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Wickedpedia (Point Horror)

2.92 of 5 stars 2.92  ·  rating details  ·  120 ratings  ·  50 reviews
It's the return of Point Horror for the Internet generation! Don't open the door. Don't answer your phone. And whatever you do, DON'T turn on your computer. . . .

Cole and Gavin love playing practical jokes through Wikipedia. They edit key articles and watch their classmates crash and burn giving oral reports on historical figures like Genghis Khan, the first female astrona
Paperback, 224 pages
Published June 24th 2014 by Scholastic Inc.
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May 06, 2012 Tye marked it as to-read
...Death Note has taken over Wikipedia!
Cait Grace
The blurb doesn't sum up what actually happens. That really bothers me, okay?! Blurbs aren't supposed to lie! Cole and Gavin do get payback on a bully with Wikipedia...but they do it once. For payback. Not a practical joke.

I read Wickedpedia after Followers, and definitely think it was better. And by "better", at least I mean I wasn't flinching at the intense weirdness or mistakes. This one is actually grisly. Blood everywhere, style. Horrible? Yes. Scary? Not really. Most of the deaths were i
Just a warning to all: This book is not really good for those who are squeamish or can't handle gore. There are a few parts that are really gore.

I was really looking forward to this book, sadly it was just not meant to be.

Things wrong:

*The blurb is a lie. A lot doesn't happen in the book. Which is really a shame, the blurb (and also the cover) were things that got me to want to read this book. I do hope this gets fixed for the official book, otherwise I fear more people will be angry/not amused.
Ms. Yingling
Cole is upset over his breakup with Winnie, especially since she dumped him for dumb, soccer playing Josh AND is now doing better in GPA than he is. Cole's best friend, Gavin, commiserates with him, and the two pull a prank on Josh, editing a Wikipedia page on serial killers so that Josh gets incorrect information and fails his project, thereby disqualifying himself for soccer. Cole and Gavin get the bright idea to make Wikipedia pages for their classmates and teachers, having them meet vague de ...more

- - -

2.5 stars

As you can probably tell already, I don't read horror. I tried my hand at it once and I just couldn't get through the book. And when I say horror, I mean like Stephen King style. It just doesn't grip me for some reason. Give me action any day!

When this book arrived unsolicited, I was intrigued however. It seemed like the perfect Halloween read, so I've been holding off my review until now. Sorry if I get some facts wrong here and there ... I read this back in early September so my

Beth says 2.5 Stars...
So I have to comment on two things first: I absolutely loathe the cover and the summary is flat-out wrong. It doesn't actually tell what happens in the book and gets key information completely wrong. Not really the best way to go about selling your book... As far as the plot goes, the concept is cool and put a new twist on the creepy death prediction subgenre. However, the actual execution of the idea was utterly off and really not very entertaining. The deaths were definit
For more reviews visit The Book Landers

I will never look at Wikipedia the same again. Ever. Chris Van Etten has crafted twisty murder mystery that threw me a curve ball I didn't see coming at the very end. To quickly sum up the plot: in order to get revenge on Josh and a few other students, Cole and Greg create Wikipedia pages for said enemies, including how they died. Everything's fun and games until the deaths actually start to happen in real life...and nobody seems to know who the killer is

Everyone knows that Wikipedia is awesome! If you need to get some information for a report, start with Wikipedia. And if your teacher isn't very tech savvy, you can even lift information straight from the site and into your paper.

When Cole catches his rival (and ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend), Josh, cheating, he decides to play a little prank and make sure that his ex can see what a cheater Josh is. By simply adding a few paragraphs to an entry on Amer
Stormi (Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!)
First thoughts:

It starts out a bit slow but once the killings begin it starts to pick up and ended up being an okay horror novel. I was a little impressed that for a YA horror it was slightly gory compared to the other YA I have read. Kudos to the author. In all retrospects it reminded me of a B rated horror film especially the ending.

What I thought about it.

Wickedpedia goes just like one of those cheesy teen horror flicks that even though you know it's going to be bad you still watch it. You ha
The internet has turned it's back on us. Quick go look at Wikipedia! Is there an entry for you? No? Ok, we're safe... for now.

When Winnie, Scott, Josh, Andrea, and Mr. Drick annoy Cole and Gavin, they have to get revenge. This revenge comes in one form. Wikipedia. With Gavin's help, Cole makes Wikipedia pages for the five including gruesome deaths. But when the predictions come true will he have the time to unmask the killer? Or will he meet the same fate as his enemies?

Van Etten creates an inte
Sally Kruger
WICKEDPEDIA by Chris Van Etten is the perfect murder mystery for summer beach reading. Complete with high school gossip, a touch of humor, and some gruesome killing, it will grab readers and keep them in a choke hold until the end.

Cole is battling Winnie for valedictorian, and to make matters worse, Winnie is his ex-girlfriend. He hasn't truly gotten over their breakup, and he certainly isn't a fan of her new boyfriend and soccer star, Josh.

When Cole's friend Gavin suggests a way to embarrass a
There are a few different covers out there for Wickedpedia, and each one creepier than the last. It had the promise of a real Goosebumps-style thriller and the perfect fall read, but it wasn’t mean to be.

From the get go, I wasn’t enthused about any of the characters. Cole and his friends are seniors in high school, so around 17/18, but from their conversations, they could be in middle school. They’re all incredibly whiny and melodramatic and causing fights over nothing.

The storyline itself sta
I feel cheated.

When I first read the 'description' of this book written on a book club catalog that I got from my brother's school, I was excited and I instantly knew I had to buy it. It somehow reminds me of the currently-hyped-about movie, Unfriended. But hell, was I lied to, the 'description' is nothing like I imagined the story to be like. After reading the whole thing I must say that it is quite disappointing. The storyline is too absurd in my opinion. I found myself saying "What?!" through
Kristin (Blood,Sweat and Books)
I, like many, grew up reading the Point Horror books from Scholastic. I have fond memories of staying up late into the night reading books by R.L. Stine, Caroline B. Cooney, and Diane Hoh just to name a few. Naturally, when I heard that Scholastic was bringing back the Point Horror books I was excited. When I heard of Wickedpedia, I knew it was one I'd definitely have to read.

Unfortunately, while the idea for Wickedpedia was intriguing, it failed to capture the essence of Point Horror fiction f
Reviewed on Lili Lost in a Book

R.L Stine was one of the first authors who really got me into reading when I was in middle school. Till this day I absolutely LOVE the Fear Street series! But besides his Fear Street books, I've also read some of his other books, including a couple of Point Horror ones. So this is what prompted me to request this book. I like Point Horror :) I like horror, period! The concept of Wickedpedia really intrigued me and it definitely sounded like something I might love.
Nicole Wolverton
Clever idea--integrating Wikipedia into a fairly typical whodunnit. Cole is in a tizzy over her breakup with Winnie and her defection to Cole's childhood buddy Josh. Cole's bestie Gavin, the former boyfriend of Winnie's best friend Andrea, gives him some tough love while he broods. It comes to Cole and Gavin's attention that Josh and his soccer buddy are pulling school papers almost verbatim from Wikipedia, and--since they're the vindictive types--Cole and Gavin futz around with Wikipedia entrie ...more
Wickedpedia follows the life of Cole, a senior in high school recently dumped by his girlfriend for a friend close to him. After losing the majority of his friends besides Gavin, a kid who never seems to take anything seriously or follow the rules. Together they create fake wikipedia pages to get back at a few choice people complete with fake deaths. It was all fun and games until someone dies from a death strangely close to what they described in the pages they created. Cole must race to find o ...more
Ahhh, Wickedpedia.
Oh, how you pulled me in with your beautiful cover and show stopping blurb, and oh how you crashed and burned.

I guess in all honesty I'd give this 2.5 stars, but since I don't seem to have that option, I'll just be nice and give it three stars.

Wickedpedia is a short book that focuses on two high school students, and the murder of their peers. Cole, soon to be valedictorian, amazing cook, perfect life. Perfect until his girlfriend, Winnie, dumps him for Josh, the school's star
Wickedpedia is a suspenseful addition to the Point Horror series about social media related homicides. Main character, Cole Redeker, is super-brainy senior who hopes to earn the title of Valedictorian, get into an Ivy League college and one day become a celebrity chef. He is still smarting from being dumped by his beautiful, tennis star girlfriend Winnie, and decides to seek a little revenge on her, her friends, and the dumb soccer jock named Josh that she left him for. Cole and his stereotypica ...more
Takes No Prisoners

When you start reading this, it seems like a tame YA mystery. Don't be fooled. This is teen slasher fic territory. Wickedpedia is sharp as a well-honed knife. It's clever, modern, and yes, violent.

Now, I did figure out the villain in the story (sort of), but there were so many twists and turns that the author had me second guessing myself time and again. The story takes absolutely no prisoners and leaves you stunned over and over again.

Is it a popcorn read? Sure it is. But it'
Ms. B
Young readers who have finished Goosebumps, but are not ready for Stephen King or Dean Koontz will enjoy Point Horror along with adults who remember reading Christopher Pike in their younger days and want to see what's new in the Teen Horror genre.
In this installment, Cole and his best friend Gavin create a few Wikipedia pages for their classmates that give brief bios including date and type of death as a joke. What happens when the deaths start to come true? Can Cole figure out who the killer i
Lauren Elizabeth
The book was rather predictable and boring. The summary on the back of the book is completely off. I honestly had to make sure I was reading the same book. That disappointed me because I bought this book on a whim because it intrigued me. The main character is rather dull (although he has his funny lines)and probably could have solved the murders half way through the book. (Just saying...) There was also a very annoying typo in chapter 14 (page 92 in my copy)where the author accidentally wrote t ...more
This review of Wickedpedia originally appears on Laura Plus Books.

Originally, I was going to do this review on Halloween since it’s a Horror book and all. But then I read it and decided that it probably wasn’t worth the bother. Wickedpedia is about two friends who take on revenge by publishing Wikipedia pages about people they dislike. Do you see where the title comes from? Wickedpedia? It’s pretty funny but also rather lame. That pretty much sums up the whole book as well. I feel so crap for do
Michelle (Pink Polka Dot Book Blog)
Cole and his best friend Gavin do not think too highly of soccer-star Josh. For one thing, Josh "stole" Cole's girlfriend Winnie, which they constantly rub in his face. To show the school (and Winnie) that Josh is a loser and a cheater, they mess with some Wikipedia pages, which Josh ends up repeating word for word in a history report. Not satisfied with just that though, Cole makes up Wikipedia pages for everyone he has beef with... complete with fake death details. But soon the fake parts of t ...more
Elizabeth Phillips
{Thank you Scholastic Inc. and Netgalley for providing this in return for an honest review}

So when I read the synopsis of this book, I really wanted to get my hands on it because it sounded like it could be somewhat like the horror films in the 90’s, which I absolutely loved. Although the premise of this book is really cool, the execution was not so great. There were a lot more things I disliked about this book than liked, which in the end, made this a not so enjoyable read.

The first problem I
3.5 stars

Okay, what is the deal with these new Point Horror books all having wrong summaries? This one wasn't completely off like the last one, but it did still mix up quite a few key details. The copy I got from the library, which I can't find on here, had a summary that was even more messed up. It was extremely annoying with the last book, but it's more of a minor quibble with this one.

Despite not being the exact plot I was expecting, I thought this was a really fun read. It was the definitio
Jennifer Rodgers- Cabrera
I found Wikedpedia to be both predictable and thrilling. While I don't believe it lived up to the 'Point Horror' genre title, it did have an interesting horror aspect to it. I loved the use of wikipedia throughout the story. The entries were entertaining even when they were depicting how someone will die. All in all, I did throughly enjoy this book and would recommend it to others to check out. I feel this is one story you have to check out for yourself.
Psychological teen thriller

Cover on F14 book fair is much less graphic...boy's green eyes on a living face, mouth covered by digital text.

When bullying with social media goes wrong...and someone wants to use your mistake as a vendetta...

Not necessarily based upon misuse of social media, but rather a sadistic person misusing wickipedia...not to be interpreted as a book you might learn something from about dealing with bullies.
Would rate it about a 3.5. I loved the concept - the idea of taking revenge on classmates by creating a fake wikepedia page outlining their crimes and their cause of death. The writing was generally well done and at times really clever. But there are parts that I don't think were well-developed. Characters were introduced but I don't think they were fleshed out very well. Still, overall it was a quick read and intriguing.
Mallory Heart Reviews
Review: WICKEDPEDIA by Chris Van Etten

Another "Wow!!" One-session read: fans of twisted convolutions and unexpected chills will flock to this story, which has all a mystery lover could want. Even after decades of intense mystery reading, I was still kept on tenterhooks by the rocketing thrills of WICKEDPEDIA. I'm afraid to boot up.a computer!

I'm not sure whether the moral of this story is:

"Be cautious what you say/think/write" or "Trust no one." Think I'll go with the latter.
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