Day of Remembrance (The Promised Land, Vol 4)
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Day of Remembrance (The Promised Land #4)

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Old World, 600 BC: Under mandate from their prophetfather, the sons of Lehi face treachery and lethal danger as they seek to secure the brass plates from the ruthless Captain Laban. Meanwhile, Zoram and Elizabeth work feverishly to smith new plates for engraving the prophecies of Jeremiah — a vital task that must be completed before the Feast of the Trumpets, also known as...more
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Published (first published 2008)
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This would have been a fairly decent story if the author had:

1. decided which story he wanted to tell;
2. opted to leave out the sections about Joseph Smith;
3. not tried so hard to prove his theory; and
4. had not talked down to his reader as if they didn't know anything.

A simple way to improve the book would have been to kept the course he started with this series and remained purely Book of Mormon times historical fiction. There was plenty enough story to tell and the addition of the story about...more
The 4th volume in the Promised Land series revolves around a holy Jewish day known as the Feast of Trumpets, which is also known as the Day of Remembrance. Set in three different time periods (the Old World in 600 B.C., early 1800's Jerusalem, and the time period in which Joseph Smith is visited by Moroni and begins his tutelage before receiving the gold plates), the novel beautifully demonstrates God's love for his children and his immaculate planning that was set in place before the world bega...more
Volume 4 of the Promised Land Series took a totally different track than the first three volumes. While you still follow the lives of Lehi's family in approx. 600 BC, the author intertwined the story of Joseph Smith receiving the gold plates to translate the Book of Mormon in the 1820's, and a fictional family set in Jerusalem at the same time Joseph Smith is in New York. The author drew many parallels to Jewish Feast dates with the timing of Joseph receiving the gold plates. There are no coinci...more
Michelle Llewellyn
The series finally starts to pick up with this book! Though I highly recommend HB Moore's "Out of Jeruselem" series, Woolley did his homework. Too bad this well researched text suffers from an overload of weak character arcs and confusing plotlines.
The madness continues in book 4 of this series as he weaves in the story of Joseph Smith and his first visit by the angel Moroni. Just when I thought I couldn't handle another new character and timeline, Woolley caught my interest by including these l...more
I should not have waited so long to pick up this book after finishing the others in the series. It took my overtaxed memory a while to get back into the characters, especially those whose names aren't familiar to me from religious texts. I love the entire Jerusalem and wilderness story. Expanding upon what Nephi and his family went through and then adding in Jeremiah was brilliantly written. I really could have done without the Joseph Smith inclusion. Though I see what the author was trying to d...more
I liked this book better. It was much more fast pace, more interesting. I felt like he finally weeded out things that were boring or unnecessary, and kept what was interesting and informational. I was glad to be done with this series, but I felt like it ended with a lot of open ends, many things left unexplained. Then I laughed when I got on the author's website and saw that a 5th book just came out in September. It is nice to know there's more to the story, but I was very ready to be done and m...more
This would have been a fairly decent story if the author had:

1. decided which story he wanted to tell;
2. opted to leave out the sections about Joseph Smith;
3. not tried so hard to prove his theory; and
4. had not talked down to his reader as if they didn't know anything.

A simple way to improve the book would have been to kept the course he started with this series and remained purely Book of Mormon times historical fiction. There was plenty enough story to tell and the addition of the story about...more
This is the final volume in the series, which I really enjoyed. The series takes you with Nephi's family from their departure from Jersulam to their arrival in the America's and their split after Lehi's death. However, book #4 is a split novel showing how Joseph got the plates and the parrell story of how Nephi got them out of Jersulam. Very interesting concept and I loved the similaries between the two events, both of would have taken place on Rosh Hassah or The Day of Remembrance on Sept. 22nd...more
I have really enjoyed this series of books. It is a historical fiction series kind of like the "The Work and the Glory Books" but based on the Book of Mormon instead. It is incredible how much research has gone into the writing of these books. Volume I starts with I Nephi Chapter 1 and this Fourth Volume concludes with I Nephi Chapter 4 and the slaying of Captain Laban and Nephi obtaining the brass plates. So these four volumes only cover nine pages in I Nephi. It gave me a very good feel and be...more
I usually really, really like the books of this series. This has been my least favorite so far. Honestly I think the jumping back and forth through time really bothered me. This was the easiest of the books so far to read, because of the two side stories are a bit easier to understand.
Personally, I enjoy the Book of Mormon/Bible settings better.
What I do like best about these books are the research and notes placed in the back to help explain the studies and historical evidences of how he has c...more
I liked that the author finally got around to having Nephi and his brothers get the plates, but after dragging out the story in three previous large books, I was disappointed with how quickly it went in this book. It was smaller than the others and jumped around from the Lehi story, the story of how Joseph Smith got the plates, and a story about some jewish people in Jerusalem at the time of Joseph Smith (which I felt confused as to why it was included). I felt that there were too many loose end...more
I listened to this book - it is good for a historical fiction. Authors that take real facts and put their take on the people take a liberty that we need to realize is their view. It did help me visualize Lehi's family journey from Jerusalem and Jerusalem at this period of time. Woolley has written some interesting takes on this period of time - this being the 4th book of the series. I like how he helped me see the Day of Remembrance in relationship to the visits to Hill Cumorah and eventual obta...more
I have enjoyed this series, seems well researched, and it really brings Book of Mormon characters to life. My only complaint is, this is the fourth (Long) book in the series, and they just barely got through 1 Nephi chapter 5! It's the "Promised Land" Series, but how many more books do I have to wait for (and it was a long wait to get #4) to get them to the Promised Land?!
By far the weakest of the books in the series. The inclusion of the Joseph Smith story seemed out of place and felt like it was included only to give the book enough length to publish. Also, I felt the resolution of the book left too many unresolved issues with many characters. I was somewhat disappointed with this one, but not enough to give it less than 3 stars.
It seems like it has been a long wait for book four in this series. Nephi and his brothers return to Jerusalem to get the brass plates. The story goes back and forth between ancient times and Joseph Smith being prepared to receive the gold plates. I like the notes at the end explaining the history and what is fact. I am looking forward to book five.
Not my favorite LDS historical fiction, but I did LOVE that it was Book of Mormon based. I loved the insight into Lehi's family and wish that they were more of a focus. I didn't mind the time lapses, I actually liked them to break up the story. I didn't realize there would be a 4th.... Is there? The ending seemed rather inconclusive.
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This was a different weave of stories within stories. Once I figured out how the story line was running I was able to wrap my mind around the years and the significance of them. I loved the little love story. . . would have liked for it to have turned out differently though.
I'm glad that the series continued, but I found this volume less satisfying than the first three. The addition of new characters and the retelling of Joseph Smith and the gold plates were unnecessary, I thought. Still, it was a great continuance of the original story.
I have enjoyed this whole series. He helps me understand the times of Lehi, Nephi, etc much better. I know it is fiction, yet he documents his fact vs fiction for each chapter. Most characters are actual historical figures.
I loved this series, but he doesn't end it well. It is a great historical fiction tying the Bible and the Book of Mormon together. It shows how some of the people in each could have crossed paths. Great read.
Not thrilled with the writing, or how he organized the book with the three separate story lines. Regardless, loving historical fiction as I do, I couldn't help but read it, enjoy it, and be inspired by certain parts.
Another great installment in this well-thought out and researched series. I was afraid he had stopped the series for some reason, so I was very glad to see this one come out. I hope others are forthcoming.
Shanna Barnhisel
I loved this series but I would suggest reading them all together because the plots are really complex and there was so much space between my reading of each book that I forgot a lot.
You call that an ending? I really hope that he is working on another book for this series because he left so many things hanging at the end of this book.
Another great installment in this series. Different from the other books with its multiple storylines but I enjoyed the way they all tied in together.
Jason Burt
This one was written differently than the other books in this series and wasn't quite a good as the others, but I still liked it and am still a big fan.
I waited for many years for this book series to resume but was a little disappointed in the way the story went. Still an enjoyable read.
Not a bad read, but not the best. It is the fourth of a series. It has three or four stories going on at once. A little confusing.
I just finished the series and by combining old Jerusalem and Lehi with Joseph Smith times really brought history to life. Excellent!
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