, but as someone who has struggled with her weight for about a decade now, I found some of the things in it infuriating. Field has obviously never been seriously overweight—and she admits that, right off the bat—but she also doesn't seem to acknowledge that while, yes, some people are overweigh...more
I've got mixed feelings on this book. I like her idea about just getting off your backside and doing it, but in the same respect, her actual methods are very different from the methods my personal trainer taught me.

Her logic of walk, then run a little till you can't run any more is nice. However, I was taught to run for two minutes, walk for a minute, run for two minutes, etc etc.

Then there's the total lack of editing. Certain sections are just repeated over and over. The book could have been ha...more
I am a runner and I have lost a significant amount of weight through running, so this book should have been very much like preaching to the converted. However, from the very start it became apparent that “Run Fat Bitch Run” is all show but no substance. Just like the title already suggest, the language is used to get your heckles up, which in return is supposed to motivate you: Negative affirmations? Thinspiration? Running in the dark? Ignoring pain? Don’t bother with stretching – you probably d...more
There were some things I liked about this book, and some things I felt were problematic and unnecessary.

I suppose the title gives away the fact that this book is written by someone who has never been seriously overweight, and has never been seriously called a "fat bitch." Inside there is a chunk of the book that advises you to beat yourself up emotionally, call yourself ugly names and this is going to motivate you. If that works for you, fabulous, personally I bypassed all that because my quest...more
I've got a lot of mixed feelings about this book. It's funny and easy to read, and the basic message of "be honest, be realistic, keep it simple, suck it up, just do it, it may not always be fun but it WILL be worth it" is absolutely spot-on. The method, however, is something I'm very worried about. Negative affirmations (here, basically telling yourself repeatedly that you're a fat ugly bitch who doesn't deserve cake) are a huge no-no in my books, I'm definitely one of those people who believe...more
Co k téhle knížce říct? Nějak nevím...opravdu mě donutila alespoň jednou "vyběhnout". Když bych měla hledat klady, tak je určitě napsána s určitou lehkostí, takže nečekejte žádné dlouhé pasáže o tom, jaké jsou zdravotní klady běhu a jakou si vybrat podprsenku. Ani v tomto bodě si nejsem vlastně jistá, jestli je to dobře nebo špatně. Asi jsem čekala něco jiného, protože jsem zhýčkaná knihou "Ovládněte svůj metabolismus" od Jillian Michaels. Ano, ta kniha je o metabolismu, ale jde o to, že se na t...more
Megan Taylor
I found this book not only funny but motivational, inspirational and I loved it. Three months ago I couldn't even walk up the stairs of my house (town house) without being out of breath. Today I achieved 6.28miles in 1hr 19mins. If I can do it anyone can - no excuses! Can wait for Ruth's new book. Perhaps one day I will meet her so I can say THANK YOU :)
Amanda Rogers
Really enjoyed this book. I had already started to run when this book came out but I found it very motivating. She talks sense anyone can learn how to run. The book is written a bit in your face but you have to take it for what it is - a book to get you out there running. I think it could be time for a re-read however as my Grit Doctor has gone very quiet lately!
The good news is I'm up and running. That sad news is it has very little to do with Field's Run Fat Bitch tactics....My thought purchasing this book and reading the introduction was, "Hilarious inner-dialogue, Ruth Field. I can relate to this." But once I realized that this was Field's only dialogue with any and every woman, I grew very bored very fast.
Love the lamguage and style of this book, however, the training regime for beginners may be a little too ambitious if you're very overweight and/or if you have never run before.
Leanne Scott
A very inspirational read. Right,now where are my trainers!!
Alison Beswick
Well it sure got me off the couch, seriously ... love it!
A good place to start to get yourself motivated.
I was really iffy about this book - still am, a bit. I get that there are people who get motivated by being hard on themselves and calling themselves names but it definitely doesn't work for me - I guess I'm too "fragile" mentally, as Field put it in her book. So while I won't be calling myself a fat bitch, I definitely enjoyed her no-nonsense approach to running and life. I might not be running yet but Field's words "learn to enjoy the hard work" definitely helped me with getting on with my wor...more
I loved Ruth's no nonsense attitude. The idea that no, of course you won't like every moment of your run, but you do it anyway. The, doing something is better than nothing. The, just get off the couch. It is a sassy,silly, bitch slap of a book. It made running seem like something you could do with attitude and swagger.

As for the controversial bits: some of the "techniques", like self-shaming-in-the-mirror and celebrity-picture-as-thinspiration, needed a lot more explanation to seem anything othe...more
Madara Aldina
If there is a book, that can get ME running, it's a very good book. If I will keep doing it and this book still will be able to help me I will come back and give 5 stars :)

Great motivational read for people (main target audience is women) with good sense of humor, covers everything starting from getting you out of that couch, establishing routine, overcoming motivational problems, planning meals, running after having a baby and even getting ready for marathon. Also covers such details as what t...more
Sarah M
Ruth is an absolutely hilarious writer and I enjoyed ever second of reading her book. She doesn't talk down to her readers and constantly encourages you. I am happy to say that I was truly inspired to get fit after reading this and walked away from the book feeling refreshed and ready to unleash my inner Grit Monster.
Julie Creffield
Didn't like the in your face nature of this book. Fat women have enough to deal with when it comes to building up the courage to run. Although there was some sound nutritional advice, it could do with just being a little kinder and also might help if the author was actually Fat at any point in her life!!
Jacqui Allen
This is a good commonsense book about eating less crap and getting off the couch to become a runner. There are some good running plans (to run 45 mins non-stop and a 10km plan) and there is quite a bit here about running post-baby. A good all round book for those wanting to lose weight without complications.
Love it, didn't take it too seriously and made use of some things and not others. I would say that the training plan isn't the best (couch to 5k is better) and for motivation I go back to running like a girl.
Running Sekret
3.5 stars.

A good aid if you are starting from scratch. With a few added hints for future longer races.

Although funny, at times, she came across as a bit condescending.
Pretty straightforward and in your face. Can't say it's changed my life yet because I read it two days ago. It does make you feel you can be a runner if you're willing to put in the work. And it never promises any easy fix which is refreshing.
Excellent book - clever, funny and motivating! The Gritdoctor character is brilliant and although brutal it is exactly what fatties and couch slouches need to hear.
the important thing is to keep your sense of humour reading though this.
also the other important thing to do is - put down the book and take Ruth's advice. Put on a pair of trainers and run!
This book has been a great inspiration to me - it lacks just one thing - something to stop me hitting the snooze button at 7am on Monday morning!...more
This is the book for you if you have come up with many reasons NOT to get up and exercise, it cuts through any silly excuses.
If you are a fat bitch like me, have a sense of humour and don't crumple under criticism then this book will get you running! (and hopefully not crying into your pillow)
It is exceedingly funny and really cuts through any illusions you may have about yourself (i'm not really that fat etc..) I would recommend this book to everyone - especially fat bitches!
Its a cleverly written book. Mainly, everything you probably already know but with a slight tone of "what are you doing still sitting there" to it.

I honestly thought it was good to get people started in running, there are some good bits of advice, but I didn't find it funny. Amusing maybe to the point I smiled but it didn't make me laugh.

Good reference book for those of us who want to get out and run but have no idea where to start.
I had just read this after reading a more stereotypical motivational diet/lifestyle book. The difference made me laugh out loud. It's brutally honest and so simple at times you sometimes wonder why you've paid for it. Probably because, like me, you're constantly reading books hoping one will give you this miraculous answer to dieting.

This gives it to you straight and is hilarious because of it. Really fun read.
Jo Davies
Really funny and very motivational. My friend bought this for me for Christmas and I was slightly offended at first! However on reading it I found it was really funny and inspired me to indeed run. Very easy to read, fab book :)
Trish at Between My Lines
When I initially read this book, I thought it was fun. And yes it is fun but I really don't like the negative thinking of calling yourself a fat bitch. Running is great, self empowering, challenging and this book covers all that. But the name calling to motivate yourself just doesn't work for me.
If you take these sections out, you have a fairy typical running book.
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