Three Past Midnight: The Library Policeman
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Three Past Midnight: The Library Policeman (Four Past Midnight #3)

3.73 of 5 stars 3.73  ·  rating details  ·  2,259 ratings  ·  64 reviews
This is the third gripping tale in the four-part audio series from Stephen King's best-selling book Four Past Midnight. Set in Junction City, Iowa, "The Library Policeman" is the story of Sam Peebles, a middle-aged businessman who happens to have some overdue books. It seems a minor offense—but not to Junction City's malevolent monster of a librarian. What follows is spine...more
Audio Cassette, 540 pages
Published May 1st 1991 by Highbridge Audio (first published 1990)
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حسام عادل
يقول ستيفن كينج:
أخبرني ابني أنه كان يخشى المكتبة وإرتيادها والاستعارة منها بسبب خوفه من شرطي المكتبة,ذاك العملاق المخيف قاسي القلب الذى يلاحق من يتأخر في إرجاع الكتب...فكرة ساذجة ومضحكة أليس كذلك؟
لكني حين بدأت في كتابة القصة لم أجدها مضحكة أبداً..بعد بضع صفحات انتهى الجزء الهادىء اللطيف وبدأ المرح الحقيقي الذى يرجف الأوصال

أعتقد أن الرجل كان صائباً لحد بعيد,الفكرة تبدو ساذجة ومضحكة أكثر من كونها مرعبة,لكنه نجح باقتدار أن يحولها لقصة غامضة مثيرة وجذابة
برغم نهايتها التى شعرت فيها ببعض (الكروتة) لكن...more
Amir Lewiz
قصة جيدة أعجبتني أحداثها و غموضها و
أعجبني الجانب السيكولوجي بها

وشرحه كيف تؤثر أحداث وخبرات الطفولة في حياة الشخص بعد ذلك
و هو يذكرك بـ فرويد

وأعجبني ذكره لجمعية المدمنين المجهلين
Alcoholic Anonymous
فأول مرة قرأت عنها كان في كتاب متخصص ..
فكنت سعيدا عندما قرأت الاسم في في رواية جيب



كنت ألاحظ الجوانب السيكولوجية طوال القصة .. و أعجب بها لأجدني في النهاية أتذكر و أستوعب ما كتبه د. أحمد خالد توفيق في المقدمة :

من الأشياء المهمة لدي (كينج )عمق ثقافته
و ولعه بتشريح الشخصيات و لهذا نعتبره أديب
Amira Mahmoud
الأبداع هو أن تصنع فكرة عبقرية من اللاشيء
فكرة القصة التى تدور حول "شرطي المكتبة " ذلك الرجل الذي يمتد طوله إلى مترين وهناك ندبة على حاجز الأنف تمتد لما تحت العينين , وهو مستعد للفتك بك لأنك تأخرت عن رد الكتاب في موعده
تبدو فكرة مضحكة وساذجة , حتى بالنسبة للأطفال
لكن ستيفن كينج استطاع أن يجعل من الفكرة الساذجة قصة مرعبة , غامضة , مثيرة , وممتعة
وان يغوص في أفكار سيكولوجية
كيف أن طفولتنا تؤثر بشيء أو بآخر على ما نحن عليه الآن
وكيف أن كُل شيء يؤثر فينا مهما ظننا نسيانه يبقى قابع في منطقة اللاوعي
I had two thoughts while reading this book:

One was that I had just finished an article by John Mark Eberhart, who wrote, "... all I can say is bravo to Mr. King. You keep finding new ways to entertain us, and yes, to make us think about how the world continues to abide such cruelties, for some horrible, inane reason, and about the truly frightening aspects of aging, of losing friends and loved ones to death and, inevitably, contemplating the undeniable truth of our own eventual demise."

For all t...more
I really enjoyed this book. How can you not like a book about a psycho librarian who sends the Library Police out to get you if you don’t return your books on time? I have slowly been making my way through the books that are part of the Four Past Midnight series and this is the third story. All of them have had there own type of twist to them and that is what keeps them interesting.

In this book Sam is asked to write a speech for the Rotary club and it is suggested that he get some books from th...more
Aug 17, 2008 Cher rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: horror
This is a story about a boy who gets raped at a public library. King does such a good job of describing the feelings of the boy during and afterward, I must give him credit for thorough research or bravery in facing one's own demons. Is this horrible? Yes. Is it well written? Yes. But the depressing ickyness of this novella is too overwhelming to actually "enjoy" reading it. I read horror for escapism!
Typically gripping as are all the Stephen Kings I've read. An interesting blend of sci-fi and horror but disappointing to me because of the gratuitous adult content. As King knows, our own imaginations are more colourful than even he can put words to.
Stephen King's books usually give me nightmares, whether it's because I prefer to read them before sleep or because they're truly terrifying, doesn't really matter. It's what makes me love reading those books even more. The Library Policeman was one of them. I love the way King portrays the repression of the memories and the way they slowly come back, similar to what happens in "It". The scariest part for me, though, wasn't Ardelia Lortz and her monstrosity - even though I did hate her with a bu...more
Read in Dutch.

I read this novel of King in the softcover book "Schemerwereld" consisting of two stories, "De Man Met Het Litteken" and "Spookfoto's". This review is about the first one.

This is the third story I read by Stephen King, the other ones being Misery and The Dark Tower I. I have seen a number of movie adaptations, but on paper I'm relatively new to the guy. Maybe I chose the wrong second book, or maybe my standards were to high thanks to the great Misery, but this story didn't interes...more
The Library Policeman is my least favourite of the Four Past Midnight collection so far. It focuses on a small-town businessman, Sam Peebles, who loses his library books and discovers there may be a steep other-worldly fine to pay.

The novella's lack of originality made it feel like an amalgam of dozens of ghost stories I've read before. It didn't particularly annoy me as I listened to it (though the spooky music which tried to make innocuous dialogue like "The library..." seem ominous was fairl...more

For most people the library is a place of quiet solitude whose greatest offense might be that of ennui. Leave it to Stephen King to turn it into a place of intense fear and dread, tucked neatly into the Four Past Midnight collection of novellas. The major themes will be familiar to King fans; suppressed childhood fears revisited upon the adult, warped realities and allusions to other King archetypes. I’m usually not a fan of novella collections, but this o...more
Sarah Sammis
Four Past Midnight contains four novellas by Stephen King. For the purpose of my book count, I'm counting each novella as a separate "book" and I'll be posting a separate review for each one.

"The Library Policeman" is the third novella. Librarians are evil. Libraries are too dark and too quiet. Overdue book fines are inherently scary. What Sam doesn't realize is just how bad things can get if he loses a pair of books.

The story of the evil she-devil librarian and her henchman the Library Policema...more
I read and listened to this one again because Lilja of Lilja's Library fame is holding a writing contest to come up with who Marv was before he was the Library Policeman. I have some ideas for that and we'll see how that goes, but this story hit me differently than it did the first time. King's stuff does that.

As much as Lilja wants to know who Marv was (and who came up with the name Marv, by the way?), I'd like to know this: who the hell is Ardelia Lortz? Better yet: what the hell is Ardelia Lo...more
Sep 05, 2008 Shrina rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: sick and freaky horror lovers like me
Okay. I guess the lesson with Stephen King is "keep on reading" or listening in this case.

Finally a good plot (albeit a predictable one). Well, predictable if you've read a couple of King books.

This book is less frustrating than the second in the series, Secret Window, Secret Garden. The flow of story is more logical because the narrator isn't crazy. I'm discovering I don't like the narration of a crazy man because more than not, the narrator sounds dumb instead of nuts.

While the affliction wh...more
Oct 04, 2013 Pat rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2013
This review is for "The Library Policeman"

I enjoy reading books about books and 'The Library Policeman' contained in "Four Past Midnight by Stephen King is on the list. In this novella, Sam Peebles is asked to fill in as speaker for the Rotary meeting, and in order to 'punch-up' his speech, he visits the library for books on giving speeches. This is the beginning of his nightmare as the librarian warns him to return his books on time so she does not have to send out the library policeman. Author...more
I didn't listen to this story but it's not listed here separately in its print format. I wasn't interested in reading the other novellas in FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT collection.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Eddie Reyes
This story really surprised me. I had no idea what I was getting into. I love the story. It was creepy, haunting, and inspiring.
رواية الرعب الجيدة هي التي تؤدي وظيفتها
وشرطي المكتبة كفت و وفت :)
Shaima hamada
ستيفن كنج ماراوعك يارجل
اقسم بالله تووووووووحفه
مرعبه من النوع المفضل عندي
خمس لمبات يانجم
Love the ending though a second one can easily be made
Conlin Conlin
I ended up feeling rather disappointed by the middle and ending this, though I'm not quite sure if it's the fault of the story or just my expectations. The opening seemed to build things up so well, but the the conclusion and the backstory just didn't do it for me. And the lisping policeman just seemed like a bit of cliche. I found the creepiness of the library was quite effective, but the suddenness of the conclusion just felt a bit off.
A novella by Steven King. Well written and an entertaining read, I'm only giving it 3 stars because it was just that: an entertaining read, but with no real lasting impression. A guy borrows some books from the library to help him with writing a speech and then forgets to return them. Because of this, the library policeman comes calling and the librarian turns out to be a work of pure evil. It was fun, but largely forgettable.
TQM Doctor
I’m surprised that this book was as good as it was. It was originally published as part of a collection of “short” short stories even though this story was not all that short. There are a few graphic scenes when the protagonist remembers his past, but otherwise, this is a true Stephen King book in the tradition of that ol’ clown in the sewer yarn.
I listened to this on tape freshman year of high school in my room learning how to paint. Ardelia Lortz is the scariest female villain this side of Alma Mobley. A man's current overdue book reminds him of a really bad experience with the library police as a kid, and it's about to become a severely unpleasant case of deja vu.
Stupid, and poorly written, even for a Stephen King book. I picked up the audio version at the library because it was the only available audio that looked even half interesting. Either I had completely forgotten how annoyingly bad King's writing is, or this is one of his shockingly lesser efforts. You decide.
Osama Abdelghany
ستيفن كينج له كذا روح بيكتب على قماشه عريضه بيكتب اي نوع وبيكتب لاي سن
القصه دي مناسبه اكتر للمراهقين من سن 13 فما فوق بشكل عام ليست سيئه
تقدر تقول هي النسخه المرعبه من صرخه الرعب لان صرخه الرعب كوميديه اكتر احيانا ولعمر سني اصغر كمان لكن دي مرعبه فعلا
وفيه حاجه مهمة اوي ان الشخصيات مرسومه كويس اوي ولها عمق
Mark Soone
This was one of my favorite King books, from my college years....and the fond memory was pleasantly rekindled during this recent reread.

Not a big fan of vampire stories....but this is not your normal vampire story....pleasant twist on the vampire genre, with King's demented flair added to it.
Mr. Crusader
Definitely the scariest and most disturbing book I have ever listened to (or read) by Stephen King! So gripping and suspenseful you might want to keep the lights on. I highly recommend the audio book version narrated by actor Ken Howard, who gives a flawless presentation!
This was absolutely weird and terrifying and something scary once happened to ME outside of a library so maybe that's why I never want to read or think about this book ever, ever again.

If you're a huge fan of Stephen King's It you'll probably dig the hell out of this.
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Stephen Edwin King was born the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. After his father left them when Stephen was two, he and his older brother, David, were raised by his mother. Parts of his childhood were spent in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where his father's family was at the time, and in Stratford, Connecticut. When Stephen was eleven, his mother brought her children back to Durham, M...more
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