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Erystyka czyli sztuka prowadzenia sporów
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Erystyka czyli sztuka prowadzenia sporów

3.7 of 5 stars 3.70  ·  rating details  ·  2,122 ratings  ·  155 reviews
Which are the logical tricks that will let you slip through the net when faced with awkward questions? How can you yourself use arguments to deflect difficult situations? Do you recognize all flaws in someone else's argument? This the book the BBC, Andrew Gilligan, Lord Hutton, Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell will not be able to ignore. This is an irresistible guide to cl ...more
Paperback, 72 pages
Published 2010 by Verso (first published 1830)
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This trick consists in making your opponent angry; for when he is angry he is incapable of judging aright, and perceiving where his advantage lies. You can make him angry by doing him repeated injustice, or practicing some kind of chicanery, and being generally insolent.

This deadpan discussion of the finer points of rhetoric clearly enjoys a wide reach, even if few are familiar with the title. Its clear influence are nearly every person who comments on Youtube, your high school classmates on Fac
Jan 20, 2015 هدير rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to هدير by: Mohammed Yusuf
Shelves: pdf, challenge2014
أن تكتب مراجعة بعد عدد من المراجعات للكتاب المعني فهو أمر سهل تماما ..
أما أن تكون مراجعتك هي أول مراجعة للكتاب فهذا ثقل و عبء ..

حسنا ..

الكتاب يقوم على فرضية أن الناس عامة غير نزيهين ، لا يتحاورون لإيجاد الحقيقة بل لإنتصارهم الشخصي ، لإثبات صواب نظرتهم .. و إلا فإن لا حاجة به لتقديم و كتابة هذا الكتاب لو أن غرض الناس من الحوار هو إيجاد الحقيقة .. سيرضخون لها عندها بغض النظر عن مع أي جانب هي ..

يؤكد أيضا أن الانسان مدفوع بالفطرة للانتصار لذاته ، و أن كبريائه الشخصي خط أحمر لن يتوانى عن أستخدام
Mohamadreza Rahnama
چگونه ممکن است که آدم ها به هنگام بحث فقط در پی پیروزی باشند و به حقیقت اعتنا نکنند؟
شوپنهاور می‌گوید “به سادگی!” این دنائت فطریِ طبیعت بشری است. این امر نتیجه “نخوت ذاتی” و این واقعیت است که مردم پیش از سخن گفتن فکر نمی‌کنند، بلکه بسار پُرحرف و فریبکارند- آن‌ها به سرعت موضعی اختیار می‌کنند، و از آن پس، فارغ از درستی یا نادرستی آن موضع، صرفا به خاطر غرور و خودرایی به آن می چسبند. نخوت همیشه بر حقیقت غلبه می‌کند…
"Non disputare con il primo arrivato, ma solo con coloro che si conosce e si sa hanno intelletto sufficiente da non proporre cose tanto assurde da esporli all'umiliazione; e che hanno abbastanza intelletto per disputare con ragioni e non con decisioni perentorie, e per ascoltare ragioni e acconsentirvi; e infine che apprezzano la verità, ascoltano volentieri buone ragioni, anche quando provengono dalla bocca dell'avversario, e siano abbastanza equi da saper sopportare di ottenere torto quando la ...more
Herr Schopenhauer is the master of understanding a conflict; its- versions, progression and the knack of its decimation. This book makes a wonderful complement for his other book The art of always being Right. If you are sort of a being who would consider yourself philosophically inclined, you should not let go of the wisdom in both these books. They would, if understood rightly and applied aptly, come most handy in feverish University debates to Boardroom meetings than any other self help nonse ...more
Hilarious, insightful, and incredibly relevant.

(And what of course is the Ultimate Stratagem to win 'em all? Become personal, insulting, and rude! Troll, my boys and girls, troll!)
Sara Alaee
گذشته از مضمون کتاب که بسیار جالبه چیزی که نظرمو خیلی به خودش جلب کرد این بود که اغلب ترفندهایی که شوپنهاور ارائه می کنه بسیار رایجن. نمونه های زیادی از این رویه های بحث و جدل رو تا به حال بین آدمای مختلف وحتی خودم و
!دیگران دیدم
شوبنهاور يستقي من منطق أرسطو خطط (حيل) للإلحاق الهزيمة بالآخر الذي يجادلك.
ويؤكد بلمسته التشاؤمية (وربما الواقعية) دونية البشر!

الكتاب تلخيص مرتب لمن قرأ تلخيص منطق أرسطو طوبيقى وسوفسطيقى لأبن رشد (الجدل والمغالطة).

Ivonne Rovira
Apr 27, 2013 Ivonne Rovira rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Ivonne by: a guy on Paul Krugman's blog
One can discover things in the most unusual ways! While reading some comments on Paul Krugman's blog in The New York Times, one of those commenting mentioned this book and how prescient it's proved when it comes to arguments on Fox News and the right-wing blogs. Well, who could resist an invitation like that?

German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer amused himself with jotting down the nasty argumentative techniques he observed and recounting them in a satirical fashion, presumably for his personal
كتاب خيلي باحاليه!
از خصوصيات بارز كتاب كوتاهي و حجم كم است
از وقتي كه اين كتاب را بخوانيد و حتي در حين مطالعه اكر با كسي صحبت كنيد يا حواستان به اين است كه طرف مقابل كدام يك از اين طرفند‌ها را استفاده مي‌كند يا شما كداميك را به عمد يا غير عمدي به كار مي‌بريد! و خلاصه حرف زدن با بقيه براي شما مشكل خواهد شد
در زمينه مغلطه و شيوه تفكر صحيح از كتاب‌هاي منطق كلاسيك كه بگذريم اين كتاب به علاوه مغالطات آقاي خندان مفيد هستند و البته تعريف جزوه تفكر نقدي اقاي ملكيان را هم شنيده‌ام ولي نه گيرش آوردم و نه آن
"If you find that you are being worsted, you can make a diversion - that is, you can suddenly begin to talk of something else, as though it had a bearing on the matter in dispute, and afforded an argument against your opponent."

"If you know that you have no reply to the arguments which your opponent advances, you may, by a fine stroke of irony, declare yourself to be an incompetent judge: "What you now say passes my poor powers of comprehension; it may be all very true, but I can't understand it
I haven't read any book particulary on this branch of philosophy i.e. Ethics. This was first for Ethics as well as for Schopenhauer. Quite a dangerous book it is. Jeopardizing thoughts, this books continously explicates logic, dialectic and eristic dialectic in specific. Dark sarcasm, and influential tone with numerous examples makes it even powerful. For art of debate this book contains 38 stratagems to win the argument. Schopenhauer says ' It would be a very good thing if every trick could rec ...more
Rafael Bandeira
I got this book as a recommendation from my boss, and I must say, it was a good recommendation.

There are 38 tactics, mixing how to do it and how to protect from it, to be used in an argumentation and that will certainly help to put you on the right spot to win over any discussion.

Some philosophy knowledge is required, at least to understand the basic idea of dialectics and the difference between terms like "subjective", "relative", "imperative", "objective", etc. This might seem straight forward
Jay Miklovic
I am not sure if it was Schopenhauer's intention or not, but this quickly little read was humorous.

Having just read a few books about logical fallacies in which the authors expressed disdain toward bad logic, this book came as a fresh treatise from the other side. Schopenhauer teaches you how to use logical fallacy to win your argument regardless of whether or not truth is on your side.

Anyway, it was fun to read, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good argument. However, be careful
Teresa Moore
I mean, this is basically the single greatest self-help book ever written, so there's that. It's funny as fuck, too. Schopenhauer was a real dreamboat.
Leggi la recensione su Lovely Dreams!

Anche se alcuni punti della sua filosofia sono condivisibili, Arthur Shopenhauer non è esattamente il mio filosofo preferito. Tutto quel pessimismo metafisico non fa per me.

Mi sono convinta a comprare e a leggere questo libro principalmente perché non c'entrava niente con la sua filosofia (infatti, il libro è stato pubblicato postumo, Shopenhauer con il tempo si era ricreduto sull'opportunità di pubblicare uno scritto con i «trucchi di cui di serve la comune
Caffa Gomery
If you can get past the first bit, the list of tactics for successful argumentation is HILARIOUS. "Being right" is not about getting to the truth, it is about winning an argument. Winning. That's it. If your opponent is particularly bright, these tricks won't work. This book my dear Robert should never, ever read.
Achraf Nihilista
كتاب أجمل ما فيه مقدمته حيث يؤكد شوبنهاور أن هدف النقاش ليس الحقيقة و إنما الانتصار... و الحقيقة لا تأتي من خلال النقاش إذ من الممكن أن تغيب عنك حجة ما أو أن هناك حجة ما تستلزم تفكيرا طويلا فيها.
لا ضرورة للنقاشات إن كنت مهووسا بالحقيقة، هذا ما استفدته شخصيا.
doaa sh
كتاب شرير صحيح انه سيجعلك تنتصر باي مجادلة ولكن بطريقة مكيودة وتعتمد على على النفس الاجتماعي
Adam  McPhee
It's kind of amazing to think that Schopenhauer wrote a book about winning arguments on the Internet in 1831. A must read for any aspiring troll.
Omar AlSultan
كتاب فلسفي بحت ... لم يوفق المترجم في ترجمته نهائيا

يرجد فيه كثير من الهوامش باللغات الاجنبية ( الانجليزية و الفرنسية )

جدا سيء
Tankut Yıldız
"Eristik Diyalektik tartışma sanatıdır, mutlaka haklı çıkma amacıyla tartışma sanatı: yani per fas et nefas [hem haklıyken hem de haksızken]." cümlesiyle karşılıyor kitap bizi. Yani özellikle günümüz insanının tartışmadaki temel maksadını ele alıyor. Elbette tek gayesi, tartışma içerisinde her koşul altında haklı çıkmamızı sağlamak değil; bu yaklaşımla tartışan insanlara karşı da bir savunma geliştirebilmek, haklıyken haksız görünmemize neden olabilecek hileleri savuşturmak için karşımızdakinin ...more
الجدل يجب ان يقبل كغاية حسب تعريفه له بأنه فن ان نكون على صواب دائما و لا يهم الحقيقة بل الانتصار .
what a deceitful book haha!
The version I read was an English translation of the Art and included several other essays and writings by Schopenhauer. The other pieces are good, thought provoking and worth reading, but the Art is a masterpiece. It's short, roughly 100 pages, but he nails down the rules for effective rhetoric. Whether you use those rules for bad or good is up to you, but knowing them alone puts you ahead of the crowd in any sort of debate. At the very least, you'll be able to identify the tactics being used a ...more
Procyon Lotor
Non � un esaustivo trattato di retorica ma per imparare a suonare una tastiera di artifizi - sia da arringa che da semplice esposizione - fatta da una trentina abbondante di tasti neri e bianchi, fa al caso nostro. Rapporto qualit� prezzo spaventosamente conveniente; offre il 200% di ci� che imparereste in uno di quei corsi costosissimi per menag�r (fatti cardando le informazioni contenute in libri pubblicati dall'Atene classica fino all'altro ieri) a un prezzo cento volte inferiore. C'� pure un ...more
Letto in poco più di un'ora:Sarcastico,irriverente,sleale e utilissimo.
Metterò presto in pratica e affinerò sempre di più questa nobile arte.
Aaah...mi sento proprio una sofista!
bir tartışma ortamında haksız ya da haklı olduğumuza bakmaksizin her zaman nasıl hakli cikacagimizi anlatan, ülkemizde eristik diyalektik adı ile satılan ince ama içi dolu felsefe kitabı.
Shahrzad Shojaei
کتاب جالب ولی یکم سنگینی بود، چیزایی که میگه رو شاید روزانه توی بحث‌هامون تا حدودی به کار میبریمشون ولی خب این دیگه کامل توضیح داده.
K's Bognoter
Kunsten altid at få ret er en skarp og ikke uvittig gennemgang af 38 retoriske strategemer eller kunstgreb – fremstillet i 38 paragraffer, som det hørte sig til i vægtige akademiske skrifter på den tid – til brug for den, der gerne vil vinde en diskussion uafhængigt af, om den påstand, man forfægter, er sand eller falsk. Eller som Schopenhauer kalder disciplinen: ‘Eristisk dialektik’ eller ‘kunsten at disputere på en sådan måde, at man bliver ved med at have ret, hvad enten man har det eller ej’ ...more
فوق العاده بود فوق العاده کل افکارم رو دگرگون کرد باور کنید کتاب به این تاثیر گذاری تو زندگیم ندیدم
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Arthur Schopenhauer was a German philosopher best known for his work The World as Will and Representation. Schopenhauer attempted to make his career as an academic by correcting and expanding Immanuel Kant's philosophy concerning the way in which we experience the world.

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The World as Will and Representation, Vol 1 Essays and Aphorisms The World as Will and Representation, Vol 2 The Wisdom of Life On the Suffering of the World (Penguin Great Ideas)

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