The Principal's Office
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The Principal's Office (DeKnight #3)

3.95 of 5 stars 3.95  ·  rating details  ·  726 ratings  ·  74 reviews

Rachel Delaney, divorced mother with two boys, isn't complaining. Her life is fine. Really. There is one thing that could make it better, though: a strong, warm, male body to help her make it through the occasional lonely night. No strings, and no relationship, thanks. Just a little fun with a perfect stranger. And there's...more
Kindle Edition, 308 pages
Published (first published February 7th 2012)
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Joy (joyous reads)
This is book number three of a series I've not heard of. I don't know about you but I love reading random serial books that enables me to follow the story without ever having read the rest of the series. In all honesty, after reading this one, I'm dying to read the rest of the series and probably even more from this author. Her books are steamy, to say the least. But in The Principal's Office's case, I also found some substance in it.

This follows the story of Rachel, newly-divorced and looking f...more
Cyn Mistress Kitty
This was one of the BEST stories I've read in a long, long time. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would.
I loved both Rand and Rachel and I loved that they were both 40 and more mature than the usual 20 somethings.
Rand is my new hero. WOW what a guy. He was sweet, loving and sweet Jesus what a creative imagination. He loved playing out fantasy's and he was damn good at it. Rachel's fantasy of a burglar breaking into her home and raping her was unbelievably hot. And then when he took her to...more

In The Principal's Office author Jasmine Haynes introduces us to Rachel Delany, a recently divorced working mother with two teenage boys. For the first time in her life she has to figure out how to raise her sons, put food on the table, and a roof over their head all on her own. She also discovers that after seventeen years of marriage her sexual desires have been virtually untapped. But does she really have time for a relationship when her sons are acting out because of the divorce, she’s finan...more
3.5 stars
My first Haynes. definitely want to read more.
It reminded me loosely of Sweet Dream, the stories are nothing a like but heroine is on a similar journey. She just got out of a horrible marriage and she remakes herself. The H helps but doesn't take over and do it for her.

Also liked how ex husbands new girlfriend was handled.

Biggest draw back is price of the ebook. I bought it on recommendation from someone I trust but not sure I'll by others at that price.
Jane Stewart
Characters, events, nothing interested me. I wanted more relationship development.

There’s a lot of sex, but I found myself skimming those scenes. I felt detached when reading the sex scenes. By the time I read half the book, I was tired of reading. So I stopped and jumped to the last few chapters.

Narrative mode: 3rd person. Story length: 308 pages. Swearing language: strong including religious swear words. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: frequent. Setting: San Francisco bay a...more
Ella Frank
This book is so hot it almost singed my eyebrows. I absolutly loved Rand and olivia.

I loved that they met as strangers and formed this hot sexual bond and then their worlds end up coliding in an awkward oh S**T kind of way.

So hot, so sexy and so many times I was sitting there think damn, luck B**CH :)

Rands a sure thing AND a keeper
Carolyn F.
With the cover, I thought it would be another one of those BDSM books with the principal really getting into the role of a 1960s principal. I am old enough that I was spanked by the principal. I was totally set up and I was completely innocent of course (wink, wink). This was public school by the way. It ended by the time I made 7th grade. So I was having non-sexual flashbacks and thinking this principal was wishing for the old days.

This book is about sexual freedom. Rachel is at the grocery st...more
Reviewed for TwoLips Reviews
5 Kisses, 2 Peppers (M/F, oral sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, light bondage, sex in public)
Recommended Read

Rachel Delaney is a divorced mother of two teenage boys, and she's lonely. Not only do her sons spend every other week with her ex-husband, she hasn't had a physical relationship for a very long time. She was too busy being a mom and dealing with her depressed husband to even think about sex. When she runs into a tall stranger at the supermarket one Saturday morn...more
I really enjoyed this book. I had read Past Midnight as it was the first book in this series but it is not necessary to enjoy The Principal's Office. Neither is the second book which I passed on.

Rachel is a divorced mom of two boys. She lives with the stereotype that mothers should not be sexy, not want sex and God forbid actually LIKE sex! One morning Rachel meets a handsome stranger at the grocery store who will rescue her orange juice from the top shelf and later rescue Rachel in more ways t...more
This book was definitely more intense than my normal romance reads. It was way kinkier but with characters a little older than what I normally read (no offense to anyone). Seeing real world problems with motherhood and teenagers was definitely not my thing and it tainted the book for me. But even more so was Rachel who seemed to have no back bone when it came to her sleaze-bag ex-husband and her surly son, Nathan. And then you never got a real answer as to why their marriage ended in the first p...more
Rebekah Weatherspoon
Reviews on this story were pretty mixed, but I really liked it. Rachel was a very realistic character. Her faults were relatable and her strengths make her very likable. I'm also a sucker for a story with strong mothers and Rachel loves the hell out her kids. Her relationship with her son Nathan padded out the romance and sexy times with Rand nicely.

Rand was super sexy stud and I think Haynes did a nice job of mixing his domineering side with a big heart. There's nothing worse then reading a Dom...more
After giving the second book in the series 1 star review I wasn't sure how much I'll enjoy The Principal's Office but I was so happy that it wasn't anything like What Happens After Dark!

Out of all 3 books in the series The Principal's Office is my fav since unlike the first 2 books in the series it wasn't as dark and didn't deal with very sad real life subject but still talked about important issues that didn't take away from the romance and erotica of the story.
A Highly recommend book and IMO y...more
Laura Wright
I REALLY enjoyed this book!! I loved the characters - I cared about the characters. Granted, it was hard for me to watch Rachel take so much guff from her boys, that is not my way of parenting, but I could understand her feeling so beaten down by the ex husband and who she was now. Rand ... ahhh, Rand!! What a man - what a real life kind of hero. Kinky, sexy, strong, and GOOD MAN. I highly recommend this book!
It was okay - sweet in a way, well developed characters or realistic at least but... a bit rushed/off. I don't know. Average/good. Nothing really noteworthy.
I liked the family dynamics though, between the mom and her kids. The ex was a douche, but it was so nice his new girlfriend had a spine and could kick his ass. Yay girls!
And yay no stereotype of skanky useless/trashy new girlfriend.
I picked this up but I that it would be a quick hot read. And boy was it hot. It exceeded all expectations in the hot department. Not having read this author, but general y disappointed in my last run of reads I didn't expect much story-wise. Low and behold it exceeded expectations in that department as well.

It was nice to read an erotic story about a relatable almost 40 woman. She was in fact so realistic that I wanted to scream at her sometimes. On the on hand, you see her release and explore...more
Roni Loren
Really enjoyed this one! Fun premise and likable characters. I liked the fact that the hero and heroine were older and were dealing with things like divorce and teenage kids. Couldn't put the book down. :)
Courtesy of Happy Endings Reviews

A fun romp concluding a heavy trilogy

The Principal’s Office brings a welcome lighter conclusion to a strong, but dark trilogy about the employees of DeKnight Gauges, Inc., with an overarching theme that those closest to us might be the ones with the biggest secrets. The series wraps up with the story of receptionist Rachel, a recently divorced single mother who is juggling the pitfalls of raising teenage boys, the newly awakened desire to date again, and the univ...more
This was an interesting book, we have only seen glimpses of Rachel in the previous books. She has seemed mousy and dowdy, turns out Rachel she isn't, she just needed the right person to let her shine. You can tell that her ex-husband didn't appreciate her and did what he could to box her in.

After their divorce Rachel is trying to find herself again, and boy does she. Through the book she stands up to her kids, to situations at her job, and finds that vanilla sex isn't for her. Her interludes wi...more
This book was so intense, HOT and a GREAT READ that it moved me to write a review.

The story line drew you in from the start and kept moving. I am one of those people who can predict a story line right form the start. even if you can and knowing how a book follows a certain formula, the author's writing is so good and just so, that even if you anticipate what will happen you are left in a spell that when it unfolds you don't see it coming. As I was reading, this book took me by surprise and kept...more
Angela Carr (Under the Covers Book Blog)

DeKnight # 3
This review is also posted at UTC Book Blog

I had met Ms. Haynes at a book signing not too long ago and had been intrigued with her work but didn't have the chance to read any. So, when this book fell on my lap to review, I was happy to get the chance. And as shallow as this sounds, I was fascinated by the cover. It was pretty and it had so much promise; I could not wait to devour it.

A promise well delivered, indeed. This book is full of love scenes that are extremely hot with believ...more
Crystal ♥ RBtWBC
Rachel Delaney is a divorced mom of two teenage sons working hard just to get by and still spend time with her children. When she runs into the same sexy stranger not once, but three times, Rachel decides to take him up on dinner and some no-names, no-strings-attached fun. Sneaking around her sons and an ex-husband, who seems to excel at making her life even more difficult, Rachel is introduced to a whole new sensual world where all her naughty fantasies come true.
Rand is new to town and not lo...more
This was the second erotica book I read for my book club. What an about face!

Honestly, reading this book is like reading a porno. Wave the fan y'all when you sink into this book. Oh boy!

However, despite the unbridled lust and in your face sex, I loved how Rand was part of Rachel's journey in helping her find her groove back and then some. Her ex-husband was such a schmuck. To be a woman who gave up everything for her ohana, dedicating her life to them, and then being left in the dust for a young...more
Divalish Smile
I did enjoy this book. It took me a while to get used to her writting style. I found reading it to be choppy in the begining because usually I can assume how the writter is going to finish her sentences so then I can skim, and therefore read faster. But I found that this Author's writting style was different and used words that seemed obsure and out of place. About mid way through the book I got into a groove still not always understanding her word choice and sometimes having to use the dictiona...more
ℳiss ℳuffin C∀⊥
This book should be illegal!! Nah, it's just way to HOT, i mean H-O-T. This story is about a mother whose self esteem had crumbled down after her divorced; then she met a guy who had given a whole new meaning to her life especially to her sexuality, once again she had felt alive and wanted. Before agreeing to have an affair,they made some ground rules, and agreed that it is just S-E-X between them. But what will happened if things got complicated? and the man, that she had lusted and still lusti...more
Fun, fun, fun! This story was filled with heart-pounding sexual fantasies, one right after another, between Rachael, a sexually-repressed divorced mom of teenaged sons, and Rand, a confident and sexy high school principal who liked his kink, without apologies. I could relate to both of these characters; they were easy on my mind's eye and good people trying to navigate life's hurdles. Their sex-filled antics revved up my engine for sure! The plot was certainly believable, which involved the fall...more
This is the story of a woman coming into her own. Rachel is nearing 40 and is divorced with two teenage sons. She has never really thought of herself as sexy because her husband wasn't really interested in sex. Enter Rand- tall, sexy hunk of a man. They run into each other a couple of times and finally decide to have coffee and a little sex. They decide to have a purely sexual relationship as Rachel still has to be a mom during the week. Rand proceeds to introduce Rachel to the kinkier side of l...more
This was a scorching HOT read!!!! I love when a book can make me squirm! This was a smart and sexy read. It was about more than just the hot scenes; it was descriptive and intelligent writing.

Rand is confident, a bit alpha male, and sexy as sin. He meets Rachel in the grocery store and knows exactly what he wants. Rachel has been in a marriage filled with vanilla sex for way too long. Rand takes Rachel on a journey of self-discovery and introduces her to new, exciting, and satisfying experience...more
Jessica Alcazar
FUN FUN FUN !!! That's the first thing that comes to mind with this story but it also has a lot of meaning to it.
Single mom, struggling to raise 2 boys meets HOT HOT HOT single guy looking for fun sex with no strings, which is right up her ally, just to find out he's her boys principal! YEAH, this book had it's moments LOL LOL LOL ....
While the concept of this book may have been FUN, it was full of lesson and heartwarming episodes and some heart-wrenching ones as well.
As I've mentioned in my p...more
The Principal's Office is the 3rd book in the DeKnight series. It is about Rachel, who works for Eric and Dominic DeKnight (the H/h of the 1st book in the series) and Rand and their journey ro build a relationship with each other.

This book was much more light and hot than the other two. Rand is an extremely sexy alpha and a good man who likes the dirty talk and Rachel is a dedicated mom who likes to get her kink on. Together, they are one hot couple that you can't help but root for. They have so...more
Tessamari ♥Many Waters...♥ ~ Sweet Spot Book Blog
3.5 stars

This was just Meh! for me. The story itself was okay. I like how both started off wanting nothing more than a casual fling. No names, no personal info, just the two of them finding an outlet. However, the laws of attraction put these two together for a reason and all the personal stuff starts to unravel. Predictable storyline, but it was entertaining and well told. On a side note, the steam factor in this book was pretty off the charts. The two main characters were pretty kinky. Some of...more
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Jasmine Haynes, Rita Finalist for Somebody’s Lover, plus two-time Holt Medallion and National Readers Choice Award winner, is the author of over 30 classy, erotic romance tales. Look for more in the West Coast series coming soon. Of course, she’s also the author of the award-winning Max Starr psychic mystery series. And don’t miss her writing as Jennifer Skully, KOD Daphne award-winning author, br...more
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