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Jonas (Krásní mrtví, #1)
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Jonas (Beautiful Dead #1)

3.43 of 5 stars 3.43  ·  rating details  ·  3,769 ratings  ·  373 reviews
Nejsou živí. Nejsou mrtví. Něco mezi tím. V průběhu jednoho roku zemřou za podivných okolností čtyři mladí, krásní lidé, studenti ellertonské střední školy. Jonas, Arizona, Summer a - Phoenix. Ta poslední smrt zasáhne Darinu nejvíc. Byl to její kluk, její veliká, největší láska… Je její setkání s Krásnými mrtvými skutečné? Co znamenají ta andělská křídla, která vidí, slyší ...more
Paperback, 274 pages
Published March 2011 by Fragment (first published 2009)
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This book irked me for many reasons... (Listed in the order that they annoyed me as I read it)

Firstly, the names! How many people do you know with names like Phoenix, Arizona, Darina and HUNTER (esp as he would have been named aaages ago... not exactly a realistic name)? Now, does practically everyone you know have kinda kooky names like that? Probably not! It's fine to have odd names for your SIMs or whatever, but not in books!!!!

Secondly, all the Twilight copying..... I mean, obviously it got
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Rach Arthur
"I miss you so much. It hurts so much. More than an ache- a sharp pain, like a knife in my heart."

"And now I'm holding you, I can see your blue eyes, feel your soft lips."

My god. I can't believe there's actually a book MORE dramatic than Twilight out there.
I think I really, really, really wanted to like this book when I picked it up. The premise looked good. The cover looked good, dark and mysterious. But it just didn't quite cut it. I've been fumbling with the idea of giving this three stars or more, or less, but I think it's three. I did enjoy it - not as much as I wanted to - and some parts of it irked me off unbelievably. But it gave me suspense when I needed it, some of the romance orientated stuff finally cut out of being corny and sounded b ...more
I have to be very honest about this book. I didn't like it. The beginning confused the snot out of me. In the opening scene, Darina is in the middle of nowhere looking at an old decrepit house. No clue why she's there, but her boyfriend Pheonix just died two days ago and low and behold he is there, with 3 other dead kids and a guy described as "An older guy, with grey hair". And to be honest, the descriptions of characters does not progress - at all. One of the girls is described as "fair-haired ...more
Nora Cayetano
Dec 11, 2014 Nora Cayetano rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Gente que disfrutó la saga Crepúsculo
Mientras espero a que mi copia de Days of Magic, Nights of War cruce la aduana, ¿qué mejor que dedicarme a leer libros tranquilos y que no me hagan pensar en exceso? Además, este cuenta una historia que SEGURAMENTE nadie había contado antes...

Phoenix, el guapo e inteligente, pero rebelde novio de Darina, no está vivo ni muerto. Todo mundo en el pueblo lo da por muerto y sepultado, menos ella, que lo ha visto congregado junto a otros muertos recientes en una granja oculta en medio del bosque.
Title: Beautiful Dead

Author: Eden Maguire

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

This book made me completely and utterly stumped as to how to rate it. I had seen it in stores, and loved the premise and cover, but never picked it up. When I got offered an ARC from teensreadtoo, I jumped on the chance. And I still can't figure it out. On one hand, it wasn't amazing, and has first-novel-in-series syndrome, on the was fun and slightly dark and cool to read.

Eden Maguire introduces us to our protagoni
It was the plot (and the cover, to be honest) that made me pick up this book. I was hoping for an epic story of love, angels and horror. But unfortunately, I didn't get that. I really love the idea for this series, and it could have been really good! But it wasn't.

All the characters were boring. Flat. It feels like the author was like "Okay, so I've got this good idea. But damn it, I can't write a book without characters!" The were all kind of predictable and without any personalities. If I had
Ellz Readz
My thoughts... BLINK. This book was very easy to read and I literally devoured it. When I first saw the cover, I thought "looks very cool". Then I read I heard the word zombies and thought, UGG, but forged ahead anyway. Let me just say that I am so glad I did.

The plot of the story was very unique. Darina found her recently deceased boyfriend alive and well, surrounded by his undead classmates. No vampires, zombies, but not it the theatrical sense. The book held something for everyone, mystery,
Dark Faerie Tales
Quick & Dirty: A good first entry to what promises to be an interesting paranormal series.

Opening Sentence: The first thing I heard was a door banging in the wind.

The Review:

First Jonas, then Summer, followed by Arizona, and now Phoenix is the fourth student from Ellerton High to die within a year. Darina, Phoenix’s girlfriend is caught in the grip of grief’s talons and having a hard time dealing with his death. Then Phoenix appears with the sound of beating wings and tells her about the Bea
Elterton High is odd, and strange things are happening. Four students have died within the last year, Phoenix being the most recent. Phoenix was Darina's boyfriend, and now she's going crazy. She's having headaches and is always hearing wings beating. Then she stumbles upon an old barn where she sees Phoenix and the other dead students gathered together - their spirits that is. They call themselves the Beautiful Dead. What is going on and how can Darina help them?

I'll keep this review short and
So I will try to keep this short and sweet.

Darina's boyfriend Pheonix gets stabbed in a fight. He was trying to defend his brother, Brandon, and lost his life for it. No one knows who exactly was responsible for his death. This wasn't the only tragedy in this town however. Over the last year 4 teenager's have lost their lives in various "accidents". While the town morns the loss of these teenagers things begin to happen. Darina sick over losing Pheonix, can't eat or sleep, and now she is seeing
I am trying to think of one redeemable thing about this book and I find myself coming up short. At some point in the third chapter I decided to take notes on the things I disliked about the book, but there were so many that it was taking too long for me to read the book and I just wanted to be done with it. There are so many things wrong with this book; the characters were un-relatable, the situations were unbelievable, the setting was just stupid. Just about every sentence I came across somethi ...more
I'm less forgiving than some reviewers. I wanted so desperately to like this book. There are elements of it that I really appreciated (the fact that Darina was capable of standing up for herself, the fact that she knew how to say "no.") I also really appreciated that her relationship with Phoenix, although physical, was not all about sex, and that he was interested in her well-being and an attentive boyfriend.

A few things would have improved this book. One of them would have been completely omit
Tengo muchísimos libros pendientes, deberia terminar de leer El Diosero, Colección Marquez de Sade, La divina comedia y Hex Hall, que deje' pendientes por las semanas tan ocupadas que tuve este mayo, pero hoy que fui al mercado y vi su seccion de libros tuve que aprovechar que tenían el 20% de descuento y me hice de este libro que le tenía ganas desde hace rato. En lo que esperaba en el banco me puse a leerlo y me encanché tanto que no pude soltarlo.

El libro me ha encantado, me atrapó desde el
Davina is 17, and has recently lost the love of her life Phoenix in a fight which ending in him being stabbed and bleeding to death. She's struggling to come to terms with it, but Phoenix is not the first teen to have died in her year. Over the past 12 months Jonas has died in a bike crash, Arizona has drowned, and Summer has been shot.

Walking in the woods one day Davina comes across a barn, and inside are four people she recognises - Phoenix, Jonas, Arizona, and Summer. All are pale and beautif
Mariné Ponce
uff al fin se ha acabado, pensé que nunca llegaría al final.
...Llevo una racha últimamente...

60% de culpa: La Traducción
What a pity de book... ¿Por qué hacen esas cosas? Es realmente deprimente que una traducción aniquile (véase también matar, destruir, masacrar) un libro de esa manera. Con lo que se gastaron en la portada podrían haberse estirado un poquito más con los traductores (y sé de muy buena fuente que hay muchos en paro). Ya sé que la crisis nos afecta a todos, pero...

Al leerlo me cost
The concept of the book made it an enjoyable quick read. It was something different compared to what the usual teenage books are offering up (in the sense that this is not a vampire love story). However, I found the main character to be somewhat of a cliché: almost as though the usual love-struck teenage girl from the vampire stories had been thrown into something different.

Nevertheless, the idea itself is great if you’re looking for a quick read. Plus the way it is set out leaves you curious to
Erik Saenz
OMG, que libro tan aburrido, y con una de las peores protagonistas ever, o sea se le muere el novio con el que solo tenia saliendo 2 meses, y ya se quiere morir por que era el amor de su vida (Are u fucking kiddin´ me?) y cuando se le aparece, como si nada la tipa ni se sorprende ni nada. El "misterio" es mas aburrido y sin chiste que te da igual lo que haya pasado y solo quieres terminar el libro. Ni para pasar un rato esta. Si no tienes NADA pero NADA que hacer, se fue la luz, no tienes pila e ...more
Lee Yung
This book was such a brick to get through - i've spent 9 days finishing this. I finished Breaking Dawn in less - 3 days. That tells you something about this. It is bland, boring and brings nothing new to the book scene. Many things annoyed the heck out of me, in this book. It started out okay - not promising well-written, but decent. But i'm just so annoyed...
Firstly - the characters. I have no problem what so ever with Eden Maguire giving the characters unique names - it makes them different,
Kirsty (overflowing library)
i enjoyed this book on the whole as it was a new take on the gendre. I did have a few complaints however. The main character is a wimp and not all that likeable. When reading it, it feels like a section should be on the front to introduce her - which would probably make me like her more. I also didn't like the outcome and though the morals of the story were somewhat odd and not really appropriate for the age group the book is intended for.
Táto kniha má celkom zaujímavú a peknú myšlienku, autor nám do príbehu síce zamotal nesmrteľných, no zároveň im nechal len 12 mesiacov tejto nesmrteľnosti.

Darina sa síce sem tam správa ako Bella (Súmrak), ale sa mám takéto knihy rada, až tak veľmi mi to nevadilo.

Celkovo na mňa kniha pôsobila príjemne a oddychovo. Mám rada takýto typ knižiek.
This book was awful. Truly awful. No description of the characters. They were so flat and two dimensional. Almost like ideas of characters. I didn't connect with or feel a thing for any of them. It was a cheesy, predictable, horrible story. I'm trying to think of one redeeming quality about it and I can't.
4 stars

Quite a good story where I didn´t really know what to expect.
The characters were fine, storyline interesting and the main idea interesting, what I was a bit confused by is the ending with the re-watching - why didn´t they do it sooner??
Otherwise it was ok :)
Wow, I had to stop at 118 pages, this was a really bad book. I think it would have been better if
All the characters had normal names
The book started before phoenix was murded
Less like a twilight rip off
Less whiny main character
And had somthing unique to it.
Carolina Riojas
Cuando comencé a leer mi hermana me presto este libro, pero cuando lo comencé a leer lo deje de leer a la tercera pagina.

Un año después, una perspectiva totalmente diferente y lo ame completamente!
Then again, this is another saga. (A bit of spoilers)

Jonas is the first book, of "Cuatro Almas". Having to describe this book was hard, to be honest I loved this book alot.

It tell us about Jonas,Phoenix, Arizona, Darina and Summer. Darina, who is a normal girl has to discover what made this four persons, who by the way are persons that studied with her, died.

After suffering a heart break because of the dead of Phoenix, who was her boyfriend she starts to see him and the others too, a while late
Eden Maguire benim yeni tanıştığım bir yazar. Kitaba başlarken açıkçası bu kadar iyi bir kitap okuyacağımı düşünmemiştim. Kitabı sevdim . Yazarın anlatımı güzel ve akıcıydı. Dün başladım ve bugün bitirdim. Konu itibarı ile farklı bir konuya sahipti. Acaba neler olacak derken bir bakıyorsunuz kitap bitmiş. Kitap her ne kadar gençlik serisi de olsa kendini okutturmada ve kafa dağıtmada iyi bir kurguya sahip doğrusu

Kitabın konusundan bahsetmek gerekirse Ellerton Lisesindeki 4 öğrencinin ölümü ile
This wasn't as great as i wanted it to be. It was a quick read but it was hard to get into but once i gave it my all, i quite liked it. I loved how i could relate so much to the guy who had a huge crush on the the main character. So many situations in this book that brought all the characters together warmed my heart. I hated and i was in fact agitated by the stupid things the beautiful dead did to scare people away. It was really annoying. I felt like half the awesome skills that the beautiful ...more
Weird Kid
this book is the crap on top of the poo pile. DO NOT READ unless you like dumb characters and utterly unrealistic diologue.
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Eden Maguire graduated from Birmingham University with a PhD in English Lit and now lives in the Yorkshire Dales with her two daughters, her horse, Merlin, plus a dog and a cat.

She spends part of each year at a ranch in Colorado, where she rides alone in the mountains – her idea of perfect happiness.

Whenever she can, she loves to indulge her passion for travel and take in the world's major citie
More about Eden Maguire...

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